How much do/can you earn on Wattpad?

Perosnally, I haven’t written anything on wattpad before, so I don’t know the income, but from what i found it depends on the number of people who watched the ad.

Wattpad’s writers’ main source of income depends on ad revenue, just like youtube and webtoon.

  • Do you know how much the writers earn on watrpad?
  • Have you earn any money fron Wattpad before?
  • Do you want to earn money on Wattpad in the future?
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I have no idea and never heard of anyone earning money from Wattpad, but I don’t think you can make enough as a regular writer to make it your main job

A friend told me a few days ago that you can earn money from ads or just views when you’ve published on Wattpad for a year. I don’t know how much that’ll help with earning money on Wattpad but maybe someone of the @WattpadWizards knows more about this?

What - anyone? Or just the popular authors/writers?

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Apparently it’s for everyone but I haven’t checked yet, just heard it from a friend

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Oh, really? How long has this been going?

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I don’t know exactly but I found a few infos here and here
Looks like it’s not really one year of being there but some kind of program that gets you easier access to make your story a paid one :thinking: I wonder how much money that can earn you

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