Blue Royalty: After Reunion Questions Thread (10-20 years after the end of the RP)

Hello hello @BlueRoyalty - This question thread is SPECIFICALLY for questions after the reunion. This question thread will be answered in in consideration of it being 10 years past the reunion (at the start of BR2), however, if you want to specify a year - you can ask a question.

All the Characters Participating

1. Delilah Hawthorne @novella
2. Sadie Monroe @novella
3. Candice Clarke @benitz786
4. Daniel Parker @benitz786
5. Jordan Williams @benitz786
6. Jessica Pierce @benitz786
7. Riker Taylor @benitz786
8. Dominic Lucier @Caticorn
9. Zion Pestana @Caticorn
10. Jezebel Sloane @Littlefeets
11. Maverick Weston @Littlefeets
12. Reina Ray Monroe @Littlefeets
13. Prince Malachi Azure @Littlefeets
14. Kara Melbourne @Kbail
15. Brandon Marshall @Kbail
16. Dorian DeLoughrey @astxrism
17. Elodie May DeLoughrey @astxrism
18. Mikel Lucas @Madilnel
19. Valerie Wood @CerealKiller
20. Giovanni De Luca @CerealKiller
21. Andy McAllister @CerealKiller
22. Yara Keller @CerealKiller
23. Theodore Alaire @CerealKiller
24. Celeine Alaire @CerealKiller
25. Luciano Ribeiro @unsungcheerio
26. Ruby Danvers @Ouijaloveletters
27. Marie Larson @Ouijaloveletters
28. Henry Mason @Ouijaloveletters
29. Mareena Stokes @angelic
30. Elias Stokes @angelic
31. Madeline Beaumont @Megan → MAYBE

OKAY so how this is going to work. If you want to ask a question about one of these characters, feel free. Just remember to do something like:


Questions for Sadie in the year 2034 (right after the divorce):

  1. How are you feeling baby girl?


Note: Make sure to tag the person you are asking. You can do more than one question or question to multiple characters per post just MAKE SURE to always tag who you’re asking and state which character (don’t tag @benitz786 and not say which of my 5 characters you want to ask :stuck_out_tongue: ). ALSO state what year (or it will be responded in the year 2040 as the characters will be 38.

Alright; Have fun asking. Keep track of your own questions and answer at your own pace. Thank you and good night Beryl.



I will be asking many questions to sadie soon


Oohh, fun!


okay i’ll move my questions onto here since they fit better

@benitz786 hi how are you i have questions, comments, queries please
only about divorce because it’s really all I care about with my characters anymore

Jordan Williams

  • Who do you love more: Sadie or Jezebel? 2033
  • How are you feeling post-divorce? 2035
  • How did you distribute time with the kids between you? 2035
  • Do you think this is the end of your relationship forever? 2035
  • What are the chances of you going back to Jezebel after this? 2035
  • How do you feel about Sadie’s song: Sue Me? 2036
  • Any chance of a response song? 2036
  • What do you think of Sadie’s recent song on Instagram? Do you think it’s about you? 2040
  • Do you think there’s a chance of getting back together? Do you want that? 2040
  • How is it knowing that yours and Sadie’s entire fanbases want you together again? 2040
  • Has there been anything with Jezebel since Sadie? 2040
  • Who do you love more: Sadie or Jezebel? 2040

Riker Taylor

  • What do you think about Sadie and Jordan getting a divorce? 2035
  • Has this effected your relationship with Jordan? 2035
  • Has it with Sadie? 2035
  • What about Jezebel? 2035
  • Do you see any chance of Sadie and Jordan getting back together? 2040
  • Do you think Sadie’s recent Instagram song is about Jordan? 2040
  • Would you ever let Jordan officially date Jezebel again? Do you think he will / already has been? 2040


Sadie darling:

  1. Why’d you ask for a divorce? 2035
  2. What do you think will happen to the kids now (in the sense of how they’re feeling about this) 2035
  3. ARE YOU IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP whenever that post of her kissing someone else was released


I’ll have more later but I’m cleaning my room getting ready to move out so it’ll take a minute


“I just… could never get over the idea that he still loved someone else. No matter how little those feelings they may be. It really really wasn’t something I wanted to do, but I knew I had to, the losing trust might have led to resentment… or another ending I don’t want.”

“I hope they don’t feel responsible. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to be the best mother I can, and no matter what Jordan is still the most loving father in the world. Maybe they’ll soon see it was for the best… and hopefully I will too.”

“No not really, that wasn’t anything serious.”





  1. Would you ever consider taking Jordan back? - 2035 after the divorce
  2. What would your thoughts be if Jordan started dating Jezebel now that you two over?



“I would in the future, yeah. I love him, and I probably always will. I just think… right now I need to learn to be without him for a while. To maybe get back that self-confidence I completely lost the moment he said he also loved Jezebel. And if by the time that happens he’s still there, then I can see it happening. But I could never ask him to wait, I can’t ask him to not see anyone else, without any guarantee of there being a reason for doing so. And because I just can’t tell him what to do.”

“I guess I should be expecting that to happen. I don’t know, I can’t be annoyed… they can’t help their feelings, and I took myself out of the equation, and having a say in any of it, when divorcing him.”



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Okay Hi


  1. What happened to sky Year: whenever she died
  2. Do you love Scarlett Year: Right when she was born
  3. So you didn’t go to Jess’ wedding huh? Do you still block each other on social media? Year: 2031*


  1. What’s going on with you and jordan Year: 2035


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“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the biggest Sadie and Jordan supporter. But Jordan mad a mistake 5 years ago and that’s catching up with him. I… I would love them to get back together but I completely understand that Sadie needs space.”

"Yes and no. I still consider Jordan my closest friend. I don’t think that will ever change but he knows that I’m with Sadie’s side with what he did "

“If anything, it’s brought me and Sadie closer if that’s possible?”

"I still don’t like Jezebel if that’s what you’re asking. "

“… It’s been 6 years… I don’t… I don’t know if it’s even possible at this point. Sadie and Jordan are still co parents and there’s still so much love between them… but it’s different.”

““That’s not really a question for me… it could be? It also could be about someone else…””

“… I don’t agree with that relationship. There’ nothing more to say about that. I hope he hasn’t been. He deserves better”


"I love my wife and my kids with all of my heart. "

“I’m… handing it the best I can. I’ve been married for more than ten years so it’s hard… not being around someone you care about so much…”

“I don’t… I don’t know… I wouldn’t blame Sadie if it was”

“I’m not answering this question. I’m not looking to start anything if that’s what you’re asking”

“It’s… a great song. I don’t expect anything less from Sadie. The production value of it Is absolutely amazing.”

“It’s… look all of Sadie’s music is amazing. If you haven’t heard her music yet - please do. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again - she’s 10x the artist I am. As for your second question - That’s a question for Sadie but I don’t know”

“It’ been 7 years. I’m sure at this point Sadie has moved on… and maybe it’s time for me to start too. I will always love Sadie and my kids… that won’t stop just because we aren’t together anymore.”

“I love my fans and I wish I could give them what they wanted but life doesn’t always work like that.”

“Jezebel is a close friend of mine and she always will be someone I care about deeply.”

“I’m not answering this question.”


We’ve talked some again. Just as friends though, so don’t get any ideas there.

Can we not talk about that…?

I love her more than I know how to say.

We do still have each other blocked. It’s easier that way.

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Questions for Dorian:

Year: 2030:

  1. So, after the cruise - how was the doctor’s visit? Especially since the doctor told both you and Jess that the baby was healthy? Year: 2030
  2. How was it telling everyone that you and Jess were back together (Especially your parents?) not to mention that you weren’t just together - but Jess was pregnant with your baby? Year: 2030
  3. Were you excited to learn that it was a girl? How did you find out? Did you get Jess a gender reveal cake like I told you to? :triumph: Year: 2030
  4. How come I never got my ticket to your game you bish? Year: 2030

Year: 2031:

  1. So a healthy baby girl in your life huh? How was it holding your little girl in your arms for the first time? Year: 2031
  2. Did Jess have any weirder than usual food cravings? Year: 2031
  3. Did you make Jess eat healthy for the baby? Year: 2031
  4. So you had your wedding about a year after you had your baby - how was planning it? Was it really a food festival? Year: 2031
  5. How was it to meet royals? Year: 2031
  6. How does it to be a royal by marriage? Year: 2031
  7. Did you meet the queen? Year: 2031
  8. Did Dan chill out on breaking you two up after you had a baby? Year: 2031
  9. Jess posted a photo of you two kissing in the water. 1. How did you two and the rest of the wedding party end up in the water? 2. What did it mean when she said “it started in the water and it ended here”? Year: 2031
  10. After you two got married, a lot of your fans weren’t happy about it or Jess - Did you do anything about this backlash? Year: 2031
  11. How was the honey moon? We heard you got Jess pregnant again so you must have been busy Year: 2031
  12. Did your daughter go down the aisle as your flower girl? How was that? Year: 2031
  13. Does Davina like ya baby? Year: 2031
  14. You’re daughter just started walking right? Were you there for that or did you have to go abroad for your job? Year: 2031
  15. So your kid stayed with Davina while you went on your honeymoon huh? Year: 2031

Year: 2032

  1. So another baby girl huh? Is she gonna be your favorite? Year: 2032
  2. Are you happy Dorian? Year: 2032
  3. Any plans to have more kids soon? Year: 2032
  4. Does your two year old like to play soccer? Year: 2032
  5. What was your daughters first words? Year: 2032
  6. Is your kid a mini Jess? Year: 2032

Year: 2033

  1. Damn you have two girls now huh? Year: 2033
  2. Favorite pic of the two of them? Year: 2033
  3. You want a boy next? Year: 2033
  4. Do you let your lil girls win against you when playing soccer? Year: 2033
  5. Do you let Jess win against you? Year: 2033

Year: 2035

  1. So Jess told you she was pregnant on Instagram? How was it to find out that way? Year: 2035
  2. I heard it’s a baby boy - you excited?
  3. Who’s ya fav kid right now?




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Questions for Sadie:

Year: 2030:

  1. So after the cruise - you and Jordan stayed together? How is that? Year: 2031
  2. Are you two happy? Year: 2031
  3. Is there any tension? Year: 2031
  4. do you guys even have sex anymore? Year: 2031

Year: 2031:

  1. Still going strong with Jordan? Year: 2031
  2. How is your music career going? Year: 2031
  3. How are your kids? Year: 2031
  4. Do you and Jords sleep in the same bed? Year: 2031
  5. Did the adoption go through? Year: 2031

Year: 2032

  1. So… how’s everyting babes? Year: 2032

Year: 2033

  1. Woah woah wowahh? Divorce? You asked for divorce? Damn. Year: 2033
  2. How are your kids taking the news? Year: 2033

Year: 2035

  1. So we heard that you’re having a “bad btch moment” How’s it going? Year: 2035
  2. You also gained a lot of followers huh? Year: 2035
  3. How has the divorce been treating you? Year: 2035
  4. Were your songs about Jordan? Year: 2035
  5. What’s going on with your boy toys? Aka the men you’ve been spotted with recently? Year: 2035

Year: 2040

  2. How’s your relationship with Jordan since you’re not together? Year: 2040
  3. So it’s been 7 years since your break up with Jordan right? Ever think about going back to him? Year: 2040



Clearly more than Zach

It do be


Sigh… He does love Zach though… it’s just not a close relationship…

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