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Alright everyone, here’s the place to ask any questions for @LunaticLeviTheSecond’s Bridgerton characters!
Please, feel free to go crazy. This is the time to learn anything you want about the characters and their life.

Here’s just a few things to keep in mind.

  • First of all, please keep anything that’s not PG-13 to a minimum. (This goes for both the person asking questions and the character answering them. In the character’s answer, feel free to even have them say something about being told to not give an answer that would be viewed as inappropriate)
  • Please ask questions if you want to have one of these threads for your character! The more active you are at asking questions, the higher the chance you’ll be selected to answer them
  • When answering questions please either use colored text, or have your character’s name with each response.
something like this

Character Name:
“Answer here.”




  • big or small family?
  • country or city?
  • What do you think of Bruce? Bridget? Albina? Harrison? Corin? Lia? Belle?
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let’s start off with some easy questions

  1. favorite color?
  2. What do you think of marriage yes or nay? and explain why
  3. do you want a babe? (kids)
  4. tWhat do you think of yourself or how do you want others to think of you?
    do you have eyes for any ladies? (if its abigail answering gentlemen)
    why did you decide to come out right now? like why you going to a ball you need a wife?/husband why?
    can you make me a flower crown?
    what type of lady would you like to court/marry? ((if its abigail gentleman)

bainbridge only:
Would you prefer a beautiful woman who is dull or an ugly girl who is smart? why?

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When it comes to large families, there’s a lot of distance between certain family members. Some members, such as brothers or sisters, or cousins, are so distant from you that they are more like strangers than family members. I much preffer a tight knit small family where the expectations aren’t that grand and the love towards all the family members are pure and true.

As a person who loves the power of good connection and loves company, having a large familyis my goal in life. I’ve always been family oriented and therefore having a large one is what I want most of all. I’m glad to be part of such a big family, however it is a shame I rarely see the family members I like most of all.

Oh if I had a choice I would definitely choose country. I don’t like cities full of people, all strangers, who you can’t be sure are safe to be around. Country homes, silent, far away from the rushed streets, are much more sutable for a person such as me. The idea of a home where a stranger cannot enter withouth the commonfolk gathering all sort of information about them to be sure they’re safe to be around … I cannot imagine the peace such a thing would bring me.

That is a tough question because I like both very much, but there are faults in both. The ideal place of residence I can imagine is what a good friend of mine, Viscount Hatcherman, resides. It is a country home where he knows everybody and there he has animals and cows, but society is not so far away and if he needs recreation or to addtend a ball, he can simply ride to town since it’s so near. I suppose my answer would then be country home close to a big city.

To be quite Frank, I’ve met him when I was a very young girl and haven’t seen him since. When I first met him, at 14 I suppose, his father was working on a case connected to my family, so seeing him at work helping his father was a sight to behold. My opinion of him shall stay as a nice and very clever young man, until I’ll have the chance to meet him again and see if he stayed like my description.
Mr. Armstrong! Oh yes, I haven’t seen him since we were both young. I remeber him being the same age as my sister, but his intelligence would suggest otherwise. I’d like to think he stay the same, clever, young boy he was when ma family had the opportunity to hire his father.

Amaranth pink is my favorite hue of all. I suppose it’s not very feminine since pink is a color ascribed to boys, but a very light pink is my favorite color and it suits me best.

My favorite color is lake blue. I’ve always been fond of lakes and large pools of water, and sometimes I focused on the different shades of blue and other colors the surface of the water is painted with. At on occassion, when accompanying my sister in picking out different fabrics for her dresses, I noticed the most beautiful shade of blue I’ve seen and when I learned the name was lake blue, I knew it was perfect, and would be my favorite for years to come.

Yes, I don’t oppose to marriage, but in this time of romanticism and love suddenly being the deciding factor in marriage, I feel like I’m one of few women who don’t need love for marriage. What I desire most from my partner is respect and good company, and not much more than that. If I ever come across a proposal from a man like that, I’ll be happy to accept.

I would like to one day marry, but what I want out of marriage is love and if I’ll never find a lady who I will love enough to marry, I can always search for different forms of love. That includes extened family and friends, and I’ll be content if my sister and my cousins and their children and spouses will be the ones recieveing all of my love for the rest of my life.

There’s a great deal of people who think I’m too smart or too independed for a woman. I would like this idea to change, and for people to think of me as not too smart, but simply as smart or intelligent. I’ve never seen a man being described as too smart or too independent, so I see no reason why women should be described like so.

I think of myself as kind, which many others agree with. However, there are certain families that I’ll not name, who have certain opinions of my family and then judge me withouth knowing me becuase I’m from that family. I wish those families would not continue blaming me for my families actions, many of which happened before I was born, and let me be their friend.

Not as of yet, but I must admit I am not acquinted with a fair number of this season’s suitors. To tell a secret, when I was younger I used to find Mr. Armstrong curiously agreeable, but I’d like to think I’ve matured since and wouldn’t find a man I barely knew as such.

Well I must admit, although being corteous with many ladies, I have yet to acquaint myself with their personalities. I can only share my thoughts on who I find most attractive, which is Lady Joane Clairmond. I suppose the only thing I’ve inherited from my family is the fondness for red haired women since I am the third to show signs of it.

There’s no necessity for a wife, but my aunt wanted for me to be out and made all the preparations herself. Who knows … Maybe it was a fixation to mend her broken heart after her husband’s death or maybe it was to help me and my sister cope from our own mother’s death by forcing us to be able to love somebody as we loved our mother.

I have no plans to marry this season, and althought this might change, I’m only here becase my brother and I followed our aunt’s suggestion to come out the following season. ‘Maybe it would do you good’ she said ‘to be out in society, since your poor mother didn’t get a chance to show you all it’s perks yet.’ Once she brought up my mother, I’ve felt inclined to come out and respect what would’ve been my mother’s wishes.

Definitely! What are your favorite flowers? Daisies perhaps? There’s a great deal of daisies in the woodland area near my cousin’s house if you want to follow me there and pluck them out with me?

Of course. I would suggest Marigolds or Lavander or lemongrass. Once you put that crown on the insects around you will flee. Oh, maybe I can mix up different flowers that all scare of different kinds of insects and then you’ll be free from their annoyance? Would you like that?

"I would like to court a woman who can make me happy and who I could keep happy as well … And maybe one that doesn’t object to my wishes to having a family. I would give up the idea of a big family if my chosen bride doesn’t want to, after all it’s her who would have to bare all the pain, but I would like at least one, and it doesn’t have to be ours, I don’t mind adoption because unless we’re royalty I don’t think blood of the parent is what makes a child the way they are, but who raises them and how they’re raised.

I would never marry a fool. Somebody smart, but not distraught if I should ever say something smarter than he. Somebody who likes to be challanged and who wouldn’t mind fighting if it’s in order to reach a conclusion we can both agree on. Somebody who isn’t afraid to compromise and thinks of others and not just himself. Do you think a man like that exists or am I asking too much?

If I really loved a dull and beautiful woman, I would preffer her to a not as attractive, smart girl, and vice versa. I don’t understand if you’re asking me if I would marry a girl I myself don’t find attractive or one who society labels as unattractive. Because if I loved her, and she made me happy, I wouldn’t consider her unnatractive if I previously thought so, but if society labels her as ugly … Well in that case beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m sure if she were not dull and smart I would find her beautiful despite what society might think of her. I might also add that I’m fond of smart women, since the only women I’ve ever loved, my mother and my sister, were both smart and I would consider myself lucky to be loved by an intelligent woman.

ORP: I genuinley forgot to answer these, sorry Bluey

Lady Willoughby! Oh she’s a dear friend to my sister and therefore I only think the best of her. Although she is handicaped when it comes to eyesight, she has braved on like a soldier and made the very best of what she was given in life. With all the talk about my great grandfather being awesome and great for taking an opportunity and using it to rise from rags to riches, I think Bridget might be entitled to more awe than he is. She was not given an opportunity, but had something society thinks essential taken away from her and she is determined to not let it ruin her life.

I consider Bridget to be my best friend. I just love helping her, although she’s grown so much she needs no help from me. She is now so independent, which is odd, becuase you’d assume a woman with a disabillity would depend on others to live a normal life, but not Bridget. She needs nobody. Still, I’m there for her even though she doesn’t need my help, I offer it, so she doesn’t have to deal with everything herself although she is capable of doing it.

I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her, but I daresay it will be a pleasure once I’ve met her because people talk about her in the same way they talk about me, which gives me hope to having another close friend soon.

We haven’t been introduced yet, but I have no doubt like any other lady I’ve met, she would be charming and entertaining. I’ve heard talk she is simmilar to my sister, but I wouldn’t trust gossips, not after what was gossiped about my own family.

Lord Davis’ family is on good terms with my own and I have a fondness to the family. That being said, I don’t share the same fondness for Lord Harrison Davis himself, becuase I do not agree with his lifestyle or his choice of friends. However, nothing is set in stone and those opinions might change with time.

Lord Davis and his family are all good friends of our families and of mine. I cannot talk on the subject of Lord Harrison Davis himself for I don’t know him as of late, considering the fact he’s been away for a long time and I fear I’ve lost touch with him and haven’t yet seen him to notice how he’s changed in his time away. However I have no doubt he is more clever now that he’s finished his education.

Mr. Blackwood is a very closed off person and I don’t know enough about him to pass judgement, I only disagree with his choice of company. The only thing I know is that he’s a well traveled man, which is something that fascinates me, and I would love to get to know him better and hear all the stories of his travels.

Mr. Corin Blackwood is a shy and often unreachable man, which is a shame as I’d love to talk to him and prove myself to be different than what his family’s opinion is of me. Putting this issue of familial dislike, I think he would be the type of man to appreaciate my sister as she should be appreaciated, and I find it a shame he thinks less of her becuase of her last name, and I fear he’ll never see the angel that she is becuase of his closed off nature.

I’m afraid I haven’t yet met her, and I cannot allow myself to pass judgement about a woman purely based on gossip. Somebody already judge me withouth knowing anything about me and decided to hate me, only to decide otherwise once they’ve actually met me. I wouldn’t allow myself to do that mistake considering our own person history is there to teach us how to conduct ourselves in the future.

I think we should all be so kind as to not mention her name as much as we do. Let the poor girl grieve in peace. As somebody who is often among society and around gentlemen and ladies, I hear her name in such rude manners. A woman who has loved and lost should not be treated thus, but with compassion and understanding. Not only do I know what it is like to lose somebody so dear to you, but I also know what it’s like to be gossiped about it and vulgar insinuations. I cannot participate in the same thing that once hurt me and my family.

Duchess Belle Rose Fleur of Burgundy is a good friend to me. She’s outspoken and smart and still feminine and brave to act like that in this time and age. I hope one day the world will be feel with women who don’t need to be brave to express themselves how they wish, and I wish to be like her. I might also add how she dresses first inspired me to love history as much as I do. She might not be everybody’s idea of feminine or brave, but she certainly is mine.

Her Grace is an outspoken individual. She always speaks her mind which can be a breath of fresh air as I’m often subjected to a company where passive agression and judgmental looks are the language they choose to communicate with. I admire how I don’t need to wonder if Belle thinks of me a certain way, she would always say it out loud. Sadly such outspoken nature is often percieved as rude, but I believe if everybody said what they thought they would be tenfold as rude as they say she is. It’s a pity she doesn’t think well of me and doesn’t enjoy my company, but I adore it when I’m with my sister and she takes me along to visit Duchess Fleur.

Yes I do. I want as many as I can have or can afford to have. I just know I would be able to love them so well. I hope to marrying a smart or stern woman so that she could keep them in line becuase when it comes to me … I have to say It’d be hard for me not to spoil them rotten. But when it comes to children, if I cannot have one the natural way, I’m not hesitant to adopt.

Well I don’t want a house full of children like my brother does, but I wouldn’t be impartial to having one or two. I would be able to teach them everything I know and maybe they can teach me something new they’ve learnd in turn. I hope, if I do have children, they would be boys, as I don’t think I have the strenght to explain to my daughter why she has no propper opportunities in the world and all becuase she was born as a certain gender. How would I explain to her that even though I love her very being, the world thinks of her as a machine that has two functions … working and breeding. It would break my heart to bring a woman into a world that’s so harsh to survive in for women. I wouldn’t mind being a teacher or a governess, in fact I plan to be so if I don’t marry.

favorite food?
favorite snack?
would you rather go walking or enter a carriage?
Do you like star gazing?
thoughts on reading?
do you often feel like your reputation precedes you?
How are you and the davis family?

which family members are you closer to

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Do you speak any languages besides English?
Play any musical instruments?
Can you cook?

Are you aware you are related to Albina Northwick?
Does it affect how you see her that she is distantly related?
What do you think of the pairing between Mervinia and Darius?
And about Mervinia as a person?
What are your thoughts on Baylor Rutherford?
Do you enjoy horse riding?

This was a meal I once tried when visiting a friend out of the country. It’s called Rösti and I believe I’ve never had better potatoes before or since. I would attempt to make it myself, but I wouldn’t want to give our kitchen maid more work to do when I come in with no expereience and mess up her whole kitchen.

My favorite meal is duck with orange sauce. I’m fond of oranges and I’ve always loved the sweet, tangy and slightly sour taste the orange sauce adds to the duck. For me it is a perfect combination.

My favorite snack would be candied ginger pieces. I like sweets, I like salty snacks, and I sometimes like reasonably spicy foods. Candied ginger fits in two of those categories and I’ve never had a snack before that fits in both categories and it’s still good.
Oh I love a lemon sorbet. I especially love how there’s always a limited amount of them becuase there isn’t an insurmountable amount of ice left over from winter that you can have them whenever you please. So, it’s a rare delight which makes it even more delicious.

Would I rather walk or be taken by a carriage? Well that depends on where my company leads me, for I wouldn’t walk someplace if nobody is there to walk with me … That would be rather lonesome. Same idea would go for the carriage, which I wouldn’t ride alone, unless I had to, either because walking is out of question, like in instances of injuries, or if I need to make an appearance I cannot make a good one if I arrive on foot.
If society would allow it, I would walk everywhere. Carriages are nice and comfortable and suitable for winter months when it’s too cold to walk, but I hate sharing them becuase in that case I’m expected to make conversation. And for staring out of the carriage window I have to say I would get a clearer and wider view had I walked. I might also add that it is much healthier for one, uninjured, healthy and young person to walk as often as they can.

Yes. Do you like stargazing as well? I haven’t been stargazing so much lately, so thank you for reminding me of such an innocent and rewarding pastime.
Yes. Stars are but a mystery yet to be revealed. But I know we’re far from seeing it revaled, and I’m assured it won’t be in my lifetime, but something new about the univers could be discovered any day.

It depends on what you’re reading. I love to read poems and rarely, but it does happen, I write my own. Sometimes it helps me express myself, but I’m not very good at it, and I’m not such an artist with words as my dear cousin.
I must say it depends on what you mean by when you say reading. I do like poem, but I preffer prose, and when it comes to prose I like reading nonfiction and I dislike romantic novels because it all seems so unrealistic to me. I don’t understand the romanticism period as well as I would’ve like or as well as my brother would like.

It would depend on what is being said. My reputation fluctuates and between certain families and some stories and accounts are vastly different from each other. If you mean my reputation where I’m depicted as kind and helpful, I agree with it, and sometimes I fear I’m developing the same problem as my mother.
I do not think so. I think I developed my own opinion of myself based on the reputation around me, but when I think clearly about it, I don’t think I am as I’m being described.

I’ve already said that we’re on friendly terms. I have only good things to say about the family in question.
Haven’t I already spoken on the subject of Lord Davis? If I haven’t then I’ll say again that we are on very good terms with the family, and although Lord Harrison has taken to some bad company, I do not let that little misstep ruin my opinion on his family. Something so small won’t change my opinion of them. If I never let the behaviour of parents dictate my opinion of their children, then I won’t let Lord Harrison Davis’ behaviour influence my opinion of his family, if his behaviour turns sour.

I consider my sister to be my closest relation and I love her dearly. I used to be closer to my mother than my father when both were alive. Now that our mother is gone I’m closest to Abigail and my distant cousin Hadley, who inspired me to turn my grief into poetry, and although I was never as good as he was, it helped me a great deal, and I’ll always have him in my heart as one of few who knew how to help me with the stages of grief.
Although me and my brother are different, in some aspects as night and day, I consider him to be my cloest relation. When our mother died we started being near each other to help each other cope with her loss. It pains me to say that when mother was alive I was closer to father than to her, and now that she is no longer with us it saddens me how many missed opportunities I had to spend more time with her. I also consider my father and my cousins Calder and Louisa very close to me because they are most like me, and in the company I feel heard and seen, which is something that’s hard to live withouth.

Yes I speak French and Swiss
Yes I speak German and French

I can only play the pianoforte I’m afraid.
Yes I can play the pianoforte and a violin, but I preffer to play violins

Not as of yet, but if I have to learn someday, I will gladly take it up.
It depends if you consider boiling potatoes so the steam could be used as an aid for rough colds, or making nettle juice, which tastes horrible, as a relief for inflamation, hay fever and many other things … cooking. If you do consider those things cooking, then yes I know how to cook.

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where did you learn germany?
which country are you from?

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I’m sorry, you mean to tell me the lovely woman who has recently been freindly with my sister is related to the Northwicks? Is she trying to spy on my family? We’ve done nothing that she accuses us of.
Albina, no … It cannot be, aunt Mervinia introduced me to her, and she didn’t introduce her as a part of her family. Has … Has aunt Mervinia done this purposefully? What was she hoping to gain? Is she going along with the rest of her family? Does she intend to divorce uncle Darius?

Of course it does, she is related to the Northwicks who blatantly accused my uncle and my father of wrongdoing them, while they were just going along with the last will and testament of their late father!
I shouldn’t think so. I simply cannot imagine Albina had any part in this, she seems so intelligent and smart. Now that I’ve calmly reassesd the situation I believe aunt Mervinia isn’t so dissatisfied with my uncle as to send Albina to spy on us. I believe aunt Mervinia simply wanted at least some politeness and order between her two families and saw an opportunity in me and Albina since we are so alike and well suited.

I think they are well suited. Well they must be, they’re happy together, and they said they married mostly becuase they loved each other, which I agree makes for the best marriages. If it weren’t for such an early departure of the late Cornwallis Northwick, the accusations never would’ve been laid and the families would still get along together.
I find my cousin once removed and his wife to be dear people, so the idea of the two of them together seems only fit. It’s funny but … I find the idea of either of them alone somehow … wrong, as if they always were together when I was a child and they should continue so. In addittion, despite the family disagreement after the wedding they kept strong and stayed clear on their opinions and actions … If they can’t make a marriage work, who can?

Dear aunt Mervinia was always nice to us, despite the conduct we would sometimes recieve by the Northwicks. I think she is strong of character to follow her own path and decide her own opinions for herself, and not just listen to her family if she knows they are in the wrong.
I’ve just described her as a nice person, and that should be enough on the topic.

The Earl who has the finest horse breeds! Oh yes, I haven’t had the chance to meet him, but I would love to do so and buy one of his horses for my own particular use!
I’m sorry who?

Yes! I love every bit of it! The feeling of wind flowing through my hair, the feel of the mane, the rush and the speed we can gain together. But I also love horses as animals! They are my favorite animals, with cows in close second
No! I would love riding, but as a lady I’m not allowed to straddle the saddle like men do, and instead I’m supposed to ride them in the most painful position and the hardest way to ride a horse, side saddle. If I have to be in pain, ride horses in one of the hardest positions for horse riding and all to not dare look too masculine while riding, then I would rather walk the distance and have my feet aching all day. At least when I walk it’s only my feet that ache, not my whole body.

My mother brought a governess home so I could be taught languages. I was taught French and German in an attempt to be amiable and feminine when I grow up.

I am from England. Why would you think otherwise?

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ok now the questions been asked let’s play a fine game of ranking. In this game you most and it a most rank the looks of the people i mentioned on a metric of 0-10, 0 being they are worst than ugly they look like they came crawling for hell and 10 being they are of eye catching beauty.

  1. Viscount Augustus of Hatchermans
  2. Lord Ilyas of Keats
  3. Her high lady Belle of the Fleurs
  4. Earl Harrison of the Davis
  5. Lord Baylor
  6. Lady Albina
    7.Lady Joane of Claimond
  7. Lady Azucena of the Osunas
  8. Mr Nikhl Metha
    10.Lord Edmud of the Wycliff

11 Lady Maiseie of the rutherfonds
12. Lord Archibald?
13.Lady Margaret?
14. Corin Chang-Woo blackwood?
15.Lady Dorothea
16. Lady Donatella

18.Lord Finch
19.Lady Adeline
20. lord atlas
21. Lady Aurelia
22. Mr.Bruce
23. Future Duke Cassian
24. Prince Magnus
25. Lady Pheobe
26. Future Duke orpheus
27. Lady Lydia
louisa brantley
Lady Lilley

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If you had to pick a favourite language, which would you pick?
Is there a reason you each speak different languages despite being siblings?

Do you want to learn another?

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10, he is one of my best friends, he has adorable cows, has an idilyc estate and he’s ever so nice to my sister, and respectuful of her an any other woman he encounters.
8, I’m sure he would be a perfect man, considering the … erm … small acquintance I have with him, but I’d need to know him better to make sure of that, and he might be a bit old for the likes of me.

5 … .His family dislikes mine and he dislikes me, but neither him nor his family know me at all and still they think they have something to hate about me. I won’t give Ilyas the same ill treatement he has given me and judge him when I know nothing about him. Yes, he dislikes me and makes it common knowledge, but I don’t know if his hatred for me is any sign of his character so I cannot judge him on something I don’t know about him.
2, I’ve never wanted the attention of a rake who has no concern for the women he beds. I am in no danger from being one of those women, and for that and for hating my family I give him the lowest ranking I plan to give anybody on this list. I agree with nothing of his, be it lifestyle, hairstyle or his miscoduct concerning my family.

8, I’ve already discribed her as a person I’m fond of, however I’m afraid if I rank her any higher she might take that in a wrong manner and I don’t want to give her reason to dislike me more when I find myself in her company.
10, I wish to be her in the future, but I’m not as brave as she is.

7, His mother always spoke fondly of him, and I liked him when I was a young boy, and looked up to him. I didn’t agree with him about marriage, but he might’ve changed his mind now that he’s returned after finishing his education. The only thing I dislike regarding him is that he has made friends with Duke Ilyas and I’m afraid he might learn some gossip about me and think poorly of me based on lies.
5, I like his mother and his family on his mother’s side, but I do not care for him as much. He is friends with Duke Ilyas which means he cannot be a good man himself, and does not deserve more than 5.

8, I do not know the man, except a little bit about him from talk around town, but he owns horses and puts the finest horse breeds one the market, which immediately brings him up to an eight.
7, I do not know who he is, but seeing his portrait, he is quite handsome. I’ll give him a few points for the fact he isn’t unfortunate looking and for the fact I’ve heard nothing bad about him fluctuating town, which is to his credit. I might change my mind when I first meet him though.

6, She is a nice girl, or she pretends to be, simmilar to my sister, but she is related to a family that dislikes mine and I’m afraid she might have ulterior motives in seeking a friendship with my sister.
10, She is just like me and such a nice girl! I’m so lucky to be related to such a wonderful sweet girl!

I haven’t met her yet, but she is a redhead so according to my family’s “curse” … 10
I don’t know her, but I heard of her, and she is pretty … 6

I’ve been lucky enough to catch her sweet smile. 8
6 she looks sweet …

I would say 7 because he’s exotic
Oh he’s from India? 10! Tell me about your home Nikhil!

I don’t know, I suppose he has attractive qualities, but he isn’t attractive to me … 6
6 … He looks like a shaved alpaca

10, she is a Rutherford and she has the bluest eyes … I’m enthralled by those eyes.
7, she looks good but that’s all I know about her.

6, he looks well built.
5, I know about the tred of ditching powdered wigs, but completely shaved?


Let’s see, he is friends with a man who despises me, he also dislikes me, but I know nothing about him. I’m giving him the benefit of a doubt that he is a bad person because I believe he was influenced by Duke Ilyas. I also think if he were to realize I’m not his enemy he would be a good match for my sister. 6
3, I give him the same ranking as Duke Ilyas, except one point higher because he isn’t such a rake as the Duke.

8, She is a good friend of mine and my sister’s, but I do remember an occasion when she also disliked my family becuase of a fake rumor. It did not help that she started a rumor about my sister as well.
8, she is a good friend of mine now, be we did used to be enemies and I sometimes still hear people repeating the rumor she started.

Her eye color and freckles are so cute! 10
She has a beautiful name, a beautiful face, but her eyes, the color is like I’ve never seen before … I would give her a 10!

5! He has handsome qualities but it does nothing for me.
He looks quite good looking … 7!

I don’t know her, but I hear she is beautiful. I am yet to see her beauty but I imagine it’s something worthy of awe as she is described with very common features, like brown hair and eyes and etcetera … 7
6 I suppose

I heard him being mentioned as the previous lady’s brother, if I’m not mistaken. He is the older brother so he knows what it’s like to care for a little sister … but I’ve yet to meet him propperly … 7
I don’t know him and his hair confuses me … I can’t tell if he’s smokey blonde or light brown haired … 6, since his hair is a mystery to me and I like mysteries

Didn’t I answer a question regarding her already? 5, maybe, despite the gossip I know nothing of her, so?
That name sounds familiar … Maybe you should check my previous answers I’d say I give her a 5? I don’t know much about her

6, I liked him when we were children, but I can’t say I know him now to know what to give him, but it’s likely he hasn’t changed.
7, I used to have a crush on him

Nice smolder … 7
I don’t like men smoldering in portraits. It makes him seem fake in front of the canvas … 4

How can I give The Prince anything short of a perfect 10?
10 … He doesn’t crack under pressure

Oh … A redhead … the curse says 10!
My brother will like her because she’s a redhead, I think she is cute so 8.

Yes I like the story of Orpheous, 10! Oh there’s a person called Orpheous? Let’s keep it a 10 becuase now I’m not the only bloke with an unusual or non common name and I like it
I like his name … 7

Oh she is beautiful … 7
She looks like a breath of fresh air … 8

8! She is a dear cousin to me, but our personalities would possibly clash … I preffer the company of cousin Hadley.
10! She managed to inherit my grandfather’s iron industry! She is a strong woman of business and I aspire to be like her as well as Belle

She is beautiful … She might cure me of my family’s curse for redheads … 10!
She looks like she belongs on a canvas 10![


I don’t know her, but if her name gives any credit to her … If she really is pretty? 6
I don’t know who she is … 5?


Swiss, I find French hard and confusing, or at least a lot harder and much more confusing that Swiss.
German, France has so many nonsensical rules, and the rules to the German language are all so efficient and needed, and form such a lovely language. I also adore the fact you can use different words and put them together to form new words as well!

I would love to learn to play bagpipes and a fife and drums … I would love to be able to play fife and drum of the British army or The Flower of Scotland or something like it on the bagpipes

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what rumor did lady dorothea start on your family?

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My father is a barrister and he has confidential information that only his clients tell him and he keeps it secret since that information is confidential. When a rumor about her own family came out which was something her father told mine in confidence, she thought it was me who spread the rumor, so believing it was true, she told some people my father was sharing those confidential information to me and that I then gossipt about them behind his client’s backs

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Ok ladies and gentlemen lets play a fine game of bed, wed or execute. How to play: basically you will tell me- you have three different categories and people to chose from, you have to and it is a have to put them under one category: the category being wed, bed or execute (but of course you wont actually execute them) and if some of them are your friends but you put them in execute dont worry they wont know, this interview is only between us

  1. Margo, Aurelia, Priti
  2. Dorothea, Phoebe, Albina
  3. Belle, Maisie, Joane
  4. Donatella, Lydia, Louisa
  5. Lilley, Azucena, Adeline
  6. Margo, Belle, Albina
  7. Dorothea, Donatella, Azucena
  8. . Aurelia, Albina, Donatella
  9. Belle, Lydia, Azucena
  10. Maisie, Louisa, Adeline
  11. Phoebe, Lilley, Dorothea