ESCAPE room game suggestions

Ok so I’ve got 2 stories on the go (Unfolded With A Scar) and ESCAPE

Now ESCAPE is more of a virtual escape to room game with lots of mini games which a lot of you have been testing out for me (massive thank you)
and things like you have to find an object to help you get another object which helps you to complete something else ect

But I haven’t actually got a storyline for it yet. What should the reader/player be trying to achieve (why are they escaping) I was thinking of perhaps doing a mystery but I’m not sure what on. At first I was thinking of the MC (you) investigating a disappearance of someone, you get and anonymous letter telling you that they have some useful information but when you go to meet them they knock you out and you end up in the room… but I don’t know if it’s too cliché’

Also what other mini games could I add? I’ve already got

2 puzzle games-

  1. The pieces are in the right place but you have to rotate the to complete the puzzle
    2 you have to find the peices around the room to put into the puzzle before you can complete it

A block puzzle- you have to move the blocks up/down left/right to get another block (will be an item) from one end of the board to the other

A hidden code in the room needed to open a safe

game proto types can be tested out here Please test my mini game

Also should this be played in first person or in third person?

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