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Owned by: @Kristi and @Acorn06

In the not-too-distant future, mysterious forces that science are yet to identify has given rise to monsters known simply as The Enemy. They can look exactly like humans, even blend in and mimic personalities, pretend to have emotions. Deep down, though, they’re all bloodthirsty and emotionless monsters, and some of them are powerful enough to wipe out all of humanity with just a wave of their hand. Luckily, though, the same forces that created the Enemy also gave rise to the Prodigies, people who are born with incredible powers. As soon as their powers have manifested, young Prodigies from all over the world are sent to PCEA, or the Prodigy Cultivation and Enrichment Academy, where they not only learn the Three Rs, but also learn the limits of their powers and how to control and use them to fight the Enemy. Located on a remote isle hidden in waters not charted on most maps, students are not permitted to contact the outside world in order to keep from being distracted from their studies. The dormitories are as luxurious as 5-star hotel rooms, and the school’s amenities are state of the art. The academic courses offered are could prepare anyone for a successful career. Battle training is instructed by former high-ranking Military officers from the most powerful superpowers in the world. You’d have to be blind not to see that PCEA is the perfect school.

But one day, students start disappearing, and it starts happening at a greater frequency the longer it goes on. It doesn’t seem to matter how popular or smart they were or how strong their powers were; No one seems to be safe. As more and more people vanish, a terrible suspicion slips into some of the students’ minds; Could the Enemy have infiltrated the school? PCEA is on a remote island, and no one gets in or out without the approval of the Headmaster. It should be the safest place in the world. Then again, the Enemy can take a human form. Perhaps one of the students or staff members everyone knows and loves is actually a monster… In fact, anyone could be an Enemy in disguise. And now the rest of the school is trapped with them.

Little do the Prodigy students of PCEA know that everything they thought they knew is actually a lie. Despite what their governments may tell them, the Enemy isn’t just able to take a human form, they’re actually born and raised human. There’s a reason why the academy is on a deserted island, and no one is allowed to contact those outside the island’s borders. There’s a reason why it seems like with every new student that arrives, two more vanish. There’s a reason why none of the staff or teachers are Prodigies themselves, and why no one has ever seen a Prodigy over the age of 18. What PCEA really stands for is Prodigy Containment, Examination and Annihilation. Sprinkled among the students with powers are highly trained and non-powered assassins, sent in to gain the trust of the Prodigies and cull the herd of any of them who get too old or powerful for their own good. The “powers” these assassins exhibit? The monstrous “Enemies” that are brought in for battle training? All clever technology, robotic tricks meant to keep up the illusion. The academy is a prison, the staff wardens, half of the students executioners and the other half being secretly tracked. Prodigies have been brought here believing that they will be trained, but are secretly being studied for weaknesses and killed. Their powers are too unpredictable, too strong, and the world’s leaders don’t want them posing a threat. They are the Enemy, and they don’t even know it.

But every secret gets out eventually…

Character Roles

In this RP, there will be two roles your character can play: either Assassin or Prodigy. Both will be students at PCEA and will be required to take classes.

There will be 5 Assassins in hiding among the students. Once you reserve your character, there’s a chance they could be randomly selected to be an Assassin. If this happens, you will be added to a PM with the creators of the other Assassins and me. This will be used for planning and asking me questions about your role. If you are an Assassin, your goal is to blend in with the rest of the students and befriend the oldest and most powerful Prodigies, so that you may study their weaknesses, earn their trust, and kill them before they reach adulthood. You will also have to be on the lookout for any Prodigies who may be catching on to the truth and eliminate them as soon as possible. If it is discovered that you are an Assassin, you will be removed from the school and sent back to your country of origin after being vigorously purged of any classified information, sentenced to live a life of disgrace forever. If you fail to kill or even end up sympathizing with any of your targets, you will become an Enemy of humanity just like they are.

Any student other than the 5 Assassins will be a Prodigy, born with incredible powers. They are immediately sent to PCEA once their powers manifest to be trained to fight the Enemy… or at least that’s what they’re told. Prodigies will be oblivious at first, but will eventually start to realize that not everything is as it seems. If you are a Prodigy, your goal will be to discover the truth behind the academy, find out what has happened to the missing students, and eventually escape from PCEA. If any of the Staff or hidden Assassins find out that you’re trying to escape, you will be killed.

There will also be Staff members monitoring the Prodigies and assisting the Assassins, but most of them will be NPCs unless someone specifically wants to play a teacher.

Sign-up Template

Once you’ve filled all this out, just post it on this thread to submit it.

Age: (Prodigies can be any age from 12-18, depending on when they first showed their powers. All assassins must be 16-18 since they would only be sent to the school after sufficient training.)
Country: (Whatever country they were born in, multiple characters can be from the same country.)
Skills: (BESIDES their power, at least 5)
Weaknesses: (Nothing like “is too nice” or “cares too much”, same amount as strengths)
Power: (One power per Prodigy, and it can’t be world-breakingly powerful unless there’s a limit on how long or in what way they can use it. If your character is an Assassin, their “power” should be able to be feasibly created with technology.)
Power Level: (From A to F, with A being terrifyingly powerful and F being X-Ray Vision. Be realistic; A mind reader probably isn’t on the same level as someone who can control time or create life. This also helps Assassins know who’s top priority.)

Personality: (At least 5 sentences.)

Bio: (At least 5 sentences, Assassins CAN NOT mention anything about their training or true motives in their bio.)

Faceclaim: (Real pictures only)

Rules for Reserving

When you reserve a character, tell me their gender AND what power they have. I don’t want any two characters to have the same power unless they’re related, so if someone has already reserved a power that you wanted, ask them if they’d want their character to have a relative or chose another power.

Important Links!

Faceclaims: :boom:
Helpful Website for finding Powers: :boxing_glove:
Official Thread: :raised_hands:

Tags and Reserves

@GlitterFist - Female with Perspective-Based Essokinesis and Male with Gyrokinesis
@Sophia1233 - Female with Pyrokinesis
@Kbail - Female with Pyrokinesis
@phnx - Female with Pain Vampirism, Male with Biokinesis and Female with Omnifabrication and ghost boy and kill girl and male with shapeshifting
@FuzilladeBlue - Male with Technopathy and Female with Cryokinesis
@Bexs - Female with the power to write things to life
@Tellyg47 - Male with Distance Manipulation
@Edelgard - Male and Female, both with the power to become a monster
@anon93806337 - Male with Electrokinesis
@Bluecookies - Female with Kinetic Siphoning, Male with Emotion-Based Essokinesis, and Female with Enhanced Healing and Male with Chance-based Powers
@ForeverAngel - Male with Amokinesis and Female with Oplokinesis
@Kristi - Female with Ferrokinesis and Female with Elemental Control and Female with Illusions and Male with Size Changing and female with pheromones and male with elasticity and male puppet master and female with control immunity
@Ouijaloveletters - Female with Photokinesis, Male with Biorock and Non-binary with Hydrokinesis and Sonokinesis and Nightmare girl
@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Male with Temporal Lobe Manipulation and Female with Fumokimesis
@Some_Kid - Female with Hawk Shapshifting
@Acorn06 - Male with Umbrakinesis, Female with Chronokinesis, Non-binary with Necromancy and Non-binary with Injury Absorbtion and Rogue and male Storm and female with ecokinesis

If you have any questions about what I have said here or about anything else related to this RP, feel free to ask me in this thread or a pm!

If you would like to help me with the planning of this RP, tell me in this thread and we can talk in a pm!

Hope you sign up and have fun creating awesome characters!


Can I start with a male and female? Are technopathy and cryokinesis available for powers?


i love how straight to the point the title is


really wants to make a character that somehow snuck on the island

can i have someone where whatever they draw or write comes to life?


Can reserve a female with pyrokinesis please?

Raven :eagle:


I’ll reserve a female with fire powers.


Reserve boy and girlll!

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A character with technology? So rare for you! :smirk: I’ll add your reserves!

Perhaps we can have a conversation about that…

Sure, that’s a really unique power! What gender? And will it be writing to life or drawing to life?

Yep! I’ll add her ASAP!

Like I said in the first post, I don’t want two different characters to have the same power, unless they’re related. Would you like to ask @Sophia1233 if they’d like their character to have a relative? Or is there a different power you’d like?

Sounds good! What powers?


Yes, thank you, it took way too long to think of-

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Love it XD

And gender I think female…hmm do I want a comic book artist (it would actually be cool if she kind or narrorates the story like once upon a time blah blah blah then swipe up and boom reality) or do I want a good writer who would write her actions…writing seems more better for quick moving, especially text to speech. Ooo maybe she has a twin that can do the art thing then they make a comic book while the gal who can write just writes out the plot as it happens or previous things~



i would love to ‘write’ the intro then make it ‘come’ to life :sweat_smile:

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So writing then?

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yeah writing. definetly better at that. Maybe ill make a twin or little sibling later who is able to draw

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Okay, sounds good!

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thank u =D

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Oh, which gender has which power?

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Male tech, female ice

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Could I reserve a girl with pain vampirism (feeding off other’s pain to get stronger) and a boy who can temporarily steal other’s powers?




Can I also add to the girl that she isn’t easily noticed and can’t feel her own pain, or is that too OP?