Forums Pub Quiz 31/08/2019

So this is a little late in being set up, we’ve had a bit of a hectic schedule lately all things considered. So I’m going to pose a question here, just in case I am able to get people up and going for a quiz this weekend.

Would you like to go ahead and do the quiz tonight, or would people rather wait? We can have the questions set up and do one fairly easily, though we’d need people to actually you know, do it xD

So we’ll see how many people see this and comment which they would prefer. Apologies for the lack of notice!


If we get enough people, we can start the quiz in about an hour :heart:

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Yasssss i am available nowwww woo :laughing: so yah i’m joinin’ :sunglasses:

That’s one, grand!

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Can I join?

Yep, that’s two. As I say, if we don’t get many we’ll just reschedule it. There wasn’t a lot of notice this week


You always just put eyes and I never count you =P

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I can join! What would be the exact time?

Just watching :flushed::point_right:t4::point_left:t4: Plus I’m sure I’ll be asleep by the time. :joy:

I can’t do the time thing, my PC doesn’t like it. In an hour. We still don’t have enough people and I’m stressing about questions so

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Okay no problem I’ll be around all night (it’s night here for me :joy:)

Yeah me too, late start to this

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Can I join? :eyes: :sparkles:


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If it starts 1 to 3am i won’t be able to join becoz my parents don’t let me stay that late awake…

I’ll just tag some people from the last one and people who wanted in on it




I do not know when that is for you, is that in 44 minutes

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No in 2-3 hours

It starts in 40 minutes so you good

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