Do you want to have kids? Or really, should you have them?

I looked and tried to find a similar thread but I found none so I’ll make the thread (if there is one, sorry.)

Do you want to have kids? Why or why not?

Also, you can discuss why someone should or shouldn’t or just your general beliefs about having kids.


Whatever Future Me thinks. Right now I have no interest in having kids.

I’m 16 ma’am :smiley:

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I mean when you’re able.

I’ve always wanted to have kids, but hearing the stories of people’s pregnancies and birth slightly put me off. I guess I still do, but if I don’t have any I wouldn’t complain.

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I would love to have kids, but I dont think I have the ability to be a good mom, I spend a lot of time with my niece, and I just know I dont have the ability a good mom needs.

though then again I heard stories of abusive parents and I would never reach that level of bad parent.

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No I don’t like kids.

Buddie teen mom :weary:

Maybe in the future, but not until I’m already happy with what I’ve achieved throughout my life :thinking:


Hell to the no.

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No. Not now, and probably not ever. I don’t hate kids, but I’ll never be a good fit.

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nah fam

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One day, not now. I want to achieve my dreams first before having kids. I don’t know if I’ll want kids if I can’t achieve my dreams tbh. I like kids, but not sure if I’ll be ready in the future


I love kids, so I’d like to have them.
But… it’s complicated.

Nope. I don’t think I’d be a good mother, and pregnancy scares me.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO. I want marriage but kids are a BIG NO.

It’s not that I hate them. I’m just not good with them. Let alone giving birth and raising one.

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At this point I’ve seen multiple births live and in person, I’d rather be sewn shut.

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i dont think i’ll be good with them​:man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:
But probably yeah when im 30 sm
Wow 30
30 me will be so :leg::eye::lips::eye::leg:

Due to my condition, I doubt it. I don’t see myself as a mother in the future, I’m already a mum to a cute & cuddly black cat and that is more than enough.

But remember, women are not baby generators!