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anyone feel like giving a summary ? :joy: im catching up on bridgerton first but I gotta do my intros here soon


There’s really not much you’ve missed. The arrival day was just the first interactions for characters. Not sure if there’s anything notably important in those conversations. But now that it’s the official day 1, the first date is happening. Tomer with Amberleigh, and Avery with Phoebe.
So the other characters have their day free to mingle, and vote on which couple should enter the truth booth.

You can vote for the truth booth here.


sickkkk well im almost done with Bridgerton then I can intro


is it still your response? I just want to make sure I didn’t miss it

It’s mine.
Unless you had wanted to post first for them

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I mean I can do a post where he walks over and they start talking if you want. She is in the hot tub. either way works for me hun

I’m so sorry for taking a week to reply @astxrism and it not even being an amazing post :sob: