Favorite villains?

As this week’s theme is villains, which one is yours? Mine is Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog, because 1. I lived in Louisiana. 2. I love the occult, and 3. His outfits are awesome.


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My favorite villain from Batman is going to be Poison Ivy.

Daddy Vader



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Oohh, cool! What movie?


I’m so surprised I haven’t answered this yet but I honestly have a few favourite villains, I’ll probably edit this list as it comes to mind:

I like them all for completely different reasons, whether it’s just how absolutely evil they are, their motives, their arcs, their origins, the way they look or even their music.

  • Sephiroth (FF7)
  • Jenova (FF7)
  • Kuja (FF9)
  • Sin (FF10)

You are my fav villain, El :pleading_face:

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Klaus Mikaelson :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hmmm…probably Toga Himiko…or Hisoka, but that’s more of a love hate.

Kaz Brekker


Forget everything I said before this moment. My favorite villain of all time has to be Envy from FMAB. Look at this face.

He’s like OwO

I though Zaheer was a good villain in A:LOK due to the fact I agree with him but I don’t agree with his methodology or his beliefs on the Avatar.

Also the villain of Shadowbringers

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all of these will contain spoilers


He’s one of the most famous final fantasy villains but the reason I think he’s a great villain is that even the fact he’s attractive is explained. He displays all the characteristics of a Japanese take on the “hero” such as long silver hair. This is because originally, before becoming evil he was a “war hero” for the Shinra. I do like that crisis core expands on him disagreeing with Shinra and wanting to leave it’s just a shame a certain unnamed character ruined the moment Sephiroth’s brain begins to snap.

Sephiroth was always socially awkward, I can defintley make a case for this if anyone asks. But the minute he finds out how and why he was created he gets further and further unhinged, something I’m excited for them to expand on in the remake! Too many people see Sephiroth becoming evil as too random, to me it makes sense I just think they need to expand a little more on it in a way they couldn’t originally. Crisis core was a great start, it’s just a shame that game had quite a few flaws.

But yeah the Sephiroth we see before us now has a huge God Complex, kills one of the best/most loved characters ever all to add up to his plan of destroying the world so he can use it as a vessel to travel through the galaxy. His boss theme One Winged Angel just really sums up his absolute intimidating presence throughout the game.


Jenova is the cosmic horror for FF7, it fell from the sky, and started eating people. It also took the form of an ancient so that it could massacre them. This is why when we see Jenova it’s in the form of a woman, except Jenova is truly just an unknowable entity. Of course it’s Jenova’s cells inside Sephiroth that make him so powerful as well as Cloud, people theorise that Jenova is actually the one controlling Sephiroth but I counter this with saying it’s made pretty clear Sephiroth overpowered Jenova’s will, which is just to feed. Cloud also overpowered it.

Of course Sephiroth also wants the same thing his “mother” (he thinks Jenova is his mother) wants. Considering how strong a theme of will is in FF7, Sephiroth overpowering Jenova, Cloud overpowering Sephiroth. It’s not a stretch to just say Sephiroth wanting to become a God and do what Jenova was doing, was his choice, inspired by Jenova.


I replayed FF9 recently and something I didn’t take into account is that Kuja is an amazing villain with an amazing end. So Kuja is a person who was created for the soul purpose of destroying a planet (Gaia) so that his planet (Terra) can live, but he decided to create his own plans and became very powerful in the process. He created an entire race of black mages which he gave to a tyrant to assist in literal genocide.

Plus he ends up destroying Terra himself after he finds out the person who made him, set him up to die when Zidane (main character, Kuja’s brother) came of age. He refuses to believe that life should be able to go on without him. So he tries to destroy all life to take us all with him.

But by the end Zidane sympathises with him because he knows there’s a possibility that had things been different, he could have ended up in Kuja’s shoes. Kuja only understands the meaning of life too late, but he uses his powers to rescue Zidane and his friends.

He shows remorse for what he did, plus you understand that before, he had no value for life but when he understood it’s value he was extremely regrettful. There is also no real world comparison here. We don’t have a sorcerer threatening our lives because he doesn’t want to die. Therefore with how the case of Kuja is presented I can say he does redeem himself, Zidane rescuing him makes perfect sense and I have a few headcanons and fan theories surrounding it. Either way, we get a glimpse of “good Kuja” at the end and I like that, it fits.

Sin FF10

The cosmic horror of FF10! Roams the world and just kinda casually destroys civilisations. FF10 is an extremely sad game, the main theme is sorrow after all but Sin really encapsulates the feeling of an uncontrollable threat to all life just being consistently present. When you think of the amount of summoners that had to sacrifice themselves just to keep this thing at bay it’s hard to not get that gut wretching feeling. especially when the summoner and the summon of before the game took place was both the main characters Dad’s

Honestly the end of like, having to kill all of your Aeons just so this thing would go away it’s heartbreaking

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I’m quite liking Mahito from JJK. @anon68003072, thoughts?