RP Anonymous Confessions, Questions and Feedback

Think they are talking about this tag @RPQuiz me any littlefeets can’t tag those in the tag for the start of the quiz. They could just be in the wrong time zone for the quiz. Sometimes even I miss it when I have the thread on watching


You can find what an SG is here, but for a brief explanation, an SG is where the owner of the SG is the only one who writes the entire story based on the characters created for it. The owner then asks questions to the characters’ creators to help them with writing the story. So the input of the RPer is not RP but only to read along and answer questions about what their character does or how they interact along the way.

Yes, I’ve noticed this too and have been meaning to get this altered, but as tags have been on a standstill for a couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to ask. However, I will do so now, as Deluge will be working on tags today.


Are there any roleplays that havent started and are accepting?

you don’t understand how happy I am that I was finally quick enough to snag a question :sob::v:t5:

There definitely are! You can check the Masterlist, but in case it hasn’t been updated recently, I’ll just link the RPs that are open and haven’t started.

Also, @/LittleFeets has an SG to join! It’s the Amazing Race and she still needs a few more characters before she’s ready to start.

These are all the—well, what I perceive to be—the active signups. There are a few more signups but they haven’t been active in a bit, so I’m not sure if they’re still going on.

You can join RPs that have already started though, there are a lot of them who will have signups open permanently or a little longer, and the owners can help smoothly incorporate you into the RP!


Are there any more improvements that could be made to the rp section?

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Why is the RP section so dead?

I don’t think it is, but if it’s seeming sort of slow lately, that is most likely because summer is ending and most people are resuming school and stuff. Any countries who were still in quarantine are mostly not anymore so people are returning to their daily lives, and a lot of people don’t have the time they used to to dedicate to RPing. However, it won’t be like this forever and as soon as people get settled in with work, school and their daily lives, the RP section will likely be bustling again~ :wink:


Could someone recommend an active European fantasy RP / SG to me?

:thinking: Does it have to be European? 'Cause there will likely be European RPers and European characters so does the RP itself have to be set in Europe?

We have X-Men (signup) which is fantasy/sci-fi but is based in the States.
Dark Snow (signup), but I’m not sure where it’s set.
Amadeus hasn’t started yet, but it looks like it’ll be active, though I’m not sure where it is set.
And Charmed Coven SG (signup), but I don’t think it’s set in Europe… maybe, but eh the creator is a kiwi if that counts for anything :woman_shrugging:t5: OH MY GOD SPEAKING OF I HAVE TO FREAKING REPLY TO THAT IM SO SORRY CALI

Id like to join a few RPs but, since I have a lot of artist friends, I dont want to make faceclaims with images that are not my copyright. Is it okay to submit without face claims? Drawing a portrait for each character is so much work!

Hm, it would depend on the RP owner, really. I’d imagine most would be okay with that, but to be honest, this doesn’t happen often at all so I can’t say for certain. Alternatively, you could look for FCs that you know are copyright free but if this proves to be problematic then just take it up with the RP owner and I’m sure that you can come to a solution!


Dark snow is set in everywhere and nowhere but the human locations are inspired from Italian and French mountain and lakes. So it does have an European vibe, but it’s basically aix of a bunch of things.


so many people complain about posts not being long enough to respond to. truth is, the problem is never with the length of the post, its with the *content.* Ive seen people write paragraphs upon paragraphs with filler details about the surroundings and their RP partner still doesnt know what to respond. Ive seen people write two engaging sentences that spark such interesting conversations and actions between the characters. especially for action scenes, shorter posts are often better because characters are in the middle of fighting and dont have that time to talk or reflect for paragraphs on end. I understand what the length requirement is intended to do, but honestly, now it just makes more people bash others for not writing more or call them less advanced and call themselves elite. Remember, some people are also only RPing as a hobby too and I think post length/word count sometimes takes the enjoyment out of writing. Im in no way forcing people to get rid of the post length requirements, but Im asking people to be aware of the problems it can cause and reconsider it.

You do have a point, quality > quantity, but for some people, a couple of sentences for a reply can be demotivating to have to reply back to. Of course, it can go either way. Honestly though, with the whole post requirement thing, it’s really up to the RP owner whether or not they insert it in their rules. :woman_shrugging:t5: In my opinion, I don’t think it should be heavily enforced—like people shouldn’t be counting the replies of your post to make sure it aligns with the rule—I think it should be used more as a guide when making your replies. Nobody should be calling another person’s writing less advanced or talking about themselves as being elite—I haven’t seen this happening, but I know that just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
I found elite to be an interesting word choice though; are you referring to the titles some users have by their name? 'Cause that’s for users who are part of the group tag for the RP Elite XOXO, and isn’t meant to make them seem superior or something.
I do agree with the bit about action scenes though, yeah those should be shorter since you are fighting with another character.

Thanks for the feedback, I understand your concern about potential issues with the post length requirement (and probably writing tests, although you didn’t explicitly mention them)~

Id like to see an RP where the creator gives each person the building blocks of a character or biography beforehand. I think it would be great for people who lack inspiration, challenge us to write new characters and make them fit around the given information, and make it less intimidating for newbies to join cause they wont have to make characters from scratch.

Ooh this is an interesting idea~! I think that’d be a really cool RP to have, so I encourage you to post that idea on the New Ideas Thread to gauge interest. You could discuss it with one of the RPStaff or another RPer, just to bounce ideas around, if you wanted. Even though I have no time to do anything, I’d probably reserve a character for that~ :wink: because no fudgin impulse control



It’s not dead, it’s just… unbalanced. There are roleplays that are active while there are ones that aren’t or haven’t started.

In anyway, keep roleplaying :))

Ooh, there definitely is! We need to do something that can interest and engage more people towards our black hole!


From my experience, those who are typically referred to as the “Elite” don’t actually call themselves that. I’ve seen so many of the most amazing RPers who make the most amazing characters and write great posts call themselves lesser.

That is true, action scenes often function better with less length to the posts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t describe what your character sees, their reaction, and their response.
For example: character A throws a sudden punch followed by a kick to the shin.
When writing for character B, you can mention their surprise by the punch, what happened to cause the person to throw the punch, how they respond to the punch and how the kick impacted that, then being kicked and how they respond and retaliate.

There’s still plenty to describe with an action scene, that doesn’t mean going overboard with the scene, thoughts, and dialogue.

Yes, sometimes the smallest one liner or a bare few lines can spark a lot. But we all know that is not always the case. Anything less than 4 lines on a computer can often not provide much to respond to. Especially if those few sentences don’t contain much dialogue.

Isn’t RPing a hobby for all of us? Some of us just hope to practice and improve our writing more than others. Not everyone wants to grow in their writing, I get that, but RPing is writing and we should all want to develop our skills.

Very true. But that can be the case no matter the length of post. But the shorter a post is, there’s less that there can be to respond to. Very, very few posts are 100% a clear action, and words spoken to another character. So a couple line post has little dialogue and action to respond to.

And some RPers are just very wordy with their posts, but should they be blamed more for it?

What would you say is reasonable for a length requirement then? It really depends on the RP. In a less story driven RP, I would say about 4lines on a computer or tablet. I’m a more in depth story driven plot, I would say around 8. Anything more than 10, I would completely understand complaints, but isn’t a decent size paragraph reasonable?

I’ve actually seen something like this done before. On the episode forums there was an rp called The A-List where everyone would reserve a character label which gave the basic description of who their character had to be.

It was enough to give a starting point for the characters, but still freedom to make them your own.


The Cheerleader - She once started on the bottom of the social pyramid. Teased, geeky, and shy. Look at her now, an overly-peppy cheerleader. She can’t leave her house without grabbing her pom poms, or putting on a fresh coat of lipstick.

The Thespian - An artsy young man who may come off as pretentious and overly dramatic. Current president of the drama club, he usually manages school productions, but his only true desire is to see his name on the A-List. Let’s see if he lands this role

It was cool for an RP. If you want to see about making one with something like this, feel free to pm me to talk about it and I’d be happy to plan with you!


I want to make a RWBY Rp, but this is my first one and Id need someone to do the slides...anyone with a knowledge of the show willing to help? Thank you so much.

Omg I will help I love making faceclaims!!!


Thank you!


Send me a PM!

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Ooooh… I would totally be down for this. If someone wants to do it then I’m definitely keen to be your behind the scenes partner. PM me if you or anyone wants to do this.

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I want to make a google form like these for my RP, can someone help me out on how to create a google form?

Of course! Send me a PM and I can help you! :wink:


Please can someone just @ the type of people you are referring to as 'elites. Its really hard to figure out who youre talking about, and so we therefore cannot make any changes. I cant see why the people who get tagged would be offended, because really its constructive criticism.

They didn’t @ anyone in the original post, but even if they did, I’d probably blur it unless they said they didn’t mind. Don’t want anyone to feel called out or attacked :woman_shrugging:t5:

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When will sign ups be open for the RWBY Rp @/Ouijaloveletters is working on? I can’t wait to started it but also fed up of the wait.

Soon I think?

@Ouijaloveletters maybe you could answer this for this person since it’s your RP.

Oh, im so sorry! I just haven’t posted it yet. Let me do that now.

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Also, you’re going to have to be patient with me. This is the first Rp that I’ve created, so I’m new to this. I am getting help, though.


Im sure you will do fine :slightly_smiling_face: