Have you ever reimagined a film or TV show with an alternative ending?

Have you ever been unsatisfied with the ending to a film or TV show, and decided to reimagine your own?

What show/movie was it? Was the original ending bad? (blur any spoilers!)

How did you reimagine the ending to be?

For me, I have reimagined the ending to Pretty Little Liars, because WOW that show ended up a big mess. I also reimagined the ending to Riverdale- sorry, I imagined an ending to Riverdale. I imagined it to have happened at the beginning.


The ending to the show gypsy on netflix was so boring. It should have ended with more drama but I was disappointed.


Legend of the seeker. They left it on such a cliffhanger and the books is based on had way more plots they would of tuned into a good series

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Ooof. I have quite a few:

  • Dance Academy - Sammy doesn’t die and joins the national ballet Academy with Abigail and they’re still together
  • The Sparticle Mystery - They don’t bring the adults back and create a proper kids-only society led by Ernesto and the rest of the Resistance
  • Skins - Cassie gets with Sid in Skins: Pure and we see a future where Freddie didn’t die and he’s either in Skins: Fire or Rise
  • Waterloo Road - The OG characters actually came back to save school
  • Doctor Who - The Master lied to Doctor about being the timeless child and its actually him
  • Misfits - The “Jumper prophecy” is actually about the OG gang from series 1-3 and we get a battle between them and the new gang from series 5
  • Blood & Water - Fikile finds out she’s Puleng’s sister in the middle of the series and then the ending is her deciding what she’s going to do
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Yes, all the time! I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied…

First of all - 13 Reasons Why!!! I don’t want to spoil it but… That’s not how it should’ve ended.
I’m not mad with the ending of The Originals but I wish things didn’t end that way. I do see how it was supposed to be that way but nooo.

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Agreed. :pensive:

I’m sure there have been plenty where I’ve thought of how things could have played out differently. I don’t have any specific ones in mind, but I know I have.


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Every single time

As I’ve said before, I sometimes think of how something could’ve gone differently in a show or movie. The only example I can think of specifically is the movie Meet Joe Black. For being such a long movie, I would have expected a different way for it to end, which was a discussion with my family, but the end it did have was still good though.

All the time! My mom and I actually used to write alternative endings for the telenovelas we watched.

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