How to Get Reads on Wattpad

I’m gonna publish a story on Wattpad soon and I was wondering, what’s the best strategy to get readers on Wattpad? Does anyone have any advice or explain how you try to gain reads?
Also this is a place in general to discuss how to get reads on Wattpad besides giving me advice.


What I did to get reads is to put some of the tags in the actual title of my story, so when people type in “Werewolf” (or how ever you spell it) my story will be in the list. and I also have a decent description and book cover.


Well, the wattpad forums helped my story a bit lol. Also putting it on my profile.


Tagging @Cheyara_M because she has some amazingly successful stories (Siren has over 17k, Run to Me has 5k, and her newest story, Siren Call has 1k).

From my viewpoint (as a friend/bystander) what she’s done to get those numbers includes:

  • Update frequently and pretty consistently
  • Use social media to create a buzz about chapter releases

And the unspoken, which of course write an engaging story.


Here’s some things that helped me:

  • Use the forums - talk with other users and find threads to discuss your story. Talk to users in the same genre as you because genre specific feedback will help you improve your writing.
  • Have a good cover - Readers are attracted to good covers. You can ask for one in the multimedia category or make your own (I’d recommend using Pixlr if u do)
  • Have a schedule - Posting at least once a week will do. Readers like consistency! Also notify when you will post e.g follower announcements
  • Read and comment on other stories - Obviously don’t do this just to benefit yourself but by doing this you’ll engage with other users who may eventually come across your story. You’ll also gain inspiration by doing this.

read other people’s stories, be nice to the wattpad community and occasionally mention you can’t think of what to write in your story, which will make people ask what your story is without you seeming pushy :sunglasses:


Cheers @Kimballet that’s sweet of you.
Be very good at tagging your story on Wattpad.
Don’t just tag random things that you think might get an audience because there are thousands or millions of stories for most tags, and yours will get lost in it.
Use social media, post quotes of your story, engaging or suspenseful quotes. Tag those posts as well and keep links to your story in your bio.
Just keep getting your story out there.


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I know one of my stories got a bunch of reads from being on a reading list someone created. The forums is also a good place to go, since people will create threads looking for stories

I think the cover is really important on Wattpad and after that the tile. If the story is in the list of recommended for a reader, they’ll easily overlook a story if there’s nothing eye-catchy about the cover.

You can also play around with the tags and try to use as many as possible which still fit your story! Some tags have too many stories so yours will probably get lost between all of them when a reader searches for them but tags increase your chance to get your story on the recommended list for readers if they read stories with similar tags.

Finally, social media is always a good way. Be friendly to others and they’ll check out your story and tell others about it.

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I’m not necessarily agreeing with the cover, as there are some stories on there will amazing covers but not enough reads. Though a catchy summary and opening chapter can help with this too.
Perhaps more advertising is the thing that you can do most, although, it is also the hardest to do too. I reckon we need to create an epic Wattpad community here on forums, where we help each other out and can advertise our works.

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I guess there’s also a lot of luck involved…if you get one reader that has a lot of friends or followers on social media, you’re more likely to get more reads fast. But if you have ten readers but none of them can recommend it to a lot of others, it will take some time to get a lot of reads

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