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Date || with Amberleigh

Tomer took a long sip of his coffee, though this new place and exciting schedule gave him more than enough energy and adrenaline too keep it going, coffee was more of a comfort zone, so at least something about this experience stayed in the comfort zone. Not that he was necessarily complaining, not at all, it was just a lot.

“I was born in Israel, actually. It’s mostly hot in the middle east, so this is might even be the complete opposite” he paused for a moment and answered her question, his tone somewhat casual yet genuine, slightly adjusting the position of his body. “But I’ve been living in new york for the past few years” he then added, referring to the current days rather than the past. Dwelling on the past was probably a lot nicer and probably less traumatizing for some people, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. ** “What about you?" He then curiously turned the question back at her “Where did you come here from, Amberleigh? he asked, letting her name flow gently on his lips.

Her reassurance about the ice skating brought a chuckle to his lips. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll do my best to keep the embarrassing falls to a minimum,” he replied with a playful wink, appreciating her light-hearted demeanor.
“Ah so i’m dealing with a seasoned pro i see, maybe you could teach me a think or two out there” He added, a charming playful glint in hid eyes, ready to go and see what’s ahead. Amber’s mention of hoping for a fun day elicited a smile from Tom, “I’m sure it will be” he assured her, his tone laced with genuine enthusiasm. “Let’s make the most of it, yeah?” he suggested, rising from his seat as they both headed out towards the location picked for their date.


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As he drank Brooklyn stood up and walked a little closer so we were still maybe a foot or two apart so not far but not too close. As she did this Tate then asked her how old she was and where she was from. She could tell that he was asking easy questions to start off which she was okay with. “I am 24 and i’m from Houston, Texas. What about you? And what do you do for a job?”

Brooklyn was curious what he did, she could just assume but it would probably be wrong and sound bad and she knows in her line of work you can’t assume anything. But she wanted to find out more about this guy and the other guy as well.


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Day 1 | After breakfast | With Rhett

“Of course! I’m always up for some good company,” she replied cheerfully, her tone reflecting her genuine appreciation for his presence. “No disturbance at all, trust me. It’s nice to have someone to chat with, especially in this chilly weather.” He then, not too surprisingly, guessed right she was from a warmer country. “Absolutely! You’re spot on,” she exclaim, nodding in agreement with Rhett’s observation. “I’m originally from Santos, Brazil, and I’m currently living in Miami, so you can imagine, I’m used to sunny beaches and warm weather, but hey, I’m embracing the adventure!”

Rafaela chuckled at Rhett’s response, finding his explanation amusing and endearing. “Ah, a Chicagoan! That explains it,” she replied with a playful grin. “You Midwesterners sure know how to handle the cold.” Rafaela chuckled at Rhett’s response to him feeling lucky about finding his queen, finding his explanation amusing and endearing. “Ah, gotcha!” she replied with a playful grin. “Well, who knows, maybe your queen is just around the corner, or you might have already met her.” she added with the smallest smirk, her confidence shining through in her playful banter. Rafaela let out a melodious laugh when he said it could translate to both of them, her eyes sparkling with amusement. “Well, aren’t you smooth,” she teased, her tone playful. “I like that! A queen does need her king, after all.” Her playful grin widened as she playfully nudged him with a teasing smile and a playful tilt of her head. Rafaela was confident in herself, she knew what she was worth. She was not going to settle for anyone treating her less than the queen she was.

She listened as Rhett explained the meaning behind his tattoo, “Strength, bravery, courage, and fearlessness? Sounds like you’re describing a superhero!” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with genuine interest. “But seriously, I love how tattoos can hold such deep meaning. Yours sounds like a constant reminder of your inner power. That’s pretty badass!” She chuckled a little, before adding with a mischievous grin, “And here I thought I was bold with my eyeliner game!” Her playful tone carried a hint of jest as she referenced her love for makeup, showcasing her vibrant personality.

“Nice to meet you, Rhett!” she exclaimed, her tone friendly and warm as she reciprocating his handshake with a firm grip. “Ah, so you want to know more about me?” Rafaela’s playful smirk returned as she leaned in slightly closer. “Well, get ready, because once you start unraveling the mystery of Rafaela Pereira, there’s no turning back.” She flashed him a teasing wink before continuing, “I’m 23, and well, besides being from Santos, I’m a makeup artist by trade, and let me tell you, it’s my passion. There’s just something magical about transforming someone’s look and seeing their confidence increase. Oh, and I’m a total beach bum at heart. Give me a sunny day, a refreshing caipirinha, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and I’m in my element.”

“As for why I’m here,” she continued with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, “I figured it was time to shake things up and dive headfirst into the unknown. Life’s too short for boring routines, am I right?” She punctuates her words with an animated gesture, clearly excited to share her adventurous spirit with Rhett. “What about you, Rhett? What brings you to the show?”

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{ date / with Tomer }

“Oh, wow, that’s quite a change? Quite far away,” There was little to no reaction on Amberleighs face as she said those words, in her mind imagining how big of a move it is to leave your country and fly over the ocean. One might think that’s a big deal, that a person must be brave enough to leave their family behind, but she did not see any problem. A difficult past with her own family might be the reason for it. If she had an opportunity she’d do it too… But just because she was thinking like that doesn’t mean he was. “I was born here, moved to New York, came back a year or two ago. Not that fun of a story… Compared to Israel.” Amber explained, not going into details. It was not that important… Well, to someone one day it might be, but this was just a simple conversation. “There’s a few of us who were in New York at one point,” she added, remembering hearing about where some people were from last night.

“Again… not a pro,” Amber corrected him, letting herself laugh this time. “But I’ll see what I can do about it. Not making any promises,” she quickly added to stop herself from laughing. Right before they headed out.

little skip to the date location

As Amberleigh sat in the luxurious limo, her mind swirled with a mixture of emotions, nerves and maybe a glimmer of hope. She had adopted a persona over the years - a tough exterior that shielded her and it has been so hard to go back to the way things were. But she was here in hopes to find someone who could help her with that. Deep down it was something she longed for and to see she was going on the very first date felt… Nice. It could’ve been just her looks, she knew she was an attractive girl but looks will get you nowhere.

Her first date with Tomer was a chance for her to peel back those layers, to see if someone could break through the barriers. Tet, despite her desire for connection, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of anxiety. What if he saw through her act? What if he judged her for the walls she had built?

Returning to Anchorage had been a bittersweet homecoming. A chance to reconnect with her roots while trying to deal with everything she left behind. So could this show, here in her hometown, help her more with it? Could any person here do that?

As they arrived at the ice skating rink, Amberleigh stepped out of the limousine with a practiced air of confidence, her facade firmly in place. She flashed Tomer a soft smile, masking the nervous flutter in her chest as they made their way towards the rink. “Do you know how to put your skates on or do you need help with that too?” She tried to joke with him, her hands crossed over her chest.


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{ day 1 / with Ava }

As Ava responded to his offer to help with a hint of amusement in her voice, Kian couldn’t help but feel a surge of satisfaction. “Oh I see, I see. It does but there are still many options, don’t you worry.” He found himself grinning in return, pleased to have made a positive impression and pleased to see that there was another positive person in here. Especially in the morning… With his students he’d seen a lot so it’s nice to have this change for a little bit.

“Let me know how it turns out, if you like it.” he encouraged, genuinely interested in her culinary experiment. As Ava responded to his suggestion with a hint of amusement, Kian’s gaze shifted momentarily to the array of already made food on the counter. His eyes scanned over the options, considering what he might choose for himself as he listened to Ava’s voice. There was something comforting about her presence.

Finding some pans, Kian turned on the stove, starting to prepare his main breakfast. The rhythmic clatter of utensils against the pan provided a soothing backdrop to their conversation, her mention of a dog sled ride making his smile widen. “Dog sled ride… How did that not come to my mind? That would be so fun,” The idea of gliding through the snow covered landscape, the crisp air biting at his cheeks did make him sad he did not win this first date, but a guy has to stay positive. There would be so many opportunities, besides… It would’ve been impossible to pick one girl to go on a date now. He didn’t know them that well and judging by looks… That might not have been his strongest suit.

“It is different… We are all used to our routines and responsibilities back home. And it’s hard to look at it as a vacation, if you were on a vacation you’d have something to do… And I don’t mean we have nothing to do it’s just- You get me? I’ts already a little strange to think I’m here and not teaching or preparing something while I wait for friends to come over-” He stopped himself, turning to look at her with a soft, almost guilty smile on his face. Yes, he can get carried away a little and just talk… And talk. “Where did you say you’re from?”


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Day 1| Making Breakfast - Kitchen

⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ .* ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆*

Amari awoke from her sleep to the bright sun shining through her window. With excitement, she began to prepare herself for the new day. She had already picked out her outfit the previous day so she made sure it was just steamed properly.

Before beginning her makeup routine, she made sure to do her skin routine. Amari loved taking the time to get ready; self-care has always been important to her. She always had to make sure she was always clean and fresh. Her make-up today was light, with just some concealer, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. Her hair had already been done since she slept with a heatless curl headband so all she had to do was take it off and brush her hair to make the curls look more natural.

Taking one last look at the mirror, she smiled to herself and headed out the door. Amari was still getting used to being with a lot of people in one house but she also loved the idea of having new interactions every day.

Feeling her stomach grumble, she knew to head to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. Having a lot of options, she could not make up her mind about what she could make, but she finally decided to just go with her favorite. Scrambled eggs with potatoes and bacon.

Amari took out the things she needed and began to make herself breakfast.

⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ .* ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆*

orp: approachable


Inside pool

Tate smiled as they talked. He sat in the shallow end of the pool. He listened as she talked. Texas wasn’t that far, and the age wasn’t much different. “I’m 25. I’m from Panama City, Florida. My job, I’m an OBGYN. what’s your job? and how tall are you?” He asked with a smile. He could tell she was shorter than him. He just wasn’t sure by how much was all. Tate took a sip of his drink as he waited for her response.

@Kate Brooklyn

Date || with Amberleigh

Tomer nodded in understanding as Amberleigh shared a glimpse of her own journey. “Yeah, it was a big change,” he acknowledged, a touch of empathy in his voice. "I get what you mean. Moving can be tough, no matter where you’re from.” Tomer replied, his tone gentle yet genuine. “Leaving everything behind, starting fresh… It’s not always easy.” He paused, briefly contemplating whether to share more about his own experience just yet. “My move wasn’t exactly a fun story either,” he admitted, his gaze momentarily flickering with a hint of vulnerability. “But sometimes, change is necessary, you know?”

Her laughter was infectious, and Tomer found himself joining in, the tension of the moment easing with each shared laugh. “Fair enough, no promises then,” he replied with a wink, appreciating her down-to-earth attitude. “We’ll just wing it and see how it goes," he quipped, a playful glint in his eyes as they approached the rink.

As they arrived at the ice skating rink, Tomer couldn’t help but admire Amber’s composed demeanor, despite the nerves of a first date. Her attempt at humor brought a genuine chuckle from him. ” I’ll have you know, I’m a pro at putting on skates," he replied with a playful wink, his tone light and teasing.

As they approached the rink, Tomer took a moment to observe their surroundings. The crisp air carried the faint scent of winter, and the sound of blades slicing through the ice filled the air with a melodic rhythm. “So, Amberleigh, tell me a bit more about yourself,” he began, his tone warm and inviting. ] "Totally open question, you can say anything you want to, however random it gets” he suggested, a playful smile on his lips, genuinely curious about the woman beside him.


Rhett smiled when Rafaela said that she is always up for some good company. "Yeah it is chilly here but it is winter and Alaska so what do you expect. " Rafaela then explained that she was from Brazil and moved to Miami so she is used to the beaches and the warm weather. "Well hey that is all you can do is embrace the weather. But that is really cool that you are from Brazil. I am assuming you can speak fluent Portuguese then? Rafaela then commented on my explanation on why I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and not freezing. "Heck yeah we can handle the cold but also I do tend to work inside and outside quite a bit so I just naturally got used to the cold you know.

Rafaela then playfully grinned at my joke of how I am here to find my queen and that the females are here to find there king. She also mentioned that my queen could be around the corner or I already met her, Rhett could tell that she had some confidence. "your right maybe I have met my queen but time will only tell I guess here. Just like you may have found your king but there could be multiple kings for you.

Rafaela then commented about his Lion tattoo and what he told her it meant to him and that he sounded like a superhero. Rhett just chuckled at that, he never thought about it that way but she had a point and maybe some people would say he is but he doesn’t think so. “Shhh no one can know my secret, that my job is a superhero no one is supposed to know that. But thanks I love the tattoo and yes it honestly is a constant reminder of my power.” Rhett laughed again when she mentioned that she thought she was bold with her eyeliner game. “Well your eyeliner does look good so you did your job.”

Rafaela then started to talk about herself since Rhett did ask that question. He listened to her every word, and so far she sounded like she was down to earth and her job makes sense on the eyeliner game statement. He and Rafaela did have something in common on following there passions and making a career out of them. “Well that sounds honestly really lovely and relaxing.”

She then asked him what brings him to the show.
“Well since you told me a little about yourself I will let you know about me. I am also 23 years old. I was born and raised in Chicago, but I am first generation American. My parents were born and lived in India until they moved here to America when my mom was pregnant with me. I am a Firefighter. I can be a beach bum as well if and when I get a chance to go. I also love to go skydiving, cook, photography, skateboard and do motocross, and play sports. I really am an adrenaline junkie but I can also just be the type that stays in as well and watch movies and play video games. As to the question why I am here, I am looking for love. I focused on my career for a few years and finally am happy where I am, so now I am ready to hopefully find love.”

@Jass - Rafaela

Brooklyn was just relaxing in the pool as she and Tate where talking. Tate then said he was 25 and from Florida so not that far from each other. He also mentioned that he was an OBGYN which she thought was cool since at least in her state there was not a lot of male OBGYN’s. “Okay so we don’t live that far and we are close in age which isn’t bad. Also that is cool that your an OBGYN, there are not that many male OBGYN’s where I am so its nice to see.” Tate then asked her what her job is and how tall she was and as he was waiting for her to respond to that he took a drink. “As for me I am a Nurse Practitioner and I am 5’4”, how about you?" She was almost ready for a drink herself she first wanted to swim a little since she loves to swim but she also enjoys making drinks and drinking so. “Also let me know if you want another drink, as I will make myself one and whatever you are drinking. Also can I ask what made you get so many tattoos?”

@ChayChay05 - Tate


Tate smiled at her when she said “Okay so we don’t live that far and we are close in age which isn’t bad. Also that is cool that your an OBGYN, there are not that many male OBGYN’s where I am so its nice to see.” He then listened as she talked. HE shook his head when she said her height and job. “Well that’s cool. we are both in the medical field.” He smiled at her then she said “Also let me know if you want another drink, as I will make myself one and whatever you are drinking. Also can I ask what made you get so many tattoos?” He took a sip of his drink before responding. “I’m 6’2 actually. sure, I could use another drink. I’m having a screwdriver. honestly… I just love tattoos. I got my first one when I was 17, and fell in love with the way getting it made me feel.” He smiled at her as he tried to think of something to ask her. “What’s your favorite color? Have you lived in Texas your whole life?”


Day 1 | Around Breakfast | With Kian

“Yeah, definitely. I’ve found some great vegetarian options here already. It’s always nice to have variety, right?” Ava smiled warmly at Kian as he asked her to let her know whether she likes it, and nodded in agreement. “Absolutely, I’ll be sure to let you know,” she replied, her tone sincere. As she continued preparing her breakfast, she glanced over at Kian as he started on his own meal, finding comfort in the rhythmic clatter of utensils against the pan.

When Kian expressed his excitement about the idea of a dog sled ride, Ava’s smile widened in response. “Right? It sounds like an incredible experience,” she agreed, her voice tinged with enthusiasm. The thought of gliding through the snowy landscape brought a sense of adventure to her mind. “I bet those huskies are adorable. I have a dog back home, and I’ve always wanted to meet a husky. They seem like such friendly and adventurous companions.”

As Kian delved into a deeper reflection about their current situation in Anchorage, Ava listened attentively, nodding in understanding. “I get what you mean,” she replied, her voice thoughtful. “It’s a bit surreal being here, away from our usual routines and responsibilities. And while it’s exciting, it can also feel a bit disorienting at times.” She offered Kian a sympathetic smile, acknowledging the adjustment they were all making to this new environment.

When he redirected the conversation with a question about her hometown, Ava’s gaze softened with nostalgia. “San Francisco,” she replied with a hint of pride. “It’s a vibrant city, full of life and diversity. Definitely a far cry from the snowy landscapes of Alaska,” she added with a chuckle, appreciating the contrast between her hometown and their current surroundings.

“Where are you from?” Ava asked, her curiosity piqued. “And you mentioned teaching. What do you teach?” As she awaited his response, Ava took a moment to sprinkle some red pepper flakes on her avocado toast, taking Kian’s earlier suggestion to heart

Day 1 | After breakfast | With Rhett

Rafaela chuckled at Rhett’s casual acceptance of the Alaskan winter. “You’ve got a point there,” she agreed with a playful grin. “Winter in Alaska isn’t exactly known for its warmth.”

As Rhett mentioned her Brazilian background and asked about her fluency in Portuguese, Rafaela nodded eagerly, a bright smile on her face. Sim, falo português fluentemente! Her tone confident, charming but in a playful way as she spoke, highlighting the allure of the language. “It’s such a beautiful language, don’t you think?” She added with a chuckle, her voice now soft and sweet, before continuing with a more seriously, “It’s my mother tongue, so I feel very comfortable with it. It’s like carrying a little piece of home with me wherever I go.”

When Rhett explains his resilience to the cold due to his work habits, Rafaela chuckled in admiration. “Wow, that’s impressive! Working in varied environments must keep things interesting. And hey, nothing like a little cold weather to toughen you up, right?”

Rafaela’s lips curved into a playful yet alluring smile in response to his comment about multiple kings. “Oh, you’re quite the optimist, aren’t you?” Her eyes danced with mischief as she leaned in slightly, a subtle hint of flirtation in her voice. “Multiple kings, huh? Well, I suppose a girl can never have too many admirers, right?” Her playful wink added a teasing and confident edge, leaving a hint of intrigue in the air.

Rafaela couldn’t help but chuckle at Rhett’s response, finding his playful banter endearing. “Your secret’s safe with me,” she teased, her eyes sparkling with mischief as she playfully nudged him. “But hey, your tattoo definitely gives off those powerful vibes, so own it!” She nodded approvingly, her tone lighthearted and supportive.

As Rhett shared more about himself, Rafaela listened intently, nodding along with interest. “Wow, you have such a diverse range of interests!” she exclaimed, impressed by his adventurous spirit. “Skydiving, motocross, and firefighting? You’re definitely not one to shy away from excitement!”

When Rhett mentioned his reason for being on the show, Rafaela smiled warmly. “It’s wonderful that you’ve found happiness in your career and now you’re ready to explore what else life has to offer,” she replied, her tone supportive. “I’m sure this journey will bring you closer to finding the love you’re looking for.”

Brooklyn was listening to him as she decided to go to the side of the pol and hangout there with him as he talked. Tate also thought it was cool that we were in the medical field and then he told me his height and about why he has so many tattoos. She could not believe someone loved tattoos that much but hey they all have likes and dislikes. “Yeah it is pretty cool that we are in the Medical Field. Easier to talk about days than someone that is not in the medical field. As in for your tattoos that is good and cool that you found something that you love.” Brooklyn was not really a fan of tattoos but she would never judge anyone that has them. He then mentioned which drink he is having and it was easy to make a screw driver. “Okay I can go make another one then that is easy to make. As for your question about my favorite color and if I have lived in Texas my whole life, my favorite color is red.” She then took a minute to answer about the living in Texas all her life or not. “yeah I lived in Texas all of my life. I have just lived in Houston for a few years when I got matched with a hospital in Houston. I used to live in Fort Worth Texas where my mom lived and grew up and had family there so we just lived there but we weren’t far from Houston so we would go to Houston a decent amount when I was a kid. I will be back in a minute”

Brooklyn then walked away an got out of the pool and went and made him another Screwdriver and for her she made herself a Mimosa since it was morning and came back to the pool. “Here you go handsome your screwdriver. Now it is my turn to ask you a question” She hands him his drink. “How do you handle conflict?”

@ChayChay05 - Tate

Rafaela chuckled at my comment about Alaskan Winter and that its not exactly known for warmth in the Winter. “Exactly it is always below freezing, but good news is you can go snowmobiling and stuff so that can be fun.”

Rhett saw Rafaela’s face smile big when he mentioned if she can speak Portuguese and then she spoke in Portuguese. Rhett does not now Portuguese at all but he is guessing she said yes i speak it fluently. “Well that is really cool that you speak fluently in it is what I am guessing you said.” He then wanted to show off his skills with speaking fluently so he answered her other question in Hindi which you could say is one of his native languages since his parents spoke it often at home when he grew up. “haan yah ek sundar bhaasha hai. I said yes that is a beautiful language in Hindi.” He smiled at her as well. “Well that is good that you are comfortable with it. It’s the same with me but both of my parents tongue.”

Rafaela then also commented on his job and the different environments. “Exactly it toughens me up but what I also like about it is if say I met someone on this show and it worked out and they did not want to move, then I can move to the same state as them since every state is always looking for firefighters.” She then mentioned that I was an optimist on the multiple kings and that a girl can never have too many admirers. “Well I guess its true but I was saying for instance here on this show there are so many guys here so your king can be any of us, so until you know for a fact who is your true king you can have multiple right now.”

Rafaela also told him to own the powerful vibes that the tattoo gives off, which he does everyday. He never got the tattoo for his job but more about what he dealt with in regards to his parents and what they did and put him through but it still meant a lot to him and he still goes through this everyday. “Don’t worry your pretty face I will keep owning it.” Rhett chuckles a little since he was being playful. He hoped he did not just creep her out by saying your pretty face. “But yeah I have a lot of diverse interests. I like adrenaline and fun stuff but I also don’t mind staying inside either. On a chill night I like to cook and watch movies or tv shoes in front of the fireplace so.”

The last thing she mentioned was in regards to his comment on how he focused on his career and now that he is happy where he is in his career he is looking for love. “yeah it is a good thing that I found happiness in my career and ready to explore more of what else life has to offer but it seems like the same way with you to. The same goes to you as well I am sure that you will find love or what your looking for on this Journey. So tell me are your parents still together or are the divorced?”

@Jass - Rafaela


Day 1 | After breakfast | With Rhett

“Haha, you’ve got a point there! Alaska winters are definitely not for the faint of heart, but hey, there’s always an adventure to be had, right? Snowmobiling sounds like an absolute blast, though I might need a few extra layers to brave the cold!” Rafaela’s laughter bubbled up effortlessly, her adventurous spirit shining through her playful tone.

“Ah, your Hindi sounds lovely! It’s wonderful that you’re multilingual too.” she said, her face lighting up with genuine interest. “Spot on! I did mention I’m fluent in Portuguese. It’s always nice when you can feel at ease with your native language, right? It’s amazing that you’re fluent in both English and Hindi, especially considering they’re your parents’ tongues. That must have been such a rich cultural experience growing up!”

When Rhett shared he had the flexibility to move due to his job, Rafaela gave him a small smile, “Your job offers such flexibility, which can be a real asset when it comes to relationships. It’s great that you’re open to moving for someone you care about. That kind of dedication is really admirable.” She then decided to bring in her own perspective and experience, “My job as a makeup artist is pretty flexible too; I could work anywhere. But you know, Miami has this unique Latin vibe that just feels like home to me. It’s where I’ve built my community, and there’s something about the culture there that I can’t imagine leaving behind.” She then looked at the ground, unsure whether to say what was on her mind, before saying, “But well, I’ve chased love across borders before, So, who knows? Maybe I’ll be packing my bags for love again someday. Never say never, right?” she let out a chuckle, “But for now, Miami’s got a pretty tight grip on me!”

“Ha, you’re absolutely right, Rhett! The options are certainly plentiful here. Who knows, maybe I’ll find my king among the many contenders. Until then, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to keep my options open, right?” She thought the whole point of this show too was to keep your options open, you wouldn’t want to commit to someone who didn’t turn out to be your perfect match. It was quite a complex idea actually, how could one allow themselves to feel when any moment the system of the game could split you up? No, Rafaela wasn’t really planning on getting to deep with anyone too quickly, more so stay at the more superficial layer of flirtation.

As Rhett called her a pretty face, she flashed him a charming smile and playfully roll her eyes in response. She followed up with a light-hearted remark, “Oh, I’m not worried about that, Rhett. With vibes like those, I’m sure you’re unstoppable!” There was a hint of confidence and flirtation in her tone as she engaged with their banter.

When Rhett spoke about both loving fun and adrenaline, but also being able to enjoy a cozy night indoors, Rafaela nodded eagerly. Feeling exactly the same, “That sounds like the perfect balance! I admire someone who can appreciate both the thrill of adrenaline activities and the cozy comfort of a quiet night in. Cooking, movies, and a fireplace? Count me in!” she said, her tone playful, “Do you have a favorite dish you like to cook on those chill nights?”

“That’s very kind of you to say, Rhett,” Rafaela replied with a warm smile. “To be honest, I sometimes feel like I’m still figuring things out myself. Life can be unpredictable, you know? But I’m hopeful that we’ll meet some great people here, and make some lifetime friendships, and who knows, find love?” she said, with a hint of disbelieve in her own words. Then he asked about her parents, which threw her off a little bit, nevertheless, she was always happy to talk about her family, “Oh, my parents? Yeah, they’re actually still together!” she said with love and affection for her parents “They’ve been married for over 30 years now, can you believe it?” she continued, her voice hinting at her own surprise by the statement her parents have been together for that long, “They’re my ultimate example of true love. Seeing them together, it’s like watching a real-life fairy tale. They’ve been through thick and thin, but their love never wavers. It’s reassuring to know that kind of love exists, even if it’s hard to find!” She then met Rhett’s eyes, and returned the question, “How about you? What’s your family situation like?”

@Kate - Sorry it’s a bit dialogue heavy, I didn’t quite have the time to focus on other parts, but wanted to get something out nevertheless!

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Tate smiled at Brooklyn as she talked. He sipped his drink as well. He did like the fact they were both in the Medical Field. He hadn’t meant anyone who was in the same career as him that didn’t like to talk medicine, so he hoped she did. He liked that her favorite color was red. He was enjoying getting to know her honestly. He nodded as she talked so she knew he was listening. Then she talked about living in Texas. “Oh that’s cool. Yeah, I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. So, I get the whole living in the same state your whole life thing. It’s cool you didn’t live too far from where you do now while growing up. I actually used to live in Miami, but now I live in Panama City Beach.” He smirked and smiled at her. She was kind of cute. When she walked away from him, he downed his drink.

He then swam from one end of the pool and back to where he was. She came back and gave him another drink. “Thank you for the drink beautiful. Yes, it is your question ma’am.” He takes his drink from her. He listens to her question and sips his drink slowly. He sets it down beside the pool. “Honestly, it depends on the situation at hand, ever situation is different. I try to handle it with the utmost respect. I try to stay calm through it as much as possible. So for my question, What’s one food you’ve tried but would never eat again?” He smiled at her and waited his response.

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