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Leon looked awful. There was no denying it. Atlas’ disappearance was bringing up a lot of bad memories and he was starting to fall apart. Evelyn was more prepared this time but that didn’t make it any easier to watch him deteriorate further every day. They had gone out with Adonis and Sebastian, something Evie had hoped would distract him for at least a few hours, but Leon had only lasted half an hour before excusing himself and separating from the group, finding somewhere he could sit down. She hated seeing him like this but aside from making sure he ate, there wasn’t much she could do and that sometimes, he just needed to be left alone.

As soon as he left, Adonis began ranting about Atlas and how much he hated him. Evie rolled her eyes. Was he her favourite person on Earth? Absolutely not. She didn’t hate him though. She shushed him immediately when he said that Atlas was dead. There was no official confirmation of his fate yet, just the police saying that was the most likely scenario at this point. There was still a chance that he could be alive and Leon was clinging to that chance. Evie had chosen to support him in that, even though she knew that it was highly unlikely that it was true. Adonis, apparently, had other thoughts.

“Adonis.” Evie scolded as he finished his rant, glaring at him. Adonis wasn’t exactly yelling but he wasn’t quiet either and Evie was worried about his voice carrying. “Are you serious right now? You better hope that Leon can’t hear you because he would actually never speak to you again.” She felt like she was lecturing a child but Adonis knew better.


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Adonis rolled his eyes at Evie speaking to him as if she saw him as nothing more than a naive child in need of scolding. Though she was one of his best friends, she always did this, it was a habit of her’s that Adonis disliked a lot and maybe sometimes she was right, maybe yeah he could be out of line a bit but this? This was not him being out of line, this was the cold hard truth. Atlas, in all his destructive glory, was like a relentless disease plaguing the very fabric of Earth. Even in supposed death, his presence lingered, infecting all of them. Adonis remembered of the titan named Atlas in greek mythology who was cursed to holding the skies for eternity, but this Atlas, the Atlas Adonis knows and has met has definitely been born holding hell.

A demonic little brat that Adonis was just beginning to tolerate.

“He would too busy with his crying and the sea loud waves to hear me.” Adonis said, “He’s not that close to us too, and you know, you know I’m right/ Atlas was a curse on all of us, and Leon has always deserved better.” He was just stupid to see that, stupid because this was his first time falling in love. He had no experience, he was basically a child when he comes to love (and a child in real life considering the fact all of them are 15)

Adonis fears that Leon might develop a thing for what did Sza say again? 'I’ve had a thing for dirty shoes since I was 10 , Love dirty men alike; Adonis did not want him to develop a love for dirty shoes or dirty men- people. So he had to give out the cold hard truth the way it was, though he was not directly saying this to Leon because he just could not. Adonis was a lot of things but he was not a douche, well at least not to his friends. Ok now that one time does not count, and no this does not count either. “Someone needs to tell him that Atlas is nothing but trouble. It’s not like I want to see him hurt, but someone has to protect him from himself. Besides, Evie, no matter how much he.” Adonis eyes moved to the crying Leon, guilt and sympathy crossing his face before he shook it off to stare back at Evie, “Cries. He won’t bring back Atlas. You know, if Atlas is not truly dead, you know what this would mean right, one that he was kidnapped and two that he left on his own without a word and from the looks of it , tis the latter one.”


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Adonis continued and Evie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She stared him down the entire time he was talking, arms crossed, just to let him know that she wasn’t taking any of his sh-t. “Do you even hear yourself right now?” She asked, hoping that he might realize how ridiculous he sounded. Even if Leon couldn’t hear them, she still didn’t think Adonis should be saying what he was. “He might have been a pain in the a-s but he was the best thing to happen to Leon in a long time and you know it. He made him genuinely smile for the first time in two years. Doesn’t that count for something?” That was the difference between Evie and Adonis. Evie was able to keep her opinions to herself because she saw the benefits to having Atlas around.

“What he needs right now is for us to make sure he takes care of himself and doesn’t completely cut off his sister again. Someone he trusts talking sh-t about his missing boyfriend is the complete opposite of what he needs.” She countered, getting fed up. The final straw was Adonis essentially saying that Leon was crying for nothing. She crossed her arms, trying to contain her anger. “You don’t think he knows that? It didn’t bring his dad back either but he’s upset, Adonis. He’s scared and in denial because if it’s true that Atlas is dead, it means that he lost another person he loved without getting to say goodbye and for him, it’s too much, too soon. I’d honestly prefer him to be crying because what comes next is worse.”


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"Do you even hear yourself right now?’

He was not deaf so yes, Adonis thought but did not say out loud. If he said it out loud, Adonis knew that Evie would get even more angry at him being sarcastic and usually he would not care and do it to tease her- he knew that her anger would not be annoyance but real anger so he kept quiet. When she went on a rant about how oh Atlas might not have been the best but he was the best for Leon, ‘stop being so heartless’ and blah blah. Adonis knew she was right but then again was she really? Adonis had something to say but for the first time in a long time bit his lips, he would wait till she said more till he replied.

“Is not sht talking if it’s true,” Adonis replied, looking back at Leon then at Evie, “And comparing Leon’s dad-”

“Adonis please shut up,” Sebastian said tired of hearing them fighting. He put his palm over Adonis mouth and gave them both a look. “Can you guys please shut up but of you?” He released his palm from Adonis mouth as he turned to look at Evie. “Evie, come on now, you know how Adonis is- he shows emotions through being a jerk and violence, you should just ignore him and kick him, arguing with him is pointless because everybody knows- I think even Atlas himself knew that Adonis hated his guts.” Sebastian then turned to Adonis with a glare, “And Adonis stop talking, Evie is right, Leon is grieving. He needs us- well, he needs space first but he needs us. We were not really there for him when his father died, because he would not let anyone near him but we have to be here for him now. It’s not time to fight amongs friends and besides instead of focusing on the negative parts of a maybe dead person lets focus on the positives- tell me one good thing about Atlas apart from him being with Leon, Evie you start.”

@Caticorn - Evie

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Evie narrowed her eyes at Adonis and tensed up, ready to fire back but before she could speak, Sebastian interjected, coming in between her and Adonis. First, he physically restrained Adonis, covering his mouth with his hand to stop him from talking. Then, he began talking them both down, reminding them of what they were actually supposed to be doing right now.

“I’m going to do a lot more than kick him if he keeps talking like that.” She threatened under her breath before relaxing her stance because Sebastian was right, they shouldn’t be fighting with each other when their friend needs them. She just had to get that one last threat out so she could feel like she won. Adonis was just such a pain in the a-s, she couldn’t help it.

“Okay, fine.” She responded, sighing dramatically. She felt that he was being ridiculous but if it kept Adonis quiet, she was willing to try. “I guess I always admired how positive he was. I don’t think I ever saw Atlas get angry. Like, genuinely angry not ‘I’m messing with you’ angry.” She explained, speaking softly. She never told him that to his face, mostly because he always managed to do or say something that would annoy her.


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Adonis looked between Evie and Sebastian, was there something good about Atlas apart from him being Leon’s ‘ex’ that he was missing? How was the fact that the boy was a positive push over a good thing? “Is there anything good about Atlas that am missing?” He finall asked scratching head. Sebastian rolled his eyes at him, "Come on, man say something nice’ Sebastian urged. But see, Adonis had always been told not to be a liar and that if he had nothing nice to say he should not say it all so he really had nothing to say- ok it’s not like he listened the ‘if you have nothing nice don’t say it at all’ thingy but what could he say about Atlas.

Atlas was annoying, mid, a troll, short, d@ad, probably broke- Adonis thought of the things Atlas was at side from Leon to find an answer, “With how ugly he was he made us look better?” Evie gave him a look and Sebastian gave him one, fine. He would be nice, he can be nice, he was not that much of a jerk. He would say Atlas had nice hair but he didn’t, in fact it would be better if Atlas went bald, “He has a cool name- Atlas, I like his name.” Adonis admitted.


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May 30th, 1999

Hearing the the loud booming horn of the ship, Addie knew they were now leaving the dock and once again, the little anxiety that had been bubbling was starting to grow again. God… again, why the bloody fcking hell was she so nervous? Was it Lauren? Did her words get to her? Maybe… maybe they had but she knew how to do this - her entire childhood was trained for impressing people and here she was, drinking her bloody mimosa trying to calm the hell down. Her body was pinned against the boat rail, with Leo having both of his arms on the rails around her. He knew his touch was a calming presence for her and she appreciated it… his touch… his voice as he told her for the millionth time that she’d be fine.

“We should go meet them. I can’t just keep hiding out, my love.”

“You can stay here as long as you’d like, Addie.”

“As adorable as you are, we both know I can’t. I’m… well I’m not ready but I’m ready darling.”

There was a loving smile that met her lips as she felt Leo kiss her forehead, “I love you.” “I love you more.”

At the very least, the mimosa Addie drank earlier was somewhat working on her nerves. Currently, her hands were intertwined with Leo’s as he led her towards the front of the ship where most of the guests were gathered. It truly was the epitome of what wealthy people did on a Friday Afternoon. There was a bar in the corner, but the entirety of the area was covered with several servers that had champagne and mimosas on their trays - walking around so that anyone could grab them. Alongside the drinks, there were also appetizers on other trays that screamed “expensive”. And again, expensive didn’t necessarily mean it looked edible.

All around the ship, people were conversing - but Addie could see the clear distinction in where the men were wanted, and where the women should converse to talk about… god knows what. Some wives and girlfriends were with their husbands, but they simply stood at the outskirts of the conversation, nodding along. Addie’s eyes did meet “Hannah’s”, and honestly, she seemed to be one of the only people actually talking to multiple men - laughing, uncaringly as she leaned against who Addie imagined was her husband. They were an adorable couple… at least from what Addie could see from afar. It seemed like everything between the two was natural - every moment, every touch, every smile. It was honestly contagious, and Addie could only feel happiness for the girl she met only a few moments earlier.

Feeling Leo lift her hand up to his lips with a mumble of are you ready? as he looked towards her. Adelaide only nodded. It felt almost impossible to get any words out, but she was likely more ready now than she’d be later. At least, Addie had Leo’s hand in her own. Again, his proximity was calming… and thankfully, this would be the rest of her life. Him with her. The love of her life… first she just had to meet his parents.

After a few seconds, Leo led her towards two individuals situated at the middle of the ship. Addie had noticed them the moment she walked in, but… hadn’t necessarily paid attention to them until this moment. The two did have a strange way of pulling everyone’s attention on them… so It only made sense that they were the hosts of this extravaganza. And if it wasn’t for the fact that they were quite literally standing at the middle of the party…it was the fact that every individual at this party was either keeping their eyes on the couple, or they were attempting to strike up a conversation with the hosts.

After all, it seemed that being on their good side was the key to this event. As they got closer to the two, Addie could finally make out their features that she couldn’t really see from a far. It only became clearer why the two were drawing the attention from every person in the room, they were a beautiful couple. In looks, they were gorgeous. Alone and together. Both had striking features; blonde hair, blue eyes, sharp features. It was truly alluring, and honestly, impossible to look away from. While Leo’s father had a more golden touch to his hair, his mother seemed to have more of an ashy color. In a strange way though, Leo didn’t exactly look like either of them. Leo had more of his dad in him then his mom; the color of his hair… the chiseled jaw… but there was something that separated Leo from the two. Don’t get Addie wrong, however, Leo was just as striking by himself. Leo was likely the most handsome man Adelaide had ever met, and perhaps Addie was biased, but even before she was in love with the man, she had to give him props on the fact that he was good looking.

In any case, Leo’s parents complimented each other; in looks and reactions. They truly looked like the image of perfection. Every move seemed calculated - but only to a trained eye and trust Addie, she had seen this so many times before. She grew up around this - and she knew how to spot it. Though, Adelaide didn’t exactly have time to think much about it because before she knew it, she was in front of them. Perhaps it was instinct… a trained part of her drilled into her as a child… but the moment she stood in front of them, that nervousness dripped away. Instead, the girl in front of them was Adelaide Parker, granddaughter of a prince and in line for the english throne. A girl trained in all thing etiquette, with detailed understanding that first impressions meant everything.

“Mom, Dad, this is Adelaide Parker, the girl I’m going to marry”

There was a trained smile on Addie’s lips as she looked towards the two. Her hand was still intertwined with Leo’s as she took her moment to speak. “It’s an honor to to finally meet Leo’s parents. Thank you so much for the invite to this weekend’s events, I’m looking forward to getting to know both of you during the festivities. Nothing has been short of perfection, and I’m sure that both of you had a big part in making that happen. Leo was actually telling me how there’s a charity art auction starting in a little while, and I’m so excited to take part in it. My family is always looking to grow their collection in art. We actually just donated Salvador Dalí collection to The National Gallery in London.”

Matching her practiced smile, Addie could sense a similar one on both Leo’s parents as she spoke. While it was somewhat unsettling, Addie had had this type of conversation many times before.

“I’m glad our son finally brought you along. It will be nice to finally get to know the girl my son wants to marry. And please do, we have some great pieces going up for auction and all the funds collected will be going towards the Memorial Sloane Children’s Cancer Center in New York. I even believe we may have a Dalí going for auction, if you’d like to add to your parent’s donation in London.”

Addie wasn’t the only one to hear that right? The moment Leo’s father said wants to marry. Clearly Addie wasn’t the only one, because she felt Leo’s hand tighten around hers at those words - and she felt his demeanor shift. Though technically, she had noticed a shift the moment they arrived in front of his parents. That being said, Addie didn’t allow any reaction to show on her face as she responded to his comment.

“That sounds absolutely divine. I’m looking forward to it.”

This entire time, Leo’s mother had yet to say a word. Instead, she had simply stood there, drinking her champagne, watching Addie with judgement in her eyes. Though, to anyone else, the smile that was on his mother’s face would only show the presence of a loving wife who was smiling at the chance of meeting her daughter in law. Addie knew too much about this world, however, to be fooled by that.

“Adelaide, while we’d love to get to know you some more right now, sadly our hosting duties mean we have to keep greeting the rest of our guests. How about we plan for a private brunch on Monday before you leave? We can talk about the wedding then. For now, we will have to steal Leo for a little while for hosting duties. I do hope you enjoy the event, please make sure to get some appetizers and talk to some of the other girls.”

For a second, Addie felt Leo tense up for the second time - his grip tightening around her but after a second he, kissed her hand. There was a look of… regret and frustration on Leo’s features… likely due to having to leave Addie alone. Though Adelaide sent him a soft smile telling him it was okay. “I’ll find you soon okay?”

Great… so all of Addie’s fears were correct. This was all a test - the entire thing meaning she had to be on her “best behavior”. Not that she wasn’t already going to be but… let’s just say that anxiety that she had at the beginning of this entire weekend was ramped up 10 fold. AND she bloody missed Leo and wanted to talk to him about it but she couldn’t because he was with his parents. So here she was, with her second mimosa, alone looking out at the sea. The coast was no longer in view, so now truly all she could see was the water.

“That bad?”

Turning around, Addie saw Hannah join her; soon leaning against the railing across from Addie. “Not bad… per say… just… it all feels…”

“Like you’re playing a part?”

“Exactly. His parents are using this weekend to figure out if he should marry me.”

“Then we show them that you will.”

A little pep talk from Hannah was just what she bloody needed. Was she still anxious? Yes. But was she a little less so after Hannah walked her through exactly what she knew about Leo’s family and what to do to impress them? Yes. Hannah was a bloody godsend.

Hannah only left her to go find her husband when the announcement about the charity auction beginning hit the loud speakers of the ship; though she had triple checked that Addie would be okay before doing so. Would she? Let’s hope.

Walking towards the large interior of the yacht; Adelaide found that they had set up one of the largest inner rooms for the auction. Chairs were situated all around the room, faced towards the elevated platform where they’d likely bring out the paintings to show them off. Yes, this wasn’t Addie’s first art auction, and it likely would not be her last.

Grabbing a number from the workers handing them out, Addie finally walked inside. Most of the room was full already; meaning there was only sparse seating left. Though, Addie didn’t necessarily mind. Walking towards the middle, Addie smiled towards an older couple sitting near the side “Is this seat take…” However, she didn’t get to finish those words as she felt someone’s arms around her waist, turning her around.

“Sit with me.”

It had probably only been an hour and a half since Adelaide had seen Leo, but it felt so much longer without Leo. Addie had instinctively placed her arms around his neck - keeping herself steady as Leo kept his hands on her back pulling her close to him. “Is that an order?”

“It’s a request, because personally, I’d like to be sitting next to my fiancé.”

“Mmhmmm… what if I wanted to sit in the back?”

“Then I’ll pull up a chair next to you.”

“You’ll cause a scandal.”


“Anddddd, let’s go find our seats, love, before we cause a spectacle.” Addie smiled, pulling away only to put her hand in his. It was a good thing that most people were still talking - likely paying no attention to the two of them. (Well… Lauren and Preston were paying attention but that’s another topic all together)

Walking with Leo to quite literally the front row, Adelaide took a seat next to him before laying her head on his shoulder. “I missed you.” Addie mumbled, letting her free hand that wasn’t already holding his trail his arm. “Trust me, if I could have been with you. I would have… it’s better than just standing like a puppet saying hello to everyone.” She heard him whisper so low that only she could hear. She was going to respond but she found her attention brought to the front when Leo’s dad and mom made the stage. They started by thanking everyone for coming, followed by a what this auction is for and how they want to give back to the community. You know - what ever speech at every art gallery consists of.

However, there was something Addie noticed; it was a look that Leo’s dad gave to Leo when he caught sight of Addie. It was followed by another stiffening from Leo - and Addie knew, once again they were being watched. Perhaps she shouldn’t have dropped her guard… when Leo’s dad clearly was… making it perfectly clear that they weren’t to act like this before their approval. So while Leo didn’t make any moves to let go of Addie’s hand, Addie stopped leaning on Leo, fixed her posture, and attempted to take her hand away from his. Attempted because she felt Leo’s grip tightening, causing her to leave it right where it was.

Soon after the hosts speech, Leo’s parents took a seat next to the open seats on the other side of Leo; and the auction begin. For the most part, it was as expected. Most pieces went for a few million, with the highest thus far going for 28.7 million for a Rembrandt. Supposedly it was the most coveted item of the auction, so that was to be expected. Addie truly wasn’t too interested so far… well that was until one particular painting came up for auction.

And no, it wasn’t the Salvador Dalí.

“Next we have the Truth of Nature by Monet valued at 1.2 million. We’ll be starting our auction at that price.”

It was the first painting Adelaide had seen in the art gallery she had… well… forced her way into as Leo’s “girlfriend”. It was the first real conversation Leo and her had - discussing the painting where Addie had called it a bridge with some flowers and a lake. Addie’s grip tightened on Leo for a second before she put her number up to bid on the painting.

“1.2 million, do we have a… 1.5 million…”

And that went on and on. Addie raised her paddle when someone bid against her, wracking up the cost to 4.2 million before she realized… well… she left her purse in Leo’s car with her checkbook. Fck. Perhaps Leo sensed her panic, and noticed the fact that she had yet to put her paddle up when someone bid against her.

But before the auctioned could say sold, she found Leo lifting his paddle with the words “5 million” .

“6 million”

“7” .


“9” .


It seemed Leo’s participation in the auction caught someone else’s attention. Addie noticed another man their age had raised his paddle for the first time since the auction started. But with the man getting to 10 million, Addie held Leo’s paddle down as a It’s okay, we can let it go. So despite her fiancé seeming tense, he dropped it allowing the painting to be sold. Addie knew he was frustrated - and perhaps she didn’t know the entirety of why, she brought his hand to her lips and kissed it.

As the auction was coming to a close, Addie excused herself to go to the bathroom. After realizing she left her purse a while earlier, she hadn’t exactly bid on anything else. Damn… there goes impressing Leo’s parents on that front. Perhaps that’s why she lingered a little longer outside the room. Her eyes settled on the nearing estate in the distance. Honestly, it was calming; being on a boat surrounded by water.

“Interesting auction wasn’t it?”

Addie allowed her gaze to leave the water and meet the man she had found bidding against Leo earlier.

“I wouldn’t say it was interesting.”

“You don’t think so? I think buying a painting 8.8 million over the value of it’s pretty riveting.”

“Is that supposed to be impressive? It’s going to charity.”

Addie watched him laugh before leaning against the railing she was originally leaning on - causing Addie to back away slightly to put distance between the two.

“Leo seemed to find it… fascinating if you ask me. How did Leo get a girl like you anyways, you are… beautiful. Honestly, I think every man in that room had his eyes on you, including me. What are you and Leo anyways? Are you his… girlfriend? His…”

Adelaide didn’t like where this was going. Honestly, this man was just making her uncomfortable at this point.

“He’s my fia…”


Leo’s dad had made it clear that saying those words… well… weren’t acceptable at this point. So what made her say her next words? Honestly… perhaps it was just the panic of needing to cover up her tracks.

“He’s my friend… and I don’t appreciate you…”

Adelaide didn’t get to finish those words as she felt her body pulled against another from behind. She felt Leo’s lips on her neck, followed by Leo’s voice. “Leave my fiancé alone, Preston.”

Addie heard a cruel laugh come from the man as he looked between the two of them. “Fiancé? You sure about that? Because she just introduced herself as your friend, which to me, means she’s free game to hit on. Not that her being yours would have really stopped me anyways.”

Her heart dropped hearing Preston use her words against her. Fck. Turning around to face Leo, Addie could see his gaze directed at Preston. But she knew he was hurt. So without waiting, she placed her hands on his face bringing his eyes to meet hers before kissing him on the lips. Pulling away she brought her lips to his muttering I didn’t want your dad to be angry about me telling everyone we’re getting married

Though those words only seemed to make Leo hold her tighter. “Why are you still here? Leave.”

“Just enjoying the view. Please, go on. I’m fascinated to see how easy this is going to be for me. Oh Leonardo, how’s that black piece of shit you call your friend? Is he still sucking your dck at every turn? Or did he stop following you around like a lost puppy?”

Addie had never seen Leo angrier than she had seen him in this moment. He was fuming - and while Addie could see him trying to hold it in, he wasn’t doing it very well with his. next words.

“F^^k off, and don’t let another f^^king word about my friend, or fiancé, leave your mouth again.”

“I’m just saying what we both know is true, Leonardo. Harry’s your little slave, as it should be. And with girls, I mean… let’s be honest, all of your exes would agree that I was better in every way anyways.”

“Can you leave us alone?”

Maybe Addie was trying to ease the tension, but her speaking and turning back towards him only brought his attention back to her - which was followed with a smile as he looked at her. “Anything for you… Addie was it? I hope to see you again… under less disruptive circumstances”

With those words, She found the man bending down and grabbing her hand before placing a kiss on it. One that was far too long for her liking - though with the man in front of her, any interaction was far too long. Pulling her hand away within a second of him grabbing and kissing it, she added “And I hope we don’t interact at all.”

And with those words, Addie pulled Leo away from Preston before anything could happen. And trust her, with the way Leo was looking at Preston, something was about to. Addie could sense it… hell… if anyone had walked by, they would be able to sense it too.

Addie hadn’t stopped pulling Leo’s arm until they were far away from where Preston was and the two of them were alone. Wrapping her arms around Leo, Addie hugged her fiancé tightly as his heart raced and his breath followed. “I’m going to fcking be…”

“Leo, look at me.”

Addie pulled his face back towards her, allowing his eyes to meet hers until she continued speaking. “I love you. I love only you. I will only ever love you.” Addie whispered, Looking into his eyes.

“Do you trust me?”

“I trust you Addie, of course I trust you.”

“Then breathe with me.” Addie whispered, taking a deep inhale and waiting for him to follow, and then exhaling. She did this a few times until she could feel his heart rate had gone down. “I don’t… know what that was Leo, but I love you and I’m here for you and I know I was stupid and I called myself your friend but I didn’t know if I was allowed to tell people I was your…”

“Addie, I’m going to marry you. I don’t care who says what, you’re my future wife and I’m going to make sure the entire world knows.”

The entirety of this day had been… mind Addie’s mind language a mind fck. Thankfully she was now in a room alone with her Leo, but it seemed even that was going to be taken away when the maids told Leo and Addie they were in separate rooms. Suffice to say, they were not in separate rooms anymore… even if Addie felt terrible as the maid told Leo that his parents had specified they were to be in separate rooms.

In any case, they were here now: post shower, wrapped up in each other’s arms. Addie let out soft moans, feeling Leo kiss her neck - though her mind was elsewhere. Yes, today had been a long day - one that included meeting Leo’s ex… fiancé. “Leo, tell me about your exes…”


Leo was still kissing her neck, leaving probably more than one mark before he finally pulled away. “What do you want to know?”

“Everything. All of them. Start from the beginning. You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine. Like, who was your first kiss?”

“My first kiss was with my girlfriend when I was 14… she and I dated for… 7 months before we broke up.”

“Was it a good kiss?”

“For the life of me, I can’t remember. Which tells you it wasn’t as good as you. What about you?”

“Technically, my first kiss was from this boy in Switzerland when I was 12. Okay fine, look you wouldn’t really consider it a kiss. It was just a kiss on the cheek, but he helped me get expelled from boarding school so it was a well deserved kiss.”

Addie could see the strange look on his face - questioning the words she had just said. And she didn’t hesitate before telling him the longwinded story of how she tried to run away from school and this boy a little bit older than her helped her realize that the best way was just to get expelled and even gave her an ingredient list on how to make a stink bomb and set it off alllll over school. Though the look he gave her after the story was far stranger than the one before.

“What? What’s that look for?”

Leo didn’t respond, instead, she found his lips on hers as he kissed her again. It took a while before he pulled away, but when he did he continued with “So when was your second first kiss?”

Part 2.5/4


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April 29th, 2040

It had been a long time since something made Candice stop in her tracks but this moment right here - Dominic telling her that he owed her a apology… that made her stop. Everything in her mind slowed, and instead, she could only look at the man in front of her with a confused expression. Out of everything else that could have happened today, this was never something she could have expected. Honestly… part of her didn’t even know how to react. What do you say to your ex who’s hated you for more than 2 decades and is now apologizing? Genuinely apologizing?

But after taking a second, she found herself smiling softly as she met his eyes. “Thank you. I know… sigh what you went through was awful. And you did what you needed to so that you could get through it. I get it Dominic… I did the same thing when I left you. I broke up with you without explanation… I distanced myself because I blamed myself too. So… I understand… but I appreciate the apology.”

Nope… she wasn’t expecting the day to go like this. Hell, even a younger Candice would have never predicted that Dominic would apologize to her but here they were; two people standing in an art gallery as they did many years ago.


“Dom dom dom, look at that one. Isn’t it beautiful.” Pulling her boyfriend towards yet another painting, Candice had a rare day off - specifically because her mother was away for a conference for the weekend meaning not only was it a rare day, it was a rare couple of days. It was because of that, Candice had made sure to schedule every waking free hour she had with people she loved. Val, her girl friends, and Dom of course. And today: it was her date with Dom. All day; just him and her.

And yes, was it a surprise they used their day to check out the new exhibit at the California Museum of Art? No - it truly shouldn’t be. A grin met her lips as Dom wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her cheek as he turned his head to look at the painting. “You’re more beautiful,” “You can’t use that line every time Dom. Now tell me, what do you think about this painting?.” She loved this; hearing her boyfriend’s thoughts about paintings and comparing it to her own. And, well, she loved him too.

A small laugh escaped her lips at his sentiment about galleries. “I know… I do too.” Though her expression turned more serious as he begin explaining his thoughts about the painting. He was right; it was too bright compared to what was surrounding it. She found herself making a mental note to rearrange the gallery. “Perhaps I should tell you the truth Dominic. I might be asking your opinion for selfish reasons. I own this gallery.”


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Raphael & Eve Azure

The Wedding Day - December 2030

Raphael smiled at his cousin, though his nerves were clear. “Why am I scared to do this, Val? We’ve been together for so long, I shouldn’t be like this.” Even after years of being together, Raphael still couldn’t stop himself from being nervous about the big day ahead. He could have proposed years ago, he knew that, but they had just settled into a life that was perfect the way it was. They both knew they wanted to be together the rest of their lives, but somehow making it official, becoming husband and wife, just seemed exceptionally daunting. “Raph, it’s natural. Marriage is a big deal, so being nervous is normal.” Valerie said, doing her best to assure him. “I don’t know. Something seems different, and I don’t know what it is… I’m just in my head, I know…” Raphael sighed, sitting down next to Valerie, who was holding her young son, Peter. “Hey, listen to me. You two are a great couple, so trust me. It’s going to be just fine.” Raphael took a deep breath, he knew it was just nerves, but something still felt different about the whole day, and about Eve, but if he was nervous then maybe she just was too. “I just love her so much” he began, lightly touching Peter’s tiny little hand with a smile. “I want everything with her, and there’s no one else I could imagine marrying and eventually raising a family with, but at the same time it’s still scary.” Raphael let out. “Trust me Raph, today is going to be amazing, and it’s just the beginning.”

Eve let out a deep, but panicked, breath in an effort to calm herself. It was her wedding day, and there she was counting down the minutes until the day was over. She knew it wouldn’t be much longer until she was marrying the man she would be spending the rest of her life with. This day was supposed to be the best day of her life, but why was she so nervous? Her hands were shaking, she couldn’t seem to get ahold of herself, even when someone else came up to her.

“Hey love, how are you feeling? You look absolutely bloody amazing, Raph won’t be able to keep his eyes… or hands off of you. Do you need anything?”

“I think that’s the problem…” she responded when Jess said how Raph wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of her.

Eve looked over at Jess just in time to see her raise an eyebrow, only to let her gaze quickly return to her feet as she started trying to chew on the ends of her hair, like she often did when she was nervous. Though, after just a moment, she felt Jess’s arms around her before she heard Jess whisper, “You’re going to be a great mom, you know that? That kids will be loved, and well fed. Amazingly fed. Like probably even better fed than I am right now - which trust me, is very well fed… though… Now I’m craving your family’s pizza fck. ANYWAYS, if, Eve, I go back in time and be your child, because damn, that kid won the lottery. But, how are you doing?”

“I… don’t know. We didn’t plan for this… I wasn’t planning on this until after I graduate. How am I supposed to do this?” There was a part of her that knew Jess was right, that her kid would be loved and well taken care of, but she couldn’t deny the panic that had a hold of her. Kids weren’t supposed to be in the picture yet. How was she even going to have the time? The wedding was even planned knowing that it would fit between semesters, so how would a baby fit into that? Maybe in a couple years it would be different, but right now, a baby was not part of the plan.

“Darling,” Jess began, pressing her head against Eve’s. “What was a few more years going to change, really? You know you love Raph and you know he absolutely adores you. Sure this wasn’t expected, and yes, maybe life would be more stable later. But does that mean that you won’t figure this out? No. And guess what love? You’re not alone. You’re never alone. You have Raph, your parents, me. There are so many people who love you and won’t let you do this alone. So to answer your question, how are you supposed to do this? Well, darling, with help.”

“Come and get me Vic!” Cassie called out to her cousin as they played tag. It wasn’t often that they got to see each other, but there was the rare time when they were both in the same place. Daniel Parker usually tried to keep a distance between any member of the Azure family and his, despite the Azures being relatives of Valerie, and by extension the young Veronica Charlotte as well, or as Cassandra Azure decided to call her, Vic. Though this was a special occasion, this was the day that Cassie’s older brother was getting married. Her oldest brother, Kai, got married before she was born, but her other brother, Raphael, was finally getting married, so that meant the whole family was invited and Cassie got to see her cousin.

The nine year old ran, keeping just enough distance behind her, before stopping and hiding behind her brother, who was on a video call with Kai.

“I’m really sorry I’m not there, Raph.”

“I know… but it’s not your fault. I know you’d be here if you could.”

“Kai’s not coming?” She asked, questioning why Kai wouldn’t be there.

“I know Cassie, my flight got canceled. But I’ll try to come back and visit again soon though. And that goes for you too, Raph.” Kai said, returning his attention back to their brother. “Now go, you have more important things to do than talk to me. It’s about you and Eve, you don’t need me. I’ll talk to you later, Raph, and you too Cassie.” Cassie knew it hadn’t even been six months since she had seen her oldest brother, but she still felt like he should’ve been there. She could probably count on her fingers the number of times she had seen him in her life, and she knew her brothers had a much closer relationship than she had with Kai. He should’ve been there, everybody should’ve been there for Raph’s big day.

She watched her brother sigh, she could tell he was sad that Kai wouldn’t be there, but there was little more she could do when she heard VC’s voice coming closer, “Cassie, Cassieeee” By that point, Raph heard her too, and gave a slight nod telling Cassie to go ahead, that he’d be fine.

With that, Cassie took off, nearly getting caught by her cousin, only to find herself next to VC’s dad of all people. Cassie looked up to him when he looked down at her, her eyes silently pleading for him to help her, putting her finger to her lips asking him to keep quiet as she hid behind him and her oldest sister. She could see him smile for just a moment, as he continued talking with Akielah about some new invention of his. “I was watching this weird movie called Spy Kids with VC a few weeks ago and I wanted to know if I could make a R.A.L.P.H. like the beetle thing and GUESS what. I THINK I DID IT. You want to see? I need someone to mess around with it to see if I got the kinks out.”

“You know the answer to that already. Who else would be able to take something you’ve made and make it better?”

Cassie hid there, silently, waiting for VC to go by, just for the chase to begin again a moment later. Enjoying getting to play with her cousin for once, at least until the game soon had to end as it was time for everyone to take their seats.

There was no describing the mixture of nervousness and complete awe that Raphael had felt as he watched his fiancé walking down the aisle with her dad. It was truly the best moment of his life up to that point. Why didn’t he ask her to marry him so much sooner? He’d known he wanted her for the rest of his life since he was just a teenager, but now it was real. He was telling the world that Eve was not just the girl of his dreams, but his future, til death do them part. Aside from his nerves, it was the best day of his life, making her his wife. A day that would only get better from the moment they said, I do. There weren’t many people there, just their families and closest friends, but it was everything that mattered. A small wedding, with people that mattered there with them. He couldn’t stop smiling, an arm around Eve, simply enjoying the moment, the first of many as husband and wife. It was after Eve’s aunt had given them each a glass of wine that Eve looked at him, a slight concern visible in her eyes. “Raph?” Eve whispered, pausing to be sure she had his full attention, while not drawing everyone else’s. “You’re going to need to drink my wine.”

“Okay… why?” He asked, confused by the request. “I can’t drink.” She said slowly, but made her words clear, letting them sink in. “Not for the next few months.” She added as the meaning of her words became entirely clear. “Really? You’re sure?” Raphael said, making sense of all the little things that had been off recently, only to see her nod her head. “Certain.” With that answer, there was no doubt in his mind that it was the best day of his life, and that the days to come would be even better.

@CerealKiller - Val, VC
@benitz786 - Jess, Dan


{ Expert in baby language talks to his babies | Aidan }

”You think you and I deserve a boys night?” ”Baaabbmbmaa.” ”Watching soccer, eating burgers AND DRINKING? Woah sloooow down, you know you’re still too young?” ”Abllabl-” ”NO, no, I don’t want to hear it! No drinking! How many times-” ”AMMMAMABL.” ”HOW dare you talk back to me?!” Laughter filled the room as Dori’s hands found the perfect tickle spot on his son’s tummy. Son. Yes, Dori had a son! Son who’s first words will NOT be mama! You hear that Jess? You can try all you want but that is not. going. to. happen. Now let me translate and explain what was happening right over here since some of you still don’t believe Dori can understand his babies…

”You think you and I deserve a boys night?” ”OOOH BOYS NIGHT! You’re the best dad, you know exactly what I need. We’re going to watch soccer, eat burgers and drink beer.” ”Watching soccer, eating burgers AND DRINKING? Woah sloooow down, you know you’re still too young?” ” Excuse me, dear father!? Me? Still too young? We are going to drink.” ”NO, no, I don’t want to hear it! No drinking! How many times-” ”HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY I AM NOT TOO YOUNG.” ”HOW dare you talk back to me?!” Simple as that.

While Jess was out with their little girls, Dori was left alone with their little boy and currently they were laying in Dori’s bed, just chatting like sons and fathers usually do. He could finally tell you he’s never been happier and anyone could see that just by looking at his face when he was around his family - not only did he have the perfect wife, perfect two little girls but now a perfect son? Could it get any better than this? ”Ammmabala.” ” Alright, you want me to call mom and see what she says? Alright, we will do that.” Now what he’s also been grateful for is Jess picking up her phone before it cuts off. Yes, she was learning and Dori couldn’t be prouder. He didn’t have to worry if something happened to her whenever she wouldn’t answer or worse, whenever her phone was dead.

”Hey love, can you do me a favor before you come back?” He started as soon as he heard her voice, his smile growing even bigger if that was possible at this point. ”Listen, I don’t know what got into our son but he’s been asking me for beer aaaaall day, you know how kids are… I suggested we have a good old chill boys night and CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HE SAID? No, you don’t have to guess because I’m going to tell you- of course he said he wants to watch soccer and eat burgers, he is just smart like that but beer??? Jess, he said he wants beer! Of course, don’t worry, I said no we can’t do that, you’re still too young but the audacity of this boy-” ”BLLLALMAL.” ”DID YOU HEAR THAT? He’s trying to take the phone from me and convince you he’s old enough to drink! Listen, listen…” Putting his phone on speakerphone he now completely shifted his attention to little Aidan. ”Tell mommy what you told me, cmon, don’t be afraid now.” ”Bmbmaa.” ”DID YOU hear that Jess?! Now he says I’m lying!”

just good old times


Alt Universe: If Skye died before the reunion

To say he felt better after getting that sleep would understate how he still felt. He was still exhausted. Even a day’s worth of sleep wasn’t enough. He’d hardly been sleeping for weeks, which only made the darkness in his head stronger. His gaze met Jess as she asked how he slept. ”Fine, I guess.” Truthfully, he didn’t remember the last time he slept that long or that deeply, but not much could seem more than just fine in his mind.

Then, as Jess began to move some papers aside, Kai looked around the room. Apparently Jess had been shopping while he was asleep. Baby stuff, diapers, formula. All stuff that he didn’t have for Scarlet, or would’ve been out of within another day. But there was no sign of Scarlet. Though, Jess must’ve been able to guess that she was what he was looking for, as she then said that Scarlet was asleep in Jess’s room. He gave a slight nod, before walking over to Jess’s bedroom, quietly opening the door just enough to where he could see her and hopefully not disturb her.

He didn’t know how long he had been standing there, looking at his baby girl peacefully asleep, but his attention was finally pulled away by Jess. “I know you want to keep watching her Kai, you need to eat.” He was hesitant. He wanted to stay with her, take in every moment like it’s the last memory he’ll have of her. However, the look on Jess’s face said she wasn’t taking no for an answer, so he carefully closed the bedroom door again and followed her to the table where she had set food out. He didn’t deserve all of this. Her taking care of him, taking care of his daughter for him. He still didn’t fully understand why she let him in and didn’t kick him out in the first place.

He touched the fork, but made no further movement to actually eat the food in front of him. He had hardly eaten anything the day before. It had certainly been a full day at least since he had eaten, but he had no desire to actually eat. He knew he was supposed to eat, and Jess knew he needed to eat, so she eventually stated, “For every bite, I’ll let you ask me a question about me and your daughter adventure today… and bloody trust me we got into some trouble together. She had the hardest time choosing if she liked the pink sundress or the orange one.”

Kai gave a weak attempt at a smile to Jess’s lighthearted comment about her and Scarlet getting into trouble and that Scarlet couldn’t pick between pink and orange. ”Why did you do, and get, so much for her?” he asked, referring to the amount of baby things newly scattered throughout the apartment. Diapers, formula, maybe even a couple changes of outfits, that made sense. Kai didn’t bring much with him for her, just enough for a couple days, and a single bottle that he had to clean out every time he fed her. But this was far more than that.

He watched Jess respond with no more than a smile, taking a bite of her own food as she looked at his. He hadn’t touched it yet. He didn’t necessarily want to, but he slowly began to take a bite.

“Well darling - I started with the basic necessities. And then, as I was getting some diapers, I saw some more cute stuff and I couldn’t help myself”

“How was she? Out, or just, while I was asleep?”

“Well, she’s a baby. So I can’t blame her if she wanted to be fussy all the time. Personally, I’d be kinda annoyed too if I was trying to tell people I was hungry and eveeerrryyy one was just like Oh my god, you’re so cute . But to answer your question; it depended on the time of day. She was usually pretty good… well… except that one time…”

“What one time?”

“Oh nothing, this older grandmother wanted to hold her and I triiiieeeed to warn her that I just fed the baby, and bam, out came some of the milk alllll over that woman’s dress. Though technically. I’m pretty bloody sure someone was also going to call the cops on me at one point but that’s for a whole different reason… oh well.”

“The cops? Why?”

“Oh you know me. I always get myself into binds - this time it was because I didn’t know your daughter’s name and ohhhh was that a bloody mess because I’m 1. not her mom, and 2. not her nanny. You see the conundrum. It’s okay, I didn’t get kicked out. I chose to leave”


“Hey, I call that partially your fault. You never told me her name and I can only call her “Nugget” for so long. Or “Rolls” because… well I mean you’ve seen them, she has the most adorable rolls.”

“Oh…” he paused before finally telling Jess his daughter’s name. “Scarlet. Her name is Scarlet… just… just like her mom wanted…”

“Tell me about her. Scarlet’s mom.”

“She… she was one of the best people I’ve ever known… my best friend … she was kind, sure of herself but shy, and… her nose would crinkle when she was upset… just like Scarlet…”

“So that’s where scarlet gets her nose crinkle huh? I knew she had your eyes anddd. But that temper of hers and the nose - had to be someone else’s.”

“From her mom…” he said, before adding in a quiet tone, nearly a whisper, “she… she would’ve loved Scarlet…”

His mind was beginning to spiral again, part of him trying to not break down. What was even the point? All he could do was put his head in his hands, with his elbows resting on the table, barely registering his barely touched plate of food. It could’ve been seconds for all Kai knew, but after a few moments, Jess spoke up again.

Come on now - you don’t want to know about the rest of me and Scarlet’s adventure? We did a lot. You don’t even know about the little boy baby in love with her.

”What all happened? Just… tell me everything…” he said, finally looking back towards her.

”Oh love, that’s not how this game works. If you want me to tell you everything, then you finish your entire plate. If you want to ask me one question at a time. that’ll be a bite. So come on, back to eating we go.”

@benitz786 - Jess (aka the girl trying to get Kai to eat)


It was the noticeably cold and empty bed that woke Addie up from her slumber this morning; not the bright light streaming in from the window - indicating the start of the day. No, after the late-night Leo and her had talking about their crushes, to their exes, and everything in between, Adelaide was far too exhausted to be woken up by just the light. Not… that she usually was woken up by the light – what could she say? She was a deep sleeper and God did she love her sleep. However, turning around in the bed Leo and her shared for the night to reach her arm around what she believed was her fiancé’s body… at least it should have been… was more than enough to bring her eyes to an open. Hey, what do you want? She wanted to cuddle with him :frowning:


The only sign of him was a slight indentation in the pillow showing her that he was next to her at one point during the night; but besides that, there was nothing; and the fact that the bed was cold indicated that he had not been there in a while. “Leo?” Addie mumbled in a rasp as she gathered enough energy to pull herself off the bed so that she was sitting instead of laying down.

And, trust her – that was bloody hard. She didn’t even know what time it was – what she did know was the fact that she wanted to be asleep with her body wrapped up by Leo’s arms. Yes yes, her “initially” hugging him was just supposed to be a ploy to get his arms around her. Don’t judge her, she liked to be the little spoon.

Anyhowwww, long story short, her mumble for Leo’s name got no response.

With a gentle frown, Addie found herself turning to face the bathroom door; one that had a notably darkened interior. So not only was Leo not next to her, but he also wasn’t in the bathroom either.

“Leo darling?” Addie muttered for the second time, rubbing her eyes as she pulled her body off the bed attempting to look for him in the room. Look, don’t get her wrong: for a bedroom, this was a large space. There was a small living area attached to the sleeping area, however, it was an open so that Addie could also see everything from the confines of the bed.

And, from what she could see, he wasn’t there.

Grabbing a robe, Addie slipped it on before opening the door that led to the hallway; attempting to see if he was there on a phone call… or… you know… anything? She didn’t even get a note about where he was. Addie would have at least left a bloody note…

WHO LEAVES THEIR FIANCE IN BED WITHOUT WRITING AT LEAST SOMETHING DOWN? A simple “Hi Addie! I’ll be right back.” Would have bloody sufficed. As long as Holly doesn’t… err… eat it. BUT DO YOU SEE HOLLY HERE?

That bloody fck disappeared on her. How rude. A sigh met her lips as she wondered in the hallway for a few seconds before running into what looked like one of the many butlers roaming around… or one could say running around perhaps getting ready for one of the many events occurring this weekend.

“Miss? Do you need something?”

“I’m so sorry to be a bother. Have you seen Leonardo Azure?”

“The young master? I have not. Is there anything I can do for you in the meantime? We were not going to serve breakfast for another hour as it is only 6, but if you have a request, we can bring it to your room?”


So, with those words, Adelaide thanked the man, asking for some coffee and the morning paper. If Leo had the audacity to LeAvE her this early in the morning. Then he could suffer the consequences.

That’s exactly how Adelaide ended up sitting in her robe on the bed while drinking coffee as she read the entertainment section by herself. Yes. The bloody entertainment section – not that any of it really interested her. She far rather read the politics section, or business section, or DO THE CROSSWORD. OR EVEN CHEAT AND SNEAK A PEEK AT THE CROSSWORD. But as much as Addie wanted to do it to punish Leo… she also didn’t want to read those parts without him. She liked reading with him. It was a tradition; they read the paper together and they discussed it… and debated sometimes. It kept her mind sharp and it was honestly just something she liked to do with her husband to be. Fck.

Damn Leo and his effect on her.

Addie had quite literally re-read the gossip tabloid section for the third time out of sheer boredom when she heard the door opening. Okay. OKAY. Fixing her posture, Addie made it look like she was lazily looking at the business section as she picked up her coffee taking a sip. While her eyes were fake skimming what she was holding, her mind was in her surroundings: her peripheral vision… the sounds indicating that Leo had just entered the room. Well, that was of course, until she heard a brisk stop. Leo had likely seen her.


Bingo. He had seen her. He was likely standing right next to the entryway by the bed – staring at what she was doing. And guess what? Addie had the perfect response to get his mind working.

“Hm?” Addie stated, turning the page of the paper without… reading any of the business section. See – genius response, right?

“Adelaide?” Addie heard the softest sigh when she didn’t reply, followed by him finally approaching her. “I’m sorry Addie. I was trying not to wake you up when my sister barged into our room and wanted to talk to me.” Addie felt his body next to her as he wrapped his arms around her body, kissing her forehead as he looked over her shoulder at the paper she was holding.

“Well, darling. I would have preferred being woken up rather than not knowing where you were at all. Addie whispered, finally putting the paper down and looking at him with a raised eyebrow. But honestly, the look on his features made her cave almost immediately as she leaned her head against his chest, “I didn’t read it. I was just… bloody fake skimming. No, correction. I read what Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears ate for dinner. Any guesses?” Addie asked, looking back towards him before continuing “It’s strange to read it without you.” Addie mumbled, looking into his eyes.

Addie saw the slightest smile that met his lips with her words, and then found him bringing his lips to hers. Addie didn’t know how long she was kissing him, but once he moved back, he added “Then, how about we read it together now?”

Adelaide appreciated the mornings and nights. It was the only time during this weekend that Addie could be with Leo, and they could both be themselves. Where neither of them had any eyes on them…. And where she didn’t have to play a part for his parents. It was just her and him: a sense of normalcy she was starting to miss even if it had only been a day with his parents.

Leo had been busy since the morning; with the two of them doing their crossword being the last thing they had done together… approximately 5 hours ago. Since then, Leo had been dragged off to get ready for his polo match, and Addie had been left to finish breakfast herself, and head off to the event.

Thankfully she wasn’t alone for the drive, rather, she found herself accompanied by Leo’s sister who had told her to relax in terms of “impressing” her parents – in her words “You’re quite literally a duchess, they’re not going to say no to you marrying Leo”. While her words did calm her slightly, there was still that sense of unease that begin the night before.

Either way, now, here she was having just arrived at the event space – around half an hour ride from the estate. Leo’s sister had walked off to the VIP tent to say hi to a few of her friends but honestly, Addie needed a moment. Hundreds of people were in attendance for the match; and Adelaide could feel the buzz of the crowd as people were shouting, and betting – whether it was for the polo match or the horse race in general. Addie, on the other hand, was wandering around. Yes, she knew she had to go talk to Leo’s parents and engage… but just… give her a breather. Please. Just… a moment to herself… a mere moment where she wouldn’t be forced to play a part.

She found herself walking towards the stables. Honestly, she couldn’t help it. She was a Parker – and like others in her tax bracket, she was taught horse-riding at an extremely young age. She did find them calming for that reason… so don’t blame her for being drawn there.

Did she technically sneak in? Perhaps – but when she found herself inside the stables, she was probably one of the only people in there. The boys were probably getting ready, meaning the horses had a little break from everything. “Hi buddy”. Addie whispered, walking towards a jet-black steed. The horse was situated in one of the furthest stables, and while it wasn’t the easiest to get to, Addie felt drawn to him. Cornelius, that was the name written on the front of the door next to the horse’s stable. Putting her hand out, Addie found the horse staring at her for a mere second before putting his head down and allowing her to pet him.

Addie smiled, giving the horse as much love as he would allow her to. Walking into the stable, Addie grabbed the brush, and begin brushing the horse – allowing a stream of words to leave her mouth as she mindlessly talked to him. “So, Cornelius, you see, I’m kind of running away for a bit” Addie waited for the horse to make a sound – almost like a response before continuing. “Oh, you want me to stay here and hideaway too? Well, if I do say so myself, I will. Well until they drag me awa… ”

“He likes you,” The familiarity of the voice put her at ease easily, followed by Leo’s arms around her waist making a soft moan leave her lips because she missed him. How he snuck up on her? Addie didn’t know, but all she knew was Leo was holding her tightly. “He’s yours?” Addie questioned, leaning into his touch. Should she have been surprised at this point? “He is.”

A soft laugh left Addie’s lips as the horse waited for Leo to pet him as well. “He probably only likes me because I smell like you then”. Addie added, turning around to finally face Leo who made no effort to hide his smile at her words, because they both knew why that would be. “Maybe, or maybe he just has great taste,”

“Cheeky bastard. Are you complimenting me or yourself?”.

“I’ll let you guess.,”

“How’d you find m…

She didn’t get to finish her train of thought hearing another set of voices join theirs. “So are you going to win for me baby?”

“Depends, What will you give me if I win.,”

“Remember what I did last night? Maybe it’s time for round… 4? Or… maybe we could… Leo?”

Addie found Preston and Lauren cuddled up together, but the instant Lauren saw Leo she jumped away from Preston – giving Addie a… what could only be described as a “disgusted” look. Lauren hated her - anyone could see that. And truly - while “hate” was a strong word; Lauren’s gaze bore holes in Addie’s skull. Though clearly; nothing had to be said before their attention was pulled to the other man.

“Leooooo. You ready to lose? Aww, are you trying to get a kiss form your… friend for good luck?”

Addie watched as Preston laughed, walking towards the two of them before leaning his body against the stable door they were behind. At this point: Addie was getting absolutely peeved by the man. That was exactly why she didn’t even give Leo a chance to react. Instead, rolling her eyes at Preston - Addie immediately pulled Leo’s face down and put her lips on his: giving her fiancé a kiss that… well… clearly indicated they weren’t friends. Pulling away after about a minute or so, Addie wrapped her arms around his torso before looking back at Preston with a bored expression. “I’m sorry - were you two saying something. Me and my fiancé were in the middle of… well I’m guessing in the middle of whatever you two were about to start if we weren’t here?"

Although, Addie didn’t even get the two a chance to respond before looking at Leo and smiling. “Also, not that you need it darling. But good luck. I’ll be betting on you."

“Addie, You don’t need t…”

“And you really shouldn’t, because he’s going to lose.”

Ignored - once again. Addie knew Preston’s type - it was attention seeking. And the best way to annoy those types of people was simply to ignore them.

“I want to, my love."




*✿❀ ❀✿*

July 2039 — summer before senior year

It had been a while since a party. Since breaking for summer, Annie had been using her mother’s tour as free travel to Miami, Orlando, New York and wherever else that had sold-out stadiums anticipating performance from Sadie Monroe. Though the majority of such travels she had to alone due to the high demand of rehearsing and performing her mother had to do. But for Annie it just meant she could continue to support her own decision in, and take advantage of, staying single, as she was perfectly capable of finding company for herself when she needed it. But by the time she had arrived back in Beryl Heights, being around people she actually recognised was long-overdue.

She didn’t even know the person who was hosting the party, but after hearing it from word of mouth Annie knew it was exactly what she needed since returning. Annie’s plan of action of course began by recruiting her best friend, Finch, to pregame whom she greeted when arriving at her door with a hug and an excited: “I misseddd you!!!” Which would be the first of many affectionate words they exchanged. Most of them not as sober. Over conversations about how their summer had been and their plans for senior year the pair had several drinks that were needed to get into the party mood. By the time they arrived, Annie and Finch were already relatively merry. Though it only enhanced Annie’s emotions, her excitement to get back into their school crowd.

As expected, the house was filled with familiar faces she had missed. Annie hadn’t been away that long, but it was long enough for her to feel the urge to approach almost everyone she saw. Everyone seemed well-adjusted to summer, with sun-kissed skin and minimal clothing. Did Ezekiel get taller in a month? Annie’s gaze lingered on him for a moment to work out what it was that was compelling her. That seemed like something that would need figuring out at some point.

Weaving their way through the living room, Annie watched as Finch noticed someone in the crowd and before she could even ask, Annie leaned forward - “I’m going to get a drink, I’ll meet up with you later!!” She told Finch, requiring an almost-shouting volume to be heard amongst the party crowd. With that, Annie made her way across to the kitchen, that had been turned into a make-shift bar scattered with red party cups and puddles of what used-to-be drinks on the table.

Reaching forward for her bottle of choice and a cup, Annie’s eyes travelled around the party. That was until they abruptly stopped on a pairing that was heading towards her, with similar initiatives for a top-up. Annie had been lucky so far in that she hadn’t bumped into one of the… few… that would falter her mood. That was until her ex-boyfriend’s best friend and renowned womaniser, Enrique Montoya, appeared in the foreground with his arm around someone she valued far higher than the former. Everyone knew how he operated, that girl would be replaced in minutes.

Facing only the girl he had in his company, Annie gave her a friendly smile to get across she had her best interest when she approached her – “Hey, Maddy, you remember that time we talked about quality control?” Annie playfully told Madison Sawyer, whom Annie had shared a class with in the previous year, and had gathered that it wasn’t meaningless hookups like these that Maddy aspired for. Annie’s expression formed a wince as it filled in the blank: that Enrique Montoya did not pass said quality control. After a look of understanding was exchanged between the girls, Maddy found one of her friends who she just must exit the conversation to talk with.

Left with a frustrated Montoya, Annie innocently shrugged. “If anything, I was saving your time. Trust me, she’s not the type to go for someone like you,” She told him in a tone that made it sound like she was complimenting him, but her expression after saying otherwise.

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@benitz786 Enrique Montoya
@Littlefeets Finch Castillo (mentioned)
@astxrism Ezekiel Griffin (mentioned)



Enrique Montoya may have been at this party for no more than 30 minutes, yet there was no denying the unmistakable buzz coursing through his veins. Scratch that - he was more than just “buzzed”; he was well on the unsteady path to being downright drunk. How did this happen so quickly, you ask? Let me set the scene for you. Picture this: Ricky, amidst the chaos, surrounded by his friends chanting the infamous mantra of the night. To add to the spectacle, these same friends were propping up his legs on top of a keg as he continued to indulge in the age-old ritual of drinking, and drinking, and drinking… well, you get the picture.

How long had he been drinking from the keg? 50 seconds? 60? Honestly, Ricky had lost track, the passing seconds blurred by the rush of alcohol. But feeling the blood rush to his head, he finally stopped, greeted by cheers from the crowd. “You’re fu*king crazy, man! I love you!” echoed above the music, with others expressing similar sentiments. It was the usual echos, a soundtrack to another summer night. And it felt natural, almost like a ritual for Enrique. Perhaps it was stereotypical for the school’s womanizer to revel in parties, drowning himself in alcohol until the world turned numb. But to hell with it, who cared?

No one did.

Well, okay, maybe his siblings and his close circle of friends cared about him. And truth be told, those were the people Ricky would go to the ends of the earth to protect. As for the rest of the world? Well, to hell with them. But if they happened to be in Hell, then Ricky was all in for a good time. Bring on the vices, because sometimes, it was the only thing that made him feel truly alive.

That’s probably why he found himself entwined in a dance with his next vice - a girl he believed went by the name Kaitlin. No, wait… Daniella? Charlotte? Screw it. Who cared, anyway? “Why don’t we get another drink, babe?” “Babe” – what an easy fallback. A mischievous smirk played on Ricky’s features as he gently cupped her face, lingering for a few seconds after uttering the words. A mere nod from her was all he needed before leading her towards the drinks. Did Enrique really need another drink? Probably not. Did he revel in the sensation of another burn coursing through his veins? Hell yes, he did.

Everything was going perfectly – drinks, dancing, probably heading toward something… more intimate… except for one nagging issue: Annie fcking Williams. Honestly, Ricky never really had a problem with Annie. Was she annoying at times? Sure. Was she also attractive? Yes – but he didn’t dwell on that, especially considering his friend had dated her a while back, putting her on the bros “no-pass” list. Not that Ricky minded that rule much, because, once again, she was really getting on his nerves. Especially right now. BECAUSE SHE JUST GOT THE GIRL HE WAS HITTING ON TO LEAVE.

Damn it. “Thanks sooooo much for that,” Ricky sighed, fully aware that he could easily find another girl. It wasn’t the availability that bothered him; it was the fact that Annie had made things more challenging. Rolling his eyes, Rick grabbed a bottle of Don Julio and filled his cup, half-listening to Annie rambling on about saving his time. What a load of crap. But if she was going to waste his time, the least he could do was return the favor.

“You don’t like me, do you?” Ricky asked, not bothering to wait for her response as he took the bottle he was using to fill his cup and began pouring hers. He met her eyes without looking away. “Should I start batting my eyelashes, stand pretty, and pout until you tell me, or…? Because honestly, Annie, I’m pretty sure I’m everyone’s type… soooo I think you just have something against me, and I have a lot of time to waste, so please do share.”


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Dan fcked up: Time Skip Unknown - May 15th, 1998

Damn it. Damn it. No. DAMN IT. Not again.

Once again, Adelaide’s head spun, her heart raced, and a cold sweat overtook her body, accompanied by an irresistible urge to vomit. It was automatic – reaching for the nearest support to steady herself. When was this torment going to end? This… whatever it was. If this was death, it felt like a never-ending torture. Yet, deep down, Addie couldn’t convince herself that it was. It made no sense why she kept reliving her memories, only to have the power to alter them. Her mind felt scrambled – she didn’t even know where she was this time. All she knew was that it had happened again. It was disorienting, to say the least. Whatever this was, this memory, this time travel – if that was even a thing, maybe it was. Why? Addie didn’t know. She didn’t understand why she kept jumping timelines, seeing Leo, creating a family with him. It was always centered around Leonardo, and Addie couldn’t fathom why. None of it made sense, and as sad as it was, Addie had surrendered to the painful fate.

She had the gist of what to do now when this happened:

  • Step 1: Take a deep breath and don’t throw up. :white_check_mark:
  • Step 2: Orient herself

In the present moment, Addie found herself blinking repeatedly as she opened her eyes. The intense brightness caused her to squint, gradually allowing the sounds and people around her to take shape. She realized she was outside, with the sun casting a warm glow on her skin and a brisk wind sweeping over her body. Standing before her was a formidable, bulky man. Her hand remained pressed against the wall, a likely anchor during the dizzying episode.

Addie didn’t really have a moment to contemplate her surroundings before the man in front of her spoke, visibly annoyed. “Move aside, ma’am,” . It took Addie a second glance to comprehend where she was. Pushing away from her spot at the front of the line, Adelaide slowly walked backwards until the entire gallery came into view. That’s where she was, outside an art gallery—specifically, the one where she had officially met Leonardo Azure for the first time.

Addie’s heart ached once more at the thought of Leo. It wasn’t her first time grappling with these emotions over the last few… days… months? Time seemed to blur in this inexplicable loop she found herself in. All she knew was that her mind was incessantly consumed by thoughts of Leo. Every action, every decision seemed inexorably entwined with him, leading to a trail of pain. Addie had broken him, and the weight of that realization hit her recently. Witnessing the happiness they could have shared if she hadn’t been so foolish was a painful reminder. She had seen it—the two of them with three kids, pursuing the careers they both wanted, with Leo by her side. If she had a choice, as terrible and selfish as it might be for her other kids, she would have stayed in that idyllic vision.

But instead: here she was. Standing in front of the art gallery where she first met Leonardo Azure. It was where she first pretended to be his girlfriend… where he first asked her out… where their love story begin. But this time… this time her heart ached at the thought of doing it again. Addie’s heart broke thinking about putting Leo through eventual heartache that she, herself, couldn’t control with this… time mess she was in. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t…

While lost in her thoughts, the sound of a car pulling up behind her jolted Addie, freezing her in place. She knew this moment—knew exactly what was about to unfold. As if on cue, a familiar man walked past her towards the gallery, effortlessly skipping the line. This was the part where she was supposed to play her role, pretend he was her boyfriend, sneak in, and inevitably fall for this boy she didn’t really know. But she couldn’t. Instead, Adelaide Pier… Parker found her feet glued to the cement below her. No, not this time. This time, he wouldn’t have to deal with her. This time, in this life, Leo deserved better than for her to ruin everything.

Addie watched him go, entering the party without anyone stopping him. For a moment, she just stood there, staring after him, realizing that the choice she made meant they would never meet. And for some inexplicable reason, that tore her apart. It killed her inside that he wouldn’t know who she was, wouldn’t share her memories, her laughter, her pain. Yet, she wouldn’t subject him to that this time. If this was her last round of skipping through her life, it would be the one where she spared him from the heartache.

Honestly, Addie couldn’t tell you how long she spent there. All she knew was she had to pull herself away, find a place to sit and think. In that regard, she was fortunate—the Art Gallery happened to be across the street from Addie’s favorite diner in Beryl. It was a quaint, small mom-and-pop-owned establishment. The reason she loved it, though? it probably had the best coffee in town.

“Hey honey, table for one?”

A smile met Addie’s lips seeing Dorothea, a women she had seen often during her time in Beryl. She was a sweet lady in her 30s who had taken over the joint from her parents. And get this; fallen in love with the bust boy who worked for her parents. BUT ALSO; Addie had gotten the real story out of her husband, the only reason her husband had wanted to work there in the first place was because he had the biggest crush on Dora. So - not only did this place have the best coffee, but the one of the best love stories too so… Addie couldn’t complain.

"That would be perfect, Dora. Could I get the table in the corner? And the newspaper please?

There was a hint of surprise in Dora’s expression, likely from Addie’s casual tone, but it quickly transformed into a warm smile as she led Addie to the corner table.

“The newspaper delivery boy hasn’t arrived yet but when he does - I’ll get that paper to you. What can I get you started on in the meantime?”

“Oh… damn. Do you have anything I could read back there then?”

“I can bring you yesterday’s copy?”

“That works. And… could I also get a large black coffee with a teaspoon of lavender and honey annddd… maybe just a basket of fries? I would absolutly fall in love if you put your famous gravy on the fries too.”

“Coming right up, sweetheart.”

Addie maintained her smile as Dora left, letting it fade only when she was alone. The booth offered a clear line of sight to the art gallery, prompting Addie’s mind to wander back to the first time she was here. How she talked with Leo for hours, laughed about paintings, made him guess what each one was about, and then concocted stories for the hell of it. How he had guessed her name as Jessica… Anna… the two names she later named her daughters. It hurt… thinking about it all.
But this felt right…

Maybe, this time, Addie was meant to steer clear of Leo, to ensure they never crossed paths, allowing him to live a life free from the pain she caused. It made sense— if she couldn’t control these skips in her life, she couldn’t risk it. The old Addie, the one she once was, would inevitably hurt Leo again. Perhaps, this was the punishment she deserved—having to relive her life without him. Maybe, just maybe.

This was good… Addie had done pretty well diverting her thoughts from the fact that she was altering her life course and had also come to terms with the fact that she was once again finding herself at a different point of her time. Which yes… maybe shouldn’t have been as easy to come to terms with but… she’d been through this so many times at this point that she had given up.

She had enjoyed her fries, and coffee - which were absolutely divine by the way. Adelaide had forgotten how much she missed this place. She had a looooong conversation with Dora which lasted upwards of 40 minutes: They discussed Addie’s life in general and how she just arrived from London (which was ironically hard to remember details about), and she also extracted information from Dora about her upcoming anniversary with her husband, all while skillfully avoiding questions about why a “beautiful girl like her” was dining alone. Addie had also finished the crossword from yesterday’s newspaper and now she was onto today’s issue after the newspaper boy finally delivered the store their copies.

It was a productive distraction.

Plus - Addie was hoping Justin would be done soon so that she could go get a ride home from him. She definitely… definitely wasn’t watching for Leo also… wondering when he’d leave… or trying to catch a glimpse of him. Definitely not. Nope. But just in case anyone was curious, his car was still parked out front. So, he was still inside. Still there. And… and this crossword was proving challenging. Right, back to the crossword. That’s what’s important, Addie—focus on the bloody crossword.


Addie couldn’t concentrate anymore. Her eyes kept involuntarily glancing over at Leo’s car. Taking a deep breath, Addie put the crossword down and walked up to the counter with a smile, hoping the brief walk would provide a much-needed break. “Dora, I’m going to go to the loo really quickly, but do you mind getting me another cup of coffee? To-go this time—I think my brother will be done soon.”

Addie waited for the nod before walking to the bathroom, finding herself, for the first time, staring at her younger version in the mirror. She appeared to be around 17—youthful, bright-eyed, excited for what life had in store. It was strange, looking at a younger version of herself. Yet, there was a sadness in her eyes, one that didn’t belong to this 17-year-old. It belonged to her, the version of Addie who had come back and was altering this girl’s life. And for that, Addie was truly sorry.

Splashing cold water on her face, Addie looked in the mirror again for a second. After the moment passed, she went back outside, hearing someone call out her “lavender with honey coffee.” Mindlessly, she grabbed the large coffee waiting on the counter and headed back to her table.

Back to the crossword - god why was this crossword proving to be so hard? She had done it before. Taking a sip of her coffee; Addie reveled in the taste before focusing on the puzzle again.

Okay 2 across: Doom in 10 letters.

Armageddon right?

“I believe that’s my coffee you have there.”

The voice interrupted her thoughts, but more than that, it sent her into a state of shock. She recognized that voice… Addie loved that voice. Adelaide Parker had made love to that voice… she knew that voice like the back of her hand. She had heard that voice in her dreams, more than once. Not to mention hearing that voice in her past few… time… jumps. Her eyes stayed on the newspaper, her body frozen, as she realized a few things.

  1. Leonardo Azure was somehow talking to her
  2. There was a reason why this damn coffee shop was so familiar to her—Leo had introduced her to it, and she had conveniently forgotten that part.

What the heck was she supposed to do? Taking a few deep breaths, her mind racing, Addie tried really hard to make her movements seem natural—almost as if she was engrossed in her crossword.

With one last deep breath, Addie finally looked up at him—and there he was: Leonardo Azure. A faint smile graced his lips, sending butterflies to her stomach. But it was more than that. The way she looked at him conveyed so much more than a person meeting a stranger for the first time. No—Addie loved him, and it was so hard to hide that fact.

Looking back down at what she initially believed was her coffee, a sense of realization hit her as she saw “Leonardo” written on the cup.

Of course, with her luck, this would happen. Never mind that… no… Addie made a deal with herself, and she intended to keep it. In this life, they would remain strangers. Addie continued looking away from him this time, aware that her eyes gave away more than her words. “I guess we have the same order. Mine should be out in a bit, and you can grab that.”

With that, Addie directed all her focus back to the crossword, hoping, mentally praying he would walk away. Even though her heart was pounding in her ears and the desire to wrap her arms around the man and kiss him filled her body. No. She wouldn’t… give in to that.

Perhaps she was hoping for too much?

Spoiler alert: she was.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have the same order as me”

“It’s a good order.”
Addie was making every attempt to portray herself as a girl who was trying to ignore him—was it working? No… it didn’t seem like it.

“Do you mind?”

If her heart was racing before, it doubled when he sat down next to her. Feeling the heat of his body, all of Adelaide’s attention went to focusing on that. While she was looking at the crossword… she wasn’t looking at the crossword anymore. No… nope fck. All her attention was now on his proximity to her.

“2 across is Armageddon”

"I knew that”

Excuse you Leo - SHE DID. With that, she looked at him with a slightly annoyed expression; out of pure instinct. But trust her; that was a mistake. Because looking up at him once again made her eyes soften. Though realizing what she did - she frowned; attempting to once again push the “leave me alone” persona.

“It didn’t look like you. If you did, you would’ve filled it in.”

Oh oH no you did not LEO.

"Or, perhaps darling, I was waiting before filling it in so I knew it was right and I didn’t waste time erasing my work.”

Valid excuse if you ask her.

“Maybe you should’ve trusted yourself in your answer, instead of expecting that you would make the wrong choice”

“Perhaps I’m prone to making wrong choice”

There was a defiance in her eyes as she looked back at him… attempting to ignore how close they were to one another.

“Maybe that’s because you aren’t trusting yourself to make the right ones”

“If this is a flirting tactic, you’re doing terrible. Insulting a girl isn’t going to get you anywhere. Not that you and I are going anywhere anyways. But I just want you to know for when you go hit on the next one”

Was she trying to push him away? Yes… yes she was.

“Who says I’m insulting anyone? I’m not the one doubting anyone’s abilities or choices. That would be you, doubting yourself. I’m just saying that maybe you should trust yourself more”

God damn it Leo… why do you have to be so… URGH. You know what. Addie has one better…

“If you don’t mind… Leo is it? I’d prefer to be left alone. And, I don’t think my fiancé would appreciate you flirting with me””

She knew Leo - and she knew he was good at reading people. Perhaps she couldn’t hide things from him; but what if what she was saying was the truth? Mostly the truth…

“I don’t think your fiancé would appreciate you not wearing a ring. And if I had to take a guess, you’ve never had a ring on that finger”

Fck. He wasn’t wrong. He also wasn’t right - Addie… future addie had many rings on that finger. One… from the man sitting beside her.

“What do you want from me Leo? My drink will probably be called out any minute and you can have it as a replacement for me drinking yours. Do you want me to pay for a another drink? a pastry perhaps? Because honestly if it’ll get you to leave, I’m happy to do so.”

Addie finally looked down - unable to meet his gaze anymore.

“Couldn’t I just be curious about the girl who apparently has the same coffee order I do?”

“Have I fulfilled your curiosity yet? Because trust me, I have no curiosities about you”

“Are you sure about that? Is there really nothing you could be curious to know?”

It was with those words that Addie looked back up at him. There was a sincerity in her features as she said the next words.

"I know everything I need to know about you, Leo.” "

And it was true - she did. She knew what kind of man he was. She loved that man. She would always love that man - so yes, she knew everything she needed to know about him. It wasn’t a lie… not… technically. And she knew that confused him. She could see it on his face.

They were both looking at each other for a moment; but thankfully… thankfully her order was finally called out serving as a peak distraction for the man.

“And that’s your cue to leave, darling”

He stayed for a second - Addie could sense it: The daring nature in his eyes, wondering if he should leave or stay. But after a moment, he got up - and hesitantly walked towards the counter. And… well… Addie took that as her moment to leave. Placing the money for her food on the counter: Adelaide Parker made a swift exit outside… attempting, at all costs, to avoid talking to him again.

Adelaide quickly stood near the road - where she had seen more Taxi’s and she stood there looking. Fcking praying that one would come by. Her eyes kept glancing at the diner, and then back at the road, and then back at the diner - hoping she could just… race off soon.


Addie saw one - and immediately placed her hand out; attempting to call it over. “TAXIII” she screamed; however, to no avail. Instead, she heard a familiar voice behind her for the second time.

“I hate to break this to you, but you’ll be hard pressed to get a taxi here without calling one yourself… which can take upwards of an hour during this time of day. But my car’s right over there and I can drive you wherever you need to go.”

"Leo, in what world did our conversation in that diner tell you that I wanted to get inside your car?” because… she didn’t. She didn’t want to get inside his car. COME ON LEO get with the program - she was going to ignore you this time around. That was the plan… and she had to follow the plan…

Addie hadn’t turned back to look at him - but maybe if she had, she would have seen the smirk on his face; the one he gets when he knows he’s winning in a conversation or a game.

"“Maybe that you wanted to go home? I mean, you did kind of run out of that diner really fast a second ago. ”

“I rather call for a cab”

" Perfect. I"ll wait with you. I can finish your coffee, and maybe help you finish that crossword? Since clearly, you were in such a hurry to leave that you didn’t get around to doing it.”"

“So you’re practically threatening me?”

“With good company? Sure. Or maybe I just want to make sure you get home safe. Either way - that means an hour in that diner or the… what… 10 to 20 minutes it takes me to just drive you to where ever you need to go””

“You’re not going to relent are you? Fine, Leo. Let’s go.”

And with that - she knew he had, indeed, won. Though, she would never admit it. Fcking hell Leo. Turning back towards him, Addie gave him a huff; knowing it was a lose lose situation for. And with that; she found herself walking towards his car without guidance - waiting for the man to open the door so she could sit inside.

Whatever plan Addie had to avoid him… well… clearly for some reason… it wasn’t working.

What the fck was she supposed to do?

pt 1


Time Skip Post - Rewind:

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Dan fcked up: Time Skip Unknown - May 18th, 1998

So what exactly happened when Addie got into Leo’s car 3 days ago?

Did Leo Flirt with her? :white_check_mark:
Yes, he did… a lot. In her opinion at least: she knew his tactics, after all. She knew his lines - what he’d say to get her to open up. To argue back. To laugh… and god was it hard to look out the window and IGNORE him.

Did Addie Flirt Back :x:
No no, Adelaide Parker quite literally stayed silent almost the entire time as she sipped Leonardo’s her coffee. Okay… mostly silent. She couldn’t really stay silent when Leo brough up the fact that she had to guide him home because… yes, this Leo didn’t know where she lived.

Did Addie try to convince him to let her out of his a few blocks before she got home? :white_check_mark:
She COULD WALK. She had LEGS Did he let her walk? No… that’s a different story. Could she walk? Yes, yes she could. And, AND it put distance between the two okay.

Did Adelaide Parker walk home :x:
Again, he wouldn’t let her. So no… he drove her all the way to the front and she had to spit out a THANK YOU and then… quickly run off before she got stuck looking into his DAMN hypnotic eyes. And he waited - waited for her to grab the spare key under the loose stone path, waited for her to unlock her door and go inside. Waited until she was safely in her house before finally driving away.

That being said: Addie had been thinking of Leo a lot for the past few days. Thinking about him… and wondering when her next jump in time would be. Was it bad that these jumps truly didn’t even faze her anymore? Whether she was dead and this was a punishment or… or if something else happened… what could she do? All she knew she could do was tolerate her headaches that came with every jump and just… keep Leo out of it. What else?

Tell her brother? He’d call her crazy. She knew him… it would take convincing… and honestly… maybe she had just condemned herself to this fate.

Addie had started keeping a journal. Maybe it was more of a ploy to keep her distracted than anything else; but she wanted to write down what exactly she could remember from her timeline and what happened when she changed things. A log of her memories almost - which, for the most part, Adelaide had a good one. Her memory wasn’t as good as her brother… or daughter… or nephew who… who currently didn’t exist. But… a pretty damn good memory when it came to her life.

And…today… well…

Today was her first date with Leo.

And their first kiss.

And the first time Adelaide Parker felt that spark with someone…like… ever.


Nope - Addie couldn’t get him off her mind. She tried… oh she definitely tried.

That’s why she was here: the grocery store with her brother who, albeit shocked by her appearance home a few days prior, appreciated her being around. And honestly, Addie appreciated him too - he was a good distraction. Doing things that she hadn’t done the first time around was a good distraction. It helped her avoid Leo and… occupy her mind… even with something as mundane as buying groceries for their fridge because in JJ’s words, “You’re back for like 2 days and we’re basically out of everything. Where do you even put all that food? Do you have three stomachs or…” Yeah that argument went on for a while - but in ADDIE’S DEFENSE - he barely had anything in the fridge and pantry’s when she got there in the first place.

“Oh oh oh, WAIT STOP DRIVING SO FAST WE NEED THAT.” Addie yelled. Currently, Adelaide Parker was sitting in an almost full cart, crisscross applesauce. And before you judge her for 1. The childish sitting in the cart or 2. The mass amount of deserts and unhealthy food that she had pushed her brother to grab - LET HER LIVE. She had her young 17 year old body that could eat anything and act childish and she was going to USE that.

“We do not need chocolate cupcakes, Addie”

“We always need chocolate cupcakes, JJ.”

“Addie, we have chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate frosting and cake mix because you wanted to BAKE a cake even though you haven’t baked anything a day in your life, Hot Chocolate, marshmallows, quite literally a whole box of Reeses, chocolate covered pretzels, and god knows what else you grabbed while I was driving this cart. We do not need chocolate cupcakes”

HOW DARE HE. Do you know what addie did to that? DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID?

She pouted.

“Oh don’t you start.”

She pouted some more.

“Addie… stop with those eyes…”

Annnnnd she pouted some more, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Oh for fcks sake. Fine. FINE. I’ll go back and grab them. ONLY because you just got here.”

Annnd she won. Giving him her award wining smile, Addie started saying “Thank yo…” , before, of course, she realized what she was doing. He had moved the cart she was in towards a side aisle; leaving it there with the words of “I’ll be back with the damn cupcakes”



Addie watched as he gave her a big grin, and put his thumbs up before continuing to walk away.



“He’s bloody gone… great… just… perfect and I’m in this aisle… with a cart full of food… and I don’t bloody know how to get out… because… fck.” ,

Was she talking to herself? Yes… don’t judge her. Rude. Addie liked to talk through her options, okay… which were highly limited. Here’s the thing - 2012+ grocery carts - not as hard to get out of… 1998 grocery carts… a little taller… a lot more unsteady especially with the weight of a person and it being full of food. In other words - she could honestly hurt herself if she got out of here herself… and Justin knew that. HE KNEW SHE’D BE STUCK UNTIL HE CAME BACK. That mother fcker was gonna get kicked in the shins. No doubt.


Addie mumbled again, putting her head in her hands as she cursed - especially after hearing another cart squeaking towards her… which meant that she had her first… guest appearance. Was Addie really embarrassed of the situation… no… was she still going to murder her brother… Yes.

Okay Addie - just smile and pretend like you belo… oh…

Everything moved in slow motion as Addie caught sight of Leonardo Azure staring at her with his GOD FORSAKEN smirk as he brought his cart closer to where she was. How was he here? Why was he here? What the… sht.

Her heart was racing.

Of course it was racing - she hadn’t seen him for a few days and all she had been doing FOR those few days was thinking of him.

Now he was here. Right here.

The day their date was originally meant to be - just a couple hours before. AND… and he looked good. No… NO… don’t think like that Addie. Stop it. Stupid 17 year old hormones, fcking hell.

I promise Addie wasn’t usually like this. But goood teenage hormones were hard to work with. Also… no one could really blame her right? It was Leo… her Leo. And also had anyone seen Leo? Him wearing that henley and sweatpants wasn’t helping the situation at all. No sir.

But, how was he here?

No seriously, how?


“You have to be kidding me” Addie mumbled under her breath. That was automatic - those words. After all, It was incredulous that he was here in the first place. Pulling her eyes away from his (which was so bloody hard)… Adelaide found herself, once again, pulled into the reality of her surroundings. Right.

Right… sex aisle.


She could work with this.

Looking at the aisle behind her, Addie allowed her eyes to skim the aisle until she found a familiar Trojan box. Grabbing the equivalent of the family sized version of those, Adelaide threw it in his direction, watching the man catch it before adding “Well you’ve done your business in this aisle, you can leave now darling”

Good one Addie.

No honestly, someone should give her a pat on the back for that one because thinking on the spot was hard when LEO was staring at her.

"What makes you think this is the only reason I’m here?”

A soft laugh left her lips as she looked at him. This felt natural… normal even. He walked himself into this one - turning back around. Addie grabbed yet another familiar item before turning around and this time, throwing him a bottle of lube.

“Anything else I can grab you?”

She saw his smile grow at that - the little shake of is head as he held in a laugh.

Oh fck him. Fck his laugh. Fck that smile. Fck the fact that she wanted to kiss him right now so hard that he forgot where the hell he was. Fck…

"Maybe focus on getting what you need instead of trying to guess what I might get.””

Oh I wasn’t guessing darling. Everything I handed to you will come in peak use sooner or later I’m sure. Your future girl will thank me. Now go run off so you can find her. I can worry about what I need in the meantime."

" You’re so sure you know me so well, but I guess that’s for me to know, and that future girl to find out.”

There was a telling smile on his lips, and after a second she saw him pulling his cart away and walking away from her. It shouldn’t have happened… her heart drop. She didn’t want him to leave… well… she did… but also.

“WAIT… wait…”

What was she doing? Whatever it was - she should’ve stopped. She saw him turn around and immediately, she found herself speaking.

“I do… need one thing actually. Could you help me down from here? My brother is a bloody idiot and abandoned me here and I don’t know how long he’s going to take…”

He didn’t hesitate; just a nod as he walked back towards her - leaving his cart a few feet away as he came to stand right in front of her.

“Color me shocked… no ultimatum this time?”

“I’m more than what you expect from me, darling.”

A sigh left her lips at his teasing… what was she doing? Addie could have easily waited for Justin… She could have… but also… she… didn’t want to.

Addie stood up on the cart attempting to balance as it started moving - something he helped with as he grabbed the cart so she’d be stable.

“Okay… god… how the bloody hell am I supposed to do this?”

Looking up at her, Addie could see his eyes. He was thinking; looking at the cart - and then back at her.

“Put your arms around me.”

Distance… Addie… distance.

What was she doing?

Maybe… maybe deep down she knew…

Putting her elbows on him - Addie attempted to keep some semblance of distance as she attempted to navigate how the hell she was going to get her feet up. One foot at a time? Well… that didn’t exactly end well because she lost her footing on the stupid cart and ended up completely wrapping her arms around him in an attempt not to trip and fall - followed by him letting go of the cart and completely wrapping his arms around her.

So yes. Addie was wrapped around Leo - and for a moment, she felt at peace. The feeling of his arms around her was… indescribable. Even as Addie found both feet on the floor - her eyes were glued on him as her arms remained around his neck. She missed this… so fcking much. She loved him… and she was entranced by his proximity… his touch… his smell. For a second - she just looked at his face… his eyes, his lips… back to his eyes.




Blinking a few times, Addie had to clear her throat to push herself out of the trance and push herself away from him.

What the hell? Fck. Out of all thing she should have done - this wasn’t one of them.

"Right…um… thank you… for that. And… um…. practice safe sex… and… have a good party tonight… I should… yeah… I should go.” "

And with that - without looking back, Adelaide Parker grabbed the cart and zoomed off the OPPOSITE direction of Leo - trying to find that idiot of a brother she had so that they could LEAVE.

pt 2




*✿❀ ❀✿*

For some reason, Enrique continued the conversation. She had expected… slash hoped that he would leave shortly after Maddy. But no, here he was wondering why she didn’t like him. What did it matter to him? Annie and Ricky never spoke. They had gone 3 years of school without encountering each other, Annie was pretty certain she could go one more. Despite this, she entertained the conversation, an amused smile crossing her face as he attempted to get an explanation out of her.

But instead of giving him one, Annie just raised her eyebrows, taking a sip of the drink he had just poured her. “Wow, I didn’t know Enrique Montoya was so insecure,” Annie told him surprised. She then put her cup down, taking both his shoulders and shaking him in a mock-pleading manner. Why do you hate me, Annie? What did I do wrong? How can I fix it?” Annie exaggeratedly implored, before dropping her hands - as well as her act - and backing away from him.

“You’re Everyone’s type? Where is she? I’d be interested to meet her, she sounds troubled,” Annie responded, with no hint of sarcasm in her voice, looking around for an imaginary person. Annie had opted for a joking response as the idea of trying to debate Enrique on his stance didn’t seem too appealing to her.

*✿❀ ❀✿*

@benitz786 Enrique Montoya

Dan fcked up: Time Skip Unknown - May 20th, 1998

Okay so maybe…


Just maybe…

“… are you absolutely…”

Adelaide Belle Parker…

“…bloody kidding me? This is…”

… wasn’t meant to be in the kitchen…

“…I don’t even know what this is. I can’t even call this a mess because a “mess” doesn’t even start to describe how disgusting this kitchen is”

So yeah… long story short, Addie tried to make that chocolate cake she bought… and yeah… it didn’t… exactly go well. And by didn’t go well - Addie meant she was currently on the floor, with egg somehow in her hair, cake mix all over the ground, annnnd chocolate drip and frosting splattered on places chocolate should never be. No really - like her entire outfit had some sort of brown coloring on it and…


“Did that just… Addie did chocolate just drip from the ceiling. HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET CHOCOLATE ON THE CEILING.”

“You know, this wouldn’t have happened if you helped me”

“OH don’t you blame this on me. I told you I’d help after dinner and you didn’t want to wait…”

“WELL I didn’t, JJ. We ran out of chocolate and I wanted more.”

“See that’s another thing I don’t understand. HOW DID WE RUN out of chocolate when we literally went to the store a day ago”

“Two days.”


“OHH don’t you start JJ, I wanted chocolate, we were out of what I wanted, so I decided to make some… and YOU didn’t help so HERE we are.”



sigh… how about this. You… go take a shower and meet me down here in 20. If you promise to NEVER EVER make anything ever again in this kitchen, I’ll buy you a slice of chocolate cake tonight at the dinner.”

“Just one?”

“God damn it woman, how many do you want?”

Addie laughed putting her hand out so that JJ could finally help her up off the floor.
“A chocolate cake anddddd a chocolate martini?”

“Ads, We’re not in London, you can’t drink here.”

“Figure it out, and I promiseeeeee I’ll never step in the kitchen while i’m here again.”

“You know what - fine. Just… go get clean while I call the maid and tip her because… god she’s going to hate us. No… No she’s going to hate you…”

“Oh shut up, Esmeralda loves me, we both know that.”

“Not for long.”

Okay - look… In Addie’s defense… she was clean now, in a pretty dress - sitting beside her brother and across from her future sister in law at, honestly, an extremely boogie restaurant. And yes - perhaps the cake incident would go down in history (specifically this world’s history) but she was trying okay… maybe she should have gotten help but… she really did think she could do it herself. Not that she’d actually ever attempted cooking or baking anything in her life… but there were instructions. They were just… confusing instructions.

Like… for one, how do you “fold” in butter? How does one fold any food in general, let alone fold it in. Or whisk - how long does one whisk something? Maybe Adelaide had been spoiled in her life (both lives) - but she never really had a need to step inside a kitchen for anything more than grabbing a quick coffee, or cereal, or maybe, MAYBE, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which was pretty much all of her culinary skills).

AND maybe in this world - that’s what she could do. After all - she needed something to distract herself from all the excess time she’d have without Leo so maybe she should get some cooking lessons.

On the topic of Leo - Addie had done well to get him off her mind. Totally. Yep. For sure. OKAY FINE - maybe part of why she was baking when she had NO idea how to do so was to distract herself and it was WORKING okay. Totally.


AND you know what else was working - spending time with her little brother whom she adored - specifically at places that she knew Leo would never be caught dead at. And in today’s saga - it as the new “Daisy’s” restaurant that had opened up this month. Yes - if she remembered correctly - while they were dating, Addie was telling Leo how her brother loved this new restaurant (because yes, JJ had told her allllll about it) and he visibly gagged at the name. Why? That was something she didn’t figure out until the two were engaged when Leo finally revealed to her that he had the worst food poisoning the first and last time he went there. Sooo suffice to say, Addie got two things out of the memory of that interaction:

  1. Whenever her brother came here, the food was amazing - hence SAFE for her to go.
  2. Leo would never be coming here - again, SAFE for her to go.
  3. Addie had company to distract her from other… things… you know… things that were specifically 6 foot… blue eyed… blonde haired… annoyingly handsome… and… you know what… she was going off on a tangent about things SHE SHOULDN’T be thinking about anyways so… yeah… yeah a distraction was needed.

“Here is that chocolate martini, your scotch, and vodka lime and soda.”

Thank goooood the drinks had arrived. You know what - screw the company, this is what Addie really needed. Addie hadn’t even waited a second before taking a looong sip of her drink after thanking the waiter.

“Come on Addie, slow down there. We have an entire dinner for you to drown your drink.”

“Come on babe, don’t tell her how fast to drink. Clearly your sister can handle her liquor… unlike you.”


“I’m kiddingggg, loosen up.”

Adelaide watched as Natalia placed her hand lovingly on JJ’s, though that was soon followed by Natalia placing her other hand to cup her lips so that only Addie could see it - mouthing “I’m not kidding”

A soft laugh left Addie’s lips as she looked at her brother with a smile. “If I haven’t said this already, I like her. Don’t fck this one up JJ.”

“I agree.”

“You know, I’m not loving the fact that I’m being tag teamed at this table.”

“Get used to it babe - now that your sister’s in town, I don’t think you’ll be winning any argument anytime soon. Anyways, I’m going to freshen up a bit.”

“Actually, hold up Natalia, I’ll come with.”

It was strange - knowing the future of not only herself… but also the people around her. At this point, Adelaide knew Natalia extremely well. Honestly, they were pretty friendly - after all, she did marry her favorite brother. Okay fine maybe she shouldn’t name favorites but… well… Addie did have a closer relationship to Justin then she did with her younger siblings - Christopher and Katherine - who always seemed closer to each other. Though, she couldn’t exactly blame them: they were 12 and twins after all… and away at boarding school so she only wrote to them. She adored them too… it was just… a different relationship.

Anyhow - Addie knew Natalia. She was a brides-mate at her wedding, she consoled her when Justin and her had fights. They were truly friends - especially after Miranda… well… never mind that. It was hard - Addie was changing her life up… but did that mean she had any right to change up Natalia’s… especially knowing the heartbreak JJ was going to cause with the Dana situation? Maybe she should… knock some sense into her brother. But then Jezebel would never be born… see… it was a sticky situation…

“So how messy of a kitchen are we talking exactly?.”

“It’s… it wasn’t that messy.”

“Terrible then?.”

“Yeah… okay fine it was pretty fcking awful. I don’t think anyone should ever let me into a kitchen ever again.”

So what happened in the bathroom? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. That’s girl stuff okay? No but honestly - both Addie and Nat laughed about stupid things. Fixed their make up. Talked about how dumb JJ can be sometimes: and then they were off- back to their seats.


They were… headed back to their seats…

The issue was as Addie left the bathroom with Nat, laughing about… god she didn’t even know what she was laughing about anymore… because the instant she looked towards her table, there was another table that caught her eye. Specifically - the table right beside where JJ was seated. The funny thing was… she couldn’t even see the front of his face. No; she simply saw the back of his head… and she knew exactly who it was.

It couldn’t be, could it? It was just her mind playing tricks. He couldn’t be there.

There was no possible way.


No because it didn’t make sense. He wasn’t supposed to be here. There was no way in the world that he was here. It wasn’t him right? She was just imagining it. She had to be.

No she wasn’t. Addie saw him turning as he faced a waiter and it was him… in the flesh. Leonardo Azure… for the third time in… what? 6 days?

“Addie hey…”

No she wasn’t. Addie saw him turning his head as he faced a waiter and it was him… in the flesh. Leonardo Azure was in front of her… for the third time in… what? 6 days?

And was he… he couldn’t be… was he on a date? Sitting across from Leo was this gorgeous… girl. She had long raven colored hair that fell to her back and pale skin - contrasted by the deep red shade of lipstick she wore. It had to be a date… no girl would dress that nice… and be at a restaurant like this if it wasn’t a date. Not to mention, said east asian girl had her hand on top of Leo’s now.


This girl was holding Leo’s hand.


“Huh? Wha…? Sorry.”

Adelaide brought her attention back to Natalia.

“Where did you just go?”

“Nowhere… no… I’m fine… I just… I can’t go back to that table…”

“You have something with that guy don’t you?”

“No it’s not like that…”

“I’ll go scream at him for you. No because has he seen you? Let me at hi…”

Addie grabbed Natalia’s hand before she could march over there.

"No no it’s seriously not like that…It’s… I just can’t go back to our table. I’m so sorry Nat, but could we just… finish this at home. I don’t think I can be here.

“Hey… hey are you sure? I honestly don’t care - I’ll fck him up for screwing with you.”

“No I’m oka…”

“Do you need anything? I can come home with you?”

“No…no you two have a good date. Bring me home my takeout…”


"Natalia I’m okay…It’s nothing… actually "

“What can I do? Honestly?”

She wasn’t going to stop. Addie knew Natalia - and she knew that if she wanted to do something, she would. So unless Addie gave her a task - this… it wasn’t going to end.

"Fine. Fine… could you just go over there and tell me the vibes of what’s going on? Just to be clear Nat - we’re not dating. He’s not in the wrong, Okay? "

Nat didn’t need anything else - there was a smile on her face as she held Addie’s hand for a second before walking back towards JJ’s table with a mission - leaving Adelaide to contemplate what the hell was going on.

It wasn’t possible for him to be here. He hated this place… and it’s not like Addie being here for all of six days would have change the fact that in a week, past… Addie talked to him about this and he said he hated this place.


No it wasn’t possible - Leo made it seem like he was here when it first opened up and… well… okay technically it was the first month this restaurant was open. But… wait… did that mean this was Leo’s first time being here?

And… if it was his first time being here… then he… he was going to get the worst food poisoning of his life today. Okay Addie… there you go. A distraction… it wasn’t a date. And even if it was… it wasn’t her problem to worry about. No…

Nope… she could think about other stuff. Like… like did Leo actually go on a date 2 days after she went on a date with Leo in the original timeline? Okay fine look - Addie knew they weren’t exclusive at the time like… it was their first date. But… well… Adelaide at least thought that first date was special and to know he was here with someone else TWO days after kind of… well… it hurt her. It made that moment less special in her heart… was that bad? Was it bad to be reducing a moment in her timeline only because she saw it happen in this one? And clearly… they were on a date. She was TOUCHING his hand, and batting her eyelashes… and she was gorgeous so why wouldn’t Leo go out with her.

Adelaide had to physically pull her eyes away from the scene and stop looking. What was she even doing? She had to get out of here - what was the point of her even being here anymore. She should go. And honestly; she was ready to do so. Addie was about to move towards the exit in a hurry when she found a waiter dropping off a menu to a new group and her head jumped back to the topic of… food poisoning. Right… worst meal of his life…

Addie didn’t want that for him…

The whole point of what she had been doing was to protect Leo… and… well… maybe this was just another way of protecting someone she loved.

“Excuse me.”

Addie stated, stopping a waiter who was about to head back to the kitchen - something she was near being in the back. “You see that guy over there - blonde hair, blue shirt? Did you take his order?”

“The one by the door? Yeah… I… why?”

“Um… this is going to sound… you know what it doesn’t matter how it sounds. Could you make sure he doesn’t get anything he ordered? I don’t know what you have to tell him… tell him the kitchen ran out and you just realized… but don’t let him have anything he ordered…”

“I can’t do…”

Addie didn’t let him get any words out - her purse was already open and she had already pulled out multiple hundreds out of her purse.


“Ma’am I can’t just…”



“300 - no questions asked. Just make sure that he can’t get anything he ordered. Give him alternative options. Anything else…”

“… Okay…”

“Here’s 400$ Get him two glasses of 1988 Pino Noir on “the house” for the inconvenience”

And with that; the waiter left - walking to the kitchen probably to get that wine. And just like that; Natalia was back.

“I’ll be honest with you… I hate when people beat around the bush. If they aren’t fcking already, they will be tonight.”


“Honestly Addie, you can do better. I recognized that girl from highscool. She just graduated and honestly, she was a btch to everyone. Anyone who likes a girl who’s ready to stab anyone in the back - not worth it. But yea… she had her hand on his pants and her leg all up in his space. Not worth it.”

“Mind… bringing me home that chocolate cake that Justin promised me?”

“Obviously… and ice cream. I’ll bring ice cream.”

“Thank… thanks Nat… I really appreciate it.”

“I can also scream at that dude?”

A laugh left Addie’s lips… even though she didn’t really feel like laughing… “No… like you said. It’s not worth it. Have a good date okay?”

And for the second time - Addie was left alone - standing on the side near the bathroom - hidden from most people. She needed to go. Honestly a quick walk out would probably have her out unnoticed - even by Leo. Okay… that’s all she had to do. Walk and get a taxi - and yes, Leo… here a taxi would be easy to get.

And she was about to… she was… until a certain girl walked past her and into the bathroom… and at the same time, the waiter had approached Leo with the news that his “food” wouldn’t be coming.

Maybe it would have been the perfect time to leave… Leo was distraced, after all. But… well… something pulled her into doing possibly one of the most stupid things she had ever done. Adelaide walked back in the bathroom - and… towards the mirror where Leo’s date was standing.

The girl was slightly taller than Addie - and looking at her self in the mirror while fixing her lipstick. She was pretty… very… so much so that it honestly made Addie a little insecure. Addie followed suit - looking at herself in the mirror, pretending to fix her makeup… until she finally got the courage to say something.

“Hey… I just have to say, your outfit is gorgeous…”

It took a second for the girl to turn her direction; but when she did, there was a smile on her face as she acknowledged the complement. Addie knew girls like this - and she knew exactly how to approach them and with what energy to do so with. She wanted the girl to be comfortable - and that meant… flatter her ego. “Aww thank you. I just got this dress. I love your shoes. Are those Louboutins?”

“Yeah! They are - I got bored out of my mind this week and had to go on a shopping spree so I’m glad someone noticed. My brother’s an idiot and besides saying “You look great” he can’t tell a Lou’ from a Jimmy”

“Urgh boys are idiots.”

Addie smiled and turned back to her mirror to fix her hair for a second. She had to take this slow… she knew… and yes… YES she knew what she was doing was… shtty… okay? She couldn’t help it… “Hey… I know it’s none of my business but are you dating that Leonardo Azure guy? I saw you walk in together.” Addie wasn’t looking at the girl - paying all her attention in the mirror pretending to once again fix her lipstick.

“Oh, yeah kind of. Do you know him?”

Addie didn’t answer her question - she just made a concerned look before continuing.

“Kind of? Have you kissed him?”

“Not yet… why?”

The feigned concern on Addie stayed on her features as she spoke “Oh… ew… I mean… it’s nothing… but I would just try to postpone it for as long as possible.” Addie cleared her throat, pretending to look around the bathroom before continuing “I went on a few dates with him before and… great guy… he just… has this… uh… salivary gland condition… yeah he doesn’t really like to talk about it but…” Addie put her hands to her mouth and opened it slightly - trying to give a girl an illustration about… well… this fictional Leo Azure she was painting.

“it felt like I was drowning” Addie made a slight gagging noise.

“Oh my god, ew…”

A soft laugh left Addie’s lips "I know, it was repulsive… but Hey " Addie smiled "every happiness to you both. "

To say the girl looked repulsed was an understatement. No truly - she stayed there silent for a moment as Addie went back and fixed her hair one last time. “It was really nice to meet you… good luck with your date.” Addie added - leaving the girl there and hearing but a faint thank you as she left.

Look… she knew what she did was bad.


But also… she just… she couldn’t help it… the thought of Leo being with someone else… this fast hurt her… okay?

Fck… maybe what she did was wrong. But right now, her larger concern was leaving: which didn’t seem that big a concern as she found Leo STILL talking to the waiter. Clearly… he wasn’t happy… but at least this gave her the chance to leave unnoticed… and that she did… because before she knew it, Adelaide Parker had left the restaurant.

Pt 3



A Series of First Christmases

Part I: Christmas Eve, 2026

“It’s still pretty early, should we watch a Christmas movie?” Emily asked from the living as Zion was pouring two glasses of wine in the kitchen. They finished pouring the drinks and sat down beside their wife on the couch. This was the first Christmas they were spending together as a married couple and they had closed the bakery early today so they could have dinner and go to church with Zion’s family. They were also keeping it closed tomorrow so they could spend the day together and have dinner with Emily’s parents.

“That sounds like a great idea.” They responded, handing her one of the glasses. They tucked their knees into their chest, gently leaning against her as the two debated their options. They watched their movie, refilling their glasses a few times and just silently enjoying each other’s company. They changed positions a few times over the course of the film but by the end of it, Emily was sleeping with her head on their shoulder.

“Did I fall asleep?” She asked sleepily, waking up just as the credits started rolling. Zion laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, you did.” They responded, gently running their hands through their hair. She sat up straight, letting Zion stand up and they walked over to the Christmas tree in the corner of the room. They picked up a small box from under it and brought it back to where their wife was sitting. “Why don’t you open this one early?”

Emily took the box with a smile, delicately ripping the wrapping paper. Underneath was a small white box. She lifted the lid, revealing a silver snowflake ornament. The ornament was a photo frame and in the middle was a photograph of them on their wedding day. Emily took the ornament in her fingers, admiring it.

“Zion!” She exclaimed, her smile widening. “This is beautiful! Thank you.” She kissed them before resting her head against theirs.

“I wanted us to have something to commemorate our first Christmas being married.”

“Let me put it on the tree.” She stood up, beaming, and walked over to their Christmas tree. After scanning it for a few moments, she selected the perfect spot for the ornament and placed it on the tree before returning to Zion’s arms. “Merry Christmas, Zion.” She said as she snuggled into them.

“Merry Christmas, Emily.”

Part II: Christmas Day, 2032

Zion turned the oven light on, bending down to check on the cookies that they were baking. As they stood up, the doorbell rang.

“Zi, can you get that?” Emily called from upstairs. “It’s probably your brother.”

“On it!” They responded, walking to the front door. They opened it, revealing their brother and his family behind it. They greeted Christian first, then Kevin and then lowered themself to Athena’s level to talk to her. “Merry Christmas, Athena.”

“Merry Christmas.”

This was Athena’s first time spending Christmas with them and her dad had explained to Zion and Emily that the holiday was hard for her after the divorce. This would be her first “normal” Christmas in years. It showed in her body language. She was guarded, small. Her gaze was pointed down, even as she spoke to Zion, who was currently at her level. Simply put, she looked uncomfortable. As if she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Athena, do you know what I have in the oven right now?”


“I have Christmas cookies. Me and Aunt Emily baked them this afternoon. I think they’re ready, do you want to come see?” Athena nodded and Zion stood up, gesturing for the girl to follow them. She did so eagerly and when they took the cookies out of the oven, they turned around to find Athena looking at photos they had on display.

“Is that Chris?” She asked, pointing to a picture of them and their brother at Zion’s high school graduation. Zion set down the tray of cookies and walked over to Athena. They smiled as they looked at the picture, nodding to the girl to answer her question.

“It is! That’s from my high school graduation. Chris was 16 in that photo.”

“That’s a long time ago.” Zion laughed because they knew that she was insinuating that they were both old but she was right. It had been a long time since they’d graduated from high school. Now it felt like ages ago.

“I hadn’t even met Emily yet.”

They continued to look at the photos Zion and Emily had on display and Athena wanted to know the story behind each one. Zion happily told her all of them and by the time they were done, the cookies had cooled enough to be eaten.

Part III: Christmas Day, 2034

Zion was woken up by soft knocks on their door. Xavier had a tendency to wake up in the night, more often than not, needing comfort, and so over the past few months, Zion had become a light sleeper. They got out of bed and went to their door, finding a smiling Xavier standing behind it, his dog standing beside him, wagging his tail.

“Merry Christmas, Dama.” Xavier’s smile became contagious and Zion found themself grinning from ear to ear. This year would be their first celebrating Christmas as a parent and they couldn’t tell who was more excited, Xavier or them and Emily. They pulled him into a tight embrace, seconds later having to loosen it to give room for their wife.

“Merry Christmas, Xavier.” They responded, gently running their hand through his hair. The family migrated down to their living room and Zion watched as their son’s eyes lit up seeing all the gifts under the tree.

“Dante, look!” Xavier said to his furry friend as he found the Christmasy collar hanging beside the small stocking bearing Dante’s name. He showed it to him before getting his dog to sit so that he could exchange his collar for the new one and take a picture of Dante and his new festive accessory. The family continued their gift exchange, Zion having to hold back happy tears because of how perfect this moment with their finally complete family felt. At the end there was only one gift left.

“Xavier, I think that one is for you.” Emily directed, pointing to the lonely slim box under the tree. Xavier crawled under the tree to retrieve it, sitting back down with his parents before carefully unwrapping the gift and lifting the lid off of the box. Inside was a watch with a brown leather strap. He took the watch out of the box, running his fingers along the strap.

“Turn it over.” Zion instructed. Their son nodded and then did what he was told, turning over the watch to reveal an inscription of his full name and birthday on the back of the watch face. For a moment, he was quiet as he ran his finger over the inscription. “Do you like it?” He nodded.

“Mom, look.” He finally spoke, motioning for Emily to come closer to him. She complimented the watch before pulling him close. This triggered a chain reaction as Xavier put his arm around Zion, pulling them in as well. “This is the best Christmas ever."

The End

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★○★○ ~ 2033 ~ ○★○★

Peaked in high school? Delilah was a stranger to the concept. Her life truly began the moment she walked out of the doors of Cerulean High. With wide ambitions she was ready to make attainable, Delilah had taken her business management degree to the up-and-coming fashion company, Opulent Couture, impressing the interviewer with her insights when she told them that “I should really be looking elsewhere if the workers here are resorting to shirts as reminders of the days of the week. Perhaps I’m mistaken, I thought this was the business of setting trends, not parading the thrift-store rejects.” What could she say? Judgement had always come naturally to Delilah Hawthorne.

Seamlessly, Delilah moved up the ranks. Any company would have been a fool to keep her at the bottom, anyway. After successfully rebranding the tragic case of Opulent Designs, Delilah had then utilised that experience - as well as her own eye for fashion and natural determination - to create her own fashion company. With the successes already at Delilah’s name, DRH Designs sky-rocketed in popularity. Soon enough, Delilah was the CEO of one of the world’s top-ranking fashion enterprises, a company built by and operated exclusively by women.

So, needless to say, Delilah Hawthorne was living the high-life. She had the luxury that everyone at Cerulean High knew was destined for her. Because of the lack of a Blue Royalty win in her senior year, Delilah worked for everything herself. She had spent the last few years putting everything into her work. Yes, it was in order to get to where she was now, but it was also all she had. Delilah remained fairly single in the last few years. ‘Fairly’ because… come on she had to have a little fun sometimes. It was made significantly easier too given her condition. Why use birth control when you could be infertile? She could just have the fun without the stress that once came with that. Besides, she had enough to be stressed about.

“We are not talking skimming the surface here, people. I don’t want to be hearing about your sh¡tty boyfriend or your latest Netflix obsession. I’m talking profit margin deep dives, every inch of our financial landscape. Revenue streams, cost structures, market trends. Understood?”

“Miss Hawthorne, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on the aesthetics and elements you think we should keep on for the new product packaging?” Asked a girl that couldn’t have been far out of her teen years, an iPad in hand awaiting notes to take. Abigail had been hired as an intern - and evidently so considering the lack of regard for the well-established standards sought out for the packaging. Delilah gave her a smile nevertheless as she turned to her. “Abigail, of course, ensure you explore options that exude sophistication and the brand identity of empowerment. Consider the colour palette as—”

The feeling of dizziness that had started as the intern began talking became unavoidable. “If you would just excuse me for a moment,” Delilah told her as she began retreating from Abigail. She headed to her office bathroom, her footsteps increasing in speed when realising what was about to happen. She was not about to throw up in front of anyone. Thankfully, she made it to the toilet on time. To her colleagues, nothing had happened. Delilah continued working for the remainder of the day. She finished her work day after everyone else had left as she normally did, but on this occasion she stopped at the pharmacist before home.

“I need something for nausea,” Delilah declared to the man at the desk. The man’s eyes flicked from Delilah to her computer screen, pulling up the possible causes for her condition. “If I could just ask you a few questions on any other symptoms you might have?”" He asked, to which Delilah nodded.

“Do you have a fever?”


“Stomach cramps?”


“Have you missed a period?”

The lack of an answer caught the woman’s attention, being an answer in itself. “The pregnancy tests are in the back aisle,” He advised, to which Delilah scoffed. “I don’t get pregnant’,” Delilah remarked, using air quotes for such an impossible idea. “Are you new? Can I talk to someone that might know what they’re talking about?” She asked, impatiently. “Certainly. But I’m sure they would tell you the same thing. There’s a bathroom here if you need to use it,” He told her, unfazed by Delilah’s comment implying his incompetency. Clearly this person was not someone worth wasting time arguing with, and so Delilah sighed, reluctantly walking to the indicated aisle. It was pointless, but she picked up one of the tests, placed a few dollar bills on the counter and headed for the bathroom.

It was not long before Delilah came back out, with the same composure that she had gone in with. The pharmacy was empty, and clearly the man had been having a slow day as he was looking over expectantly. “I don’t know what kind of training they are giving you here,” She commented as she walked past him to throw the box in the bin. “Thank you for nothing,” Delilah smiled ingeniunely before leaving.

Only once she had driven home and parked in front of her house could Delilah pull out the pregnancy test she had saved. An undeniable wave of déjà vu flooded through her as she tried to process what was in front of her.

A positive test.