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So now that we’re further into the Roleplay; we’ll be moving away from individual question threads and doing a general question thread! This thread is meant to serve as a place to ask questions for any and all characters during the span of the RP. While these questions do not have to be post specific, they do have to be RP-Specific.

I would love for everyone to participate. There’s no “rush” on answering anything that someone asks you; it’s just more of a way to get into your character if someone does ask you a question.

Note: Please let me know if you are not interested in being asked questions; I will put you on a list of “Do Not Ask”.

Okay, so how is it going to work? Well this is what we’re going to do. If you want to ask a question to one of these characters, feel free. However, if the question refers to a post, remember to LINK the post that is being discussed.


Orpheus Langston @DandelionKate

  1. Orpheus… like buddy… in a normal month, how much do you cry because I’m guessing it’s in the upper double digits at this point.

Note: Make sure to tag the person you are asking. You can do more than one question or question to multiple characters per post just MAKE SURE to always tag who you’re asking, link the post it’s about, and state which character.

Alright; Have fun asking. Keep track of your own questions and answer at your own pace. Thank you and good night.


“As many times as I want. You know why? I am a future Duke. You should be addressing me as such and not so disrespectfully. You try losing your family, your best friends, and being continually antagonized by your neighbor you cannot escape who, mind you, is for some reason trying to steal the love of your life…and let me know how you fair.”

get ‘em orphie


Aurelia Ellis @benitz786 :smirk:

  • How will you react if Ilyas calls on you? Do you want him to call on you?
  • How do you truly feel about Orpheus? Is he just a friend to you?
  • Have you recovered any of the memories from before your accident?
  • Azucena seems hesitant around you. I assume you haven’t connected those dots yet?
  • You seem very indecisive for a girl with so many choices. Why is that? What do you truly want out of the season?
  • If you are simply trying to marry well, it seems at the very least, you have two Dukes ready for your hand. If you had to pick between marrying Ilyas and marrying Orpheus, which would you choose?

I’ll leave you alone for now…but I’ll think of some more for you, don’t worry


Ilyas Keats @Madilnel :heart:

  • The question is, Ilyas, what do you think you have taken from him? Anything? Do you want to take anything from him?
  • Why did you take Orpheus to the greenhouse? It seems to be a private place for you. What did you want him to see?
  • Why were all of your pots shattered? Are you hiding emotions that you take out in the greenhouse? Is that why you brought Orpheus there? To express what you couldn’t in public?
  • A question left unanswered…so answer it. What do you hope to gain? Why does fighting with him fascinate you?

  • Are you truly interested in Aurelia? Or is it another attempt to rile Orpheus? It seems unfair to chase the one girl he has his eye on, no? You have many lovers, many admirers, many options. Why Aurelia?
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Perhaps a piece of his composure, a sliver of that carefully crafted facade he wears. As for what I want to take… What I want is the thrill of our banter, the friction of our interactions. It’s an indulgence, a game we play. Whether you admit it or not, there’s a certain satisfaction in pushing ones boundaries. Call it what you will—hatred, rivalry, or something else—it’s a connection that defies simple definitions.

It’s also the only place in this grand house where the walls don’t have ears, and secrets have room to breathe without the prying eyes and judgment. Away from the polished society façade, here lies the chaos, the remnants of my endeavors, and the pieces I haven’t quite figured out yet.

correction, they are not all shattered. It’s not about everything being broken; rather, it’s a release of emotions. There’s many ways to release emotions and this just happens to be one.

[color=#ilyas]Maybe I’m seeking a spark in the monotony, a break from the expected. There’s a certain fascination in the unpredictability of our exchanges, a dance between banter and bitterness. What do I hope to gain? Perhaps a momentary escape from the constraints of societal expectations, or maybe just a reminder that life isn’t always neatly scripted.

The endless back-and-forth becomes a way to navigate the complexities that linger beneath the surface.


Aurelia and my relationship is like a delicate thread in the intricate web of secrets, where each strand is carefully woven, and its true nature is known only to those ensnared in the labyrinth of hidden truths. As for lovers —- Romance is like a hidden maze, tangled and mysterious, and my encounters with it are as enigmatic as the whispers of a masked stranger. Why the curiosity?

Will fix color later


Finch Ridlington @Caticorn

  • How many people have you slept with?
  • Are you aware of how many hearts you’ve broken? Don’t you feel bad?
  • Why did you never apologize to Orpheus? Two years seems like a long time to wait before talking it out.
  • Are there any ladies you really have your eye on?
  • You are the third son. There’s a lot lighter expectation in that. Do you think you would stay in England? You have the freedom to do whatever, with whoever, where ever you want. Why do you stay here? What do you wanna do with your life? Marry and settle down?

Priti Mehta @Caticorn

  • Why are you so easily won over? Do you need a husband? Or are you just naive?
  • Why does Harrison call you butterfly? Did you know him before this?
  • How would you describe your relationship with your brother?
  • Why did you and your brother travel to England? That’s a long journey just for a match.

what business are you here for?

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? omg what did belle do to you to deserve this?

why do you need her to marry by the end of the year? how tf is that your business



“The interesting concept of a business arrangement, is that it typically involves one of two parties. Considering you are neither party, that information does not pertain to you, and therefore, you need not know. However, I am in England concerning a number of my…assets. That is all you need to be privy to.”

“My mother, rest her soul, raised me to be a polite gentleman of good nature. As a result, I shall never speak ill of a lady. However, Belle Rose has never struck me as such, a lady, that is. Yet, the past that defines our tumultuous relationship is likely best kept there, in the past. For all of our sakes, let us hope it stays there.”

“As I have stated, and I do grow tired of repeating myself, I am here on business. The matrimony of Belle Rose is a retired symptom of unfinished business with her father, Duke Fleur. The outcome of which, has yet to have been reached. I am here to ensure it’s completion, as I never leave anything unfinished. It is not in my nature. I am here through the season’s end, as per request of my cousin, Orpheus, therefore, my business must reach completion by then. Yet, trust, that despite my required persistence, I could not care less who Belle Rose decides to wed. Merely that she does.”


Hi girly how are u?

What makes you think so? I think men are just soooo amazing

Lighten up girly. What about your ex fiance?

Why are you so mean to the poor boy? What did he ever do to you? :(((

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“Not very many.”

"Yes, I am aware and I do feel bad. Especially considering I never meant to hurt anyone.”

“I…To be honest I don’t know. I guess I was ashamed that he saw us but also he was so upset, I just didn’t know what I was going to say.”

“I quite enjoyed my conversation with Lady Bridget at the ball."

“Well, marriage is expected of me but what is truly keeping me in England is the fact that my harp isn’t easily transported and I wouldn’t want to be without it.”


“While my mother may hold a differing opinion, I would much prefer to embrace the title of a spinster than to entertain the prospect of Ilyas Keats calling upon me. Every interaction with him has proven to be a jest—a mere amusement in his eyes. From my experiences in childhood, I have discerned that he lacks the capacity to treat any young lady with the respect she deserves. Therefore, I harbor no desire for him to extend a call in my direction. In the unlikely event that he were to do so, I would engage in conversation with the understanding that he is likely squandering my valuable time.”

“Orpheus holds a special place in my heart. He is among the select few who I believe, truly understand me… even when I struggle to understand myself. I could speak for countless hours without a pause on the many reasons he stands as one of my favorite individuals in the entire world, nay, the universe. My regard for him is beyond measure. In the past year, amid the losses I’ve endured, the thought of losing him is inconceivable. His care is a beacon of safety for me, and in his presence, I find solace. To address your second inquiry, it bewilders me, but yes, he is my friend—a cherished one.”

I… I-… no… I find myself ensnared in a labyrinth of forgotten fragments, as though someone has taken the puzzle of my mind, rearranged its pieces, and added new, unfamiliar ones. Each attempt to unearth a pair that fits feels like reaching for the stars; close, yet forever elusive. Uncertainty looms in my mind, leaving me to ponder whether the shadows of my past will ever dissipate, or if I am fated to traverse this perpetual darkness, forever reaching for the intangible. Perhaps, my mother’s words are not without merit. Crafting new memories becomes a necessity, a shield against the mourning of those I lost - which, if I allow, will consume me fully."

“I…I suppose Azucena’s hesitance could stem from my prolonged absence, but what do you mean by ‘connecting those dots’?”

Stills for a second, taking a second to compose herself before replying
“I’m not entirely sure what you’re implying. Naturally…I desire a good marriage that will bring honor to my family and pave the way for Lydia’s future.”

“Choosing between a man I adore and one who was my childhood nightmare? Is that truly a question?”


Orpheus, bestie, I have some questions for you

  1. Sooooo you must have realized that your ex girly pop Aurelia is like… memory deficient. Thoughts?
  2. Um… so there are soooo many things you could do now. You could court her again - make her fall back in love with you, you could… not. Thoughts?
  3. thoughts about her dancing with harrison at that first dance?
  4. What about her talking to Ilyas… alone???
  5. Hey you saw lydia right? She’s also out this season… you should date her fr fr
  6. tell me the truth have you ever kissed lia?
  7. had sex with her? Wouldn’t it be sad if you did and she can’t remember?
  8. Do you miss Lia singing your songs?
  9. Let’s talk about azu for a second. How HOT is she?
  10. Maybe court tHAt girly pop




  1. SOoooo you got an apple thrown at your head. How are you feeling?
  2. EWWWW it’s aurelia. How are you feeling HAVING to talk to her?
  3. She’s been gone for like a year, do you think Vera’s like missed her?
  4. Did you miss her? Be so fr right now.
  5. Did you hear she had an accident which is why she was gone?
  6. So you know corin is ilyas’ bestie now right?
  7. Thoughts about corin?
  8. Are you like supppppper mad at ilyas rn?
  9. Thoughts about Azucena? like would you date her again?
  10. Would You COURT azu again?


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  1. SOOOO i heard you slept with lia’s ex… brooooo
  2. are you gonna tell her?
  3. Are you and lia even friends? Fr? Cause you didn’t even visit her while she was sick
  4. Thoughts about lia’s mama? isn’t she awesome? lia thinks so.
  5. Be fr would you court harrison again?
  6. Thoughts about lydia? She’s givvvvinnnnng like… old lia fr. I think it’s time to upgrade your friend list
  7. you know lia lost her memory… like badly
  8. Thoughts about orpheus? Sorry, lang? Like… he’s pretty hot right? You should jump that… oh wait.
  9. How’s ya mom doing btw?
  10. So what’s your plan for this season? Wanna get married?


What has happened to Aurelia is devastating. It was strange to find out the extent of her ailment. My first thought being concern, my second pain, and then simply loss. Losing all memory of our time together is not the way I had initially planned on our reunion, however, I am certain we shall create many more lovely memories in the future. Wherever we go from here, it shall be together, hand in hand, as it always has been. I am determined to stay by her side, to provide the support she needs, to love her unconditionally as I always have. She is my greatest friend, and my first love. I have every intention on being hers, this time, and every time that follows. If her memory should fade each morning, I shall remind her of my love with each new sunrise. If she should forget my face, I shall sing to her of our love each day. There shall never be a day I do not continually devote myself to her, for she is the only woman I shall ever love.

As I have said, there is no life for me without Aurelia at my side. I have every intention of courting her again. As many times as it takes.

The more I discover of Lord Davis, the more vile and monstrous he becomes. His reckless care of hearts, his unknown adventures with foreign ladies, I am sure, and his general distaste for basic civil conversation without the droning of poetic prose all become nauseating over time. From what I am continuing to place together…the man deserves no seat among the lords of high society for he is no gentleman. Playing the hearts of women as toys he shall bore of and discard is revolting to me. No one deserves to feel that pain, the disregard of a lover, the heartbreak of being played a fool. It is lethal.
So, in terms of my opinion on the man with the woman I love, I am far from pleased with the interaction. If he dares to spit senseless poetry and ridiculous flirtations toward her I suppose my distant distain for him would become far more personal.

I am not sure what interaction you are speaking of…Aurelia has never been alone with Ilyas Keats. Certainly, that would be cause for scandal. So, it is quite a relief that it never happened.

Lady Lydia is a lovely girl, her looks rival that of her sisters, yet few can compare to the true beauty Aurelia Ellis holds. Beyond surface level, my Ellis girl is a genuine and true soul, one worthy of more than even I can provide. She is truly a guiding star in a sea of darkness, a pilar of strength, of which, few could even comprehend. So, yes, Lady Lydia might be eligible, but it just so happens, I am no longer looking.

Aurelia is a lady. I would never think to risk her reputation for something as fleeting as a kiss. Yet, if I had, I most certainly would not tell you. My mother raised a gentleman after all.

The notion is quite sad, yes. However, I have little reason to coax Aurelia’s purity, when I can hold her heart instead.

More than anything…some days I would open my window, playing for her until she returned to her window sill. We would sit like that, in our windows, a street apart, filling the neighborhood with the songs of our hearts. How lovely her voice would ring through those empty, lifeless streets.
Since she left, her window sat empty, so too did mine. For if my songbird could not sing, then neither would my fingers grace the strings. I have not played since she left.
Perhaps now that she has returned, she might sing for me again. I feel my heart has ached for the peace her voice brings. The beauty we created together was like nothing else I had ever known. A music to fill the soul, a song etched with meaning to the bone. We are beautiful together, truly.

Lady Azucena? I am not sure of her appearance, yet I have heard many stories from Aurelia. It seems she is a lovely girl, so perhaps she is equally fair in her features. Once we have had the pleasure of meeting, I shall let you know.

A courtship of Aurelia’s closest friend? I could not imagine it. I would not imagine it. For that would hurt Aurelia deeply, and I would never aim to add to her pain. She has suffered enough.


On a scale from 1 to 10 - how devastated are we feeling?

So you’ve gone through the cycles of grief?

Soooo you’re okay now then?

  1. Also… You lost your brother during the time that she was gone. I have to ask - what hurt more? Losing the girl you were going to marry or your own flesh and blood?
  2. If I gave you a magic potion - either lia remembers everything and loves you again with all her memories intact, or your brother alive; which one would you take?

you do know there’s a line of men outside her door right now right?

What if this new Aurelia doesn’t want to court you?

This whole thing = :joy:

I’m’ dead

  1. Why do you hate lord harrison so much? Or should I say earl davis. You know he corrected Aurelia - oh yea, they’re talking right now…
  1. Oh come on orpheus, she was also alone with you. Let’s be honest right now

how cute

Do you miss her?

But you don’t… hold her heart

but why is this SOOOO cute. Like them yelling across the street. AWWWW

  1. Did lord keats get annoyed :joy:
  2. Do you know her song about having an affair with the moon? I heard she remembered it last night
  3. I also heard she left in the middle of the night to go gasp stargaze. Thoughts?

You sure you don’t know her? Haven’t ever met her? Maybe at a bar?


“I feel the same way anyone would feel if an apple was thrown at them by a beast who disguises herself as a lady,”

“I am disgusted just by seeing her face and hearing her voice. I knew that perhaps she would be around during that time and for that reason I had not wanted to show up at Ilyas household but I had to speak with him.”

“Oh vera, her soul is kind and filled with love for people who do not deserve it. I have not yet told that I had seen the con artist during the ball, because I am still thinking of how to break the news to her,”

“There’s nothing to miss,…”

“She had an accident? Are you sure? I have not heard of that, i learnt something
different about her,”

“I have been made aware with Ilyas friendship with Corin Blackwood,”

“Corin Blackwood is truly a man filled with enigma, he seems to be intelligent and filled with humor though he does not laugh much. I was glad to be introduced to him, though…”

“Why do you care?”

“Lady Azucena is truly a beautiful fierce lady filled with passion, she feels my heart and mind with wonder,”

“Well that is between me and her no?”


SOooooo embaressed that a lady has better aim then you do?

When are you going to tell her?

You sure?

  1. What did you learn?
  2. Yes an accident. A bad one - one in which she can’t… well… really remember the last couple of years too well.
  1. How do you feel about being replaced. I bet you he was writing to corin when he didn’t write to you


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“I am a lady. It would be wrong to have premarital relations.”

“All I have to tell Aurelia is that I have missed her very much, and am looking forward to spending time together now that we have reunited. There have been some issues with communication relating to familial conflicts, but we are not a separable pair :)”

“Like I said prior, there were issues with communication. I was prohibited from visiting her, and she could not receive my letters, though all is well now, really.”

“Duchess Ellis is a very strong woman… that much is certain. And I congratulate Lia for their positive relationship.”

“Harrison has been making some attempts at speaking with me again, and I am open to discussion, but not certain of that answer just yet.”

“Lydia is a wonderful young woman. I would be delighted to be closer with her as well. However if you are suggesting I replace Aurelia with her, I am afraid you would be mistaken. There is no one I cherish quite like Aurelia, nor do I wish to.”

“I have been informed of her accident, yes. I did not know before, and it was for that reason I had doubts about our relationship. Those doubts are no longer.”

“From what I have heard, Orpheus was a very loyal betrothed to Lia. And objectively, he is handsome, but it would not be kind for me to desire him knowing what I know now. If you’ll excuse me… what do you mean by ‘Lang’? and what do you mean by ‘jump’?”

My mother has been stressed, she hopes to have me married by the time this season concludes.

I would hope to marry sooner than later, however right now I cannot say there is one specific man I wish to bind myself to. For now, I am attempting to gauge for whom I may be compatible with. From there, we shall see.


scoffs “A simple luck is not an indication of good aim, besides according to her was it not an accident?”


If there was, frankly it is none of your business and it has disappeared. Perhaps I missed her once and perhaps a little part of me still does or perhaps not

I learnt that she went to Germany, her home place for a vacation because she felt a little under the weather

What do you mean she can’t remember the last couple of years too well? If that’s the case does it mean that…

I feel like your trying to provoke me that’s how i feel. Ilyas friendship with Corin is no threat to me, we can all be friends, but i reallly need a reason why he chose to write to Corin and not me, because mind you (said in bridgerton talk) I knew him since he was a kid competing in a race competition and was there for him, i think that those years of close friendship warrants a letter no?

Find another thing to be curious about then