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Blue Royalty
a roleplay by @eclipseis

Welcome to Blue Royalty, the game that tests your limits and loyalties. The prize? The most distinguished and established title someone could earn, a place on The Blue Bloods. But, this is a game, and your place on there is anything but permanent. The everlasting race to get to the top will break your relationships and shape you as a person forever - are you in?

Senior year. The year to study, take exams and fight for a place on the Blue Bloods. The top tier. The inner circle. The upper crust. Admired by some, envied by all. The Blue Bloods are 5 superior socialites who have earned a fragile yet powerful place on the list. But, you have to earn and remain your place on the peak of the social ladder.

Blue Royalty centres around the senior class of Cerulean High, fighting, backstabbing, competing against each other for a place on the infamous list - The Blue Bloods. The five students, who have proved themselves to be worthy enough through tasks set by the gamemaster, will score a place on the list. But, you have to be willing to do anything to get to the top. From plagiarising essays to kissing best friend’s boyfriends, those who end the senior year on the list become Blue Royalty forever. In the small, but prestigious and wealthy, town of Beryl Heights, the infamous game has been going on for decades, and the names of the Blue Royalties are never forgotten, as they have lived highly successful lives with special privileges above the rest.


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  • Unless you purposely want your character to lose points (which is obviously allowed haha), please do not say what your character’s tasks are, or make it too obvious what is and isn’t a task!

Thank you so much to @sunflower.flow for helping with the plot, and @anon69836121 for helping with tasks!


September 7th, Rockefeller Residence

The party had been situated at the house of a Blue Royalty, Adam Rockefeller, on a business trip and willing to do anything to give back to the game that got him everything. The house had been left in the ideal condition for a party, from the fully stocked bar to the perfectly lit pool area outside, with waiters carrying trays of drinks dressed in navy blue to fit the occasion. Now, all that’s left to complete the setting is the ambitious and wide-eyed seniors about to embark on the Blue Royalty experience.



Delilah Rose Hawthorne

Though she knew she didn’t need to, Delilah checked her immaculate appearance on the full length mirror in the middle of her professionally decorated room. She was dressed quite simple for her with her long, dark and naturally curled hair straightened and slicked back, because she knew the time for extravagance will come later. Satisfied with what she saw, she called her driver to pick her up, ignoring the texts from dozens asking if she will be attending the party. Not too long after, a jet black Rolls Royce parked outside the front door where Delilah was already standing, impatiently waiting.

“Clearly, timing is quite the challenge for you,” She abruptly stated as the driver opened the door for her. Delilah threw her Fendi handbag onto the seat further away from her before she finally sat down and gave her driver the address. Then there was just silence in the car, as she had put a stop to the small talk started by her driver the first few rides. The car was filled with the sound of Delilah’s newly manicured nails tapping the screen of her phone, scrolling through her Instagram page, making sure there was a satisfactory number of likes on her posts. Of course there was.

Despite complaining about her driver’s timing, Delilah still managed to arrive at the party at the perfect time between being on time and being too late. By quickly scanning the room she could see that most people were already here, no one could take the risk of not coming to this party, knowing how important it was. Delilah couldn’t help but notice the small, but noticeable, amount of people looking down at their phones, worried, and she gave a small laugh. She had already seen her tasks, and she already knew she was going to complete them tonight - and maybe complete a few tasks of her own. She was in the mood for chaos and destruction.

Delilah was pleased to see the wealth and luxury that the venue, owned by a Blue Royalty, exuded. She knew that when she became Blue Royalty that owning a place like this would only be the beginning of her achievements. She elegantly made her way over to the bar, taking a seat next to the empty one, which she expected would soon be filled by her first encounter of the night.



Zion Pestana
Zion looked in the mirror, making an attempt to tame their curls. Once they were satisfied with their hair, which they ended up putting in a low bun and slicking back with gel, they stepped back and admired their outfit in the mirror. They left their room and walked down the staircase of their house. When they reached the front door they put on their boots and grabbed the keys to their white Audi S4.

They entered the car and put their bag into the passenger seat. After putting on their seat belt, they programmed the address of the party into their GPS and began driving. They turned on the radio and cranked the volume, the music filling the vehicle. Zion drove through the city, following the GPS.

They arrived to the party just after it started. They entered the room and admired the venue. This guy must be loaded if this is his house. They thought to themself, walking further through the crowd. They knew what they had to do and they were prepared to do it, through any means necessary. They went to the bar and ordered their first drink of the night. After collecting it, they walked away, taking a swig from the bottle.



Dominic Lucier
Dominic slicked his hair back, and adjusted the collar on his jacket. His outfit was, in his opinion, the perfect blend between casual and formal. He threw the contact his mother had given him in the trash, not even bothering to look at it for more than a few seconds. He laced up his white sneakers and walked down the spiral staircase to his family’s main foyer. He called his driver to pick him up and left the house, leaning against the door as he waited for the car. Soon, a black Cadillac rolled up to the door.

Dominic nodded in acknowledgement to the driver, who opened the door for him to get in. He sat down and gave the driver the address of the party. The two of them engaged in small talk for the first fifteen minutes, after which he asked the driver to turn up the radio to end the conversation. They rode the rest of the way in silence, Dominic looking out the window, watching the cityscape as it went by.

He arrived at the party within the first hour, noting its importance. He scanned the room, knowing that everyone there knew how important this party was and that no one would dare skip it. He’d received his tasks and was ready to complete them, though he didn’t entirely know how he’d complete one of them. In the mood for a drink, he walked over to the bar and sat down next to a girl who was already sitting there. “Hello.” He said to her, looking forward.


ℂ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕖 ℂ𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕖-

~2 Hours Before the Party~

A sigh left her lips as she glanced down at the blinking notification on her phone for the 32nd time in the last hour.

From: Blue Royalty
To: Candice Clarke

Blue Royalty Task List:

Candice hadn’t yet made any movements to even look at it – knowing that the minute she did, her life would be controlled by (what she considered) an idiotic game. Hell, if it was up to her… she would skip this party and be cooped up reading her favorite book in the comfort of her pajamas at home. Though all such thoughts were tarnished a second later as she found her mother entering her bedroom – a disapproving look present on the women’s features and a glass of Rosé already within her hand.

“Candice… You’re not even ready yet? It’s like you don’t care how important today is for the rest of your life,” her mother uttered, displeasure seething out of her voice. Though, it was nothing Candice hadn’t heard before – after all, who was she if not an utter disappointment to her mother?

Candice’s phone made another buzz driving her attention away from her mother before she could reply. Though the moment she looked down, the phone was snatched out of her proximity by the same women. “Darling, You didn’t tell me you received your tasks. I remember like it was only yesterday when I was your age and received my first tasks. Let me see.” She stated – though the way she asked, Candice understood it wasn’t a question.

With yet another sigh, Candice unlocked the phone – allowing her mother to be the one and only person who would see the list besides her. “Easy. You could do this with your eyes closed. They’ve really slacked off since my time… now go get changed and let me see what you’ve picked out.”

Getting up off the comfort of her bed, Candice begrudgedly went to her walk-in closet, closing the doors behind her. As she entered the extravagant room – one her mother had especially designed as “her daughter would only have the best” blah – Candice took a seat on the staircase situated inside. Taking her phone out, Candice had decided it was time to take a look at what she would be “striving” for during that night, though she regretted it the moment she did.

“God damn it,” she whispered, throwing the phone on her ground. She hated it – the game, her mother, all of it. But something in the back of her mind told her she couldn’t disappoint her mother – a voice that had been guiding her actions from the moment she was born.

As she looked at her phone sitting on the floor, she had this urge to talk to someone, anyone even for just a moment. Picking up the device, she scrolled through her contacts and her finger hovered above the name “Dominic Lucier,” - though she stopped herself. In all honesty, she should have deleted that number off of her phone years ago – though she never had the heart. Holding her head high, Candice turned off the device and took a minute sitting in silence before grabbing the dress she had picked out and changed.

She exited the closet only to find her mother on the phone, deep in what seemed like an “important” conversation about the next charity fundraiser she was hosting – though as the women saw her daughter exiting the words “Will you hold,” left her lips.

“You’re wearing that? Why don’t you wear that black dress with the low neckline? And black hides that extra baby weight?” her mother stated, though before Candice could even reply, her mother had already begun talking on the phone again – exiting her room with that comment.

In a few words Candice was infuriated, annoyed, and just generally p^ssed off. It was this very anger what fueled what the girl did next. At that moment, Candice put on her leather jacket – not bothering to change – and made her way to her mother’s personal bar. Entering the room, she grabbed a bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka her mother had been saving and did three shots – just enough to get her tipsy enough to make it through the party. With that, she made her way outside to the driver her mother had prepared for her.


Entering the venue, Candice could feel the alcohol going to her head. She had always been what people called a “fun” drunk though from her point of view, she was simply ready to party after having a few drinks in her. Heading towards the bar, Candice quickly stopped in her tracks seeing the familiar dirty blonde hair of her ex. With that, an involuntary “no, no, nope” left her lips as she attempted to make a quick exit – though in doing so, crashing into another party-goer.

“I… hiccup would be sorry… but… hiccup” she whispered, hiccupping - a clear sign she displayed after drinking – “… but I’m a little, hiccup itsy bitsy tipsy so you’ll have to… hiccup forgive me.”

Mentioned: @Caticorn (Dominic Lucier)
ORP: Available for whoever wants to be the person who Candice will have a drunken conversation with :stuck_out_tongue:


Delilah Rose Hawthorne

Within a matter of seconds of her taking a seat, she was joined by someone who she thought he heard greeting her, though the sound of his voice was drowned out by the music filling the mansion. Delilah not-so-subtly looked him up and down, she knew who he was. Being somewhat friends with Candice Clarke meant she had to know who he was. Firstly, he was someone thinking he could pull off a leather jacket. He certainly could not. Before she responded to him, Delilah wrapped her delicate hand around her Gin and Dubonnet she was just served and nonchalantly pressed the rim to her lips, taking a sip.

When the glass finally hit the side of the bar, she turned to him again. “Hello, Dominic,” Delilah replied, giving him a somewhat fake smile. It’s not that Delilah had a problem talking to a friends ex. She didn’t really care much for ‘girl-code’, and even so, she wouldn’t label Candice and her as being friends enough to adhere to the rules of it anyway. Delilah just saw him as quite boring, she thought it would be unlikely that he could prove her wrong, and she had hoped for someone a little more interesting to join her at the bar.

“Are you hoping to be the next Blue Royalty?” Delilah asked. She gave another smile, almost a laugh, that for a moment seemed genuine. But before he had the chance to answer, she added in a fairly condescending tone, "That’s cute. I wish you… the best of luck with that.

@/Caticorn — Dominic Lucier


Jezebel Mallory Sloane

September 7th, the day Jezebel would begin the fight to become that year’s Blue Royalty. Just nineteen years earlier her parents were the ones waiting for their first tasks. This was finally her chance to earn her mother’s love, and even to be worth her father’s time. Jezebel knew that she had to make each day count, and do everything she could to achieve what her mother couldn’t. This first party meant everything, and her mother wasn’t even there for when Jezebel received her first tasks. Jezebel was all ready to leave when the message came across her phone. Both of her grandparents were at the hospital working, leaving Jezebel with no one around to see her reaction to the tasks. The tasks were simple really. Anyone else wouldn’t have had a problem, but they weren’t Jezebel. How would Jezebel have even the slightest of chance at becoming Blue Royalty if she couldn’t even complete one of her first tasks. A part of her wanted to, but whoever chose the tasks the seniors would have to complete knew exactly what she couldn’t make herself do, and there wasn’t much she couldn’t make herself do. Knowing she would lose points for not completing the task hurt, but the thought of even trying it made her sick to her stomach. How could she challenge something that terrified her. That fear was strong enough to make her feel like the loss of points would be worth it. She would just have to earn all the points she could in any other way. Taking some time to compose herself, she was finally ready for the party, even if she couldn’t complete one of her tasks. She called someone to give her a ride to the party, and as she walked up to the house belonging to Blue Royalty she took a deep breath. One freebie. One incomplete task, no more. That was my one. Now I have to do whatever it takes.



Dominic Lucier
Dominic took the drink he’d ordered from the bartender, a bottle of an IPA from Canada, and turned his head to look at Delilah. He knew that she was one of Candice’s friends. He watched as she took a sip of her drink and then spoke to him. She knew his name, which made him question what else she knew about him.

“Yes, I do.” He told her, in response to her question, rolling his eyes at her secondary statement. “I’ll have you know that my mother is a former Blue Royalty.” He informed her, his expression unimpressed that she discounted him so quickly. He disliked people who passed judgement upon others without knowing much about them. He took a swig of his drink, setting it back down on the bar.

“Although, I want to believe that I’m somewhat of a good person, so good luck to you too.” He told her, raising his bottle in mock acknowledgement.


Delilah Rose Hawthorne

She was unsurprised by him admitting to his Blue Royalty aspirations. He practically reeked of ‘trying too hard’ and there really was only one thing everyone tried too hard for. For a moment, Delilah mirrored his unimpressed expression when he told her his mother was Blue Royalty. When that moment ended, she threw her head back and laughed. She laughed in a very controlled way like she didn’t want to show too much emotion. Delilah was aware she also had a parent who was Blue Royalty, but she didn’t depend on it so much so that she had to bring it up minutes into a conversation. Unfortunately for him, Delilah remained bored and disinterested by Dominic and was doubtful towards that changing.

“Word of advice, having a parent of Blue Royalty is only going to get you so far,” Delilah explained, once she stopped laughing and taken another sip of her drink still in hand. “And jumping to tell everyone about it will probably not give the response you’re hoping for.”

Delilah gave another short laugh through her nose when he said what was possibly a dig at her not being a good person. Fair enough, She thought. She was aware she probably wasn’t seen as a good person, but that didn’t particularly matter to her. Delilah slowly raised her glass in response, remaining eye contact with him. She paused for a moment, waiting for him to leave. Then he didn’t. So, she decided to open the conversation, otherwise, this was going to be a very long night for her.

“So, Dominic,” she started, looking and gesturing around the mansion at everyone. Then she looked back at him. “Who will you be hooking up with tonight?”

@/Caticorn — Dominic Lucier


Calen James Hunter

Even though it would be his first time seeing his new classmates- and inevitable competitors- Calen felt rather prepared waking up the morning of September 7th. He didn’t know his way around Beryl Heights yet, having moved only a week ago, because he had spent all of his limited time researching and finding out about Blue Royalty. It was perfect for him. Calen knew that one of his primary focuses for his senior year, aside from ascending the social ladder and acing his classes, would be gaining a place on the legendary scoreboard that was the Blue Bloods and carry on to undoubtedly become Blue Royalty.

Perhaps he was overconfident, but that was because he was positive in the fact that he will do whatever it takes. Or at least try to.

The sound of a mocking laugh came from behind him as Calen checked his outfit in the mirror, intentionally choosing blue to fit the occasion. Calen turned, with raised eyebrows, to face his younger sister. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to get Blue Royalty?” Leilani marvelled. The Hunter family was filled with constant tension from the underlying rivalry of who was going to be the most successful descendant. “Yeah, well, you’re obviously never going to get it,” Calen replied, brushing past her without a second look. “So someone in the family has to.”

Conveniently, the Rockefeller Residence was situated not far from his new house, but that didn’t stop him from driving to the party to show off his (parents) Lamborghini since he knew first impressions were also based on the method of transport to the opulent and notorious parties like this one.

He parked the car next to the other extravagant cars, pleased to see how well his car fit in with the others-- which he hoped would also be the case with him and the crowd of seniors awaiting him in the property beside him. Calen took a glimpse at his phone that had just gotten a notification, before finally entering. Upon arriving, Calen smiled knowing that there were a few confused eyes his way at the stranger invading the party. He decided to approach someone, to make an attempt at taking his first step up the social ladder. Calen looked around and saw a blonde figure who had just arrived.

“I suppose you’re one of my competitors for Blue Royalty?” Calen inquired. “Well, they say to keep your enemies close, I’m Calen Hunter.”

@/Littlefeets — Jezebel Mallory Sloane


Jezebel Mallory Sloane

Jezebel had not been at the party long when someone else had arrived soon after her. Not just anyone, but someone that those already at the party did not recognize. That same unknown individual walked over to Jezebel, introducing himself as Calen. With a slight nod Jezebel said, “That I am, and you are certainly correct on that. Keep your friends close. And enemies closer, but at a time like this even the closest of friends are also our enemies. I’m Jezebel Sloane, and you Calen certainly have become well acquainted with this competition fairly quickly for being new around here.” Jezebel looked Calen over, wondering how being new to the area would impact him in his attempt to earn a place among the Blue Royalty. It would have advantages and disadvantages for sure. “What’s it like to be the underdog here, not knowing anyone here? Not knowing anything you can use to your advantage against anyone. Though I suppose it also means there’s nobody with dirt on you yet. Though, I’m sure it won’t be long before someone here has something to hold over your head.”

@novella - Calen James Hunter


Calen James Hunter

As the unnamed girl (who later introduced herself as Jezebel Sloane) started talking, his eyes perhaps not-so-subtly scanned above, around and behind her at the many new faces glimpsing back at him, shooting back a smile at some of them. Then his eyes circled back to Jezebel, looking her up and down just as she did him. She didn’t seem like much of a threat, but he’ll stay cautious anyway.

“The underdog, is that what I am?” He repeated, with eyebrows raised, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Calen had already weighted out the positives and negatives about being new, and he has tried to focus on the positives. That he had complete control over what people knew and didn’t know about him, that he has no relationships with anyone to sacrifice by completing a task and that he would be seen as the underdog. He had a feeling he’d be seen as one but he didn’t expect it to be said literally seconds into his first conversation. “Well, maybe I have no dirt for people to find.” He suggested with a shrug. “Therefore if you were trying, you might be looking for a long time.”

“So could you give some insight into what Cerulean High is really like?” He inquired. Calen had obviously done some research into the school, as well as Blue Royalty. It was one thing getting information about the students on the teacher-written, eager-to-please school website, but getting information from a senior who has the daily Cerulean experience is another.

@/LittleFeets — Jezebel Mallory Sloane



Engine revving. Windows down. Music at full blast. It was a feeling of bliss: the high speeds; the adrenaline coursing through her veins; those brief moments of recklessness. It was a feeling she lived for.

Aalia swerved left. In the passenger seat beside her sat Daniel Parker, held only by a seatbelt. A car honked; Aalia had cut them off. She laughed aloud, feeling the breeze ruffle her hair. Lowering her signature black shades down, one finger on the bridge of her frames, she grinned: a big, wide Cheshire Cat grin. Moments later, she glanced at Daniel. She looked to the windshield, then back, then gestured to her ears. “What?” she shouted. Had to, because the music was that loud.

A devious smile crossed her lips. If there was something he’d said, she hadn’t heard. She just cranked the radio up louder and threw her head back with a laugh. Smoothing her bangs out, Aalia reached a hand to open up the vanity mirror. A single bracelet adorned her wrist: freshwater pearls, unified with twine. It matched with the white polish of her nails. The blinding, chalk white rebelled against the pièce de résistance: a black one-shoulder bodycon. Its colour clashing. Monochrome.

She thought back to it. Blue Royalty. The tasks played out in her head. Nothing out of her comfort zone; she was going to end this day with fifteen points to her name. And there was nothing, or no-one, that could deny her that. Aalia had one goal in mind: and that was to win. Call her an egotist. Call it pride. She had everything it took.

As she parked in the driveway of Rockefeller Residence, she eyed something in the cupholder between herself and Daniel. For a second, Aalia toyed with the idea. Then, impulse took over. “Guess who’s getting disqualified tonight?” she cut a smirk, holding it up to her ear, in full view of Daniel Parker. She spoke, trying not to burst out into fits of laughter, “Oh? What was that Mr Phone? Your password is 6-3-7-1?”

But by this point, Aalia was long since out of the car: Daniel’s phone in one hand and the threat of stealing a glimpse of his challenges in the other.

And she was heading into the beating heart of the party.

@benitz786 (Daniel Parker)
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Also open if anyone wants to bump into Aalia (@BlueRoyalty).


Delilah Rose Hawthorne

The conversation with Dominic quickly got to the point where it was no longer bearable, she raised her eyebrows as he struggled to answer her question on hooking up. God, why are people so sensitive? She thought to herself, disapproving of the guy that sat before her. Since opening a conversation with him seemed to be near-impossible, Delilah knew if she wanted this night to be a good one, she cannot be wasting her time on dull people such as himself.

“Okay. Well. I’m going to go, to…” Delilah looked around at the crowd that had expanded immensely in the sparse time they had conversed. Then her eyes circled back to Dominic. “…find someone more interesting to talk to. Good luck on your big, yet unattainable, dreams of becoming Blue Royalty.”

Upon leaving her exchange with Dominic, she walked in the direction of the entrance and was taken out of her thoughts by someone crashing into her. “Could you watch where you’re going?” She demanded, looking straight down at her own outfit, to ensure it hadn’t been tainted or creased. When her eyes left her clothing, she realised who the figure was. Candice Clarke. Delilah sighed but approached her anyway in the hope that Candice would be more engaging than her ex-lover.

Delilah scanned Candice with her eyes, stopping on the plain red dress she had chosen to wear. Was she really wearing that? She wondered. Everyone knew that black hid that extra baby weight. But the poor fashion choice was quickly forgotten when it was painfully obvious that Candice had not entered the party sober. Delilah laughed, Candice was in no way going to survive the night in this state. Nor was she even going to be able to think about her tasks, let alone do them. So that automatically ruled Candice out of the race. Because it was loud, Delilah leaned forward slightly so Candice’s drunken self could have a chance at understanding what she was about to say.

“Well, leaving a party like this is very much your style.” Delilah declared. “But, how exciting, you decided to switch it up. I hope your aware that this doesn’t mean you’re magically going to be able to leave the party sober.”

@/benitz786 — Candice Clarke


Daniel Parker:


Daniel shrieked in fear as he held on to his seat for dear life - the only item constraining him to the car being a flimsy seat belt which, at this point, truly felt as if it was not enough protection… especially not in a car with Aalia Bhaduri. Dread filled his body as the car swerved once again – causing his body to jerk in the opposite direction. Why the hell he hacked into all the red lights on their route to make it green for both of them – he will never understand. It was a mistake – one that he would learn from in the future. Hell, he was never getting in a car with Aalia again… that is if he lived to make it out of this one.

“AALIA I WANT TO LIVE PAST THE AGE OF 18 THANK YOU VERY MUCH,” He screamed over the music, though groaned as she only responded with a point towards her ears and a “what?’ – obviously doing it on purpose so she wouldn’t have to hear him ranting. Yep. This was it. The last night he would!ng live. Sh!t.

Daniel had his eyes closed for the rest of the trip – sighing in relief as he felt the car stop. “Aalia, I’m going to find my own ride home,” he muttered. Usually – he would have jumped out of the car and kissed the ground. Yes, he was that thankful that the car had stopped. However, this was not the night to make foolish moves. He had a list to complete.

”Guess who’s getting disqualified tonight?”

Daniel couldn’t help the involuntary roll of his eyes as the girl retrieved his phone and attempted to unlock it. Problem was – he knew Aalia too well now. A smile reached his features as she inputted the ‘password’ only for it to come up with it being incorrect. “I’m disappointed that you don’t know me well enough to know that I change my password every 24 hours – you know I don’t take security lightly,” He stated taking a step out of the car and sending a silent prayer to whoever was looking out for him that allowed him to make it out of that maniac’s driving alive.

“Though, Aalia, I suggest you give me my phone back, or I’ll just as easily hack into your text messages and disqualify you,” he stated – putting his hand out as he walked into the party, next to the girl. He knew he wouldn’t do it – it was a cowardly way to win the game and he had no interest in people perceiving him as such.

Daniel smiled as he looked around at the party – motioning the bar to the girl beside him as he walked in that direction. “I’ll take a beer and for the lady, she’ll have a martini on the rocks, shaken not stirred,” he stated – knowing Aalia’s drink of choice by heart. In reality – Daniel was just grabbing the drink for the illusion of getting drunk, but he had no intention of taking even a sip. The girl, however. Well – he’d have to get her back for that god awful car ride. “Here ya go,” he told the girl as the drinks arrived – handing her the martini with a smile. “Your ready?”



ℂ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕖 ℂ𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕖-

It took Candice a few moments for her inebriated mind to realize who she had even bumped into, let alone the words escaping the girl’s mouth. Her mind was a buzz – the loud music not helping as all she wanted to do was dance and release this pent-up energy she had. Hopefully forgetting the stupid tasks she had to do; the two actions were still swirling around her mind pecking at her insanity along with the echoes of her mother calling them easy. Was it easy if she lost herself in effort to receive a title she didn’t even want? Apparently to her mother – Candice Clark’s self-worth didn’t matter when being related to blue royalty.

In an odd way – Deliah Hawthorne reminded Candice of her mother. Both had the same look of superiority in their eyes – every word escaping their lips having a hidden agenda. It seemed like a sad way to live and honestly, Candice wanted nothing to do with that as a part of her life. Though, sadly, it seemed she must. Perhaps if Candice hadn’t been tipsy – oh hell, fine, drunk out of her god damn mind – she would have noticed the looks her ‘friend’ was giving her. Hell – maybe she would have noticed the sly underhanded remark that came with ”Well, leaving a party like this is very much your style… But, how exciting, you decided to switch it up. I hope your aware that this doesn’t mean you’re magically going to be able to leave the party sober.” However, she simply didn’t. Her mind jumped over it and she felt a smile reach her lips.

“Delilahhhh,” Candice exclaimed at the girl with a smile, “Ohmygosh youlooksoprettyyyy,” the girl continued – her words becoming more slurred by the second as she looked at the girl’s clothes. “Anddd whooo wants to be sober at a party like thisss,” she stated over the music, moving her body around to the music with a smile as she looked back down at the girl. Candice always knew that Delilah was short. Short but feisty – a aspect she respected the girl for. Though everyone looked down to her, no one would ever look down at her. “Let’s go dance girll,” Candice yelled – pulling the girl to the middle of the room where a group of people had already begin dancing before she could even complain. Candice felt her eyes close as she moved her body to the music next to the girl – laughter escaping her lips as she twirled the girl around. “Soo is Delilah Hawthorne going to leave this party solo or with someone?” Candice yelled over the music after a few minutes. In all the years Candice had known the girl – she had never seen her with anyone – so she couldn’t help but wonder, even in her drunken state.



Kara Melbourne

Standing in the mirror was the first thing Kara did to get ready for the extravagant party that was before her. She picked up her blush and dabbed it on her cheeks. When it would clump up she got furious and hit one of her makeup tools against the desk. “Why is it so hard to put on makeup?!” She yelled angrily. She was slightly nervous about this Blue Royalty party and she was letting off steam by getting angry at her makeup. Her mom Marrissa came up the stairs and asked what was wrong. Kara turned to her and sighed “My makeup brushes are so annoying. I need new ones.”
Her mom rolled her eyes at her and folded her arms. “You need to hurry up and stop fooling around by worrying about your makeup brushes.” After lecturing her, she walked out of Kara room leaving her to finish getting dressed. “Whatever mom.” Kara mumbled.

Kara came down the stairs in her ‘perfect’ black dress and white heels. As she walked down the stairs, her heels clicked on the ground, echoing around the mansion. Marissa was standing at the door ready to see her out. She looked at her clothes. “Your clothes need to be ironed… but we can’t change that now can we?” She said while fixing Kara’s dress. Kara then showed her the task’s that she got on her phone. “Okay, go. Hurry.” Marrissa said while rushing Kara out of the door.

Kara stood on the front porch of the mansion awhile gazing at the mansion while thinking of the party that awaits her. “I’ve seen better.” She mumbled as she pushed open the door and entered. After observing the party and noticing that some people had better dresses than her. she sighed and sat down one one of the comfy, smooth couch sections and looked over her task again.




Selena Davis

Selena went to the bathroom to take a long hot shower. She curled her dark brown hair and put on a touch of makeup. She decided to wear something comfy for the party today so she put on some baggy pants and a shirt. She looked in the mirror and took a photo while posing. She always loved social media and photography. She went downstairs to get some snacks and a drink to eat along the way to the party.

She grabbed her keys, entered her car and switched on the GPS to follow the directions. She put on her seatbelt, air conditioning and she turned on the music to the loudest before she began to drive through the city. She arrived at the destination some minutes later, she turned off her car and walked inside the building. The party had not fully started so she was not really late. The view was compelling, the place was so deceptive because from outside it did not look as big as the inside.

She went straight to get a drink from the bar and she walked over to associate with people. She saw someone standing on the open. “Hey. I’m Selena” she said offering a handshake.





Kara was observing the room, slightly taken aback at how fancy everything was. It’s surreal being in Adam Rockefeller’s house. She thought. She noticed that two blondes were chatting away in the corner. She had never really seen them before nor had she chatted with them. Brother and sister? Hmmm maybe. Kara thought. She saw a waiter pass by in front of them which startled her. Before the waiter fully walked away, she called out to her. “Hey, can I get a drink in one of those fancy glasses you have?” She asked. The waiter nodded and gave one to her. Her eyes still on the people talking, she got up from the couch while smoothing out her dress, making sure that it wasn’t wrinkled. She walked towards them while slightly bumping into people around her. She stood in front of them and smiled. “Hey, guy’s. How has the party been for you so far?” Kara asked them.

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