Have you ever lost an earring? ✨

I almost lost one of mine a few minutes ago because it got stuck in my hair… I also lost a cat earring I really loved at school a few years ago and I still haven’t found it :sob:

How about you? Have you ever lost an earring?
Did you find it or did it remain lost forever?
What did you do with the second earring if you weren’t able to find the lost one? :eyes::sparkles:


@anon68003072 call Kim I found her a thread

I lose earrings all the time :sob:

Yes and I only buy pure silver earrings so they aren’t cheap :crying_cat_face:


I threw it away or kept it if it was similar to another earing set so I could use it as a back-up earring

Yes, and it’s so annoying. I lost one of my earrings recently while I was taking a bath and I can’t find it anymore. I think it already got flushed down the drain. It’s just frustrating because my earrings aren’t cheap. :cry:

I lost a pair of small hoops that my nephew Emiliano gave me for Christmas 2018.
:cry: :cry: :cry:
The last place I remember seeing them were on my nightstand… sometime last year, like maybe in November?
I really wish I could find those earrings.

Unfortunetly :pensive:

Oui :pensive::rose::two_hearts:

Omg yes

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Yup :)

I always lose my earrings. Now my ma won’t buy me a pair anymore :joy:


I’ve lost my earring as a kid and now it’s a habit to frequently check if I have them :star_struck:



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I’ve lost way too many earrings to count. As a result, every time I leave a building, I always have to check that my earrings are still in my ears, otherwise I think I’ve lost one.

Yes, one, and I was devastated :joy:

It’s always tragic to lose an earring. I’ve had some that were lost forever, and other times I’ve found the lost earring. Either way, it’s terrible when they are initially lost, and can put you into a panic.


Yes, once! I had some kind of owl earrings, I got them for my 12th birthday or something like that, and I lost one just a week after :((
I liked them a lot!

No because I don’t wear them…
When I was younger, I did wear clip on earring but never liked how they felt and I ended up pulling them off my ears.

Can’t lose one if you never wear one :eyes: :joy:

@BeautyEssentials What about you?

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You’ve never had an earring? You don’t have pierced ears?

Yeah, I’ve lost a few and it really sucks.

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