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Im so confused about my gender identity. Its been bothering me and all I do is spend time questioning it. I like being mistaken for the opposite gender sometimes, other times I like being my own gender (I wont reveal my birth gender in this confession). Ive been doubting when people use words of my AGAB e.g. youre a great son/daughter am I really your son/daughter? I dont like they/them pronouns either. When Im dressing as the opposite gender, I love being referred to by those pronouns (e.g. She/her when I wear a dress and feminine styled hair, vice versa). I dont want to be a femboy or butch lesbian. When I dress as the opposite gender I view myself as it. Or more so, I view myself as my AGAB disguised as the gender Im presenting as (for example, a girl whos pretending to be a boy to the outside world). I think Im just a crossdresser but Ive had a few doubts. Gender fluid doesnt resonate with me as much either and I wouldnt want the genitals of the opposite sex. Whats wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you finding your identity.



i cant play among us with yall anymore istg

yall always throw me under the bus for no reason even when the other person is lying and whenever im imposter with someone else the other imposter always throw on purpose thinking its funny istg

it isnt funny i never get imposter and now youve ruined my game smh

I mean, they did this to me once but I got over it in a day. I’m sorry to hear that if this is true.



I know ppl say "pm me if you want someone to talk to" but I cant bring myself to open up to an internet stranger :sob:




:warning: Trigger warning: Possibly self-harm

is it bad I said I would stop attempting but have already attempted 3 times this last week? :star_struck:

I lie to myself too



:warning: Trigger warning: Suicidal

im so tired of breathing Im just going to do it

if im not active for a few months youll know where i went

- an active user



me writes a deep confession/rant about bullying:

someone popular writes something and signs their name: everyone likes

double standards man

Life is unfair you gotta accept it. There’s no use whining anonymously, IT’S NOT GOING TO HELP YOU.




How can I delete my account? :heavy_heart_exclamation:
@ everyone who knows how to


yeah I don’t personally like it when ppl do that after I’ve been playing for like 4 hours and got imposter the first time and then they just troll on purpose



Secretz when is your birthday was it in october

Yes it was in October.

Don’t ask me the date


we usually never sus someone else without a reason, big or small. nobody’s ever been voted off as a joke. why don’t you actually speak to us instead of making a confession? i’m not going to play guessing games. making an anonymous confession will only make me ignore it until you can actually come and speak to me



Why does the hot or not thread exist?


i’d hate to break it to you, but staying anonymous isn’t going to help your case. i’m not going to play useless guessing games with anonymous users. if i know you have made a sad confession, then i will try to be there for you, or you’re just another anonymous user to me. likes mean nothing. i’m sorry to all the people who struggle, but i’m not sure what to do with an anoymous user


stop using that word-

it’s become weaponizing at this point



To the people who have hurt duckling:

F*ck youuuu

Hanna is an absulote gem, you are an idiot if you think otherwise. She doesnt deserve your hate, stop it. If youre so hate-hungry come for me instead, Ill give you a show. I hate when people purposely do sh!t to hurt others, especially when youre cowardly lurking behind anonymity so you dont face the repercussions. You people make me enraged.

~ Not very hard to guess who I am, isnt it?



i’m not sure who this is lol
but yeah i agree, hannah doesn’t deserve the hate she gets



Why do people care if others sign their confessions or make them non-anonymous? It says in the OP (of the first anon confessions thread) that both are welcome. Why do you need to address it?

~ Same person as before (obvious now isnt it?)



Everyone learns differently, you cant just tell someone to get over it and do it how YOURE contourable with Mr. Wells.


tbh, i’m not sure. people make the smallest thing a big deal. first it’s about likes and now it’s about this? lol
also no, i’m still not sure who made this confession



My stomach really hurts, I hope I can stop feeling so anxious