How often do you wash your hair? ✨

I have long hair so I have to wash it at least 2 times a week or it’ll be too hard to comb it, but I usually end up washing it 3 times a week :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

What about you? How often do you wash your hair? And why? :eyes::sparkles:


As much as I can when dealing with the monster. They have a habit of staying up late and waking up at about sunrise :persevere:

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once a week. i believe that’s enough frequently, because if i didn’t more than once i would wash natural oils off my head and would have to wash it more times per week.


I have to wash it 4 times a week, every other day…

i wash it every other day.

and whenever i dont wash it my mom points out how oily it is… like please say something about me besides my looks


Like once a week, my hair is so hard to deal with. :tired_face:

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Usually daily or every other day.

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evry time I take a shower so two times a week, for a note, I work from home have done for two years, and its a waste to take more showers when I arent going anywhere

Every other day but if I forget one day it’ll be 2 days later or so

Twice a week because that works the best for my hair .Washing your hair too often disturbes your scalps microbiome which can cause irritation and dries out your scalp.

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Like twice a week

Hmm…whenever I feel like it, usually a few times per week. :thinking::white_heart:

Every day.

I use to have to wash my hair everyday to get the product out. Don’t worth, I understand what washing your hair everyday does. But for me it was really beneficial. I saw an increase in the health of my hair.

Now I only wash it when I have to leave the house. :joy:

I wash it every other day

Every other day or three times a week.

i wash my hair everyday :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

twice a week :yawning_face:

Every other day.

For me, I know one shower every other day.