Create an RP Wishlist

We all have things we want to see as RPers. It could be a certain type of RP, a type of character, an individual plot line, or something specific to a certain RP, character, or RPer even. No matter what it is, there’s so much we wish for when we’re RPing.

So, here is the place to make your own RP wishlist! It could be something just regarding yourself, or what you want to see from anybody, or even something you wish for the section itself. Whatever it is, share it here.
What is on your RP wishlist?



I love this!! I will come back when I have ideas~


i wish there was like a slice of life rp because sometimes its hard following a storyline and i find it more fun to just live life out through a different perspective but maybe that’s because i enjoy daydreaming idk. i would start my own but idk if people would be interested in it since a lot of people like a more plot based rp- ok sorry for rambling ahhh


yea the issue with a slice of life rp is that people have to make their own plots, which can be quite difficult and end up pretty boring, ya know?

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yeah true so perhaps ill continue living in my dream world

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idk :pleading_face:

1.) More animated faceclaims (There’s already been roleplays with this but i just want more)

2.) A roleplay where you have to choose between choices, which could lead to a good or bad ending. This would probably be an SG but i think it would be interesting

3.) A mermaid roleplay?

4.) Housewife Roleplay: You would have to make a family in a suburban town but there’s a dark secret. Or even the housewife reality show lol.

Some of these were weird but that’s all I can think of :thinking:


i would love to see more RPs with a puzzle like plot, if that makes sense?
and mayhaps an escape room sort of thing, too

also maybe a college RP instead of school ones? idk i feel like colleges have potential


added some tags ^~^

  • I wish I can legit start a good roleplay someday-
  • a mystery RP, like maybe with a little bit of SGing, but like that RP you can really feel like a detective sometig

@RPers, do you have any RP wishes? Maybe someone can be your genie… :eyes:



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Omg, me too, yes


Don’t worry, coming soon, right @OhSumana


Here are some of mine:

  • That some more people would dip their toes into making mystery rp’s like the ones I’ve tried to make(The wish of amnesia, or Mistifying).
  • to be part of an rp that lasts at least a year long!
  • that the rp community grows again. I see a lot of the same players rn.

Heck yeah! As soon as I get the post ready

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I want an action packed RP :heart_eyes:

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omg my genies how fast



  • That the RP and SG section would soon be diverse with genres :star_struck:

you have one already

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A public one :joy:

And yes yes A HORROR RP!


What did I just read? (excited)

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omll i wanna make an rp on my own someday when i have the time :sob:

i was thinking of something like reign (the tv show) or like a bridgerton inspired one.

maybe a psych ward type thing? where they take over and get free because they aren’t actually insane, the people who run the psych ward are

ooorr winx club bishes