Going to the dentist

Lol do you like going to the dentist? Why or why not? What’s the worst things that happen at the dentist, or most embarrassing?

Me? Nope, the dentist is weirdddd. They literally talk to you while working on ya teeth and expect you to answer with 100 dentist tools in your mouth like what-


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I’ll come back to this after class!

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Okay, dentists… Ah, I have some traumas because I had a bad experience with one of my dentist so I don’t really like going anymore (I do, of course, but I don’t like it). She was very… uhm, rude? She didn’t really care about how I was feeling. Storytime: I had to extract 4 healthy teeth because I was getting braces and I WAS PANICKING. I thought my heart would stop any second because I was so scared! That was a scary experience, I was sobbing and she was sooooo annoyed. Woman, that was not the best experience, give me a break!! I have a picture I’ve sent to my friend of me sobbing with ice on my cheeks somewhere, I have to find that :joy:
So yeah, now I’m terrified.

I also, for a long time, wanted to be a dentist! But the one that makes dentures!


Is it bad that i’ve never gone to a dentist-

Yeah I went to the dentist today and one of them was snappy. I wanted to snap back cos she told me to hurry up like girl be patient??

That must be funny. :joy:

Ohh, why was that?

Um yeah kinda lol.

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I always get paranoid like they are going to drill my tongue or something even if they are just cleaning my teeth, I think I have dental anxiety.

Some time dentist where I go, have music playing more than chatting. Kokomo was playing last time I went.

The last time I went to the dentist was like 9 years ago lmao. And no, I don’t like going to the dentist. That place smells awful (I once heard a patient screaming their guts out because they couldn’t take the pain that was so horrifying-)

I went there for my teeth to get a root canal… it was extremely painful. So painful that my soul literally does a freaky somersault inside whenever it thinks of that day :weary:
So I promised myself since then to brush my teeth everyday and eat very less amount of sweets as much as possible.


Yeah I don’t like the dentist. I get panic attacks there and stuff… They’re in your mouth and you can’t control anything and yeah…


My dentist always says we have to bite in a thing for 5 minutes and it’s so discusting :nauseated_face:


And I’m going today…ugH


Like? Who LIKES?? I hate going.

Well everything is good until they whip out the drill. It doesn’t even hurt. When I was younger I would sob because I hated the drill. It was embarrassing.

Worst thing—the drill. Most embarrassing — sobbing about the drill.


My dentist literally lied to me-

Me: You won’t put a needle in my mouth right? :pleading_face:

Him: Nonono, of course not.
Next thing you know my mouth was wide open and he was sticking a needle in my mouth and injecting a pain relif as I cried silently




ikr it hurt so bad i felt my mouth do a 360


He is cruel


Going to the dentist isn’t scary for me, but I’m scared if they smell my bad breathe. Probably because I only go there for checkups and stuff, it’s not that big of a deal for me. I van’t saybfor sure if I do other procedures. :eyes:

I’m not scared of going to the dentist, but I hate going there. I get so annoyed with how he pulls my cheeks and sticks random tools into my mouth that I’m forced to sit through with. I don’t like how I have to keep my mouth open for so long. Also — my dentist is so talkative I get annoyed of listening to his comments about his kids. I also don’t like the fluoride, it tastes so weird

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Yeah I don’t like talking to people, why are all dentists so talkative

Especially when there are tools in my mouth :sob: