Hair Thread (Natural, Styled, etc)

I saw this on the forums once for Natural Hair and I thought I could make one on here. :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Favorite Hairstyles


Braided Bun

Bantu Knots


Braided Bun (2)

Faux Hawk

Favorite Hair Products to Use

  • The foam, hair gel, grease, shampoo, conditioner, and cream for curls from Design Essentials. Also, SheaMoisture and Cantu, the ones my family and I usually use and buy.

Favorite Hair Accessories

  • Hairbands and headwraps–Definently!
  • Share tips and advice on how to take care of your hair
  • Tell stories or experiences you have had with others hair or your own
  • Give your own opinions on what you like or dislike about your hair or specific hairstyles
Disclaimer: Natural Hair can be defined as any 
hair texture in it's natural state. It's not
exclusive to one.

As a white person I like hair :upside_down_face:

Specifically anime hair.

All honesty I love afro and curly hair threads and posts, the styles can be so cool


Id like anime hair styles for afro/black hair

Or edgy stuff(like what u think when u think of sterotypical goth/emo/punk/whatever subculture u like) for afro hair

I see straight hair types a lot they can do lots of cute styles but rarely see those styles on black hair


I have curly hair (like type 3A or B) but I have no freaking clue how to style it.

I have to be careful about the shampoos and conditioners I use because curly hair is naturally dry so I have to check that there’s no sulphates and silicones. The water here has also damaged my hair so it’s drier than usual ;–;

the biggest problems I have with my hair are frizziness, dryness and damage.

(although it’s been less dry after I had a hot oil treatment + switched products)

Tips I follow:

  • use a wide tooth combed, never use a brush it’ll make your hair frizzier and ruin your curls.

  • when detangling your hair, start from the bottom. also use your fingers first then go in with a comb. try to be gentle, especially when your hair is wet as it is more prone to breakage.

  • don’t straighten your hair too often, it ruins your hair. if you want to straighten your hair, invest in a steam pod as it does not make your hair drier.

  • don’t use those hair ties with the metal part because it’s a pain to remove when it gets stuck in your hair, I don’t know how to describe the one I use.

  • rinse your hair with cold water as the final step of washing your hair as it reduces frizz.

  • dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt because regular towels can cause frizz.

  • sometimes it’s better to detangle your own hair in salons because some hairdressers don’t know how to handle curly hair and it can be disaster.

  • apply shampoo only to the top of your head/at the roots, never at the bottom because the edges of your hair tend to be more dry.

products I use:

Previously, I randomly used whatever was in our bathroom but I’ve started to take better care of my hair now and right now I find that Yves Rocher products are doing miracles for my hair.

Not sure how affordable they are outside France but I bought them when there were sales across all their stores.

[ repair detangling balm ] :
to detangle my hair. it is minimises the amount of breakage and hair loss. It has agave fructans and jojoba oil.

[ nourishing shampoo ] :
I have dry hair and this gives it more moisture. This has agave fructans and avocado oil.

SheaMoisture’s [ strengthen and restore leave-in conditioner ] :
I apply this when my hair is still damp. I mainly use on the ends of my hair so it won’t feel too dry.

I didn’t find YR’s conditioner in stores but I’d recommend using SheaMoisture products like @/PensiveShadow recommenced. I use some of their other products (but I can’t list them rn because we’re moving and they’re packed away)

I never try to style my hair because I fear it will go horribly wrong (and a lot of styles don’t work with my hair type) but if anyone has any ideas/recommendations that would be great.

apologises if this was long. I’m still figuring out how to manage my hair.

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I’m still figuring out how to manage my hair too but its usually my mother and sister that do it. :joy: They like playing and trying styles with my hair ever since I’ve gone natural. I would reccomend asking some hair stylists for information on that because there are women out there that think they know what they’re talking about but have no profession or knowledge of cosmetology. Heck, even some youtubers and blogs don’t.


My mom used to manage my hair as well! She mainly braided our hair because back home it was just too hot to leave your hair down.

It’s hard to ask here because all of the salons are expensive asf AND all of them have straighT SILKY HAIR and I’m like :’) anyone???

But yeah, I’ve had to look online for guidance but I think I know how to keep my
hair looking decent for now…

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Just remember to be careful with the websites you get information or advice form because again, some people don’t know what they’re talking about. :joy: One person even said “don’t use gel as much because it damages your hair” which is ridiculous because I used to use it a lot with mine and my hair is fine, it just gets flaky when I use it. That always happens. You can even ask most hair stylists and they’ll tell you that’s wrong. :rofl:

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Unless you use gel every single day than maybe but it doesn’t regularly. It flakes. That’s all it does. It’s not gonna harm you.

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Oof, true! I think it’s because we all have specific hair goals/problems that we need to tackle so different products will work better depending on what you’re trying to achieve. I’ve never used gel but I do need to think of something that’ll hold my curls… Like hairspray but I’ve never tried it.

I also have to cross-reference multiple sites before trying out what they say. Have you heard of function of beauty? I haven’t tried their products but I think their hair tips are reliable.

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And oh man don’t get me started on stylists. Once I find a stylist who can properly handle my hair I’ll be so happy. Back home at least a lot of people are used to handling curly hair but here they can really mess it up.

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This is why they need to start doing training on all types of hair textures.

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I feel so tempted to get training just so l can do it myself :woman_facepalming:t4: I want to able to try out new hairstyles like I see on PINTEREST!

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Maybe you should! You can start going on YouTube and searching up some styles and watch them do it. Then practice on yourself.

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Hmmmmmm that’s a pretty good idea
[adds to my summer bucket list]

thank you


Lol naturally my hair is long straight and brown but now it’s long straight and black, it’s not changed since I was 12

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No natural hair for me, I style them into french braids and let them down the next day which creates a wavy hair effect, and there you have it.

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That technically is natural since you aren’t adding anything to change your hair fully from what it is.

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Something like that, yep, because it doesn’t seem styled.

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My favourite styles are:

  • Cornrows (small ones & 2 big ones)
  • Box braids/regular braids (for textured hair)
  • Afro puffs my arms ache when I do these because my hair is soooo thicc thick
  • Straight hair w/ a parting
  • Ponytail
  • 2 big ponytails
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My hair is texturized and I’m just slightly ashamed because I (sometimes) don’t feel like a “real” black girl.

I do love dreadlocks, cornrows and the faux hawk

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