Do you think uniforms should incorporate goth/emo into it?

When I was in school you would get in so much trouble if you dyed your hair black, hence why I waited until college (that and my parents :joy:) but in my opinion there is no reason why dyed hair shouldn’t be allowed in school. Same with painted nails.

I feel the same way with incorporating goth/emo into the uniform. I think embracing individuality should be something focused on in school, being yourself.

There are so many small changes they could make. Now before anyone says “but El it may be more expensive for schools to have multiple different uniforms” just know that by “small changes” I mean allowing kids to adjust their uniform to be how they want it to look. This could even be with something as small as badges, my school only let you wear reward badges.

Imagine band badges :heart_eyes: but not just on your bag, on your uniform. If anybody has any more ideas that would be great!

So what do you all think?


Personally I am really happy to live in the Netherlands where you can just basically wear whatever you want to school and not have uniforms at all. But that’s a whole other discussion.

I feel like clothing is a huge way of expressing who you are and it tells a lot about a person. In a school uniform you completely take away from people being themselves. Therefore I do believe things as dyeing your hair or painting nails should be allowed for sure. In general I think it would be a good thing to let people basically accessorise and wear their outfits in the way they want. Including picking like your own style of shoes for example. Schools shouldn’t forbid people to give their own touch to the outfit.


We just had a tshirt with a school symbol (it could be any color) and pretty much the only other rule about uniform is that we were not allowed to wear shorts
Other than that I’m pretty sure everything was allowed so I’m not complaining

But yes I agree

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I would think yes. I can’t really think of an idea right now, but maybe you can, @BeautyEssentials?

Wait people got in trouble for dying their hair black? What about those with natural black hair?

:confounded: :angry:

There was only a few people in my whole school who had naturally black hair and I don’t think they got in trouble, but the rule was incredibly unclear, “no extreme hair colours” so by this you’d assume something like neon pink or pastel blue but instead no people were getting in trouble for dying their hair darker browns or black or blonde because they were “extreme” too. They may aswell have just said “no dyed hair, no exceptions”

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bruh how is blonde hair or dark brown hair extreme? I can understand purple hair but people are actually born with blonde and black hair???

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In all honesty I think the only way to get around it was to dye your hair the colour it already was, because one girl who was blonde normally got her hair bleached but she never got in trouble. But it’s a ridiculous rule :joy: your hair has no impact on your education, unless you’re doing wood work or a science experiment and you need it out of your face


personally I think uniforms should be abolished altogether, for a number of reasons I will save for another thread
What I will say is: Uniforms are created to uphold a rigid school reputation. No other reason, in my opinion. There are other advantages, but that’s the only real reason. Because of this, it is doubtful they will ever become flexible enough to include alternative styles without switching to the Americans’ ideas of dress codes instead of uniform.

I understand what you mean and agree but my opinion on uniform has changed somewhat, we do have a thread here about that though!

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