DID and OSDD-1: the fragmented mind (+ a coming out)

Hello everyone!
As you can probably see from the title, this is going to be a significant and personal post. We have DID/OSDD-1b. We have a verbal diagnosis for DID, persuing an official one once we’re safe. It’s impossible to get an OSDD diagnosis in our country so we’re settling for DID, but most of us are convinced we have OSDD-1b. More on that further in the post, any terms you might not understand will be explained. If there’s still something you’re curious about, we’ll try our best to answer.
We’re currently writing an official article on multiplicity which will be published sometime this spring in our country. We’ll decide if we want to translate it and publish it in other languages, too. This will be a shorter, more concise version of that.

About us

This is Clarke and Noelle co-con. Clarke is a sexual protector and Noelle is an academic protector (academic protector isn’t an official term, we use it because it best describes many of us).
Our system name is the Firefly System, but since our core changed her name. We’re fine to go by the body’s name. There’s about 106 of us. We haven’t met all of them, not even a half. We have 8 subsystems, communication between which is very bad. We’re not from the same subsystem, we’re only able to communicate because Noelle has access to multiple inner worlds.
Most of us are female, non-binary is a close second and only about 15 male. Our collective pronouns are they/them. We have some alters without a gender which don’t use pronouns and some who use neopronouns.
Our body has hypoglycemia, endometriosis, BPD and ADHD which affect all of us. We have a diagnosis for all of those. Multiple of us have different other illnesses which are caused by brain processes. For example, Camille is allergic to meat, and Raven is partially paralysed. We won’t share any more private information.
Most of you know our core, Hailey. She roleplayed in Camp Half-Blood and multiple other roleplays that we can’t recall, you’d have to ask her. You might know her by the name Kale. Catherine became host during the first few weeks of quarantine. She still used Kale on the forums, but she told her friends our body’s name. Laurel was the host from July to early October. Arden then took over until mid-December and we’re currently hostless.

What are DID and OSDD-1?

DID stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder and OSDD stands for Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder. Both are dissociative disorders and characterised by severe dissociation. The trait differentiating DID and OSDD-1 from other dissociative disorders are multiple states of consciousness. Multiplicity is only present in OSDD-1.

What causes DID and OSDD-1?

DID and OSDD-1 are caused by severe childhood trauma. Before the age of 7-9, the child’s mind is in multiple ego-states. During the age of 7-9, in an average mind, they integrate to form one consciousness. The age depends on the individual. In some individuals, the severe trauma doesn’t allow that and instead of one, multiple states of consciousness develop. Due to different experiences, they all have different personalities and interests. We are not the same person.

What are alters?

The term alter stands for alternate state of consciousness. Alters are developed to protect the others from trauma. They hold different memories and are divided by amnesiac walls. They may not all be aware they are a part of a system.
Alters in childhood split due to the child’s inability to survive on their own. The child’s brain knows a toddler wouldn’t be able to take the trauma, the child is convinced it can’t be happening to them. The only way out of the situation is to dissociate and for someone else to take over, someone who could take the trauma and survive it. Non-human and supernatural alters are very common due to the child’s false perception of reality.
Earliest alters are developed to protect the core. The core is the first formed alter, but they don’t owe the system and are not the only important alter. The core isn’t always the host. The role of the host indicates the alter who fronts the most. Alters may have different roles and porpuses in the system. Some official roles are:

  • Protector. A protector protects the body and other alters from dangers they couldn’t handle. There are multiple types of protectors, such as emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual.
  • Persecutor: A persecutor harms other alters or the body. It isn’t always from ill intent and usually originates in self-hatred. Persecutors are very diverse and have different reasons for their actions.
  • Gatekeeper: A gatekeeper controls which alters have access to different parts of the inner world - or in bigger systems different inner worlds, different memories and traumas, sometimes they can influence switches. Usually, gatekeepers have the broadest knowledge of the system.
  • Memory holders: Memory holders’ purpose is to hold memories. A type of a memory holder is a trauma holder. Trauma holders carry the trauma other alters can’t handle and many are stuck in such memories. Littles are usually memory holders of happy memories, innocence and the good parts of childhood. That isn’t always the case. Other types of memory holders are depression holders, psychosis holders, pain holders.
    Alters have different ages. These label alters as littles, middles and bigs. The age falling under these differs between systems. We count alters as littles until the age of 11, middles from 12 to 16, and bigs are 17 or older.

What’s the difference between DID and OSDD-1?

The diagnosis of OSDD-1 is given to systems which don’t have the symptoms for DID.
OSDD-1a features alters that don’t develop far from the core. They usually don’t have their own names and are known as ‘angry self’, ‘young self’, and similar. They do, however, have generalised amnesia between them and experience full black-outs.
In OSDD-1b, alters differ further and use their own names. They don’t experience full black-outs and are instead divided by emotional amnesia. Emotional amnesia is the feeling of remembering an event, but not feeling emotionally connected to it. We describe it as not remembering it while still knowing about it.
Any system that doesn’t fall under OSDD-1a or OSDD-1b uses the diagnosis OSDD-1. These systems might feature alters that can’t front and are only there to carry trauma and for the host to communicate with. A diagnostic criteria for DID is significant stress caused to any of the alters due to the disorder. If a system has learnt to comfortably live as multiple, they might fall under OSDD-1.

What are different states of alter consciousness?

An alter fronting means they are in control of the body. Co-con is short for co-consciousness which means multiple alters fronting. Their control of the body isn’t always evenly distributed. One alter may have control of the limbs, while the other can speak. The closer the alter is to front, the better recollection they will have of the events.
The inner worlds are the spaces inside a system’s mind. Not all systems have inner worlds and not all bodies with inner worlds are systems. Alters there have their own appearances and abilities. An alter in the inner world usually doesn’t remember what was happening to the body. Alters can have their own lives in the inner world which isn’t any less valid than what happens outside. Alters can have friendly, romantic and hostile relationships with one another in the inner world. Physical laws are different in the inner world.
Dormancy is the farthest conscious state to front. When an alter is in dormancy, they ‘stop existing’. They can’t access the inner world and front, and they have no sense of time during their dormancy. An alter can’t die - when they appear to be dead or are nowhere to be found, they’re usually dormant.

What are introjects?

Introjects are alters originating from the outside world. Alters with a fictional source are called fictives and alters from a factual source are called factives. Alters can be very different from their source. Introjects’ sources are not always human. A human introject’s source can be a song, an object or even a concept. Sources of a system’s introjects have a big effect on one of the alters. It’s usually good, but many systems have introjects of abusers.
Introjects can have memories of their source. Memories that don’t belong to the body are called pseudomemories. Despite their name, they are very real and introjects experience them as such.

What are subsystems?

There are two types of subsystems.
The first type is alters that stick together and have something in common. They can have a similar source or role. In polyfragmented systems, they usually have their own inner world which others can’t or have limited access to.
The second time of subsystem is a system within a system. An alter may have DID/OSDD-1 on their own, alters that don’t have the appearance of the body in the inner world. This type of subsystem almost always has their own inner world. The other alters can communicate with the subsystem the same way a singlet would communicate with a system in the outer world.

What allows alters to have different illnesses?

Alters share a body and a brain, therefore illnesses caused by brain and body structure affect all of them. Some of these illnesses are ASD, NPD, ASPD, BPD, OCD, dyslexia, synesthesia, aphantasia, hyperlexia, Tourette syndrome, dyscalculia. All alters might not show the same symptoms, as singlets with the illnesses aren’t all the same.
Illnesses caused by different brain processes can affect individual alters. Depression is caused by certain brain processes shutting down and redirecting. When an alter is fronting, different brain areas and processes are active to the previous one, therefore the brain processes of depression can be alter-specific.
Even illnesses that seem physical, such as allergies, can affect only one alter. In allergies, the brain overreacts to a normally harmless substance and activates the body’s defence system. Again caused by brain activity, such illnesses vary from alter to alter.

Some of our favourite sources on multiplicity:

a very throughout website on multiplicity
another great one
yet another great one
a more neurological outlook on did

– chloe & Hailey noelle and clarke wrote it, chloe added the links and Hailey posted

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Hailey, you’re so brave for posting this <3
i’m really proud of you, and as i’ve said before y’all have all my support, and if i can help in any way, you just let me know

also thank you so much for the explanation and the links! i’m sure a lot of people will find them useful
it’s always good to stay informed on topics we may not know about


Thank you grandparent <3
Yess you’ve helped so much already, we’re all so thankful for you, can’t even begin to describe how much I appreciate you!

Definitely! There’s so much misinformation on things like this, I’m glad I get to do my part even if it’s just posting ^~^


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Ahhh Hailey! This thread is amazing! It’s so informative and all the links and everything—it’s really a great source to refer to!

I know you barely know me as we’ve had like one interaction lmao but still I’m really glad that you put this all together, it’s impressive ^.^ I’m also here to support all of you and for whatever you need and yeah this is awesome <3


Aww thank you <3

Still we chatted and it was nice and thank you for catching me up lol <3 All the credit goes to Clarke, Noelle, Arden and Chloe but thank you haha


i love you so much, Hailey
y’all are valid + will always have my support

Thanks for informing us about DID and OSDD-1 too! The post is very helpful and clarifies so much confusion people may have. c:


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You're very welcome, I'm very glad we could help I think it's very well put together too :3


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So much information!


You’re so wonderful, Hailey (and so are the rest of you)! I’m so happy for you all, you’ve also got my support ~ And thank you for the explanation, like Patrick said it’s really informative <3



You have DID like myself. Coming out to people is awkward. And apparently confusing for my other half at first.

There is only 3 alters for me.


oh, thank you! I’ll get that to hailey

oh, yes, it’s definitely not too pleasant. nice to be known though

oh, how’s that like? we only know systems with more than 30 alters.

– clarke


I’d really like to talk to you more, if that’s alright. May I pm you?


It’s a complex subject and a lot to process, I would lie if I said I got it all, despite the fact that I have been interested in psychology for all my life. Definitely sounds like a lot of stuff to keep in order, my respect to the hosts and gatekeepers who keep the system running. :open_mouth:

Allow me to tag @anon63818055 and @Secretz as we talked about this on the Anonymous Confessions thread before. And sorry for intruding, I don’t think I met some of you before, feel free to check my profile for a first impression. :alien::vulcan_salute:


So proud of you Hailey (and the rest of you all) !! Thank you so much for the links and explanation (:
You always have my support <33

(this is ani btw, user change)


Kind of awkward around young kids. Soph’s eldest kid sometimes calls her my name instead of mummy. Her youngest seems unaware of us.

Kind of restrictive at the moment. Been asked not to open any new “doors” we see. The last time I did, I let Luna out.

Sophs family that know don’t really understand what DID is thou they don’t really ask questions about it. It annoys me at lest to no end I’m typically the one that has to deal with them when it gets to much for Soph. It gets irritating when they know it’s me and still call me Soph.

We have a little. She is also called Sophia too kinda confusing but she is happy with that name and refuses to go by anything else. She is filled with pain and bad memories. She used to try and hurt the body to make the pain stop. It seems to have calm down a bit once she made a connection with Soph’s other half.

Myself is kind of a gatekeeper and protector. I call myself Soph rage and guardian. Though I have only been able to switch with Soph fully for just over a year.

The best way to describe Luna is not pg 13 friendly. She is very open about her needs and will flirt with anyone she thinks is attractive.

We all have our own areas of the inner world. Soph does too though we can’t go in there and she out. Has lead to awkward moments in important situations like exams job interviews ext. Soph has no recollection of what we do. It I can I try to leave little notes of what I did so she is less disoriented when we switch back.

Kind of curious if there is other alter behind the new doors. Soph takes sleeping pills from time to time on the advice of doctors. She and 8 (the young Soph) suffer from bad nightmares. Ever time she does the inner world shifts around a bit.

:eagle: (raven)


ah, yes, it definitely is a lot of work. we ace it tho /lh we really, really don’t

it’s cool, new friends are always welcome /g

ahh hi ani! we’ll get that to her, thank you ^-^ /pos

ohh that’s interesting! we’re only out to a few people irl and they only know three of us so that’s not a problem haha /g

ohh, that might be good though? to get to know other alters? they’re probably not available, I think it’d be better if you do. completely up to you though.

oh, ugh, that sucks. we get very dysphoric about the body, name and pronouns too.

I’m so glad she’s better now! we have a lot of littles too but they usually don’t carry too much trauma /pos

that’s interesting, you guys seem really cool! /pos

oh that’s so cool! our innerworlds are huge so it’s kind of hard to tell, but they’re mostly static and we can only adjust parts of our private areas. I hope you guys manage to figure that out!

– gemma, chloe & cassie


Nice to see @Sophia1233 and Raven again, it’s been a while. :wave::sunglasses:

Oh, I also adressed some of the other users on this thread, too, like pluto. Guess I should clarify that. I really hope a 40 years old male won’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. :sweat_smile:

I will just lurk around a bit for now hoping for a chance to learn. I also talked to the XiniSystem before, but they have not been very active lately. If there is anything I could do, just lemme know. :alien::vulcan_salute:

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