Eurovision 2024

It’s the time of the year again, where Eurovision is starting again and I’m getting excited about it. I believe 18 songs have been released this far. There are some absolute bangers this far!!

Anyone gonna watch this year? Also for Europeans, has your country already released a song, if yes what’s your thoughts on it?

My opinions on the songs will follow later


La Noia ~ Angelina Mango ~ :it:

Will say, usually I’m not the biggest Italy fan for Eurovision, they do the same thing over and over again. But this year, they’ve sent something different and I love it. It feels so powerful!

Always on the run ~ Isaak ~ :de:

I like the studio version, but he doesn’t have the charisma and live it doesn’t come across to me, so sadly I expect a relatively bad score again for Germany…

Ulveham ~ Gåte ~ :norway:

Staging is cool and it has such a interesting build up musically, love the Norwegian and culture it brings across. I’m a fan! Hope it will be received well in Eurovision.

ZORRA ~ Nebulossa ~ :es:

A bit of a controversial song it seems, can’t deny the rhythm is great. I miss something in it tho that really catches my attention and makes it stand out to me…

Mon Amour ~ Slimane ~ :fr:

So French (yeah, sorry any French people but this is meant negatively, step out of the comfort zone for once please), such a beautiful voice tho. Like I could get lost in his voice, and he can sing it flawless live too so that’s exciting!!

No Rules! ~ Windows95Man ~ :finland:

Finland with the meme entry once again :person_facepalming: While I hate it musically, can’t deny its meme factor and randomness of Eurovision is part of the fun and I already know people are gonna go crazy for this

SAND ~ Saba ~ :denmark:

Very much scandi pop, not too interesting but fine to listen too. Don’t hate it, don’t love it either. Better than anything from Denmark in the last years, but still no top 10 potential in my eyes

Teresa & Maria ~ alyona alyona & Jerry Heil ~ :ukraine:

I think this is one of those songs that will be growing on me over the next weeks. There’s potential in there but I need some time to familiarise myself with the song more to really like it. Expect a top 5 for Ukraine tho, still expect a lot of sympathy votes especially in combination with it being an interesting song

The Tower ~ LUNA ~ :poland:

Such a typical pop sound, it doesn’t feel like anything inventive, nothing really new or really interesting. A bit generic, not bad at all tho, pretty sure it’ll go in my playlist, but for Eurovision, it needs to stand out a bit more, a bit vanilla.

Luktelk ~ Silvester Belt ~ :lithuania:

First time I heard this I was positively surprised, love the Lithuanian. A bit repetitive, but I dig it nevertheless. If they build upon the staging, top 10 is within reach.

(Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi ~ 5Miinust & Puuluup ~ :estonia:

High wtf value for me, like come on Estonia this is reaching too far maybe. Sooo much going on, so camp in a way, idk, I don’t like it but I do like it at the same time cause it’s that weird.

In the Middle ~ Natalia Barbu ~ :moldova:

I don’t hate it, quite like the chorus especially, but the rest feels a bit too bland ballad for me…

Veronica ~ Raiven ~ :slovenia:

Depends on live vocals and staging, this is one of those songs where performance can really make or break I think

Before The Party’s Over ~ Mustii ~ :belgium:

I dig this, maybe because I just can personally relate to this type of darker more mysterious music (probably cause neighboring country so similar tastes). If done well live (which Belgium doesn’t have the best track record of) this can be so epic and just I think top 5, dare I say have winner potential?

Pedestal ~ Aiko ~ :czech_republic:

Feels so indie meets Olivia Rodrigo. Might be one of my personal favourite underdogs. Vocals live were a disaster tho, so fingers crossed they can work on that, the song itself is great!!

Hollow ~ Dons ~ :latvia:

This got me in my feels when I first listened. Very interesting performer and voice, he really carries the song, rather than the song carrying him, and I think that’s special. Feels personal and intimate in a sense, and I am here for it even if some might think it’s boring.

Doomsday Blue ~ Bambie Thug ~ :ireland:

Well, it’s out there. Quite unique, not quite my vibe but I respect it nevertheless. Ireland usually revamps its songs quite a bit and I’m curious to see where they’ll take it on the Eurovision stage

Fighter ~ Tali ~ :luxembourg:

Welcome back Luxembourg :wave: Love the French X English combo, it’s interesting to see what a new Eurovision country sends in thinking will do well. Not a too out there song, up tempo parts are fun tho and just overall nice to have in the competition!

Zemrën n’dorë ~ Besa ~ :albania:

I don’t like it, might be a toilet or snack break for me during the show. No entertainment factor, not really enjoyable from the music perspective. My least favourite. Feels failed attempt at Disney vibe music or something

Loop ~ Sarah Bonnici ~ :malta:

I lowkey love it, it’s that typical dance/pop song but it works for me somehow even if it’s kinda trash in a way. I’m confusing, I know, just I like it even if I know objectively it’s far from the best song

11:11 ~ Megara ~ :san_marino:

Just realised this won tonight. San Marino national contest is really bad quality technically, so I don’t wanna judge too hard, but they have a lot of work to do if they wanna qualify. Part of me is rooting for it tho hoping to see it improve and do well

Dutch song just got released, I’m very much embarrassed to be Dutch now, it’s absolutely not it :sob: Either way, more thoughts on the Dutch song later as well as other songs that have been released sing my last post!

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Okay, my thoughts
Let’s start with my home country
Europapa ~ Joost Klein ~ :netherlands:

I’ve listened to it a few more times, and think I was a bit harsh on it yesterday. There’s something catchy and fun in there, even if it’s not really my style, I’m starting to enjoy it.

Rin Tim Tagi Dim! ~ Baby Lasagna ~ :croatia:

It’s first with the bookmakers, I can get behind it in theory, I can see the fun in it and how bombastic it is, but when it comes to vocals it just sounds off to me. It’s not pleasant vocals for me to listen to, and that takes away from its potential for me.

The Code - Nemo - :switzerland:

They got the assignment. Even if I loved Switzerland’s ballad phase, it was time for something new. This is exactly that. Love the fact this song is referring to being non binary (as Nemo is, thanks Switzerland for the representation!!). It’s fun, different, really unique, it really stands out to me between the more serious entries and the fun entries, this is right there on the perfect balance line.

Liar ~ Silvia Kapsis ~ :cyprus:

A mid level pop song, same level as Malta. Nothing too special. Plus, the singer doesn’t have much experience, I don’t expect a good live performance

Dizzy ~ Olly Alexander ~ :uk:

I was excited when I heard he would go, his past music is amazing. This song however, it lacks something to be special. I’m sure he’ll perform it well, but that’s not enough.

We Will Rave ~ Kaleen ~ :austria:

Very much overrated. It’s not that good or special, sorry I don’t like it. It’s received super well, but I’m like, when can we skip to the next song?

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Wonder if the UK will get points this year


I’m doubtful they’ll at this point, unless staging will be amazing


Something unexpected happened, I got a sudden urge to listen to UK’s song again. After listening, can confirm it’s really growing on me and it went up in my ranking

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I am OBSESSED with Ireland
LYRICS are just !!!

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Netherlands is through to the finals, but honestly, I really didn’t enjoy the performance, I feel they could have done staging much better

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Ooof, all this drama with the Netherlands potentially getting disqualified

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Honestly, this is making me a little sad and depressed, Eurovision is supposed to sort of be an escape from my everyday drama and stuff, it’s just supposed to be fun. And now I just feel weird about it all and a bit anxious in a sense, too much drama and I just wanna know what happened…

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Idk what exactly happened and what this threatening he supposedly did was and how serious that was, but it does feel quite extreme to have him disqualified

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I heard he attacked a camerawoman from one of the groups or something


Oof, I thought this message did send, but stupid airport WiFi. But I’m 99% sure he didn’t physically attack anyone, I believe that has been confirmed. It was verbal and gestures, but no physical violence whatsoever.


Oh ok


I think this will completely changed the future of Eurovision honestly, like it’ll change… I’m not sure if the Netherlands will return, I doubt it. The Dutch broadcaster is pissed here about his disqualification and the EBU’s reaction


I feel so disgusted watching the final now. The way it appears like nothing at all is going on. With all these countries who seemed to support Joost and who considered withdrawing because of what happened, none of it all is visible and idk, it just sucks




Tis a bit extra not coming back innit