Discussion: eating vegetarian

Personally I eat 4 or 5 days a week vegetarian. The reason I decided to do this is mainly for the environment (the amount of water it takes and CO2 involved in production of meat).

Some questions that could possibly start a discussion.
Do you eat vegetarian?

No I don’t eat vegetarian

  • Would you consider becoming vegetarian?
  • Why do you think people eat vegetarian, do you agree with it or not?

Yes I eat vegetarian

  • How/when/why did you first started eating vegetarian?
  • How do people around you think about you eating vegetarian?
  • do you think there are enough options for people who want to eat vegetarian?

I will show my opinion on the matter when the discussion is a bit further


Not at this current point in time

I think it’s mainly for ethical reasons although for some people it is medical for example a friend of mine is allergic to meat so she can’t eat it. Some people do it because they want a healthier life style. I agree with the concept and I definitely understand why some people don’t like to eat animals just personally it doesn’t bother me (I know that sounds bad but that’s the way it is for me). It is also supposed to be good for the environment which people seem to be caring about.

So I definitely agree with the concept. What I don’t like is being called a murderer which has happened but that’s not all vegetarians so it’s more a personailty trait than anything.

Eat what you want :joy: heck eat people!


That is messed up, I mean that’s just something really disrespectful to say.

Honestly this is my main point, most people who eat meat are ignorant to the fact that it has a really negative impact on the environment. It was a shock when I learned about the impact. But also in making sure everyone has enough food, I forgot the numbers but a huge amount of edible food for humans goes to animals while so many people are in hunger and could live a way more valuable live if they got a bigger part.

Lol, the things I learned in uni were really the things that made me eat vegetarian. I am not blaming anyone for eating meat, it’s still so common in today’s society and I understand it, but I also think that every time someone would decide to eat less meat is a positive change for so many reasons. But in the end everyone should make the food choices they want and I will never be disrespect to someone who does it eat meat just for that reason.


I would love to become a vegeterian but being a picky eater doesn’t help :woman_facepalming:


You are right about that. It’s not easy if you don’t like a lot of things… But there are always ways to be creative and as I said before just trying to eat vegetarian 1 time a week would be a good start!

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Thing is I have vegan friends who are nothing but nice to me about it because they are smart enough to know that name calling isn’t the way to get people to change their lifestyle. Bullying people into changing their diet is just wrong.

I once read a post that says “all meat eaters are ignorant” and no I’m not ignorant I’ve seen many slaughterhouse/battery farm documentaries and it hasn’t effected the way I eat meat because my family can afford free range all the time with the garuntee that the animal has been kept in good conditions. Trust me I’m not ignorant I’m very informed on the matter which is why in the eyes of some I’m a monster.

If I wasn’t such a picky eater it would be alright. My parents bet my tastes will mature one day and I’ll be more open.


About 12 years ago in uni I realized after cooking for myself, I had not once prepared meat for myself and would only eat it occasionally at restaurants. I basically realized it wasn’t my thing. Then I also wrote a paper on worldwide beef consumption and oh boy, the water and energy it takes to produce beef, we can’t all consume it like we do in the US (or Argentina), or we‘ll be in trouble! Just like, right now SO much of our crop is devoted to feeding animals, not feeding people and there’s lots of inefficiencies the further up you go. (Redefining agricultural yields: from tonnes to people nourished per hectare - IOPscience)

Eh, most are supportive but I think ppl worry that I judge them (and I do a bit, but that’s because I’m human, I’m sure they judge me for other sh*t). My parents didn’t love it at first because they didn’t understand but now my mom tries to do it for her coronary health because she read a book called The China Study about people eating a plant-based diet and having fewer heart problems. Of course, that’s not the only thing, but I do believe it can help!

Yeah, vegetables and legumes like beans and lentils are great! I’m also a fan of soy, and I do eat eggs and cheese for protein, so I feel like I get all I need. I hate going to restaurants who can’t seem to cook with veggies tho and there’s just a side salad but that was mostly in American places tbh. Even French cuisine has its veggie staples like ratatouille and salade au chèvre chaud.

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Yes. Most of the meat products I eat could be replaced by alternatives plus I’ve tried quorn meat and it tastes pretty good!

I think it’s a personal choice, so some people do it for a healthier lifestyle, to help the environment by reducing meat consumption or both. I see nothing wrong with it!

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Same here, it’s more healthier.


Hmh, I totally agree. I think people should be able to choose what they eat and not let anyone impact their choices. But I don’t think it’s wrong to inform people on certain things, as long as you do it in a respectful way. No, I don’t think everyone is ignorant but there definitely is a part that doesn’t know about consequences.

I don’t think that’s bad, I mean you have your reasons to make your food choices the way you make them.


No there is nothing wrong with informing people and I do welcome it. In the future I may become vegetarian so I’m not going to write it off completely. This is just the view from me in the present.

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My Mum chooses my meals :no_mouth:

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A question for @Jass and @Kimballet

Would you end a friendship with somebody because they eat meat?


I’m generally a pescatarian but I don’t think I can go full on vegetarian. I do eat red meat or poultry every now and then but I’d say it depends on the meal like I only have vegetarian meals in the morning like pancakes, cereal with milk, toast with either butter/butter & jam/hazelnut spread or egg on toast. Sometimes, I like having a full English breakfast if it involves sausages and turkey bacon. :yum::yum::yum::yum:

Btw pescatarian means you eat fish & seafood :fish::fish::fish::fish::crab::crab::crab::crab::octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus::squid::squid::squid::squid::shrimp::shrimp::shrimp::lobster::lobster::lobster::fried_shrimp::fried_shrimp::fried_shrimp::fried_shrimp::fried_shrimp::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake:

Sometimes, I like to eat vegetarian food like tofu, falafel and quorn. Quorn is actually delicious even though I taste the texture of eating animal meat.


Nicee to read a really similar story about becoming vegetarian!

About that judging, isn’t everybody always judging everyone on everything? I mean I kinda somewhat judge people on it but that doesn’t mean that I automatically lose respect for them or anything like that. Oh, and again recognizable about the parents situation :joy: Even tho my mom isn’t eating vegetarian yet I can definitely see a part of her that thinks about it.

I might hit you up for some recipes some time :eyes: And sometimes it’s really a struggle to eat vegetarian in a restaurant, but I am quite flexible about it in cases like that, but that’s also cause I don’t eat vegetarian full time considering I regularly eat at my parents and they are like: eat what’s served


I wouldn’t wanna become vegetarian, I don’t even like vegetables as well. :rofl:

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Well @itsjenn_a and @lanafrazer I would say try it just for a short time and see how it goes!


Never. Unless they are extremely ignorant and disrespectful, but then I wouldn’t be friends with them in first place


No way, I think it’s a choice that people should make for themselves!

I actually was not convinced by the animal cruelty stuff at all. It was more just like deciding I could do it myself. I had a friend who was super into the whole “meat is murder” thing and it didn’t convince me at all.

My husband also was not a veggie until maybe 9 months ago when he read the book Eating Animals (all on his own). I never tried to convince him, and even would order him meat if I thought he’d like it in a restaurant before… it’s such a personal choice.

I only don’t like when people are like “are you sure, meat is soooooo good” or “oh you can’t eat anything!” but even then, it’s not a friendship dealbreaker or I’d have no friends lol

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I’d love to be a vegetarian, but I lack the willpower because I enjoy meat too much.
I’m roasting a chicken right now.