How to Find Inspiration to RP

With any RPer, sometimes you have large amounts of inspiration, while other times you’re completely out. We all have those moments of having no inspiration to motivate us. There is no surefire way to regain your inspiration, but here are some tips that may help.

Tip 1

Take a break if you need it.
Sometimes the inspiration runs dry and you just need some time to recharge. Whether it is from RPing as a whole, or just a specific RP, don’t be afraid to step back for a couple days. You may suddenly have a burst of inspiration or you may just be able to return with a fresh mind Even if you still are low on inspiration.

Tip 2

Read/reread other RP posts.
If its a specific conversation, reread over the previous posts in the conversation. If its a specific RP read or reread both your previous posts and other RPers posts. If its RPing in general, just reread some posts from various RPs that you may or may not be in.

Tip 3

Listen to music.
Many RPers will say that music will inspire them. Whether its the feeling you get from the song, or the lyrics, let the music help you grow an idea.

Tip 4

Read books, and watch movies or tv.
Personally, I get inspiration (Often for starting RPs, but sometimes for possible character interactions) When I watch a movie or a tv show. You may see some event that would work for the situation you’re RPing, or you may notice a character similar to yours in some way.

Tip 5

Join a new RP and/or create a new character.
Sometimes all it takes is something new and exciting to get the inspiration flowing again. By starting with something new you should get inspired for it, which then can add some inspiration for what you were suffering a lack of inspiration with.

Tip 6

Plan some for later in the RP.
For example, if your character has a secret, plan for when their secret gets revealed. Plot with other RPers, and the plans can be enough to excitement to give you enough inspiration to make it through to the plan.



Tip 7

Go out there and talk to people. Everyone has their story and everyone has had happy, sad, insane or funny moments in their lives. From the old man at the end of your street who still isn’t over the loss of his first love that he met on a ship during a party with half the town, or that street performer that just wasn’t happy and now went from city to city to just play and see the world. Or the old lady who worked as a nurse and went to see her father in the hospital and when she gave him a kiss, people misunderstood it for a nurse having an affair.
The most inspiring thing out there, are other people.


Love this, babe. Though tip one doesn’t really work for me 'cause I just keep feeling guilty that I’m not doing my bit.

YES! This is an excellent one too. (wink)


Tip 3 is a definite help, to be honest.


ugh i love judging people and nonconsensually putting them into my art


yus :angry:

*nods through tears *



It’s one thing to be inspired by people just from the outside. But there are so many people that I’ve met in the train and on the station that inspired me after talking to them.

cotton candy sweet story alert

One time I was writing in my notebook, just trying to write a backstory for one of my characters. And this old lady made the comment that she found it fascinating to see a young girl still manually write instead of being on my phone or computer. She then asked what I was writing and I told her I had a writers block for a few days over a nice way for two people to have met other than on the street.

She then told me about how she and her husband met. Her father was the owner of a small flower company and one day they went to the factory there they clean and arrange the flowers for sale. As her father was talking to the head of the team, her eyes fell on this clumsy shy guy who had strong arms and cuts all over his hands. She approached him and asked if he needed to be treated. She was scared he was forced to continue working while being injured. But the boy just laughed and told her he would treat it during his break in 2 hours. He said he loved what he was doing and loved the company so much that he didn’t want to lose any progression time by his treatment. She found him very fascinating and they agreed to meet some time. That ‘some time meeting’ turned out to be the beginning for them of 60 years of marriage and she told me he loved him still more and more every day.



That’s so sweet :pleading_face:


nah they usually don’t meet my expectations LMAO

not to sh!t on the moment


Then you don’t ask the right questions :smirk: .


i’ll try harder when the pandemic is over


Haha lol fair point.
Funny enough, people are really open.
A good question is asking about their happiest memory

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I think it’s also a vital point to make your character interesting. Sometimes, at least for me, the reason why I’m uninspired to RP is because of my character. That’s why I try hard to make the future ones as interesting as possible to prevent myself from losing motivation to RP again. If ever you lose interest in them, you can maybe revamp them or just give more depth to them. That’s what I did with France, and I must say even though I lacked there, I definitely got more inspired to RP because I now have the idea how to put myself in her shoes and what possible scenes I can do with her.

And yes, I totally can vouch for this. I don’t get out much, but I love to observe my surroundings and it totally helps.

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Dare to ask questions like this for inspiration:

• Do you like milkshakes?
• If you have extra stuffing at Thanksgiving,
do you feed it to a dog?
• If you catch spiders, do you put them outside
where the air is fresher?
• Are you afraid of large animals like horses
and cows?
• Do you like shells and sand?
• Do you have any friends named Daniel?
• Have you ever been to Athens, Greece to feed
yogurt to stray cats?
• Do you see a lot of deer where you live?
• Do you know much about the moon?
• Do you like puppets?
• Have you ever eaten pizza with corn on it?
• Have you been to Norway?
• Do you chew your food carefully?
• Do you ever eat with chopsticks?
• Have you ever counted your teeth?
• Do you wear jeans?
• Do you love life?
• Do you ever eat octopus?
• Did you know the German word for bagpipe
(dudelsack) is pronounced “doodle sack”?

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I just came up with a good tip:

Know what type of character you like to play and know what you like. if it’s missing, add it.

For example:
My characters usually are passifists. I prefer kind people who like to get along with everyone. but I also like to throw my character in difficult situations or action. I don’t care that my characters get hurt for example.

knowing this, I try to make sure I get my character into those situations or interactions.

find and create scenes that motivate you. plan ahead a scene you want to happen and make it happen. its something that could motivate you.

I’m always playing scenes in my head before going to bed that add to my characters and you’re allowed to change things if you notice things aren’t working.

I noticed Hinata from the Hanabira Academy rp was hard to approach, so I lowered her shyness and I’m going to adjust it as I go.

for Charlia in the Westeria rp, I noticed she was too weak during battle so I needed a reason to adjust that. I now came up with a backstory that connects to her parent’s accident with a magic beast, the history of her kind and why she can’t use any spells.

if you notice you’re lacking motivation, try to look for the thing you’re missing and add it yourself.

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but wut if u plan too much ? :pleading_face:

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Then let them float for a few days the good ones will stay or return to you, all the other impulsive ones will be filtered out.

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Watching movies and reading books can also help finding new ways to write.

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