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In the not-too-distant future, mysterious forces that science are yet to identify has given rise to monsters known simply as The Enemy. They can look exactly like humans, even blend in and mimic personalities, pretend to have emotions. Deep down, though, they’re all bloodthirsty and emotionless monsters, and some of them are powerful enough to wipe out all of humanity with just a wave of their hand. Luckily, though, the same forces that created the Enemy also gave rise to the Prodigies, people who are born with incredible powers. As soon as their powers have manifested, young Prodigies from all over the world are sent to PCEA, or the Prodigy Cultivation and Enrichment Academy, where they not only learn the Three Rs, but also learn the limits of their powers and how to control and use them to fight the Enemy. Located on a remote isle hidden in waters not charted on most maps, students are not permitted to contact the outside world in order to keep from being distracted from their studies. The dormitories are as luxurious as 5-star hotel rooms, and the school’s amenities are state of the art. The academic courses offered are could prepare anyone for a successful career. Battle training is instructed by former high-ranking Military officers from the most powerful superpowers in the world. You’d have to be blind not to see that PCEA is the perfect school.

But one day, students start disappearing, and it starts happening at a greater frequency the longer it goes on. It doesn’t seem to matter how popular or smart they were or how strong their powers were; No one seems to be safe. As more and more people vanish, a terrible suspicion slips into some of the students’ minds; Could the Enemy have infiltrated the school? PCEA is on a remote island, and no one gets in or out without the approval of the Headmaster. It should be the safest place in the world. Then again, the Enemy can take a human form. Perhaps one of the students or staff members everyone knows and loves is actually a monster… In fact, anyone could be an Enemy in disguise. And now the rest of the school is trapped with them.

Little do the Prodigy students of PCEA know that everything they thought they knew is actually a lie. Despite what their governments may tell them, the Enemy isn’t just able to take a human form, they’re actually born and raised human. There’s a reason why the academy is on a deserted island, and no one is allowed to contact those outside the island’s borders. There’s a reason why it seems like with every new student that arrives, two more vanish. There’s a reason why none of the staff or teachers are Prodigies themselves, and why no one has ever seen a Prodigy over the age of 18. What PCEA really stands for is Prodigy Containment, Examination and Annihilation. Sprinkled among the students with powers are highly trained and non-powered assassins, sent in to gain the trust of the Prodigies and cull the herd of any of them who get too old or powerful for their own good. The “powers” these assassins exhibit? The monstrous “Enemies” that are brought in for battle training? All clever technology, robotic tricks meant to keep up the illusion. The academy is a prison, the staff wardens, half of the students executioners and the tattoos that each student must get as a part of the “uniform” a way to secretly implant trackers. Prodigies have been brought here believing that they will be trained, but are secretly being studied for weaknesses and killed. Their powers are too unpredictable, too strong, and the world’s leaders don’t want them posing a threat. They are the Enemy, and they don’t even know it.

But every secret gets out eventually…

  1. Be family friendly, y’all. Or as much as you can be. If you’re fighting or discovering a body, try to limit any blood or gore and use the blur if you think you’ve gone too far. You can all have your ships, but remember that even the of age kids in this RP are only barely of age. Nothing sexual is allowed. And if you try to sneak anything sexual in, you know what’ll happen…
  1. Blur curses. Obviously.
  2. Each post should be at least 5 sentences long to keep conversations/scenes going at a good pace. Each post should also have the name of the character they’re for clearly visible as either a banner, bold text, or colored text.
  3. No godmodding or Mary Sues.
  4. Secrets are secrets for a reason. We have five assassins, and they aren’t allowed to say anything or even hint at their true nature. If you’re suspicious of someone, you can investigate them all you want… as long as it’s in RP. Don’t berate them or their friends irl to try and get them to crack. Plus, if you find out before everyone else does, it’ll be no fun.
  5. If you have questions, ask me. I’m the only person who can give you a straight answer.
  6. Use the group tag wisely. I will be using the group tag for events that EVERYONE needs to be aware of. If you think that people need to know what you’re doing, you can use it too. If I feel like you’re not using it for a good reason, though, there’ll be a stern talking to for ya.
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It was January 1st, 2120. The beginning of a new year, and of a new school year for the students of PCEA- the Prodigy Cultivation and Enrichment Academy. All of the students, new and old, from 12 to 18 were gathered on the large combat training field. The trainers, Ms. Owusu and Mr. Lobo, had set up a large stage just like every year where all of the staff-minus the Headmaster- stood in a line, ready to greet their students. A gigantic tarp stood behind the cage, covering a box as big as the school’s main building. In the center of the stage was a microphone, which Mr. Lobo strode up to mellowly as he had a dozen times before, taking it in his hand and holding it a bit too close to his face.

“Hello everybody!” He called out like a rockstar trying to hype up a concert. “Welcome to another glorious, glistening year at PCEA. If you don’t know me, I’m Igor. I will be one of your combat trainers here. I and the rest of the staff are so excited to teach you everything you’ll need to know to become the best you can be. You’ll get better education here than Harvard or Oxford. You’ll have nothing but the best amenities and plenty of free time to use them. But most importantly, you’ll learn how to harness and control your incredible abilities, and how to use them in a way that will best benefit society. You’ll learn your limits, your weaknesses, you peak.”

Igor looked out at the crowd of Prodigies with a smirk. “So what do you say we start doing that now?”

With a dramatic flourish, the tarp was pulled away to reveal a giant glass tank filled to the brim with hideous monsters, each twice the size of the average student both length and height wise- The Enemy. About 100 of them, all crammed together into a box, all pressed against at the wall closest to the students, all of their mouths foaming and watering.

“Don’t worry! It’s bulletproof!” Igor demonstrated, knocking on the glass. “If you’re new here you might not know, but we have a little tradition here at PCEA. A gigantic battle at the beginning of each year, all of our students against the best Enemies we could wrangle up, to show how much our students have grown- Or how much they can grow. Each of you will have a tally of how many Enemies you can eliminate. Whoever gets the highest tally will have unlimited dessert in the dining hall for a week. You can all feel free to work together, create teams, make new friends. This is a ceremony of building, building up bonds and building up you. So give it your all, and rest assured: If you need help, one of our staff members will be here for you. You are completely safe.”

“Now everyone get into you battle stances.” Igor called. On a stand a red button was waiting, and his hand anxiously hovered over it. “You’ll get a count of five. Five… Four…” some of the students were already getting into groups, some moving to the middle to get more kills, some drifting to the outskirts to stay out of reach. The Enemy ravenously pounded against the glass. Everyone was ready for the battle to begin as soon as possible. No one could wait any longer.

“3… 2…” Igor’s hand slammed down on the button. “1. Make us proud, Prodigies.”

The massive hoard of Enemies came swarming at the crowd of children, and the Prodogies lept into the fight.

@PCEAStudents - What is your student doing? Are they new, or have they been through this fight over and over again? Are they eager to fight or scared? It’s all up to you! Get going!


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Skye stood on the grass, listening to the man talk about what was about to go down. Her eyes widened when she saw the creatures in the tank. Well, this was bad. What exactly was she supposed to do? The first time she used her power she was inside and caused the lights to shut off. She couldn’t shut off the sun! Unfortunately, she didn’t have anymore time to think because Enemies came swarming towards her. She yelled, a blinding light emitting from her body, disorienting the enemies, which she quickly dispatched with a weapon she’d grabbed.


William listened intently to Igor until he heard the word ‘battle’. Dread. That was the name of the feeling that washed over him. “No, no. I can’t be here.” He began to push his way through the crowd. He noticed the crowd thinning, getting battle ready and he was left standing in the middle. He slowly turned around, straight into a charging Enemy. He was thrown 15 feet into the wall before hitting it and collapsing to the ground. Ringing, that’s all he heard as he blinked twice watching everyone else be great at fighting in what seemed like well put together slow-motion from a movie. He shook his head and looked around the battle field, there were so many other people here. Everyone seemed to be in control of their powers, at least for the moment. They’ll all think you’re a loser, that you’re weak. Look around, they’re all kicking @ss and you can’t even do anything without getting all emotional. They won’t like you and you clearly don’t like yourself, so change! The feeling kept growing inside him until a familiar black glow engulfed his hands. He closed his eyes and opened them again. ~

He didn’t feel any different. It wasn’t till he saw someone almost get hit and yelled, “Look out!” that he noticed his voice was noticeably more feminine…and had a British accent? "Is that my voice? Is that my voice?” She looked down and noticed her long blond hair in a braid as well as a loose scarlet short-sleeve T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans with black tennis shoes. Great! Just great, I wanted to be someone else capable of fighting, and now I’m a girl…Thanks universe! Just what I wanted when I’m fighting to survive! She thought clearly agitated as she stood up only to get hit once more by another rampaging Enemy, treating her like a rag doll. A shudder went throughout her body as a different emotion filled her, not one of fear or anxiety, no. This feeling would only be described as pure rage, something far worse than just simple anger. She grimaced at the pain and stood up, her irises and hands had a crimson red glow as she wiped a trickle of blood off her nose. Ok…NOW I’M P!SSED! She yelled as she began tearing apart waves of Enemy in her path. She did everything from turning them into animals, to straight up disintegration. Of course, her being insanely p!ssed also meant she had absolutely no regard for any poor sap who got in her way. She tossed a few prodigies aside and turned others into various objects as she made her way through the Enemy hordes.




Enraged Aurora

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Lynn looked around at all the different prodigies, feeling claustrophobic. They shut their eyes, focusing on the voice of the teacher. They knew they had to fight those creatures, but that meant using their powers. Thay wouldn’t really have been an issue due to there not being a lot of water in Nevada, but this was an island…it would be way to easy to inadvertently cause mass destruction. Maybe they could focus and control the amount of water? Seems like that was their best option, and if anyone got caught in the tidal wave, they could hopefully rescue them. They took a deep breath as the enemies ran towards them, feeling the water tug within their body. They clenched their muscles, a rumble shaking the ground. A huge wave of water formed, and Lynn barely hard time to scream before it came crashing down. They grabbed a blonde girl, starting to furiously kick their legs. “I’m so sorry for this!” They yelled.
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location: combat training field | mood: exited | outfit: here | interactions: william/aurora (@Bluecookies) , lynn (@Ouijaloveletters) | mentions: everyone, i guess

Tal bounced around on the training field, the fresh, springy grass matching her attitude. All her life she had wondered what all those superpowered kids were doing- Saving kittens from trees? Eating superpasta?- and now, here she was, about to fight some real-life monsters like a total badass. Even though she’d been at the school for a week or so already, it was still hard to acknowledge that she did have superpowers- or enough of what counted has a superpower to be at a school for superkids. Inventing had just always been it’s own thing for her- other girls would never understand it, the way Tal would never understand makeup or k-pop. She guessed her abilities must’ve been worth something, though- though still being on the same playing field as kids that could literally manipulate time and space was still daunting.

As the teacher who was talking about the battle onstage went over the ruled of the competition, Tal went over her gadgets. She was wearing a suit she’d developed out of her Kevlar-carbon fiber alloy prototype which she’d developed over the last week or so, using the resources the school provided her with to make it more durable and resistant to the elements- And fireproof, too. Don’t forget about that. Since she was allowed to bring her inventions to the training grounds, Tal had chosen a few she’d been working on and packed them neatly into a custom toolbelt, though the real stars of the show were mounted on her palms- tiny pads with dozens of needles, designed to dispense a hundred milliamps into anyone she touched. It was a neat little gadget, one that, with her other inventions, would hopefully put her on the same playing field as the other students.

At some point while she was thinking, the training coach had unveiled the monsters, and Tal had to stop herself from just wetting herself. Some where more tame and graceful, others snarling and unruly, but all in all, they were terrifying. For a second, Tal doubted that the teachers would even be able to save her by the end of the test. All of a sudden, the coach started counting down, and Tal considered bolting, before chaos erupted, monsters running everywhere. Tal suddenly leaped into action, her adrenaline taking over as she ran across the grounds and sunk her palms into one of The Enemy- a horrible, dog-like thing with tusks and four eyes- unleashing a fatal current of electricity. She pulled her palms out of the now-smoking enemy, the needle-like spikes covered in thick, black blood. She barely had time to react to her first kill when five more came at her, baring teeth and claws and other terrible, deadly things she couldn’t even name. Out of her toolbelt, Tal pulled out a small, silvery ball. She threw it onto the ground, and it shook for a few seconds before bursting into a dozen spikes, sinking their teeth into The Enemy and electrocuting the five that had been coming at her.

Tal took the moment of respite to look behind her, and saw a weirdly pretty girl who looked like her hands were… glowing? Tal couldn’t get the feeling out of her mind that she recognized her despite never seeing her before, but before she could ponder on it any longer, the same red aura that had been surrounding her hands flew towards several of the monsters, flinging them about like toys. “Holy crap!” Tal called out, barely able to hold her tongue. She was able to roll out of the way just in time before the girl sent several kids flying as well, which probably wouldn’t have ended so well for Tal.

Just when Tal thought she had a second of safety, the ground began to shake, and out of the corner of her eye, Tal saw a massive wave forming out of the island’s waters. She barely had time to pull her suit’s hood over her head before the water came crashing down, soaking the whole training grounds, though Tal’s suit left her relatively unaffected. She shook off the remaining water, doing a technical inspection of her gadgets and preparing to try and take on some more of The Enemy, when she noticed a kid- presumably the one who’d caused the wave- grabbing onto the girl from earlier, kicking and yelling. Tal was prepared to just try to ignore them, when she noticed a pair of monsters sneaking up behind them. “Crap, crap, crap,” she muttered, fumbling with her toolbelt until she reached the right pocket. Aha! She pulled out a handful of small, round objects, throwing them onto the ground behind the two students. Each one unfolded into a spider-like robot the size of a small dog, swarming the monsters and ripping at them with their metallic legs. Tal looked at the two students on the ground and said, “Get up!”- Not in a mean way, but rather a please-don’t-die kind of way.


Aurora yelled as the wave hit her. She was thrown under the surface for a few minutes before popping back up as a girl wrapped an arm around her and began kicking and swimming as if to save her. “GET OFF ME!” she yelled. She turned towards the girl in anger, only to face the water and brought her hands together to form a flourish which turned the rather big body of water into nothing more than a fine morning mist. She whipped around to face the girl who attempted to “save” her, but before she could do anything she was jumped on by an Enemy. She growled and tore it in half, wiping the black blood off her face before warping another one who charged the other girl, into a snail. She exhaled forcefully while looking at the girl, before standing back up and turning her attention and rage back to the Enemy horde.

@phnx ~ Tal
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Matthew grimaced as he waited for this to start. Overall, he was unsure what to make of this place. What the h-ll were they doing, out in this big yard? He had arrived at the school only a few days ago, and while he was quite impressed, this part was confusing.
Of course, it was at that moment he tuned into what that Igor person was saying, and his eyes widened as the glass container was revealed. Holy Sh-t. swearing away to himself at high speed, Matthew reflexively covered himself in shadows, so to anyone around him he would seem to blend in to the apparent dark spot where he had originally stood.
then, the monsters were released. Yelling in excitement, Matthew charged straight in, quickly realising that he had no way of killing them. F^ck. Staying relatively hidden in shadows, Matthew did his best to blind a couple, even just temporarily. As long as he didn’t blind the other students…
Shaking his head, Matthew rid himself of memories, concentrating on surviving. There were kids here. What on earth was the faculty thinking?



Eva had been paying attention to Igor, but as the monsters were released, she completely panicked. In an instant, everything slowed down. Just for her, thank god. I really need to learn control, Eva thought to herself, simply happy that it had worked, even if it was unintentional. Breathing hard, Eva walked carefully, doing her best not to trip. The monsters, originally moving faster than you could see at times, had slowed to a crawl. As had everyone else, of course.
“Now what do I do,” Eva muttered. She had no weapon… although someone else might. Coughing from the exertion that holding onto time gave her, Eva walked up to the closest person she could see, grabbing their shoulder. Almost collapsing at this point, Eva brought the person into the time bubble, hoping that they had a weapon on them.



Crw hurriedly wheeled backwards, cursing loudly as the monsters where released. Seriously? Not all of us can fight, @ssh0les. Backing up against the enclosure, Crow considered their options. Avoid the fight and possibly die, or attempt to summon some stuff and maybe live. Those people had said that they’d help if things went wrong, but that seemed very unlikely, considering they were way up, safe in their little boxes.
Sighing, Crow allowed the little kitten ghost on their lap, connected to them by a silvery string flowing from their fingers, to dissipate back to the afterlife, before taking a few deep breaths. They had never tried to summon more than one thing before. Was it even possible? there was only one way to find out.
Digging inside themselves, Crow closed their eyes, before opening them again to see Death’s Gate. They could walk in this place, seeing as it was in their mind. It was nice, in that way. Striding over to the door, Crow rapped on it thrice, sharply.
I need an army, They called. Come on! I don’t want to die
Opening their eyes for real this time, Crow drew on a bank of power inside of them, watching in delight as ghostly forms gathered them selves into… about 30 5yr olds.
“Oh come on!” It’s the best I’ve got.
Grimacing, Crow instructed them to attack the monsters. At least they can’t get any more hurt, they guessed.
You had to admit though, those five year olds had some passion. They swarmed on each monster individually, working on knocking them out one at a time. Crow was almost proud to see it.



As the monsters were released, Wren froze in their tracks.
“Oh gods no.”
They didn’t know how to fight. H-ll, all they could d-mn do was take other people’s injuries away from them. Backing into a corner, Wren considered their options. The best thing to do would either be to find someone to stop them from getting killed, and until they managed to do that, stay out of the way.
Dodging students and creatures alike, Wren was thrown to the ground multiple times before they managed to reach another wall. Some of these guys are terrifying, Wren thought to themselves, breathing hard. Maybe best to find a less destructive person. A flash of light caught their attention, and Wren ran over to it. Here we go, normal person with the powers of a light bulb, and a weapon. Not going to kill me. Perfect.
“Uh, hi,” Wren said, dodging as another Enemy pounced. “You don’t happen to have another one of those weapons, do you?”
Please have another weapon. I want to be good for a little more than healing people.

@Ouijaloveletters - Skye


Jahzara sat cross-legged on the grass, listening to Mr.Lobo talking about what was going to happen. Her eyes turned as wide as saucer, she clenched her hand into a fist and rocks flew around her fist when she heard what was going to happen. ‘No, no, no’ she cried out inside her head. This was terrible. How could he do that to her? Doesn’t he know what she can do? She couldn’t use her powers.

Jahzara, looked at her fist and when she saw rocks flying around it, she rolled her eyes and opened her fist.

Hopefully, she could get out of this.



“Get off me!” Lynn heard the girl scream, and they immediately let go of her, attempting to swim off, but the girl disintegrated the water so they were left on solid ground. Suddenly, the girl turned and ripped an enemy in half, turning another into a snail. Guess I’ll leave her to it. Lynn thought, running back into the battle, and using water to form a water cyclone and swiping up the enemies.
@Bluecookies - Aurora



As soon as the enemies were released, most of the Prodigies had flooded into the center of the field to try and get as many kills as possible. A couple students preferred to stay on the outskirts of the field. Paraminta was one of this group. She’d been here for years, and she hadn’t been excited about the fight since she’d first come here when she was 12. It was droll now, a chore, a routine, and she didn’t really want to be a part of it. She assumed this was the equivalent of what normal people schools called “pep rallies”, teachers trying their hardest to hype up a crowd of kids by giving them extra work and calling it fun. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she watched Igor jumping up and down on the stage, cheering his students on with all the enthusiasm of someone congratulating their puppy for peeing outside. It was adorable how hard he tried.

Paraminta looked around at the faces she didn’t recognize, checking out the new talent. She could hear mind readers of various types flitting in and out of her head as competitive speedsters raced each other around the field. A portal opened up over her head and a blue-haired teleported came leaping out of it, tumbling to the ground and getting to her feet just in time to send an Enemy through another portal, closing it half way around them. Nice technique. If the rumbling beneath her feet was any signal than there was probably someone seismic around here, and she could hear a lightning storm being conjured up near the stage. Not a bad selection this year at all…

Paraminta was sometimes surprised by how good her reflexes were, and she found herself stepping back just as a huge wave came roaring past in front of her without even thinking about it. Two people were swimming through the wave, and she assumed that the one who wasn’t flailing around like she was dying was the hydrokinetic who had created the wave. A hydrokinetic on an island… Ever since she’d first arrived at PCEA, Paraminta had had a habit of cozying up to the more powerful Prodigies in her year, liking the feeling of being on the same level as everyone else. They never seemed to stick around her for long, but even so, maybe she should introduce herself to the person. As she was about to make her way to do so, the girl dispelled the massive wave into nothing but mist. Two hydrokinetics? But… no. Something in her gut was telling her that wasn’t right. An Enemy tackled the girl, and Paraminta stood back and watched as she quickly dispatched it. Then, suddenly, she turned the Enemy that was rushing her friend into a snail. For a second, Paraminta’s heart stopped.

For the longest time, she’d been the only one. They’d told her that reality warpers were rare, one in a million. But there was one standing right here in front of her. Someone who was actually on her level. Someone who she wouldn’t have to go easy for.

A horde of Enemies were rushing the two now. The creatures seemed to be attracted to power, and whenever a significant amount of power was displayed, a gang of them twice the size of the threat would soon be coming to snuff it out. There looked to be about 10 or 11, all running at the two people. Before they could reach them, Paraminta whipped off her glasses. Gritting her teeth, she focused on the Enemies and began tilting her head from side to side. With each tilt, the Enemies were lifted into the air and slammed into the ground in the direction her head was facing. Most of them were done in three tilts. Two still remained, but from where she stood, they looked small enough to hold in the palm of her hand. She picked each of them up in two fingers and brought them to her. In her hands they were still the size they had appeared to be from far away. She dropped them both on the ground and crushed them under her shoe like bugs. Then she quietly slid her glasses back on, rubbing her temples to soothe the splitting headache she’d given herself, and approached the two people.

“Paraminta Chaudhari.” She introduced herself. “You new here?”



Skye had just cut another monster in half when she heard a voice ask if she had another weapon. She turned, shaking her head. “Sorry, but we can team up if you want.”
@Acorn06 - Wren



Crow watched from their little corner as the kids wrecked havoc among the Enemy. It was hilarious, honestly. That is, until some lunatic came in a big wave, wiping them all out. The kids were thrown against a wall, and Crow just about held them in this world by the threads in their hand. The wave dissipated moments later, fortunately, although Crow wasn’t quite sure how.
An enemy charged at them, and Crow, once again, panicked, attempting to summon the kids back to protect them. Of course, things don’t work out like that. The enemy was closer, and faster, and so reached Crow first. Ducking under the creatures initial swipe at their face, Crow began wheeling as fast as they could, away. They kept this up for a few seconds before the kids finally managed to swarm the thing. Breathing hard, Crow paused for a moment to do damage control. The Enemy had taken a chunk out of the back of their wheelchair, and had left a gash on their arm. Grimacing, Crow tore a strip off their shirt and wrapped it around the wound. I thought this was a school. Not some weird extermination camp. Crow didn’t truly believe this of course, but they were considerably p!ssed that they had been injured already.
Crow looked up just in time to spot the lunatic who had swamped their kids earlier on, continuing in her antics, clearly. “Well, she owes me this,” Crow muttered, wheeling over to the girl.
“Hello,” They said upon reaching her. “You swamped my kids, so now you owe me helping me not get killed.” They were blunt, unsure how else to say it. “I’m Crow, by the way.” Their Irish accent came out in their speech, but Crow took no mind to it. So what if majority of these people were American or British.

@Ouijaloveletters - Lynn


The white-haired girl shook her head at Wren’s question.
“Sorry, but we can team up if you want.”
“Oh come on,” Wren muttered under their breath, running a hand through their hair. “Sure. Just warning you, I’m literally useless right now. No one told me we’d be fighting, and I happen to be the one person who can do nothing except heal things.”
Wren grimaced, shrugging. “I mean, we can see how well I can kick I guess,” They muttered to themselves. It was the only real option now, clearly.

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Aurora rose in the air, the red aura around her hands and her red irises glowed stronger as she prepared to take on the hordes charging at her. Until they started being slammed on the ground repeatedly and some were shrunk and picked up by a girl who approached them and introduced herself. “I had that!” She growled before turning a big one charging at them into an explosive to take out the surrounding ones. She huffed and moved her braid off her shoulder, “Aurora Prince, and yes I am.”

@GlitterFist ~ Paraminta


Location: Training Field
Power: Distant Manipulation

Once again, at the same place. There stood Lent. Listening to the same combat trainers. The ones who expect him to fail once again. This time though, Lent had a plan. During the first couple of times, he made tons of miscalculations.

The weapons are ten meters away from my position. With this in mind, it’ll take 1.5 seconds to get there. His thoughts were slowly distracted by the combat teacher beginning to count down.

Judging from the monster placement, it’ll be on me in less than a second. Particularly if those big bird types come running my way. First, grab a weapon. Secondly, fight them off. His thought process circled those goals, with a slight nagging thought of using his power. Though he instantly shut that down completely.

“One” Oh no. Time seemed to slow, Lent’s eyes gawked on the cages. Every plan he once had dispersed, and he could already feel the same bullies’ stares. To add to this, his luck was terrible. As the biggest birds came after him.

Not even looking at the weapons, he started to run away. He saw a girl summoning some type of water, that crashed all over the field. The birds went above the water, and Lent couldn’t even swim.

" Wow…" He could hold his breath for a very long time, but this was just embarrassing. At the very least, he died without using his powers. Not even in this situation.

to face the water and brought her hands together to form a flourish which turned the rather big body of water into nothing more than a fine morning mist.

Once the morning mist started to sink in. Lent bent down and started to cough out water. The sound of those birds came back, and he once again begin to run away.

@Ouijaloveletters (water girl)
@Bluecookies (mist girl).

Location: Training Field
Power: Reactive Adaption

Val could almost feel everything. The hint of excitement his teachers taught him. The starving enemies looking down on them. He could sense it all before that sense disappeared. He stood steadily looking down, still not being comfortable with direct eye contact.

Val’s hands seemed to slowly vibrate. It was scary not knowing what could happen. Every year, new people came. Every year Val’s day seemed to change. Why did they force him to meet new people?

The enemies… Big bear-like monsters, that stood ten feet told, walked towards Val. He glanced up at them, taking a moment to register their faces. They were all black, with red sharp teeth, and paws that can cut metal. The bears reach their paws out cutting Val deeply. To their surprised he healed it.

"char(83)char(85)char(82)char(86)char(73)char(86)char(69) (survive)." He thought, watching his hands turn into metal. The bears attacked again, but Val blocked with his metal arms. Once blocked the monsters lost balanced, giving Val the advantage to jump on top of them and beat them. To the point where black blood covered his metal arms.

Val continued to run around, punching Enemies. “Watch out.” Someone yelled at Val. He swiftly avoided the monster and noticed that for a second the monster was blinded. Taking that second he smashed his metal arms into its head killing it.

He looked around, not seeing anything at all. Until he felt a slight pain in his eyes. To be able to see what cannot be seen. His arms went back to normal and he could see the guy hiding in shadows.


Both my characters are wearing training suits

@Acorn06 (Matthew shadow guy).



“No need to get huffy, Aurora.” Paraminta said casually. Another Enemy was approaching in the distance, but she flicked it away before it could get close. “I’m only landing a hand. And some of us want to get a kill or two too, you know.”

Her head was pounding now, but she still tried to remain pleasant as she massaged her temples and tried to wait out the pain. “So is Aurora your real name? I’ve never met another Reality Warper, but I know the basic types. You’re new, you probably don’t know what type you are, but what all are you able to change? How do you change it?”


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Some curly haired guy was seriously getting in deep with these monsters. Matthew had called to him, telling him to watch out as another one was about to attack him. The boy turned around, looking for where Matthew was, but unable to see him.
Matthew grinned, happy to see that he had succeeded in becoming invisible, until of course the guys eyes focused and boom, Matthew was revealed. Frowning, he paused for a moment, before shrugging and walking over to the guy, not allowing the shadows to fall away from him. Whatever wacky power this guy had, no one else had it, so Matthew wasn’t about to give himself away just yet.
“I’m Matthew,” He said, stretching out a hand. “Darkness manipulation, what about you?”
The guy wore some weird training suit, very different to Matthew’s own outfit. I mean, it’s not like anyone told me this was what we’d be doing. Already, he had lost his flannel top in the midst of the battle, wearing just a t-shirt and jeans.

@Tellyg47 - Val

Matthew's outfit

i honestly don’t know how men survive. I can never find any clothes online that look half decent for them

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Aurora growled, “Don’t tell me what to do!” She dispatched a few more as the girl talked. “Yes, and no. I can warp anything and I change it based on emotions. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO KNOW?” She asked still very much enraged as she casually tossed aside other kids and turned another big one into minotaur which began bashing a few other Enemies as she shot a few blasts. Some Enemies were turned to stone, others into harmless baby monsters and a big chunk, she erased from existence altogether.

@GlitterFist ~ Paraminta



“Three… Two… One. Make us proud, Prodigies.”

I will. Ralf promised in his head. I will. I’ll make you proud. He pushed his way towards the front of the crowd as hordes of Enemies ran towards them. Once the two crowds connected, he was in the perfect position, in the middle of the action with a katana in one hand and a charged club in the other. He got the first pick of Enemies, and picked off the medium challenge ones so that he there were easy ones left for the others and hard ones left for him to wipe out later. That meant that most of the bird, canine, and boar types on the front lines ended up as another mark on his tally. Even though each kill each student had was recorded, Ralf still kept a careful count of each of his: 17… 18… 19…

Unlike the rest of the students here for their first year, Ralf wasn’t frazzled or even struggling now that the fight had begun. He was lucky enough to know that it was coming- Some kids in orientation had warned him, and that’d given him plenty of time to put together a strategy. He would have considered it cheating, but he honestly didn’t know how anyone could have dealt with this battle without preparing beforehand. He was a pretty skilled fighter, and even he was having trouble as the waves and waves of Enemies swept past him. Some of the other new kids were having trouble too, and they weren’t as cool under pressure as he was. He almost felt sorry for them. Maybe it’d be a good idea to help them? He could even be so generous as to defend them, and rack up a few extra kills. That unlimited dessert prize was his.

There must have been someone who could control water among the new group, because it wasn’t long before a huge wave swept over the whole field. Ralf was able to use his powers to easily float above the wave, but the others weren’t having as much luck. One kid, in particular, seemed to be struggling. He didn’t look like he knew how to swim. Ralf dove out of the sky to go save him, landing next to him just as the wave dissipated into mist. He shook the boy by the shoulders to make sure he didn’t pass out.

“Hey man, you okay?”


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Emotional control, huh? That would be a great power for someone who could control their emotions. Hopefully, Aurora wasn’t like this all the time. If she was, though… Well, life was good how it lasted. Hopefully everyone else didn’t mind dying too.

“I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just trying to figure out why you’re so angry.” Paraminta assured her. She was already getting reckless in her rage, treating other Prodigies like weapons, even changing the form of one to fight for her. “I will, however, tell you what to do if you’re abusing your powers to change people against their will.” She said sternly. She slipped her glasses off for a second to catch the kids that had been thrown, but the poor kid who’d been made into a Minotaur posed a bigger challenge. Luckily, though, a picture of every student was displayed on a large screen on the stage, along with their tally. Paraminta grabbed the Minotaur and held them up to the picture of their real self on the stage, dipping them into the picture like an Easter Egg into dye. When she pulled them back out again, they were back to normal, although significantly more traumatized. “You can’t just do that. People are not playthings.”

Groaning, she grabbed at her head and slipped her glasses back down over her eyes. This was the real reason why she hated this yearly battle. She hated using more power than she had to on any occasion, but this event felt Ike it was specifically built to trick her into putting herself into as much pain as possible. But at least she could get a fun prize out of it if she wanted to. That was totally worth her skull splitting itself open from the inside.

She turned to Aurora, who was still reckless and unreasonably angry. “Do you want to talk it out? Tell me why you’re mad?” She offered. “Or do you want to keep using children as projectiles?”