Discussion: Painted nails/dyed hair and school rules

Hey! I like to paint my nails at least once every 2 weeks I do them black and red for many reasons, I’ll post a picture at the end of this.

You might think, why is this a discussion? Well that’s because I also want to hear from the people who don’t paint their nails. I’ve met some people who are so against people painting their nails it made me want to wear gloves for a life time.

Another thing, do you think painted nails should be allowed in school? Personally I do, painted nails are such a small almost unnoticeable thing, it doesn’t cause a distraction and it doesn’t cause bullying, newsflash for schools bullies cause bullying.

There are some schools that don’t allow nails to go above a certain length for “health and safety reasons” what are they afraid of, us clawing each others eyes out?

I see no problem with painted nails being allowed in schools, but I guess now that I go to sixth for college it really doesn’t matter for me but I want to hear what you guys think.

Now for the hair dye part of this, my school claimed to be okay with it as long as it wasn’t a “crazy colour” yet people who dyed it black or blonde faced the same punishment as people who dyed it blue or pink.

Again I want to know what you guys think.

Here are my nails talons which are messy because I took the picture after I painted them:



I don’t paint my nails, but I don’t have anything against people who paint theirs :eyes::sparkles:
I didn’t know that there are schools that don’t allow you to paint your nails or dye your hair, my school allows everything, including revealing clothes, as long as you don’t come to school completely naked :eyes::sparkles:


I have a bet that people who dream of coming to school naked wouldn’t be as stressed out by it if public nudity was allowed


I love painting my nails but I had to stop because I’m in culinary and it’s a safety hazard :sob::sob: but we’re allowed to dye our hair and do our nails tho. Our school legit gave up on trying to enforce rules I swear like things use to be more strict like no spaghetti straps or skirts need to be fingertip length. Now it’s more like wear whatever as long as it’s not underwear and some people been enjoyinggggggg this new rule. Me tho I’m enjoying finally being able to show off my shoulder with my black queen shirt :joy:


In my school they don’t care for nails and for hair colours.
There is this girl with blue and green hair and honestly she’s an icon lmao.
And girls, even in my class have long acrylic nails with crazy colours and teachers just don’t care at all.
I mean we just can’t wear crop tops and shorts.


I remember when I was in secondary school, anyone who was seen wearing nail varnish would have to go down to the office and remove them with the nail varnish remover pad things that they had. My school was very strict on what you could and couldn’t wear which I agreed with some, but at times they could be a little extreme.
I don’t see why nail varnish shouldn’t be allowed to be worn in schools, I mean it doesn’t affect what I’m learning in anyway.
I do like nail varnish and if I wasn’t so lazy, I would probably wear nail varnish a lot more often than I do. They’re pretty and makes my hands look even prettier when I wear them :joy:.


Sounds like you guys got lucky but in my school and many schools around me they don’t allow nail varnish at all

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I like painting my nails but I don’t do it as frequently as I used to - My nails are long so they look alright without nail varnish + I can’t be bothered :joy:

Unless you have food tech, I see no problem with nail varnish. As for dyed hair, it literally has no impact on your education. The “distracting” complaint is dumb - just mind your business? And don’t stare at people?

Schools put so much time and effort into dress codes but don’t do jack squat for bullying. Imagine how tired we are.


They act as though it’s an act of rebellion to want to paint our nails or dye our hair. I understand it for food tech but for everything else I see no problem either.

You’re so right they do so much about enforcing dress codes but do nothing to stop bullying they just think that by making us all look the same there will be no bullying but the truth is where there is a bully, there will be bullying. My hair wasn’t dyed in high school but I was bullied for the way it looked anyway. I wore my uniform up to every standard they gave us, because I didn’t want to roll my skirt up or do a hella short tie, I wore my uniform the way I wanted it which just so happened to be the way the school wanted it and I got bullied honestly it’s at a point they might aswell ditch uniform and just hand out lanyards. I can understand in an office you have to wear smart clothes but how about letting us have our childhood being able to wear what we want.


Wow, I didn’t know schools would police nail colors.

Personally, I love painting my nails but now I’m trying to research the nail polishes I buy because of the harmful chemicals they can have in them that are bad for people and the environment. However, that doesn’t seem to be the argument here. I think it’s crazy not to be allowed to do your nails (except for food safety reasons)!!!

I have heard of hair color restrictions and I only sort of get them. School is supposed to prepare you for the real world and there are many jobs that won’t let you dye your hair a funky color, however, not all jobs (I have had one so far that explicitly prohibited “non-natural” colors) and idk, I think that it doesn’t help you build up “common sense” about how to look in the workplace. Same with dress codes, in my opinion. By just banning things without explaining reasoning behind it, it doesn’t empower kids to make the correct decisions for themselves and the kind of job and life they want in the future.


We never had any rules against nail polish or hair dye at my schools. I’ve only known it be an issue in certain work places.


Love the nails :heart_eyes: red & black are my colours too!!! :nail_care:

The only time I’ll paint my nails is when I got my period :joy: don’t ask me why lol!

I remember back in secondary school, teachers used to get really furious when they see painted or acrylic nails and it sucks! How on earth does it enable bullying? That’s like telling a woman she can’t leave the house wearing a short dress & high heels because that enables rape apparently!

About the hair dye part, I am not too sure about that because I don’t get what’s so distracting about dying your hair. I badly wanted to dye my hair a different colour because back then, I had dark chocolate hair (it wasn’t pitch black or brown) and I wanted to dye it dark red…so I did when I turned 19 and now I stopped dying it because I don’t have time for it anymore. Again, I am not too sure about this.


A friend of mine dyed her hair hot pink before her GCSE exam, our head of year pulled her out infront of everybody and yelled at her. His yelling was far more distracting than her hair and I can’t picture her being in a good mind state after that.


Man when teachers yell, they give me shivers!! If I had my own school, I’d let students wear whatever they want (as long as they’re not naked), dye their hair and wear makeup & nail polish :sweat_smile:

I remember when my aunt pestered me to put henna on my nails (I hate henna with a passion) and oh man, she was being a bit bitchy about it because I was too scared that the teachers might tell me off for it. You know, dipping my fingers in henna thing? Like that:


Some of the school rules about appearance were seemingly unjustified… But that’s private schools for you :woman_facepalming:t4:

We couldn’t dye our hair because it didn’t look professional. Our hair had to be tied back so it would look professional, if you weren’t in sixth form you weren’t allowed to have your hair down.

We ALWAYS had to have our blazers on, even if it was too hot. (Mind you, we live in a desert). No makeup was allowed and definitely no painted nails.

I thought most of the rules were stupid and so did other people. Many did not follow them as a result and I can’t say I blame them.


My schools never had a problem with hair, make-up, nails or clothes. Just as long as the skirts were a dollar from the knee we could wear them. I hated that rule. I put leggings underneathe skirts even then the skirt still had to be a dollar from the knee. Most girls had their nails painted and went around with dyed hair. I know one student who basically did every color of the rainbow each year. Or had all the colors of the rainbow dyed in her hair. I use to paint my nails but since I work around food plus I have grab and lift stuff up it damages the paint or breaks my nails. So I just stopped painting them.


What do you guys think of acrylic nails?

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Love them but my nails are already long and I can’t stand the nail glue smell

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Lol, here in the Netherlands it’s really free and you can do whatever you want with your hair, nails and clothing at school. Personally those long fake nails aren’t my style but I am not against anyone having them… However if it’s a risk for you or other, like I used to work in a supermarket and it wasn’t allowed there cause, I understand it isn’t okay.


I love how some people complain that they can’t wear exactly what they want to school, whilst others will be sent to the heads office for not wearing the correct jumper.

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