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Official Roleplay Thread


World Background

The founders of the nations were once great friends. However, an argument drove them apart. Sadly, the exact details of said argument have been to time.
So, the founders ended up going their separate ways to colonize their nations.
One created the Nation of Magic, known as Viserium.
This founder was known as Wolsin.
One created the Nation of Tech, known as Algereh.
This founder was known as Oyth.
One created the Nation of Peace, know as Illigia.
This founder was known as Aerol.
Each nation coined its name from the dragon that once inhabited them. It is unclear where these dragons have gone.

Aerol convinced them all to sign a treaty, and they even managed to switch to friendly terms.
But after four generations, the Treaty is riding on thin ice Algereh thinks they could easily wipe out Viserium, and Viserium believes they could wipe out Algereh.
Tensions between the two powerful nations are on the rise. And, to make matters worse, bandit activity and skirmishes in the wilderness are on the rise.

Note: Public technology is 1980-era mixed with Sci-Fi Most Sci-fi tech is located in the Tech kingdom though
Also, Dragons in Contravisum are different than your usual type of dragons. Firstly, there are only ten of them. Secondly, they don’t breathe fire, they breathe Arcane energy. Thirdly, they have several unknown magical powers and are the strongest known creatures to the people of Contravisum.

Magic System and Tech Overview

Firstly Contra’s Magic System

  1. No Elemental Powers (Fire, Ice, and so on are not possible)
  2. There are three types of magic, Sigil, Arcana, and Potion
  3. Magic types can mix. For example, a spell can be considered both a Sigil and Arcana spell.

Sigil Magic

Sigil magic is the most valuable type of magic because it’s very well-paying and used a lot. Sigil magic can alter an object’s properties. Sigils on living things are forbidden.

Examples of basic sigils: Sigil of Durability would grant an object heightened durability

Sigil of Heat would make an object hot to the touch

It is very profitable because it takes a long time to master one sigil.


Arcana is the most expansive and dangerous magic. It relies on condensed arcane energy, which is stored in a casting focuses. These casting focuses can be almost anything. A few individuals tap into their bodies to use as a focus. Additionally, some others use the arcane energy from fauna and flora around them. However, using arcane energy from living things is strictly forbidden since it can destroy those living fauna and flora.

Examples of Arcana can range from moving a cup a few meters to summoning a mansion.

Arcana takes a long time to learn, like sigil magic. However, unlike sigil magic, it is more versatile and is dispelled if the user is forcibly made unconscious.


Potions are great for an easy magic solution for a problem. Simple potions are easy to make as long as the individual follows the exact instructions. Higher potions, like body swap, would require a complex magic infusion to complete. Each magic infusion takes a long time to learn and is different for every high-tier potion. Lower potions only need their ingredients and the potion brewery.

Examples of lower potions are healing, speed, strength

Examples of high potions are long-lasting regeneration, Body Swap, and Accelerated Plant Growth

(You can decide what ingredients are used to make the potions that your character knows)

Tech Overview
This is a brief explanation of what tech makes sense for a character to have. Sci-fi is allowed for weapons and combat items. However, items such as cars and cell phones are still 1980, basically items that have little to do with combat.
If it’s something advanced, there has to be a reason the character has it. For example, taking the tech from Algereh’s lab or creating it themselves.
The more advanced it is, the more the character should be connected with Algereh.


Below are just general locations, if you want to make up a location I can provide basic rules/outlines in PMs

Nation of Algereh
Capital of Algereh, Zerse

The Proud Capital Zerse is an island is in the middle of the city. But, a big iron wall blocks any outside view of the city. Other than that, the capital has a black sky. However, the air down on the ground seems completely breathable and clean.
All the houses in the capital were made with metal scraps and other recycled materials. The shops have all the tech you could ever want, and the closer to the island’s center, the more advanced (and expensive) it becomes. Yet, highly sophisticated items are off-limits without explicit permission from Algereh’s government. Smoke and smog continuously bellow out of several factories and buildings. But, it seemed that all the smoke that is produced is also taken away by something as the smoke seems to tunnel into the middle of the island as if it was the eye of the storm. In the center of the capital, there is a huge metal dome that takes in the smoke. Only government employees and scientists are allowed to go in it.

Forested Mountain of Algereh

The Forested Mountain is a dangerous place full of creatures, and if rumors are to be believed, it holds some escaped experiments from Algereh. It is a great natural barrier if ever needed to protect from war. Additionally, there are several outposts stationed along the mountain with random cabins. The mountain isn’t as high as Viserium’s but is tall and treacherous enough to make it hard to climb for a first-timer.

Intertwined Ruins

The intertwined ruins are an ancient and dangerous place. Those who have traveled there and returned are lucky. However, those who have escaped its grasp often attempt to return as if drawn to it. Accounts describe several cobwebs along the entryway, and as they go further, they enter a place with black pillars spiraling around each other. The pillars seem to be glowing with green binary codes. And from there, it is said that there is a please, yet it has many conflicting descriptions. Some say it’s a paradise full of information and wonder, and others say it’s a soul-draining hellscape. Yet, both groups still always want to go back into it

Secret Lab

You’re not supposed to be here. Terminating agent activated.

Nation of Illigia
Capital of Illigia, Telrines

Illigia’s capital, Telrines. A gigantic arch towers above this prosperous city. The arch produces light, power, and magic. This arch was a gift from Viserium and Algereh finished in 200 C as a sign of peace between the three kingdoms. The town was bustling with games, gambling, pubs, theatres, and other entertainment. This capital is commonly referred to as the ‘Capital of Entertainment’ by outsiders. Telrines arch is a white living marble arch with light blue lit up lines engraved in specific patterns. Even though it’s called an arch, it only has one sturdy base, the other ends in the air and doesn’t curve down like a normal arch. The arch thins out and ends into a thin tip above the city. The arch is so massive that it covers almost all of the capital, Telrines. Anyone can go into the Telrines arch, but certain areas are off-limits, such as the tip and control center. However, after riding the elevator up, people will see all sorts of gift shops, restaurants, and so forth.

Valent Forest

The biggest Forest in Illigia has several small forest villages and various fauna and flora. Once entered, it seems never-ending, and it still has many unexplored areas to this day. Who knows what could be lurking or hiding in it.

Soul Forest

A forest where whoever is traveling in it has their soul reflected by some magical force. It shows their darkest secrets and their most hopeful dreams. Many travelers have visited this forest for many different reasons, but none have ever left unchanged.

Nation of Viserium
Capital of Viserium, Kondra

This capital is one of Magic and wonder, built on and around part of the Pegmatite Mountain. Kondrar is where one would find the King and all the Magic stuff anyone could want. Some shops need a Kondrar Pass to get access. The majority of Kondrar’s buildings are on the side of Pegmatite mountain, kept up with magical sigils and multiple supports attached to Pegmatite. The easiest way to get around in Viserium is lifts, stairs, and platforms magically power. Officials work at the mansion in which the royals live and reside. This mansion sits on top of Mt. Pegmatite and overlooks the city. Kondrar is the biggest city in Viserium as it uses its mountain and magical expertise for extra space. Kondrar is where one can find the majority of magic secrets and goodies that they could ever want.

Pegmatite Mountain

Pegmatite Mountain is a mountain of multiple peaks and multiple lows. Some mountain parts reach up to cut the sky, and others are low enough for civilizations. It has two rivers, one saltwater and the other is freshwater. The high altitudes can be deadly if ill-prepared people venture up the mountain, and occasionally even experienced climbers meet their doom. There are multiple climbing routes, from free climbing to safer options. Most people of Viserium only traverse the populated areas of the mountain.

Vis Volcano, also known as Viscano

The Volcano stands tall with its light smoke piercing the clouds. There are stairs and an elevator on the side that leads to the top. These machines still stand because of the high-tier magical sigils that protect them. At the base of the Mountain were at least a dozen or more vaults built into the ground, which had black burn marks, but were mostly intact. These bunkers are for whenever the volcano decides to make a random outburst. And the lava river flows into the water below.
The Interesting thing about Vis Volcano is the fact that it changes between two different volcano types. One day it can be a shield volcano and very calm. The next day, it can be a raging, explosive composite volcano.
Vis Volcana has magical properties but, the nation has yet to comprehend its powers. At least, that’s what they tell the public.


Forts have been in place between the main roads to the kingdoms as a stopping place for travelers

Fort PrideFolk

This fort is the only still-standing fort built as a midway for a new nation. However, since the discovery of No Man’s Land, no progress has been made. Yet, the people of this fort stay out of pride. They do not back down and protect the fort with their lives. Hence where the name fort Pridefolk came to be. They have a small community, but someone could mistake it for a fully-fledged town. It has multiple festivals to keep the fort’s spirits high. PrideFolk is the only fort not aligned with a specific nation. Completely self-efficient, this fort is a perfect example of how far pride and grit can get people.

Fort Pitfall

The fort that marks the mid-way point for Illigia and Viserium.

Fort Scrapheap

The fort that marks the mid-way point for Illigia and Algereh

Fort Beacon

The fort that marks the mid-way point for Viserium and Algereh

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A bright object sped across the sky at impossible speeds, leaving a bright streak through the sky as if something had just zipped the sky open to infinite nothingness. As it flies over the vast continent of Contravisum, a loud noise resonates throughout the continent. Along with the noise came a shock wave. Then the object seemed to fall right out of the sky, landing near no man’s land with an impact as bright as a star. This phenomenon is experienced all over the continent.

  1. If you want to make an OP character, PM me about it

  2. Normal Human Decency rules, respect each other

  3. Follow the forum rules

  4. If there is a fight, you can either decide the winner in General chat OR PMs or use the TAP system for who will win

  5. No characters who are murderers. I doubt anyone would want their character stuck in jail after all

  6. S-x is allowed, but it must be implied. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the shanniiwrites forums. Once the clothes come off, fade to black, or move to a PM to continue. You can describe intimacy such as kissing, making out, etc, but please make sure to keep it PG-13! ]

  7. Face claims are not required, and I will not be making a slide featuring face claims. You can use face claims to help with the description. But they will not be regulated by me, so it’s less of a claim and more of a face reference.

  8. Characters cannot have identical names. As soon as someone makes a character, the last name is claimed by the creator. The last name that is claimed may only be used if the person who claimed it allows it.

  9. This list might be added to if I decide it is needed

  10. If there is anything you want to check, my PMs are open

  11. Use trigger/content warnings. When talking about a sensitive topic, blur it and add a warning

  12. If you want a custom Origin, simply PM me to make sure it’s not overpowered or to ask permission for it to be overpowered

  13. I just wanted a rule 13

A Map of the Contravisum!

A map of the Contravisum!

This is an old design of the map (a new one might be made soon) It was made by my friend SpaciousReality

List & Links

Character Slides

Contravisum Calendar Date 49/23/419 - 0:00

A bright object sped across the sky at impossible speeds, leaving a bright streak through the sky as if something had just zipped the sky open to infinite nothingness. As it flies over the vast continent of Contravisum, a loud noise resonates throughout the continent. Along with the noise came a shock wave. Then the object seemed to fall right out of the sky, landing near no man’s land with an impact as bright as a star. This phenomenon is experienced all over the continent.

Contravisum Calendar Date 49/23/419 - 8:00

The paper has spread like wildfire, talk and speculation along with it. Several people have set off to look for the strange object that fell to the continent. It’s the talk of many, but not all. Contravisum is a varied place full of different paths to take.

Read for extra information!
  1. You may make whatever village/town you want. Try to keep it’s theme relatively related to the country it is in. So no sci-fi town in Viserium, vice versa. Unless its like a magical illusion or something.
  2. If you want your character to make a school for orphan children. And that’s all their goal is, ho ahead. I can also make a prompt to lead them down an adventure if they’re not interested in the giant star
  3. Time is subjective. Your character can be two weeks ahead of another’s, just try to keep track of that. I would recommend staying within the time of the days but traveling across Contra tales 14 days of travel usually. So skipping days is allowed for this purpose (just try to keep in mind how far your character is so it can be corrected next official newspaper) TLDR; don’t skip more than 14 days and be out of sync with literally everyone

Location: ???

Xerlynn’s eyes were getting heavy, she wanted to keep driving, but she knew she had to sleep. So, as soon as they rolled up to her next landmark, she pulled over and hit the brakes. Xerlynn then vaulted over her seat to land on the backseat. She only took a moment to get comfortable. But after that, she was out like a light.
When Xerlynn woke up, she decided she might as well check her supplies. Xerlynn climbed out of the lowrider convertible and stepped to the trunk, popping it open. As soon she did, a gray and black blur jumped out. Xerlynn absent-mindedly snagged the thing mid-air. Yet, she was more focused on how all her food was eaten, and not to mention all over the nice velveted trunk. Her eyes of fury darted towards what she caught. “A teleporting raccoon, just my luck. I should really protect this thing with sigils, but they’re so expensive. Or, I could chop up this fellow,” Xerlynn grew a devilish smile as she looked it in the eyes. The raccoon creature whimpered and starred back with eyes akin to puppies. Xerlynn narrowed her eyes with a low growl. The telecoon whimpered more. Xerlynn face scrunched up, and the telecoon squirmed a little. She huffed, dropping the Telecoon back onto the ground, and it ran off. Xerlynn sighed as she closed the trunk and locked her car. Then she started to travel into the town she stopped near. “I guess I need to restock on supplies. And, get some cleaner to fix that telecoon’s mess.”




location - algereh

When Neji woke up, all they saw was darkness. This was due to the large sheet of discolored metal that rested atop their face along with a greasy wrapper, a metal whisk, and a handful of screws. As Neji sat up, the screws and nails rolled in all different directions, landing on the floor of their “house”, which could barely be differentiated from a pile of scraps. They rubbed their eyes, then stretched their fishnet-covered arms as high as they could. They didn’t have to worry about hitting the roof of their home because they didn’t have one. Standing up and kicking some things aside, Neji changed into clothes they usually wore. A black bodysuit that was several sizes too small, cargo pants that sagged below their hip bones despite the shoelace that served as a belt. Random socks for their arms and legs along with some boots that curled and squeezed their toes. They tied their shaggish bronzey hair into two ponytails and stared in the mirror. Their face was hollow, made more so by black circles under their eyes, cuts and bruises. They smiled at themself, revealing yellowed teeth, one tooth missing. Then they covered their smile with a gas mask. The air felt foggy today-not that that mattered, they would wear it anyways.

Neji didn’t have any food around, so they decided they could make their way towards the city and beg for some. They still hadn’t gotten the promised money which brought a scornful expression to their face. It would be nice to have some eggs that weren’t green for breakfast and maybe some meat that wasn’t filled with bugs. But they pushed any unhappiness and sourness away as they basically hopped on their way towards the city, waving to people and almost tripping over several items people had thrown away.

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// forest in the Forested Mountain of Algereh//

opening my eyes, I see the bright light of my moon stone. The blue clear drop is a common little tool for night guards and gem worn by royalty during night parties, but it has only one use: when moonlight is shown on it, it illuminates just as brightly. Last week I spend every free minute finding one as it was the last thing I needed for my plan to work. Once found, I calculated where to put the gem so I was able to be rested and it would wake me up when the entire world was fast asleep.

This night is the night I’ve been planni g for months. A small bundle of essentials, some weapons and a cloak were all put neatly in a drawer so it wouldn’t be found. It has to be tonight or else I will not be able to hide my tracks.

In two days I am to be married to a nobel man of high standards. I haven’t met him but his reputation says he only agreed because I am a rare species and I refuse to accept that

after grabbing my stuff and putting on the hooded cloak, I open the window where strong winds and powerful rain greets me by soaking my face in seconds. I climb through and shut the window again, then I jump down and run into the forest.

one last time I look at my childhood home before disappearing into the forest

Opening my eyes I cover them with my arm while letting out a sigh. How long has it been now, around 10 years or so? Those memories are the last I have if my childhood with my parents. I haven’t seen them after that. In the beginning this dream came almost daily, sometimes turning into a nightmare where I didn’t succeed and I would fear my parents would stop me.
Now its just something that might pop up every so often.

Getting out, I grab the same cloak I wore on the night of my escape. Now covered and torn, it still functions perfectly.

I then walk out of the little cabin I call my home. Its more a place I drop by between adventures so I can rest, empty out and fix myself up for the next one as I don’t like to be in the same place for too long around these parts.

I walk into the forest aware of my surroundings and being alert for any sound that something or someone is approaching.




Brian wasn’t to incredibly keen.

He didn’t think about danger. Maybe that’s the explanation, why he fell asleep standing, blending in as one of the trees. Maybe. Any who, it had been nearly two days, he should be rested enough. He chose his footing carefully, he often found joy watching the bunnies and squirrels run about. Sometimes, if he was lucky, birds would sit and sing in his hair. If he was lucky. He didn’t believe in luck. Or maybe he did? It had been awhile since he’d contemplated his old thoughts. It was pretty empty. Yes, empty.

That’s what he contemplated. Emptiness. He remember feeling empty, though it was groggy. Wait, was he empty now? Not with emotion, but actually empty, empty? Whatever was actually inside him, was cut short. He had stumbled over a grand crevice in the ground. His impact created a slight ‘wobble’ to the ground and loud crash, though, with the trees he assumed the sound wouldn’t carry far. Hmm. He said, or, made sound. He lay there, presumably resembling a long moss-covered log. He listened to nature while watching the treetops.

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Forest in the Forested Mountain of Algereh

As I continue to walk through the forest, I start to let my guard down a little as the serene environment is kind of relaxing. Just as I did, however, I felt that I stepped on something. I quickly jumped back and took a defensive stand, when I noticed it was just a pile of moss with some pinecones and some branches sticking out.

or so I thought at least, because as I took a better look, the branches were more like horns. I narrowed my eyes and noticed a face hidden in the mess. “Jeez, why are you just laying on the ground like that? as you can see, people will step on you!” I exclaimed startled and confused. normally I would keep my cool, but this was one of those moments that was so out of the ordinary that it took me by surprised and threw me off.

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Location: ???

Thunder rumbled as a brunette-haired teen shuffled around, shifting their full weight between one leg or the other. Heavy rain began to pour down and cold, heavy winds began to pick up as the teen slowly walked, the now soaked and slick terrain caused them to stumble and fall. The teen’s torn, tattered, and now soaked clothes were torn down to their underwear, which revealed multiple tattoo-like markings all over their body. The tattoo-like markings however, seemed to glow softly, the multi-colored lights barely visible amidst the fury of the storm. The teen wandered for what seemed like an eternity until they came across a figure in the distance. The teen tried to call out but their tired, hoarse voice could only manage a whisper, a quiet precious thing lost, drowned out as the storm raged on.

Slowly, blinking in and out, the teen appeared to inch closer and closer to the figure, finally they managed to get within an earshot an utter a single phrase before collapsing in complete exhaustion…and fading fast.


The girl’s eyes fluttered open, she rubbed her head and sat up on what appeared to be a bed. Then she fell to the floor as everything disappeared leaving her surrounded by only darkness. She wandered around the darkness eventually losing all track of time, how long was she wandering? Minutes? Hours? Days? Finally the girl bumped into a wall, endless on either side, it seemed. Upon looking up she found the height of the wall also seemed to go up endlessly. She backed away to get a clearer view of what she was looking at, when she did, the girl noticed she was suddenly in a forest terrain that had for some reason felt familiar to her. Then it began to rain, the rain then turned into an equally familiar storm.

“Ok…” Her voiced echoed, “This is weird…” Her voice echoed again. When she turned back around to look at the once blank, solid, brick wall, she found it was a reasonable height for a brick wall with what appeared to be darkness on the other side too. Passing her eyes back down over the wall, she noticed it was riddled with signs that gave her an uneasy feeling of both dread and déjà vu.

Caution: Keep Out!

No Unauthorized Entry!

Danger: Stay Away!

The various signs seemed to stretch the endless length of the wall, with one exception, a single blood red door without a handle. Before she could approach it, everything disappeared once more and the girl opened her eyes…

@Cadborosa ~ Xerlynn

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Location: Log Inn, Random Village

Xerlynn sighed as she realized this would be much more than a quick pitstop. She twirled her umbrella, which was blocking the rain from hitting her, thinking about what she could use the extra time. Perhaps Xerlynn could get her car tuned up since it had been a while since the last tuning. She couldn’t remember if she rolled the roof up. Xerlynn continued her lengthy train of thought until the girl behind her uttered for help and collapsed. Xerlynn’s head turned to look at the collapsed girl, sighing. She had sensed that they were behind her, but she was too lost in thought to take action. Now, the girl’s collapsed. Xerlynn turned and crouched down the girl, holding her umbrella above their core. “Jeez, I was planning on acting all cool, having an umbrella in this weather. Lesson learned, don’t daydream when someone needs help,” Xerlynn shook her head, picking up the girl and draping them over her shoulder with extreme ease. “Damn, light as a feather. I wonder if she’s been eating alright.”

Xerlynn made her way into the town. Her umbrella prevented them from getting any wetter from the clattering rain. She could tell this would be a long one. After asking some locals, she eventually found the inn. It was a medium-large log cabin with a small parking lot. Xerlynn just hoped they had rooms open. She pushed open the wooden door and walked inside. Xerlynn wiped her feet and flicked her umbrella, water scattering to the rug. The umbrella then folded itself back, and she attached it to her side, like sheathing a sword. They hurriedly approached the front desk, where the reception shot up, with a worried look on their face. Without saying anything, Xerlynn threw enough currency on the desk for a week’s stay and held her hand out, waiting for the room key. The receptionist tried to question her, but she just glared at him before he gave in and gave her the key. She then carried the girl to the room. Xerlynn knew the girl needed to be warmed up, but she didn’t want to invade a young person’s privacy. She set her on a bed and threw several towels on her. “Good enough. Now, I need to get my car to a tuner, get some clothes, and a space heater,” Xerlynn checked off what she needed aloud. “If you’re gone when I come back, I’ll be ticked.”

Xerlynn left the inn, making sure the room was securely locked. She quickly bought a few clothes for the girl and went to get her car. Xerlynn let out a huge sigh of relief when she saw that the hood was up. “Yikes, I forgot I need to refill my food,” Xerlynn growled, “Stupid wild Telecoons. I can’t believe some people like keeping those things as pets.” Xerlynn then drove the car to a tuning shop, which was on the outskirts of town. Unfortunately, she only remembered the need for a space heater after turning the car to the tuner. And the keys after threatening them not to damage it. So, she had to carry a space heater and clothes back to the room. Once she arrived, she plugged in the heater, putting it as close to the girl as possible. Xerlynn then went and rested on the couch, grumbling about her luck along with her grumbling stomach.

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Location: Log Inn, ???

The girl’s eyelids fluttered, half awake. It was so warm and cozy that she momentarily drifted off back to sleep before bolting upright, now wide awake. She looked around the room, there was a space heater, a pile of clothes with tags on them next to her, two beds all neat and tidy, a couch and another girl on the couch looking tired and hungry. The girl lept up, grabbed the pile of clothes, ran to the bathroom, and locked the door behind her without uttering a single word. She took a warm shower and paused halfway when she caught sight of herself in the mirror amidst the steam and soap. The face I see staring back at me is that of a stranger. My own body feels…foreign, unrecognizable. I can’t remember anything about the markings that don’t wash off no matter how hard I scrub. The girl gently traced each different marking, shuddering at her own touch.

There are other markings that feel…different, where the skin is rough and almost jagged, as if torn and repaired; they…sting to the touch as if only freshly healed. The biggest question of all still remains: Who Am I? The girl slid down against the wall and began to cry softly as the now lukewarm water rained down on her chocolate brown hair, obscuring her vision until she turned it off and got dressed with the new clothes she had found next to her when she woke up. They felt good, comfortable at least compared to the torn ones she had on before. She slowly unlocked the bathroom door and quietly stepped out.

New clothes


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Someone nearly stepped on Brian, though, he probably wouldn’t have noticed a whole lot unless he had seen them. “Jeez, why are you just laying on the ground like that? as you can see, people will step on you!” They’re yelling scared the rest of the birds Brian hadn’t scared in his fall. At least they were in a tree semi close. “birds.” He said, pointing to the trees.

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Location: Log Inn, Random Village

Xerlynn opened and closed her umbrella repeatedly, thinking to herself. She sighed, noticing the girl stepping from the bathroom. Xerlynn had a feeling this wouldn’t just be as simple as escorting them home. “You know you don’t gotta be quiet. The inn ain’t gonna kick us out for closing a door,” Xerlynn said, jumping up from the couch. She stretched for a second and flicked her umbrella closed. Xerlynn turned to look at the girl, who seemed in better shape than she expected. “Ey girl, you got a name? Also, you hungry at all? Doesn’t matter cause we’re eating despite your answer, but I figure I should ask.”

@Bluecookies ~ ???

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Location: Log Inn, ???

The girl stopped and shyly looked down, “S-sorry.” The other girl asked for her name, “My name…” She repeated, “My name is…” she drew a blank, nothing came to her when she thought of her name. “I don’t know.” The girl then practically declared that they would eat but decided to ask for a reason she couldn’t place. “Maybe a little.” She said but her stomach quietly growled saying otherwise.

@Cadborosa ~ Xerlynn

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Location: Log Inn, Random Village

They shuffled through their pocket and pulled out the room key. The girl claimed not to know her name. Xerlynn couldn’t say they were surprised. After all, she could tell that this was going to be a pain. Her ear twitched slightly as the girl’s stomach growled. She readjusted her leather jacket before turning to face the girl. “Aight, did you have anything on you when you collapsed? Like money? Or maybe a treasure map?” Xerlynn snickered. She considered teasing the kid a little to gauge what type of person this girl was. “I also doubt you want to be called ‘girl’ for the rest of your life, so try to salvage some idea of a name before we leave. And on that topic, what type of food is your stomach craving?”

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In confusion, I looked in the direction that the forest person was pointing. I sighed and looked back after seeing the birds. I couldn’t believe a person like this existed. It was such a unique personality, so carefree and moving on their own pace. It was both worrying and impressive. “I guess they can be fascinating to watch, but you shouldn’t lay here on a main path, people often travel through here so you could get hurt or ran over” I said and grabbed his arms and dragged him off the path.
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I guess they can be fascinating bro watch, but you shouldn’t lay here on a main path, people often travel through here so you could get hurt or ran over” Brain listened, now being dragged. They were rather strong, but then again, Brian was basically an empty log. Brian continue to watch the birds, till a squirrel ran along. It was behind him, so at this point he had to get up to watch. He sat, not fully standing. “Lost?” He asked, turning to point at the Bird Scarier.

@Meekepeek ~ Syvin


I watched as the guy was just letting me drag him away, then turned to watch a squirrel. I had to blink a few times in confusion as I just couldn’t believe a person like this was actually able to completly live in his own little world. I could steal from him and he wouldn’t even notice, but he probably wouldn’t have much of value anyway. I looked up as he pointed at me. lost?, no I wasn’t lost. “No, I live nearby. if anyone is lost I have to say it’s probably you” I told him.

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Location: Log Inn, ???

The girl stopped and looked at Xerlynn, something in her understood being the expense of a joke. “No!” She shouted, “I don’t have a name, I don’t have a home, and I certainly don’t have FOOD!” At that last burst of anger a sigil burned into the nearest cart, when the smoke cleared the cart was replaced with a feast, one fit for a king. The girl stammered, “I-how did-you?” She looked at Xerlynn and took a few steps back.

@Cadborosa ~ Xerlynn

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Location: Log Inn, Random Village

Well, it seemed they could not take teasing. Xerlynn didn’t even start prodding at this point. So, probably best not to test the waters further. Her eyes shifted at the smoking cart, surveying what happened to it. The cart suddenly turned into a king’s banquet. Xerlynn slid her hands into her pockets and gave an impressed whistle. “Well, whoever you are, ya definitely something special. Also, I asked the food question, cause I was going to offer to buy you some. But, I guess you have that covered,” Xerlynn chuckled. She stepped over to the food and sniffed it. “Smells good to eat. So, you going to dig in or just stand there? Who knows, eating might help you remember something.”

@Bluecookies ~ ???

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Location: Town Alleyway, Villiage in Viserium

Fiirum pulled into the town, parking his car. He went through a checklist through his mind. Fiirum stored snacks, money, and keys in his bag. The weremouse was ready to go into town for a supply run. He stretched then hopped out of his car, locking it before moving on. Firstly, he went to the market to obtain food for his journey. Besides, creating a fresh hot meal would be a nice break from food preservatives. However, as soon as he stepped into the market, he felt as if something was … off. He closed his eyes and listened to the surroundings. Behind the normal market sounds, he could hear sounds of distress. He followed the sounds, which led him to a group of people surrounding a girl. It seemed they purposefully were stepping on her basket of produce. They also were calling her horrid things, which felt like a kick to the heart to a mere bystander. He couldn’t think of anything to do, but his body didn’t stop. He moved over and tried to grab the basket off the ground. Though, their foot wouldn’t budge. He then saw as someone was about to pour a bucket of water on her. Fiirum quickly pulled her out of the way. Unfortunately, this made their scowls turn to him. Not wanting to hear their harsh words anymore, without letting go, he ran away. Fiirum was fast enough to weasel out of their field of view. He let go when they lost the maniacs. “Uh, are you okay? And why were they doing that?” he asked, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

@Bluecookies ~ Gwenyth

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A young teen girl approached a stone table in her cave and sat down she saw two prepared but uncooked turkeys in the middle. To her left sat her half-elven father, his pointed ears twitched a little picking up the slightest most quiet sounds of the cave. He looked at his daughter with a twinkle in his eye, “Good morning! How’s my baby girl?” The girl couldn’t help but smile, “I’m fine, dad. Where’s mom?” As if on cue, the liquid in her father’s glass began to ripple, signifying the arrival of her mother. In the doorway that lead deeper into the cave, stood a ten foot tall dragon…

Yep, you read that right, my dad’s a half-elf, and mom’s a dragon. Well, she’s a dragonborn but due to magic she’s been stuck as a dragon since I was born. Long story. So, what does that make me? Well, I’m human, elven, and dragon. A tribrid, first of my ‘kind’ in Contravisum, my parents are proud of course; my species’ however are not as…thrilled. The humans who know run me out of their towns, the elves stick their nose up at me, believing themselves superior simply because of pure-elf blood, and the dragons outright refuse to acknowledge my existence; afraid of ruining the “pride of the entire race”. My name is Gwenyth.

The dragon let out a roar that rumbled the cave, Gwenyth leaned back until the dragon stopped, “Good morning to you too, mom. Yes, I know. I know that too.” She grabbed her cloak and went to the market for fresh produce for her father who started on the fire for the turkeys. Gwenyth had made sure the sleeves of her shirt were pulled down on her arms and her ears were covered as she walked. When she had found and purchased the produce she yelped as she was pulled into an alley and surrounded by a group of humans. “Oh, look at what we have here. The freak has left her cave.” The leader pushed Gwenyth down, causing her to drop her fresh produce. “Hang on guys, she-she actually looks pretty today…pretty ugly!” The humans howled with laughter and stepped on the basket of fruit and vegetables. “Hey, I know, maybe a bath will help.” The leader snapped his fingers and two guys approached her carrying a big bucket of water. They were about to dump it on her when a boy pulled her out of the way as the water splashed the ground where she just was. The boy then pulled her along with him as he ducked and weaved his way through the crowd until they lost them. He asked if she was ok and why they were doing that to her.

“Oh, I’m fine. I-I probably deserved it.” Gwenyth knelt down to pick up the basket and the remaining fruit that had somehow stayed in the basket during the chase when a small breeze blew her hood off exposing them. The girl had elven ears that twitched in response to the breeze; tucked behind her ears was a head of shoulder-length milk chocolate brown hair. “I’m sorry that you had to been seen with me, you really shouldn’t have done that.” She said softly.

@Cadborosa ~ Fiirum

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