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This will be loosely based on the original series of Charmed.
Following a coven of witches who are not only discovering who they are as people but as witches as well. Learning how to balance both of their lives. This small Wiccan Coven embraces all genders of witches who have discovered they have magical power and need a safe haven/community to practice the craft.
Everything has been easy and perfect for those within the Coven. Although that’s about to change, and their skills and abilities will be put to the test when Demonic forces surface. Will it be a series of demonic beings trying to fight for power or will they all be working for an ultimate big bad, or is it something else entirely? Only one person knows what’s in store of the coven and that’s me… the writer of the SG. (smiling_imp)
Each character will have different storylines as well as some as a group.

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Gasping for air as she ran. The blood rushing up to her ears, pumping hard, her heartbeat getting stronger and louder with every step. She didn’t dare look back, keeping her eyes locked on the footpath ahead, weaving her way around people walking and lampposts or signposts. She knew he’d still be behind her but wasn’t sure if he was gaining. Pushing the sleeves of her maroon-striped shirt further up her arm, Raven wondered where she could go. She couldn’t go back to work or to her shared apartment, too many people, nor could she stay on the street for much longer.

Seeing an alleyway not too far ahead, just past a hair salon, she bolted for it. Swinging her feet around the corner, she slowed to look for a place to hide, she couldn’t face him like this. Especially not without shoes; she wasn’t even sure where she had kicked them off. Carefully but quickly avoiding any broken glass, Raven ducked down between two larger dumpsters and pressed her back hard against the brick building. Squeezing her eyes shut and pulling in her knees, at least she could finally catch her breath.

Not even a minute later, Raven heard the clopping footsteps and heavy breath of the man who had been following her. He paused, not coming any closer, but she could still picture him. A tall man with wild, matted hair, yellowed teeth that are chipped or broken, and charred black skin that was cracked and dry. The most prominent parts, ingrained in her memory, was that he hadn’t a nose and his eyes were bright red, not just his pupils but the whole eyeball itself was one colour. Raven shivered at the picture.

“Hey you! What do you think you’re playing at, chasing a girl along the street?”, a feminine voice called out, keeping a strangely level tone. Then he must have turned around because the girl, Raven would later learn to be Hue Vo, gasped in horror. “What. Are. You?”
The man only grunted and then a firey tendril shot out from him and batted her away. Hue flew diagonally across the alley, smacking into the opposite wall and landing on her right arm in a crumpled heap. Raven had opened her eyes to watch, to see if she moved, hoping she was okay but with the girl’s wavy black hair covering her face, it was hard to tell.

Suddenly, Raven found herself standing over the girl. She was surprised and spun quickly to her right, finding herself almost face to face with her bad memory. The man smiled and another fiery tendril shot out but this time toward her. It wrapped itself tightly around her waist, the heat burning her shirt, and lifted her off the ground.
Panic clouded her head that she didn’t even hear a car door slam and a masculine voice shout into the open window, “Found it. It’s got someone, so you need to vanquish him now.”
“No time, I know you can do it,” an older, more hoarse voice said. There was a sigh from him and he ran into the alley.

Raven finally saw the pale man with thick brown, curly hair running toward the man who was holding her but didn’t focus on him. Instead, she looked down and saw how high she was and she screamed. To her left was the girl who still hadn’t moved and then looked to her right, seeing herself, head slumped forward onto her knees. It was an odd feeling and she couldn’t quite process is. Though she didn’t have time to either, as she faded inwardly and awoke on the ground again. Pulling her head off her knees, she looked up to see the tendril that had been around her, it was trying to squeeze the air.

The man was confused, looking for where she had gone. Though his search was stopped when the new male shouted, “Paeroween. Over here.” Raven crawled forward to peek out around the corner of the dumpster, to see the man lumber around again, the cracks on his back looked more prominent. The tendril that had held her shot straight for the man, but he raised his palm and the tendril simply bounced off it, recoiling back into the monstrous man.
Then the new man, who she’d later learn to be August, started chanting from the words he read on a piece of ripped paper,

"Unseen elements, all around,
"In the air, under the ground,
"Through water, and in fire they breed,
“Return this one back to seed.”

Before Raven’s eyes, the man that terrified her began to shrink and change shape. Becoming smaller and less human-like until he was nothing more than a blackened almond seed.

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The look on August’s face was one of content from vanquishing the demon himself mixed with curiosity for what the seed was. Though he had a stony face, it was almost innocent too as his nose wrinkled underneath a heavy layer of freckles. Watching as August bent down to pick up and examine the seed, Raven stayed close to the outer wall of the dumpster, too scared and confused about what will happen next. Especially when an older, shorter woman with a white afro and a determined walk rushed into the alley. Her frumpy black dress looked mismatched with the pearls hanging around her neck.

She stood next to August and spoke, not giving any of her attention to either of the girls, “Three attacks, one vanquish, don’t start getting complacent. Put that away, have you forgotten what you need to do next?”
“…Yes,” August muttered, losing focus on the seed and stuffing into his pocket, along with his hand. “…I should help… yes?” He looked at each of the girls before turning to the older woman, Ursula, for assurance.
Ursula sighed and replied in a manner that was like one was reading from a manual, “Call for help, that one needs healing. As for the other, bring her, I will drive you to the house where you can explain. Quickly now, I need to get to work.” Without waiting for a response, she turned on her heel and marched back out of the alley.

Tilting his head up, he called, “Maris-!”
But the eerie tinkling sound and blue-white light shimmered down before he could finish her name. She had loosely-frizzy dark hair, soft features, and honey-coloured skin. Although, she wore robes of thick woven gold thread, so her shape could not be determined. “Yes, August, I was watching. Impatiently waiting for your call,” Marissa teased.
“Sorry,” he uttered, fiddling with the seed in his pocket. With his other hand, he pointed toward the unconscious girl. “She’s… yeah. Can you orb her back to Carham House and we’ll meet you there?”

Marissa smiled kindly to him and nodded, turning away and barely hearing the probably awkward conversation he began with the scared witch. She bent over the unconscious girl, Hue, and put her hand around her forearm, then they both disappeared upwards in the same shroud of blue-white light.

Just moments later, Marissa and Hue appeared in the mildly modernised victorian living room of Carham House. She had made sure that Hue had landed on the faded peach chaise lounge in one corner. Crouching in front of her, Marissa placed her middle and third finger to Hue’s temple. Warmth and an orange glow came from her hand, and after no more than 20 seconds, Hue’s burns and cuts were healed. Even her bruises had cleared up.

“Miss Serrano, did they find him? Did they get him? Please say they got him,” an excitable feminine voice bounded into the room before its footsteps.
“It’s Marissa, please, Beatrix,” she responded, pushing herself up and turning around to meet the creature before her. A spritely fairy who had fashioned an outfit out of the undergrowth and lacked pigment in both her skin and hair. She hadn’t even pupils, most fairies didn’t, her eyeballs were just one shade, the colour of jade. “You’ll have to wait for August or Ursula to return.”
“I told you so, Bea,” another witch called from behind. There was a clicking of heels across the wooden floor and a tall goddess-like woman walked into the room in a white blouse tucked into grey knit dress pants. She had a bronze complexion, startling blue eyes, and chocolate brown locks cascading onto her shoulders.
“No harm in asking, Aurelia,” Beatrix replied with shrug, without a care in the world.
Aurelia tilted her head toward the girl, Hue. “Who’s this? Another witch?”
“I don’t know.” Marissa shook her head. “Unfortunately, I think just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. Probably mortal.” She looked at Beatrix. “Let’s hope she doesn’t wake too soon, you’re going to be hard to explain.”
Beatrix grimaced and pointed down to the chaise lounge. “Too late to worry about that.”

The girl was now conscious and in her terror, she pulled back quickly from the three of them. Too quick, in fact. Marissa could tell that because the girl’s eyes glazed over and she swayed for a few seconds.
“Take it easy,” Marissa told her in her most tranquil tone. “I may have healed your physical injuries but I can’t heal aches and pains, you’ll still have a concussion.”
Once her eyes focused again, Hue asked hurriedly, without pause, “Who are you? What was that thing? What came out of him? Was it his arm? Was he even human?” She took a breath and looked around with her left eye, her right still trained on Marissa. “Where am I?”
The three just looked at each other, remaining silent until Beatrix stepped forward. Her smile reached each ear. “Hi, so you saw the demon? His… arm-thing was green, right?” She waited excitedly for an answer, then realised her mistake and giggled. “I’m Beatrix, by the way. Who are you?”

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Beatrix blinked a few times, still staring down at the girl, a brilliant grin on her face. She noticed the girl’s fear fade but there was something else; curiosity, maybe? Beatrix wasn’t sure. A few seconds passed and Beatrix was impatient, so she asked again, a little more slowly, “Who. Are. You?”
Hue sat up, more carefully this time, pushing her lower back up against the one armrest of the faded peach chaise lounge. The girl’s face coming very close to Beatrix’s, who didn’t move away at all, and the girl sat back comfortably. “Hue. I’m Hue, and you have no pupils.” She spoke calmly but directly, keeping eye contact with Beatrix. “Demon?”
“That’s what hurt you, we assume?”, Aurelia asked, though it was more rhetorical. Beatrix turned her head to Aurelia to listen, only to turn back to Hue nodding in agreement.
Hue furrowed her brows, thinking back, “No. Those things, arm-things did you say, they were fiery red and orange, not green.” As Beatrix stepped back, Hue looked around again, focusing on Marissa, the only one now paying her any attention. “Who are all of you? How did I get here? What was-”
Hue was cut off by Marissa’s smile; the faint white glow that surrounded her went ignored. When Marissa opened her mouth to speak, Hue was lost in tranquillity as the words flowed from her mouth. “You are in the safe surroundings of Carham House where its occupants are here to protect you. You were attacked when you tried to help someone with their attacker. It was very brave of you.” The glow faded and Marissa pulled a face of uncertainty, she was never very sure if that ever would work.

Facing Aurelia, Beatrix pouted and stomped her foot. “The demon is still out there, it’s going to get me, isn’t it?”
The glow faded behind Beatrix and Aurelia put an arm around her shoulder ushering her into the foyer, away from mortal ears. “Bea, no demon is going to get you, I won’t let them.”
“But I can’t go home yet,” she whined.
“Give it time, you will. Besides, I thought you liked staying here, living together?”
“I do, I do, but I… I don’t want to be kill-!” Before Beatrix could finish, she leaped a foot in the air, launching herself at the previously empty spot next to Aurelia. “I’ll get you,” She screamed as she attached herself to the figure who had suddenly appeared in waves of dark light. “You won’t surprise me this time.”

She hooked her wiry legs around this new man’s waist and was now thumping the top of his blonde head with the palm of her hand.
“Bea, stop it,” Aurelia commanded, her voice raised. She attempted to pull off the fairy from the tall, blonde man who was taller than her, even in heels. “Stop. It’s Serponteś, my Serponteś.”
Beatrix stopped, looked down at the parting in the man’s hair and felt herself flush. She dropped her hands and untangled her legs, allowing Aurelia to pull her back as she looked the man in the face. He seemed relatively unfazed. His unblinking, golden eyes stared back at her and his thin lips twisted into a smirk. As soon as she heard his name, she knew it was another demon she didn’t like, but this one they wouldn’t vanquish.
“Calm down. You know we won’t let anyone bad demon hurt you, Bea.”
Beatrix noticed the infliction on the word bad, noting that she was obviously implying that he was good, but she knew better. He wasn’t fooling her. “Sorry, Serponteś,” she mumbled sulkily.
'Tith okay, Beatricth,” Serponteś responded, still with his smirk. “Entering like that wath my own fault and I know I thould not appear too near anyone to frighten.” His voice seemed ancient, something that should have been around hundreds of years ago, except with a lisp too. Bleached hands shot out to Aurelia’s waist, grabbing her and pulling her into his chest. He looked down at her. “Have you taken the day for me?”
Aurelia winked. “Just the morning, time enough just to fit you in?” Then she stood on tips of her toes, actually lifting the heels of her shoes off the ground as she held his head in both hands, pulling it down for their lips to embrace.

Aside from the somewhat passionate sounds of kissing, the only noise was an uttered “Eww” from Beatrix. She looked away, trying to find something to focus on to block out the sounds of saliva and lips smacking together.
Luckily the front door opened and an uncomfortable-looking August was pushing it open with one hand while holding up a shaking girl with the other. He made eye contact with Beatrix, who was relieved to have someone else to concentrate on, and beckoned her over. She bounced over to the girl’s other side, two feet together, each bounce heavier than the last. “Put your arm under hers and help me get her to the living room,” he told her.
Confused by the request, she looked at the girl who was almost as pale as she was, but knowing she had to try to help, Beatrix awkwardly put one arm around the girl’s back and her other arm around her chest, so her hands clasped each other under the girl’s armpit. August sighed and she wasn’t sure why. The three walked at a snail’s speed to the living room, Beatrix sidestepping those 6-7 metres to the couch to place her down, almost falling on top of her.

They stepped back and she dusted her hands off to show the effort she had put into that. August chuckled. “You know there was an easier way, Bea?”
Beatrix glared at him. “Don’t call me that, only Aurelia can.”
Holding his hands up defensively, still with a grin, he apologised. “Won’t do it again, okay?” He turned to their Whitelighter. “Marissa, I’m not sure how hurt she is, she hasn’t said a word.”
Marissa looked at Hue, who seemed relaxed and calm on the couch, before moving down to the other end of the chaise lounge, crouching in front of the quiet girl (Raven). “How are you doing?”, she asked asher hand hovered along Raven’s arm, on the opposite side to Hue. This was to try to hide the warm glow from Hue’s line of sight. “There doesn’t seem to be any physical injuries.”
Finally Raven spoke, it was with an annoyed tone, “What have you just done? What happens now?”
“Now I take this upstairs and analyse it. It could lead us to the one that Beatrix saw,” August answered clinically. He was answering the question, not who asked it.
“-What was that thing that chased me? That was a spell that turned it into a stone or whatever, right? Are you all witches too?”
Beatrix beamed. She began pointing as she answered chirpily, “They are, I’m not, I’m a fairy. And she’s a mor-”
Everyone turned to face Hue, who was fluttering her eyelashes in disbelief. “Witches,” she repeated. “You’re witches and fairies? And that thing was a… a demon, which you killed with a spell. Let me understand what I’m hearing, there’s magic in the world?!” She paused for an answer but no one spoke. “I have so many questions and no more lies this time.” She gave Marissa an intense glare.

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