How to deal with fears while RPing?

I think we all have them, big or small, fears while RPing or writing in general. Personally, I have a hard case of fear of failure so I often wonder if my writing is okay or if what I’m doing is even enjoyed by others.

There’s a thread about limitations you have while RPing and what some fears are while rping

But how do you deal with them?

1. Talk
I know it sounds simple, and I know for those who deal with it, it’s a hard thing to do. When talking to someone you might see your ‘back skills’, the skills you can’t see because they are on your back, but others are able to see it and you might see it if you reflect on it with a mirror.
If they know, they can keep an eye out and give you feedback on it.

2. accept it
This takes time, and effort. but try to accept that those fears are there and that they come from you caring about what you do. but don’t let them limit your creativity. Your fears aren’t only there to hold you back so accept them and decide how much you want to use of it.

@RPers feel free to share your fears and ask for help or tips.
and if you want to share how you deal with your fears or dealt with them, please do, who knows how it might help someone else.

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