Coffin Dance: Funny or Disrespectful?

Now, while I’m not sure if I find it funny (I only just woke up) I can say I don’t think it’s disrespectful. I did some research on it to see why people would think that and I’m honestly not sure, infact in some cultures it really isn’t uncommon to dance at a funeral or with a coffin. It may not be something you would want but personally but that doesn’t make it disrespectful, different people want different things at their funerals. Once source said that the dancing is said to help them “forget the mourning”.

Then again I may have been misinformed in what I read so feel free to tell me why it is actually offensive and I’ll happily listen. I just really couldn’t find any source that said it was.


I don’t find it disrespectful but rather it’s funny. Whenever I die I’d like for them to be there. It’s like them celebrating someone who has lived their life and they’re on their way to the afterlife.


Yeah it’s definitely quite celebratory


I personally think it’s funny as it makes light of a grim event , but I can see how some will find it disrespectful. I think what really matters is what the deceased would have wanted :woman_shrugging:t2:

If the deceased was very against such actions happening while he or she has died .It would be disrespectful to go against their wishes ,but if the deceased would have liked it should be fine.


I mean it’s different than what we’re used to ---- but it’s not meant to be disrespectful. :joy:

I actually chuckled at some of these, somebody made one with plane crashes and while it was a bit uncomfortable to watch (cuz people did die) it was still enjoyable. The coffin dance is basically just ‘RIP dude, you lived an awesome life! We gon’ celebrate that’. So while it makes me (personally) uncomfortable to watch it sometimes ----- it’s not meant to be disrespectful. I find some of it funny — and shocking but not disrespectful. :eyes:

I like watching plane crash compilations and documentaries soooo ----- I don’t know why this made me uncomfortable.


Death is a common part in our lives, in some, they choose it as a greif or celebratory. Now there are appropriate reactions on how you treat a funeral. Either the family decides it as mourning or celebrates a death; but that is only a decision on how you do the tradition.

Honestly, with the meme, this represents a celebration of death. And that is acceptable! You can enjoy and laugh. If the deceased wants a funeral that does not want their relatives crying, that’s okay! Many countries treat death as a celebration as they go on to the afterlife, and that death shouldn’t be so grim and sad.

So by culture, preference, etc., some shouldn’t complain on how this is disrespectful because they celebrate and be happy for a reason. It is only disrespectful if you don’t act properly in the specific mood of the funeral, like being a jerk to the dead or something idk :joy:


Honestly, if you find this disrespectful, you probably can’t take a joke.
Clearly this is how the deceased wanted to be remembered (the legend that they were) so it’s not disrespect if they asked for this. And they had to have asked for this, because it’d be illegal otherwise.
You don’t give this kind of judgement to wakes in New Orleans or other unconventional mourning ceremonies. Why give it here?


Yeah that’s what I was thinking like some people want their ashes mixed with glitter and shot out of a cannon, I don’t find that disrespectful.


I’ve watched it since I woke up and yeah it is funny, also Coffin’s are heavy as hell so woahhhhh

Again, not sure why people would find it disrespectful but that was the thread suggestion so I googled it and still no clue hehe. Just wanted to ensure you guys know I don’t find it disrespectful.


In my personal opinion no. Because it lifts the mood at the funerals. I went to a funeral a few weeks ago and it was sad and miserable not just because someone had died but because no one was trying to make one of your worst memories become one of your best and when I die I don’t want people to be sad and miserable but I want them to be happy and turn it into a good memory.


Ayo, Nigerian here. In some cultures like this, when transporting the coffin with dancing it can mean to:

•Send them off with good spirits, wishing them the best as they move on (or in their afterlife depending on religion), etc.
•Celebrate their life
•Lift spirits, as you said.

I’m not sure what is being deemed as disrespectful, it being a meme or them dancing with the coffin in general. For the former it really is just a lighthearted meme, so I don’t see the problem with it. I guess it’s like a dark joke when it does mention grimes situations when people actually died. I’d see why people would find the meme offensive at times, but the act of dancing while transporting the coffin in itself is just culture in some places.

That’s just what I got from it, I guess.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, like how is the coffin not sliding off of their shoulders?!

Most people nowadays honesty cannot :woman_facepalming:


That’s nothing, I’ve seen two dudes in South Africa carry a hollowed out taxi on their shoulders.


How is it not sliding off? :tired_face:


They were shirtless, and they told me that the friction against their skin helped.


African sTrenGth. Jk jk. But lowkey my parents scare me with their strength sometimes.


I’m glad I wasn’t there to see that :drooling_face:
@jaytastic will think the same!

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What if they were 60 years old fam


One of them actually was lol
It was a father and son