A discussion about Transphobia

Hi, tis me again, with more thoughts on LGBTQ+ issues, surprised surprise.

Disclaimer: This thread will discuss transphobia. If that is a sensitive topic for you, I suggest not reading through it. Graphic transphobia, eg deadnaming, misgendering, violence, will all be censored, but the theme will not.

Here are a few points I’ve been mulling over for a while:

  • Why, when discussing trans people, do we say “Trans/Non binary”?? Is this an insinuation that people under the non binary umbrella aren’t trans? (They are). Why do people feel the need to separate them? Personally, unless I’m discussing something enby-related, I prefer to just say trans people. There’s nothing wrong with it and you aren’t excluding non binary people, because they are under the umbrella, you know? Idk, what do u guys think.

  • Neopronouns. (This bit is about misgendering, please skip if that is somthing sensitive for you) I’ve noticed a few people, not just on this site but on other sites and in the real world, when referring to people who use neopronouns, will just use they/them. I get that neopronouns are new and feel weird to use, but unless the person’s pronouns are also they/them, I feel that it is misgendering them to refuse to use their proper pronouns. Some people don’t like neopronouns, but even still, we should respect others, including fictional people. Again, what are your thoughts on the topic?

  • Non Binary people and Gender.
    Hehe, you all knew this’d come. (This bit talks about misgendering). I know for a fact, because I’m still working through this myself, that we sometimes subconsciously assigned a binary gender to non binary people, to help us understand them. You can tell that this has happened if you continuously accidently misgender someone when thinking/writing about them, having to correct yourself. Again, I’m guilty of this, but it’s something I’m addressing and working on fixing, and if you do it, you probably should do the same. Also, if someone comes out to you as non binary, there is no excuse to continue associating them with their assigned sex at birth. None. You don’t continue calling them a lesbian/straight if they’ve stated that they are trixic/toric. You do not continue calling them daughter/sister/mother/uncle/grandpa/brother ect. if they’ve specified otherwise. It’s common sense, and yet all of these things have happened and continue to happen to me and others, long after we come out. Oki doki, that’s my opinion on that, feel free to share your own.

Ok. So this thread is for discussion of those topics above ^
However, feel free to add your own points, experiences with transphobia and queries about what’s ok and what isn’t. I’ll do my best to address all of them :]

Ok that’s that, I’m sorry if some of the points are a bit messy - my brain’s been fuzzy lately.


If you have a penis, you are male; if you have a vagina, you are female. Too easy.

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Just get off this thread and off this forum, thanks.
also can you ban her??


Thank u for this example of transphobia :roll_eyes:
This thread is not for you, please do not comment on it


This, my kids, is an example of an uneducated transphobe.

Lmao why are you even here, leave this topic, goodbye :wave:t4: :blush:


yis :relieved:

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Lol ok. What about people who are born with genetic problems? Amputees?

I can’t decide whether you’re a transphobe, truscum or what. Like, transGENDER people change their gender. Not their sex. Only ignorant or stupid people don’t know that there’s a difference. It’s not debatable. It’s just a fact that there’s a difference between sex and gender.

But also, like… some trans people get an operation. Some trans women have vaginas and some trans men have penises. Are you saying that you need to get the op to be the gender you’re transitioning to?Because if so, damn. That completely gatekeeps people who can’t afford surgery


Also I think what they’re trying to say, @Jayda, is that the topic of discussion is about transphobia and not a place for you to present your ignorant views on sex and gender. If you can write a thread on your ignorant views without breaking the rules, please feel free. Here, though, we’re talking about the concept of transphobia and it seems that the OP doesn’t like you changing the subject. We can discuss your transphobia, if you’d like.


Hey everyone, I would just like to state that this is a topic which can generate divided opinions and the forum itself as a brand is pro-trans rights.

However, it’s very understandable that with a topic like this, it can be hard to differentiate between what should and shouldn’t be flagged, so if you see anything you think should be flagged but you aren’t sure, I suggest PMing a moderator beforehand :blush:


I agree with El. Remember that the flag button is not a dislike button. No matter how batsh*t or ignorant someone’s opinions are, they shouldn’t be flagged if they don’t break the rules. After all, it’s better to expose the flaws in someone’s arguments than hide their opinions completely! It helps us more in the long run to allow them to show themselves up


What about Intersex people :upside_down_face:


Well I’m very neutral on the topic of transgenderism which is why I don’t touch on this topic.

I don’t care if you’re trans as long as you don’t use it as a personality trait (I’m looking at you, Blaire White).

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Yeah, don’t get me started on her. I find it so cringe that she goes attacking other trans people by making random videos about them and I find that awfully confusing.


And she also misgenders them-


I just think that she is a terrible person. Blaire is one of these people that desperately want clout.




Trust me, I know people like Blaire. I know she’s from the political segment but oh boy, they are absolutely cringe (talking about the right wingers that have this “not like the other_____” mentality).

Didn’t she attack some bodybuilder that is trans (Jena Rae).


Yeah and gave out false information that got her a LOT of hate

honestly Blair has internalized transphobia to an extent and wants to please her cis audience


honestly, my friend used to be a bit like that - me too before I realised I was non binary
we both have grown a lot over the past year and a bit lmao