I Want to Apologize Here If

On the occasion of Ten Days of Repentance coming soon, I want to take advantage of it and say - I’m sorry :pray:t4: if I:

  • did or said something that hurt you unintentionally

  • betrayed your trust without knowing it.

  • saddened anyone here

  • whitened your face

  • was disrespectful towards you

  • trashed you whether you deserved it or not

  • didn’t take into consideration your feelings and was selfish

  • created misunderstandings and/or misunderstood anyone

I am sorry from the bottom of heart. :pray:t4::pray:t4:


I can’t take my words and actions, but can’t help it but take resposibility and try my best not to repeat the same mistakes and when it’s possible, I can try to correct my mistakes.

As they say: as long as the candle is on, it is possible to correct.

So if I hurt anyone, I want you to know that I have never ever had any intentions of hurting somebody.

I know that many of you don’t observe Jewish commandments, but:

If you feel that you want to apologize to someone, then here’s your chance. Feel free to apologize to someone that you think you owe him an apology :blush::grinning:

I wish to all the Jews gmar chatima tova, and for everyone (Jews and non-Jews as one) - only peace and love :pray:t4::innocent:


You’re a wonderful person, I don’t think you’ve done anything that you need to apologize for. But this is a great thing to look back on and reflect on.


You really think so? :blush:


Sorry if I hurt anyone. :hugs::pray:t4:

Gmar chatima tova


You are amazing.


I am not, :slightly_smiling_face: but thank you :blush:


I believe you are, just as you think of me.


Sorry if I bump too many threads :sob:
But bump

It wasn’t necessary to bump the thread, but thanks.

By the way, can you close the thread @ForumStaff?

Closed due to OP’s request!