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Lady Whistledown's Last Edition


Gather close, dear readers, for I am about to unveil a world where elegance dances hand in hand with scandal, where propriety hides countless secrets, and where love is a dangerous game played by those bound by society’s rules. Welcome to the intoxicating world of Bridgerton.

I, Lady Whistledown, your ever-watchful guide to the inner workings of the ton, shall regale you with the most tantalizing tales of the highborn and influential families that grace the grand ballrooms of London. It is a world where whispers carry more weight than words spoken aloud, and a single glance can set hearts ablaze or shatter dreams.

In this Regency era, where corsets are tight and social mores even tighter, the society is ruled by a web of connections, alliances, and unspoken desires. But fear not, for beneath the polished veneer of polite society lies a vibrant undercurrent of passion, ambition, and intrigue. Scandal lurks in every opulent corner, as love affairs bloom in the shadows and forbidden romances kindle under the watchful eyes of the ton.

Follow me as I delve into the lives of all the esteemed families this season, their triumphs, their heartaches, and their darkest secrets. As the anonymous chronicler of society’s scandals and secrets, I shall expose the truth behind the facades, peel away the layers of deception, and offer you a glimpse into the hearts of those who dwell in this gilded world. The ton may be a labyrinth of whispered rumors and hidden desires, but fear not, dear readers, for with me as your guide, no stone shall remain unturned.

So, step into the sumptuous ballrooms, where the music swells and the dance of intrigue begins. Immerse yourself in a world of forbidden love, breathtaking betrayals, and the eternal pursuit of happiness against all odds. For in the glittering realm of this society, where appearances are everything, the truth lies hidden beneath the shimmering surface, waiting to be revealed by none other by me, Lady Whistledown herself.

Yours Truly.

Welcome to the captivating world of Bridgerton! This RP takes place in Regency London, 1811, with a unique twist. The familiar characters like the Bridgertons and Featheringtons don’t exist here. Instead, it’s all about your characters, their families, and the dramas that unfold.

Our journey begins with the prestigious opening ball, where debutantes are presented to society. The Queen’s discerning eye will judge them, revealing their value in this year’s search for her diamond. This RP delves into the opulence of the ton, the dance of courtship, and the pursuit of status and love.

Craft your own narrative as headstrong debutantes, mysterious suitors, or members of the aristocracy. Explore a world of glamour, romance, and intrigue, where whispered rumors and stolen glances shape destinies. Welcome to the intoxicating realm of Regency London—it’s time for your story to unfold.


  1. You must create 2 characters (no more, no less unless prior approval is requested)
  • If you would like to create only 1 character, please message me. We’ll discuss. If you want to create more, please wait until the start of the RP. In the meanwhile you can still plan out more characters, however, I will not be approving additional character requests at this point in time.
  1. You must make a Male and a Female (unless prior approval is requested)
  2. Must reserve on this chat!
  3. Must (by the start of the rp) have planned with at least 2 other rpers for character development
  4. Must attempt to keep things somewhat historically accurate (don’t talk about texting in your phone - and attempt to speak in Bridgerton “talk” as best you can)

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Forum and RP Regulations

PG-13 Bridgerton Rules (And honestly general forum rules):

  1. Language and Profanity:
  • Cursing is allowed, but please use * or blur certain letters to partially obscure strong language.
  • Avoid excessive or explicit profanity that goes beyond the PG-13 rating.
  1. Mature Content:
  • Romance and relationships are permitted, but keep scenes and descriptions within a PG-13 boundary.
  • Intimate scenes should be implied rather than explicit.
  • Graphic violence and explicit gore are not allowed.
  • No graphic/detailed descriptions related to sex, drugs, violence
  1. Respectful Behavior:
  • Treat all members with respect and courtesy both in-character and out-of-character.
  • No bullying, harassment, or hate speech will be tolerated.
  1. Sensitive Topics:
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  • Avoid explicit or triggering content related to sensitive topics.
  • Please place a warning before these topics are discussed
  1. Post Length and Quality:
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  • While there’s no strict word count, avoid one-liner responses.
  • Aim for 6 WELL WRITTEN sentences per post.
  1. Non-Consensual Content:
  • All interactions must be consensual between characters and MUST be consensual between RPers.
  • Non-consensual or explicit content is not allowed.
  1. Character Limits:
  • Avoid overpowered or Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters.
  • Characters should have flaws and limitations.

Note: RP will not start for another month. Sign ups were released early for everyone to start thinking and planning characters out

Finally, if you have any questions; DM me, @benitz786, and @Littlefeets in the same chat.


Oh my god! Yes! I didn’t expect it so soon even though you told me it would be either today or tomorrow :open_mouth:


Little FYI

Facelaims won’t be released for a few weeks so if you want to start planning, send bios here for people to plan until I get around to that!


Reserve a male and a female character, siblings, both children of a widowed solicitor and a woman who had a big dowry



I just wanted you guys to have the sign ups to work on stuff

and so everyone knew what they needed to submit


You already know I’m making two characters but to make it official

I will be making a girl and a guy


I wish I were free to spend today writing this but alas I must study because I have a huge exam tomorrow


Okay, starting in 2 months gives me more than enough time to join. So I’ll be making 2 characters, male and female!


Here are my characters!!


Hey I noticed you said your family is famous for gambling … My family is also famous for that, would you mind planning something with me I have an idea


I’m here let’s go!!

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Yo plot more with me!!

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Actually anyone can, here’s my chars

When the only historical drama you’ve seen was set 100 years in the future…

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Oh yeah guys, I’m claiming these FCs just so you guys know

The FCs in question
(Hans Matheson, cuz the photo doesn’t have a name and I might forget)
(Young Charlie Hunnam)

This are all NPC for now except for Charlie Hunnam who is a MC

And these two are for a portrait of their long gone family members who were the first rich generation in their family.

Could you put these in a “Hide details” post? It’s a little long


Yeah no problem

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reserved me a female and a male

yall already know my fc


Enlighten me.

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