Coronavirus taking over

the us is currently under emergency. but, it’s been a major conflict in musicians. due to the virus, many big artists like, BTS, Green Day, and much more had to cancel concerts due to it. (i hope they don’t cancel my chicago one. :sob:.) NOWW, if you want this damn virus to stop. please,

a. wash your hands after touching something dirty
b. hand sanitize frequently
c. cover any cough and sneeze
d. stay home if sick
e. stay away from large crowds

now! it hasn’t been only affecting the US, it’s been infecting the entire globe. my classes are cancelled till the thirtieth of march. e-learning. wooo. :eyes:

again, please be cautious with this virus. also, how are you feeling about the virus affecting places world wide, where you live, and how has it brought you to where you are now? :white_heart::parking:.


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