Ancient Civilisations!

Heya there writers! This is the place to share any of your stories that may have to do with our currently weekly theme (way to date this post after a week, Loogie): Ancient Civilisations!

If any of you have any stories to do with ancient civilisations, put them right in the thread and people can check them out if that strikes their fancy! It can be historical fiction, historical non-fiction even! Hell, if you were simply inspired by certain ancient civilisations when coming up with a fantasy story! Go for it, tell us which civilisations inspired you!


Well, I supposed my story may fit. It’s fantasy fiction but contains some historical non-fiction as part of the world building and plot.

It’s comprising of Asians from ancient and traditional times all the way till now aka modern times.

So the setting has elements from

  1. Ancient China (slavery during the construction from the Great Wall of China),

  2. Ancient India (focusing more on the Dalits aka Untouchables from India’s Caste System)

  3. The Malay Kingdom and royalties during the Nusantara 17th century period in South East Asia. This is with regards to the titles used, location and predominantly on the culture and magic.

  4. The Mayans or Aztecs in terms of the Sun Worshippers but my story does not have Sun Worshippers however simply borrow the concept of a Sun Tribe with its tribes people having names meaning Sun and Light from various Asian cultures.

  5. Lots more and really tough for me to break down in every detail.


The Tribe of Malapinchi, right? I started reading it some time ago and it was really good! It definitely fits the theme! I need to continue reading soon :smiley_cat:

I once had a story idea that was inspired by the Incan civilization, but I never got to write it. It seemed pretty difficult to base a plot on ancient civilizations and I wasn’t up for doing research :sweat_smile: But I really like those stories and I know it’s hard work to write good ones, so I’d love to read people’s stories!


Oooh… Do you still have the plans for the story to possibly write it some day?


As many of my friend’s know I have fairytale retelling saga/spinoff series stuff.

Civilizations and mythology I’m using

  • Peter Pan and Rome with Roman mythology

  • Sleeping beauty with Norse mythology

  • Frog Prince with Aztec mythology


ok so this isnt a story that i wrote, but my mom had a sort of remembrance from a past life living in ancient egypt i think. LISTEN, it makes sense to us lolz. Who knows if it’s real.

So basicly, in that life, my mother had beautiful blue eyes that were a rarity to her society. A man noticed them from afar, and because they were so beautiful, he asked for them, and she said no, obvi, YOU CAN’T HAVE MY EYEBALLS. But, he took her away, he intended on taking them anyway. So they like strapped her down and she woke up to see nothing.


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hey, i might be able to give you some research! I know a little bit abt them

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I’m not a big expert on Inca’s, my family is partially Mexican so we associate our origins with the Aztecs. But I do know a thing or two so lmk if you need help.

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SAME, i’m named after the goddess of light *flips hair *

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It’s actually accurate af. :crown::clap:

dayum *fans self lightly and looks away bashfully *

when ru gonna tell me ur name btw

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How about never

*slap’s “cruz”'s smug face hard *

Maybe in the future, once I’ve finished the stories I’m writing on now

Thank you! :smiley_cat:

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I have a story that is based during the American Revolution that I’m slowly writing. I always been interested in that time period. My main book series is inspired by many civilizations such as Ancient Greece, Feudal Japan, Victorian England, Ancient China, and Ancient Roman Empire. I’m not finished writing these series so it could be a while before anyone can read them.

Does anyone else have stories that are inspired or based on Ancient Civilizations? What made you choose these civilizations? Do you have any finished work based on the civilizations you write about?



I don’t think I have any stories based on Ancient Civilizations. I’d love to write a story based in Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt though.


I would love to write about them as well!


I love reading stories based on ancient civilizations. They have such interesting mythologies and societies to draw from! Somehow, I haven’t actually used them in my own stories, which I clearly should do more.

Any writers, have you written anything inspired by ancient civilizations?



I haven’t written anything inspired by ancient civilisations yet, but I’d read a story inspired/based on them since they seem pretty interesting.



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