Embroidery and Cross-Stitching Thread 🪡

See what I did with the title there :eyes:

Anyone else into embroidery? Cause I love it. It gives me something to do when bored or watching TV…

I got into it by doing a primark €1 small kit. It was my first dabble into embroidery.

I quickly got the hang of it for the most part, as it came with a very convenient guide for most of the stitches.

Now I’ve started a massive project. I’m working on a 30 by 30 cm canvas. Here you can see my latest updated version:

Have any of you ever done embroidery? If yes, feel free to share the results here!


I actually have to correct myself here. It was my 2nd time trying embroidery, but the first time was years ago and it was cross-stitch and I absolutely hated that. I love the free form though, in that I can use much more of my creativity and I love the different textures so much more!
So controversial discussion, cross-stitch or free form embroidery? :eyes:

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Snorts Nice.


I don’t wanna mess up this face that currently gives cute vibes… Anyone with embroidery experience who can give me some advice on which stitches to use and what direction? Especially for the part outside of the circle?




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It’s quite cute honestly, I’m happy with how it looks this far, even if it’s far from done…

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Looks great so far!

ooooh i love these!
i haven’t tried embroidery but there’s a few designs i’ve saved that i wanna try
and well i do love cross stitching so hey close disciplines

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Lol, in Dutch we basically call cross stitching and the more free form thing I do the same thing. They are that close to each other. But based on this I changed the name of the thread!

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oh phew sorry i forgot to reply to this
i wanted to say that i really like cross-stitching!
i don’t have a habit to do it yet, but i have this pattern i’ve been working on when i’m feeling down in the dumps and honestly i love it
(also the pattern is funny and i love the people i got it from)

Wold knitting day was yesterday. When I see my grandma, I’m going to ask her to teach me.

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