Buying Books vs. Getting Books From the Library 📚

:books: Buying Books vs. Getting Books From the Library :books:

  • What do you prefer and why?
  • Are there books you prefer to own?
  • Are there books you prefer to borrow?

I prefer getting books from the library.

Shadowhunters >.>

Novels, comics, etc.

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Nice! I prefer getting them on my phone lol :laughing:

Ooo :eyes:

I’ve never borrowed a comic!

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I never borrow books, I don’t think I’ve borrowed a book from the library once…
I want to have my own little library at home and be able to go back to some books whenever I want!


That sounds awesome! :heart_eyes:

I wouldn’t afford to buy every book I’ve read :sweat_smile:


I prefer buying books because it’s a great way to support my local bookstore and the author behind the writing. If the book has great cover art and or- is a visual novel it can also serve as inspiration for my own art.

The books I prefer to own are usually books I think are worth reading again. I also tend to buy a book more if it’s part of a series in comparison to stand-alone so it’s easier to re-read everything again if I want to. Often times when I go to the library and I want to start reading a popular book series not all parts tend to be available.

Not really maybe a really expensive book if I don’t have the money or a very trashy YA book because those are my guilty pleasure.

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Your in-home library idea sounds really cozy and fun but have you never borrowed a book from the library for a book report or something? :eyes:


Libraries are great but I much prefer buying 'cause I’m a serious hoarder of books. HAHAHA


It does but I also can’t so it’s a very slow process! :pleading_face:

Good point :eyes:
We never actually had to do anything like that, just at the end of high school so we could graduate :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I only buy books I find worth it to buy, I mean they are expensive so I must be sure I will at least read them twice. I like the idea of actually owning books I care about instead of getting them from the library. If I expect it’s just a one read thing I will for sure get it from the library!

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Getting books from the library. Because if I don’t like a book, I can just return it.

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Library, I don’t lose or damage the books so I’d rather borrow them then pay from them (cuz I’m broke)

The ones that I like reading continuously, or a series maybe.

Pretty much all books but mostly textbooks given their price.

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That’s true!

Same here and the thing with series. It’s annoying when you start a series but have to wait for the next book.

Haha, they used to be, but I don’t read them that often anymore. I kind of haven’t read a book in ages. :frowning:

Oh, so we need a library? :dizzy:

One day you’ll have the ultimate home library :wink:

Same. I would love to borrow text books from the library, sigh. I’m lucky to find most online though.

Smart! I do have some books that I really would like to own so that I could go back to them at any time and just flick though them or reread them.

Haha same. We have a cool thing where you can borrow e-books from the library. There are many to choose from, the problem is that all of them are in my native language (translated) and there are some books I prefer to read in English.

S a m e




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Libraries probably hate me… I still have like two non returned books that i got at the beginning of this year… but to be fair I couldn’t bring them back due to this whole virus. And I can’t drive so it’s not like I can really take them back on my own either. So no I don’t get books from libraries. I’ve tried to before but never ended up liking the books. I prefer to just buy books and put them on a shelf at home so I have my own mini library. That way I can keep track of all the books I’ve read and based on that, ones in the future I might like.

However if I’m researching a topic for school- I use the library lol.


Yaaay! :heart_eyes:

That’s true. My friend keeps a list on Goodreads and rate the books she reading etc and also picks books based on their review. I tend to just pick books based on the description or a recommendation.

Haha lol


YAY! We’ll be living the dream in no time!

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Well, my brain is still weird. I replied with a “yay” instead of a “yes” lol.

We will :raised_hands:t3: The question is where the dream will happen :thinking:

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Aww! Massive hugs to your brain.

I thought we’d decided on our own island

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For me, I go check out the music selection to get a piano book. There was a lot. Christmas to loony toon.

Also I did already brought two piano books from Barnes and nobles. And last year at book of millions a jumbo book over 200 songs.

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