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Brought to you by myself and @raviola

Old money, new money, all money- there is no kinds of rich people you won’t see in Beverly Shores. Everyone so different from the other, everyone trying to outdo each other. Beverly Shores is the perfect place for the wealthy and famous. It welcomes everyone whom are ‘some bodies’ in life, so if you’re a nobody…Well, you just cannot be a Beverly Shores resided- well, that is unless you are a manager to one of Beverly Shores many celebs or their bodyguard. After all, managers and bodyguards are our favorite kind of ‘nobidies’ Come join us for some fun at Beverly Shores, be your worst or best self and enjoy this summer.

A gated neighborhood filled with just anything you could want, nothing ever goes wrong in Beverly Shores except for paparazzi and crazy stalkers but that’s a topic for another day.

This wonderful adventure for the rich begins at a Thanksgiving
yatch party , to welcome the new and celebrate the old citizens of Beverly Shores, and to thank our loved ones for all they have done for us or to throw shade let’s celebrate the mess that comes with being rich and famous.


No more than 3 characters
Try to plot with other characters in order to develop your own
Cannot create 3 celebs in a row, come on have at least one bodyguard/manager
You are are allowed to create characters that are freshly new to the Beverly Shores and Characters that were born and raised in Beverly Shores
Characters shoudl be 30-45, no younger is allowed.
Have fun, plan with other users, feel free to cause drama


(There is a free day between each)
Yacht party Thanksgiving
Valentines auction
Game night
Met gala
Award show
Luxury Spa Retreat in indonesia
Charitable Afternoon

"Point system

Ok ok so this is only important for the celebs, is how we are going to be determining like the big big winner for the award show like ‘celeb of the year’ or some shxt like that. Don’t focus too much on this, it’s not really important and we have other ways of determining it, but the point system is we(Kristi and ixy) will give you ideas on what to do with your characters, like maybe have them to do this or that, nothing too serious And the ideas count as point. Most raunchy points will have highest chance of winning the big awards as they will be the most ‘famous celeb’ but like said don’t focus too much on this


As said, they all live together as ‘neighborhoods’ in a gated community for the rich and wealthy in Los Angeles,


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Wiki: add your characters here, trust me it’s fun: Beverly Shores Wiki | Fandom (credit to Novella)
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link for available roles for people looking to plan for movies/TV shows: click mee!


I wish I could have the time to join, cause it sounds like so much fun, but sadly I really don’t have the time. I might be reading the RP tho cause I feel it’ll be so much dramaaaa :eyes:


Wait all the characters have to be 30-45? Or are bodyguards allowed to be younger and you know … stronger?
Is the setting now or in the future or in the past?


Do you have to be something? What about nepo babies? Let’s say my girl’s dad is super ultra famous country singer and she’s just there in all that luxury


i think i already asked that
might be wrong
but i think they said no


okay but theoretically if my third aka “staff” dude is a rapper turned producer and hes a very succesful producer on a level thats celebrity fitting
think metro boomin or dr. dre
does that count


If you want I can make 3 staff members so you can make 3 celebs


Yesss it’s here

I’ll be able to join after my exams, is there a deadline or anything? :eyes:




Two for me please!


All characters aee 30-45. Bodyguards are stronger but o dont see why they have to be in theor 20s for that

You can be a failed celeb but if celeb you still have to be a “celeb” just a failed one trying to raise to their fame by doing stupid shxt

Let me talk with @raviola about this first

Yupp producers count even if they were former celebs.

Not yet


counts as is
it is allowed
or it is not allowed

yall confuse me


So Kristi, does the switch rule apply here? Because I know you said that everybody has to keep in mind that everybody can’t be a celebrity that’s why everbody has to make at least one staff member. The switch rule, as I call it since I don’t think it has a name, is when somebody tells you that you have to make a certain amount of one gender/job position and a certain amount of another gender/job position, but when two users say ‘If I make all my characters one gender and this other creator makes their character the other gender and we cancel each other out, can we do that?’, that’s the switch rule.

So I was wondering if somebody makes all celebs, can I make all staff?

I think it counts as them being celebs even if they’re no longer making money, but like I suggested, if Kristi agrees with it, you can make all 3 celebs and I’ll make all 3 of mine staff members and we’ll cancel each other that way


ITS allowed fren you can do it


ok cool


2 celebs and a manager person for me!


Ill have to tell to @raviola about this


That’s okay, I can wait

@CerealKiller if it gets approved maybe we can have some sort of a dynamic between one of my staff characters and your celeb fallen to staff character, maybe some sort of commeuppance or maybe we can make them realted? But we’ll see if we can do that


lol he didnt fall he made a career switch


@astxrism OK Ok to the nepo baby thing

I suppose so, if their nepo babies but at least they should have tried in the past when they were kids or som or had a career switch/doesn’t do anything rn