Addition to the general chat: Make up

Not sure if this is a good idea but do you think makeup should be another topic on the general chat section? Not many people talk about make up but I think it’d be fun to talk about brands, types of make up and so on.

What are your thoughts?


Ooo I don’t wear makeup but I love learning about it! It would be really fun to have a makeup category. Like you said, we could talk about the brands and types of makeup, but we can also talk about makeup fails and what works with our skin and stuff. Like I said, I don’t wear makeup, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried dun dun dunnnn



I don’t make up that much myself. I only just wear eye make up and call it a day! :sweat_smile: plus, I’m allergic to foundation, blusher, bronzer and contour unfortunately.


We maybe could do an art category or health category and makeup would fall under that, I’m not saying that’s what we’re gonna do - it’s just my personal idea.


That’s a good idea! Especially for those who wanna learn about it… (like me) :blush:
I just starting learning how to use it. :grin:


I think if there were enough topics to do with health and beauty we’d make a category for it. Similar to the food category.

As it stands, health and beauty is something everyone has at least some stake in. We all take showers/baths xD so we can talk about something. So I’m all for topics and discussions on this kinda thing!


I’m not sure we’d have enough topics for a makeup section on its own, but I definitely agree with the health and beauty section! You all just need to make 15+ health and beauty related topics with at least 5 (relevant) replies on them and I’ll add it!


Awesome! You don’t have to straight away add health & beauty in the GC section. Let’s give it some time!

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Closed because I added the section :new_moon_with_face: