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Inspired by the TLC show ~ Small scale RP (collection of 1x1 RPs)

Dear Esteemed Guests,

With hearts brimming with joy and anticipation, we extend to you a heartfelt invitation to join us in celebrating the union of two souls embarking on a journey of love and commitment.

You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this roleplay, where tales of romance and adventure - perhaps a touch of drama too - unfold amidst the backdrop of heartfelt connections and shared dreams.

As the characters in our RP embark on the adventure of a lifetime, we invite you to become a part of their story - a witness to the tender moments, the trials, and the triumphs that define their path through the K1 visum and the ticking clock of 90 days that comes with it.

Join us as we weave a tapestry of love and destiny, where every word penned and every scene enacted is a testament to the enduring power of love.

Date: 8th of March
Location: Dripping Quills
Attire: Your Imagination

These are our rules and frequently asked questions:

What’s the genre? Romance with a touch of drama
When will it start? The aim is to have the start date around a month away from now, currently it’s scheduled at the 8th of March.
How many couples will there be? There’ll be a maximum of 5 couples.
How many characters per person?: For now it is 1 character each, but depending on activity that might be changed into two.
Do I pick myself who I write with? Yes, if you don’t have anyone yet we can figure that out, but signs up are as a couple.
Will the couples meet up ever or is it strictly 1x1? There will be a reunion at the end, where characters from different couples can interact. If they are from the same area they could know each other or the producers can bring them in touch. That said, this is a 1x1 RP focussed on the romance.
How about family members and friends of the characters? They will be considered NPCs for this RP, unless you have a good reason to want to RP them out, that is open for discussion in certain circumstances (think someone comes for someone but then falls in love with their friend or sibling :eyes:)
Do all couples have to be on the same timeframe? No, each couple is in charge of their own timing for the most part, besides a 30-day, 60-day and the wedding day marks, as I don’t want one couple to be on day 10 when the other is getting married.
Are there restrictions on ages of characters?* Yes. To keep everyone comfortable characters will have to be between 21 and 35 for this RP and please make sure everyone was at least 18+ when they first met.
Do I need to have seen the show? It’s not necessary, tho it is recommended that one of the writers in each pair has at least seen a season, there will be a full guide and more explanation on the show available to you on the sign-up thread so it is not required.
Will you as the RP owner come up with events or plots for this RP? No, I am mostly taking on a facilitating role. Meaning I create threads, set certain guides and rules and be the contact point for questions. However, the pairs themselves are responsible for carrying their own story. However, I am always willing to brainstorm with you and that’s the benefit of this being a collection of 1x1 RPs, we can help each other.

:love_letter: RSVP by February 20th to Secure Your Role in this Grand Affair!

The current RSVP's

@bpalmer - A male

For any further inquiries, and to confirm your participation, please visit the following links.

Links to sign-up form, fcs ect.

Sign-Up form: Here
Faceclaims: Here (Thank you @novella for some help with the slides! Much appreciated :pleading_face:)
General Slides: TBA
Guide: Here

Your presence would truly honor us as we set sail on this unforgettable adventure. We eagerly anticipate the magic and memories that await us as we come together to create stories that will last a lifetime.

With warmest regards,

Jass & the RP community

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I’m working on the guide right now, with information regarding the show, the K-1 visa, as well as some additional details about this RP! Will be added to the first post tomorrow probably

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Im interested so ill reserve. Do you want a gender reserved or just a general reserve? If you want gender ill reserve a male

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Gender doesn’t really matter, since clearly same sex couples are allowed. But I’ll put your male down on the list. Do you already have any ideas who you would like to write with?

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im open to anyone but no i havent talked to anyone and agreed to write with them yet

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Okay, okay. Still time enough to do so. Already any ideas what sort of direction you would want? Like which type of plot lines would interest you in this RP? This is a question not just for you but everyone considering joining, cause besides just being comfortable with writing a lot with someone, I feel it’s also important to just see who more or less has the same plot lines in mind. Much easier and comfortable planning process if you’re on the same wavelength idea wise from the start

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For people who consider joining and are searching for a RP partner, in general I would recommend just talking to 2/3 different people and see whether you can align instantly within like 1 conversation. As this is an intense RP in the sense of having to RP a lot with 1 person, it’s essential that it just feels comfortable. Some things to think through when picking a partner:

  • Be honest with yourselves, how do the quality and speed of writing compare? If there is a too big difference in writing level or speed, this can become a frustration for both sides. The one person might feel like they have to carry or write much quicker and spend a lot of time waiting, while the other feels like they are reaching above their level or feel they have to rush or in whatever way let the other person down. Obviously do this respectfully, but don’t be afraid to address this.
  • Personal history and like how do you get on with the person, you have to be comfortable with the RP partner as a person but that’s quite obvious I think. Like don’t write with someone you don’t get along with, but also at the same time don’t let your liking for someone on a personal level be the sole factor in deciding who to write with!
  • Alignment in terms of plot lines and ideas for this specific RP. Sure, a bit of compromising is necessary, but a planning process should feel smooth and like your building upon each others ideas with equal input and both people should be excited about the ideas and plot lines you come up with.
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Updated with the guide. Hope it’s even somewhat useful for someone :eyes:

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Got a group tag so feel free to join if you’re planning on joining the RP @90Days

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One more little update, I’ll be offline for the next few days as I’ll be on a little trip. So I’ll get back to people after if there happen to be any questions or anything in the meantime

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@bpalmer and @LunaticLeviTheSecond, if you guys have some time the upcoming days, I would like for both of you to just send me a basic idea of what story you would want, which gender and where you would want your character to be from (would you prefer the American or foreign partner?)


I don’t have any ideas for characters or a story considering I know nothing about the other person’s character or anything


The point of this RP is to sort of come up with that together, as you go. It doesn’t have to be a whole worked out plan, but just a very basic idea of what kind of character you would like writing…


I already said male as my gender preference but honestly I think it would be interesting to write the foreign partner but I would be open to either partner. I have some slight ideas but nothing set in stone or super conceptualized beyond that

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Okay, okay, that helps. Cause I’ve been thinking, and I might consider having 2 characters myself if there won’t be any further interest in the RP, one character to write with you and one with Levi. But if I do that, I would really have the preference for one American and one foreign character.


Tjat sounds good to me just keep me in the loop with your thoughts we can talk out more ideas later if it comes down to no one else signing up. I would be very happy to write with you though

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It also depends on the preference that Levi has, but either way I think we can get talking about a more concrete idea and see if we can make something work?

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Ok sounds good just let me know.

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I also like making males, but I have no problem with making a female for this RP


Okay, and would you have a strong preference either way for an American or the foreign partner?

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