How did you come up with your username?

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How did you come up with your username?

My username, Nessie, was not hard to come up with. It was actually already a nickname I had, my sister and other relatives sometimes called me Nessie, and I didn’t want to put my actual name, - even though I have no problem with sharing it - so I put another name I am pretty familiar with. No I did not put it because of the Loch Ness monster, even though I like the Loch Ness myth too!

What about you?


At first, I thought Nessie was short for Vanessa! :sunflower: :coffee: :yellow_heart:

A lot of ladies consider themselves either a wine mom or a vodka aunt, but I’m not really into alcohol.
My favorite drink is coffee— my favorite people in the world are my nephews.
That’s how I came up with my username. :yellow_heart:


I’m obsessed with the macabre, and it’s like you’re using a Ouija board to write love letters on.

Technically it’s my full real name in there, you just have to puzzle to figure it out. Hahaha, it’s basically symbol for Jasmin, which is the English version of my name. Anyway, Jass, my old username is a nickname many people use for me.

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My pen name is Leila Marie Castello. I took the first and last letters to create lame, the cast from Castello, and the 88 from the year I was born.

I consider myself a lone wolf, and that username wasn’t taken, so BAM! That is why I am LoneWolf.

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I’m an Eleanor :smiley:

W is my surname

15 is the raddest number


My cat, Mouse. Mouschi is her most used nickname. :pleading_face:


Eliza is my name B is the initial of my surname and 2628 is my birthday


unicornio is unicorn in spanish, i was watching dora when i thought of this :skull::joy:

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I love chocolate, caramel and I’m a girl. The first 2 letters of my name are also there, so I adopted chococarmela as my internet alias :grin:

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This girl is -608 years old


it’s my name~

I’m melancholy a lot so here we are haha

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I thought of it on th spot when making meteorite username and I’ve been using it ever since.

I quite liked the character in a video game. So far, I’ve matched the profile picture with it as well ~

Littlefeets is a nickname I’ve always had, so I went with it since my username on stuff with a lot of video games is Littlefeats.

jossu is my nickname:3 my real name is johanna so jossu makes sense. :))

A combination of the words ‘cat’ and ‘unicorn’

I changed my username just now lmao

I changed it because my family recently got a fryer, and I’ve fried french fries and chicken in it already, so I’m really excited about it