Amadeus Prison of Magic ~ Sign-Ups & (Temp) Chat

Amadeus Prison of Magic

The schools of Amat and Deus has lived in toil for years.

In the school of Amat they played with magic of the central elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Sun and Moon. They consider themselves the servants of the elements and exist to keep the balance of them, and because of such while they have an affiliation with one element they can perform the spells of the others with counterweights.

Meanwhile in the school of Deus they consider themselves the rulers of the elements and as such they’ve divided them into many. They exist to bend the elements to their will and use it to further their goals in the world. Unlike the school of Amat, they bind themselves to the magic which they are affiliated with, preventing the use of any other spell or magic with or without counterweights.

After a normal school day in which they went to sleep in a normal fashion, they awaken in a bare room. Trapped in a unfamiliar place where they are unable to leave and are guarded by wardens. They have to explore and find out what’s the cause of this situation and if both sides can get along to get through this situation.

r u l e s

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1. Each post must be at least three to four sentences long.

2. Implied sex is allowed. Someone says this a lot better, but once the clothes come off, fade to black and skip to the end of the scene. You can describe kissing/making out, but you will be flagged if you describe actual sex :sweat_smile:

3. No god modding without permission. God modding is controlling someone else’s character or killing them off without the other person’s permission.

4. Make use of trigger warnings. Put a trigger warning and blur anything that covers a topic that may be sensitive. Make sure to keep topics that are too sensitive out of the roleplay, and if you are including something that may be slightly sensitive, research it properly and keep the scenes minimal.

5. No ORP posts. You may include an ORP (Outside of RP) or OOC (Out of Character) near the end of your RP post, but you may not make a post that only has an ORP message. If you would like to talk to someone about the RP, PM them, or use the sign-ups/chat.

6. If you have cloned a character, add their location. Just so that no one gets confused
7. Activity levels. You should try to post once a week, but let me know if this does not work for you, or you will be absent for a while. Posting more often is encouraged.

8. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! These characters are characters with no flaws and a perfect personality. They usually are all-powerful and cannot be injured. Make sure your character is detailed and interesting!

9. No two characters can share the same first name or faceclaim. Unless two characters are identical twins, they cannot have the same faceclaim. Only one character per first name (this includes different spellings of the same name).

10. Keep balance between genders and schools. Make sure your characters are even in gender and are split evenly between schools.

E l e m e n t s - A m a t

Amat students only

Fire :fire:
Water :cloud_with_rain:
Air :tornado:
Earth :shamrock:
Sun :sun_behind_small_cloud: ~ The ability to manipulate light and promote plant growth
Moon :crescent_moon: ~ The ability to manipulate gravity and the tide
Blood :drop_of_blood: ~ The ability to make blood pacts and manipulate blood (properties of blood, revitalize themselves through blood etc. etc.)
Spirit :ghost: ~ The ability to make deals regarding souls, collect souls and command those souls.

A m a t - P h i l o s p h y
  • Balance is crucial to the essence of beings (Ma’at)
  • Everyone can grow in intelligence and capability
  • Balance & Honor
  • Gryfindor & Hufflepuff
  • All of us have a purpose
  • Be kind, Be honorable, Be Just
  • Attack only in defense
  • Justice prevails
E l e m e n t s - D e u s

Deus students only

Air - Ability to manipulate the wind and air around them
Astral - The ability to travel between other realms and divination
Domina - The ability to summon mythical creatures
Draco - Shapeshifting into different forms and changing face
Earth - Manipulate the earth and it’s minerals
Water - The ability to manipulate and control water in all it’s forms
Moon - The ability to manipulate gravity and the tide
Sun - The ability to manipulate light and promote plant growth
Necro - The ability to see and command the dead
Fire - The ability to manipulate fire
Life - The ability to heal
Time - The ability to manipulate time
Lighting - The ability to manipulate lighting and electricty
Umbra - The ability to manipulate shadow and darkness
Utau - The ability to manipulate and feel emotions
Fauna - The ability to speak to, understand and manipulate animals

D e u s - P h i l o s ph y
  • The elements exist to bend to our will
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Ambition & Intelligence
  • Ravenclaw and Slytherin
  • The strong rule the weak
  • Strike first, Strike Hard, No Mercy
  • Offense is the best defense
  • Good & Evil is relative.
M a g i c - I n f o r m a t i o n

Counterweight - when Amat students use other element they need the counterweight of that element. For example: If they were not affiliated with the Spirit element, they would need a human as their counterweight to maintain balance as they did Spirit magic. The list of counterweights are below.

C o u n t e r - W e i g h t s

Elements that require you to ingest your counterweight (so eat a bit of it)
Fire - Water (Easiest to obtain counterweight)
Earth - Fire (Something hot, although if you’re doing a large spells then you do need to ingest fire)
Air - Blood
Blood - Earth (Like pebbles)
Water - Air (Pure Oxegen)
Sun - Moon (Moondust / Moonstone)
Moon - Sun (They have to capture the sun’s energy - most difficult to obtain counterweight)

Physical Counterweights, they need to physically touch them or they need their counterweight in their presence.

Spirit - Human (You need a Human counterweight, most difficult counterweight to use because unbalance can kill your counterweight. For small spells you can use animals.)

s i g n - u p s

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Please put this thread on watching or tracking!!


why? :eyes:

also can i reserve a male amat and female deus?

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Because I might not always tag everyone for important things :eyes:

Yes! Looking forward to seeing them

EDIT: Although, do you have any elements for them chosen?

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Yayyy!! Reserve a Deus female please :smile:

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Can I reserve a male and a female from each school?

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I’d love to reserve a student for each school! Not sure about details yet like gender or magic but I just wanted to throw it out there that I wanted to reserve (:

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Hm, I’ll reserve a male deus for now

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Reserve a female of Deus :hugs:

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Reserve a Female Deus and Male Amat, please?

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Reserve a female Deus and male Amat!

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Can we switch schools? Like for example my character may find out that the Amat school isn’t telling everyone about the Deus and the other options they have (time, astral, etc) and doesn’t trust them so he switches sides.


Can I reserve a female Amat?

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Yayyy!! Sounds great!

Yes ma’am :))

Sounds awesome either way :wink: Can’t wait to see them!


Awesome :hugs:

Right away, mi’lady :hugs:

:eyes: I am excited~

Sure, but that’d have to happen before the roleplay starts and in Deus they bind their magic to one element as well :3 It could provide some good tension as well!

Of course!!


Maybe another thing I should point out though is that it’s common knowledge about the other school and what they teach and how they are.For example, the Amat students know Deus is crueler and harsher on their students but, they have more elemental options but they bind them to an element. The Deus students that the Amat students are ‘weaker’ because they have a kinder approach, they have 2 elements that they don’t and they can use another element with counterweights. They know a lot about each other, so there really isn’t anything to hide… but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a motive about switching schools. Perhaps the student is ambitious and likes the idea of more elements, or (as you said) doesn’t trust their school in which case they would switch.

@Bluecookies I’m sorry that’s long :sweat_smile:


Male Amat student. Element - Spirit
Female Deus student. Mancer - Necro

Also what is age range for this?

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Well, I just thought due to the approach the Deus takes, the “headmaster” would keep information from the Amat, similar to how the Ancient One in Dr. Strange kept things from her followers. I’ll probably still have him switch sides to Deus and just find another reason.

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Can I reserve a sun element female amat student and a male deus moon element student?


Sounds good! It’s the normal highschool range.

Yes, you can!

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For clarification, post the character information on this thread?

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