DEBATE: Is Homework Necessary?

Is homework necessary?

What are your opinions on homework? Is homework really necessary?



I don’t think homework is necessary since it’s basically a technique to learn new information and for teachers to be able to test the students’ knowledge, there probably are other ways to do it. However, I think homework works well if they’re thought out and the students don’t get overwhelmed or stressed with them.

Here is an awesome article about the Finnish school:

The Finnish school sets a great example where teachers are well respected and where less hours of studying doesn’t mean worse education or less knowledge attained by the students.


I’ll add an argument to this later, yeah… Though you might want to add “Debate:” to the title since this was to be a debate thread with a poll at the end of the week. (wink)


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I don’t think it’s necessary and it was a relief to have to do none in college. In Primary school they attempted to give me homework and the minute my 6 year old self started crying over it my Mum just said “no don’t give her homework” and I actually benefitted from it. In high school I understood it a bit more but personally I feel like I would have got the grades I got with or without it, after a long day of school you just want to relax not do homework. It’s like they wanna take over your life.



I mean we don’t have “homework” but we still have to study and and do assignments and stuff.

That’s awesome!

Same. I mean, I usually only studied before a test…

I don’t think homework is necessary, but I do think that there is good homework. It also depends on the school system. My school days weren’t that long

so this part doesn’t really apply to the schools I’ve been to.

Wait, I probably just didn’t get much homework… In high school I only remember studying for tests and handing in papers.


NO! I’ve got so much to do in so little time :sob::sob::sob::broken_heart:


I don’t think it is, and I don’t think it should be a way to grade student’s work, since many students ask help from others, or copy from the internet. I think homework should be limited and should not be graded. Homework is completely unnecessary in my opinion, since most of the time students don’t do it themselves, or they don’t do it at all. I think all exercises and work that is supposed to be done at home should be done at school, teachers present, so they’ll supervise the students and help them with the questions they might have. I think that would be a better educational system, to be honest. That’s just my opinion though!


Hm… I wouldn’t say that it’s completely unnecessary and that talking about homework with friends, solving it together is bad because you learn from it. Sure if you copy something without reading it you won’t learn… but if you copy it and read it hehe. I agree with that you shouldn’t be graded on homework, or it shouldn’t be a big part of the grade. I do think that there should be a possibility to do the work corresponding to homework in school but not because of teacher supervision but because teachers can help answering questions and some doesn’t have good home environments to study in. Although I sucked at studying in school, so I would prefer to do any work outside a lesson to be done at home. In school I mostly just chatted with my friends lol.


You’ve got a point there! Of course you can learn from it if you copy from the Internet and read it but who does that, seriously? :joy: I know a bunch of kids in my class who copy paste thee hole Wikipedia page to a word document, and when the teachers ask them to sum up what they wrote they can’t because they never read it… However there are also others who do their research and stuff. By the way when I said “ask fof help” I failed to explain what I actually meant; give it to someone else to solve it. Of course if you ask from help from a parent or from your friends and actually solve it together you can learn something from it. Yet, many people just give it to someone else to solve it for them, and then claim someone else’s hard work as their own.


Hahaha… :eyes: I would never! I mean, it works for maths and fact questions. Not essays, because that’s plagiarism.

Oh, yeah. Then I understand. I think it’s wrong to take someone’s work and claim it as their own.

Also, glad to have you back, Nessie! :tada:


Exactly. My technology teacher waisted a whole lesson giving us a lecture on this, because someone used a Wikipedia reference :joy:

Yeah. But I totally support the idea of asking help from family members, friends or even teachers. As long as you don’t steal someone’s work.

I’m super glad to be back too! I missed all of you and the forums so much :sob::black_heart:


Hahahaha, we got so many lessons about this :woman_facepalming:t2: And agree!

Missed you too and we were worried about you!!! :sob: :heart:


Personally, I don’t always do my homework, but I’ll play devil’s advocate and say it’s necessary. It might be time consuming, and people can try to cheat by copying answers, but it serves as practice to get you ready for upcoming projects and tests.

By applying the information you soaked during the lessons, you have to fit it based on questions that can have a range of difficulty to test if you really know the concept. If you can easily explain your answer, show your work, or give an understandable rationale, then your teacher will know you understand the topic, and you’re ready for the test.

Homework also serves as a series of important grades in my school, and it helps boost daily grade averages. Major grades are few and far between, so homework can serve as a practice of potential concepts that will be on those major grades. It also helps balance out things, and you won’t have to try to do a daily grade activity by the end of class. Instead you can do it at home or school before the period.

It can also form study groups that can lead to friendships.

That’s my personal thoughts on things.


I like that this is your title.

If it’s necessary or not really depends on the school, teacher and student (maybe even subject) in my opinion.

Totally agree with most of the things you wrote except from the grading.

That’s good. It never played a major role n my schools which I’m thankful for. People can have bad day or even weeks but catch up in the end, so lol.

Or I don’t know! I see how it’s a good way to divide the work evenly during the weeks. But I preferred to do everything in a batch.


I feel like doing everything kind of all at once might be stressful and time consuming. Although I can understand that point of view if the teacher doesn’t make an assignment due by like the next day. If they made it due on the last day of the school week, then I feel like that would be more appealing. I know some teachers who do that, but often times it’s just due the next day.


My teachers never did this. I wonder if I would keep up with the homework haha. Kind of cool though… maybe… I don’t know hehe.


If they had to take some assignments away, I would probably say it might better to not do hard ones until we’re further in the unit and need to review. Increase the difficulty levels little by little to ease people in.


Idk if it’s necessary or not
I just don’t want to do it :pensive::joy:


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