Let's talk about phones!

Some questions for discussion :eyes:

  • Do you have a phone?
  • How old were you when you first got a phone?
  • What do you primarily use your phone for?
  • Do you pick up calls from numbers you don’t recognize?
  • Do you prefer calling or texting people?


I have a phone (pretty sure most people do), and I think I got my first phone around when I was in middle school, but I don’t actually remember when I first got one. I pretty much only use my phone for watching Netflix or YouTube, in addition to sometimes playing games, using Discourse or Discord, or actually texting people. I definitely don’t pick up random phone calls, and I thankfully don’t tend to get them that often. I also prefer calling people, because it frees up my hands to do other things, and I tend to overthink things way more in texts.


I have one. I got mine in high school. I listen to music and read X reader fanfiction news articles.



I think 12 or 13 :thinking: but I got it taken away for 2 years after that and got it back when I was 15 :star_struck:

Discourse, Covet Fashion, Among Us

Neverrrrrr, unless I’m bored and wanna troll

If I know them irl, I prefer facetime/calling


Yeah, I do.

I was 13

Texting and social media


Texting. 100%.



I think 12?

Forums :joy:

I don’t pick up calls at all
If it’s important text me I’ll answer like immediately
(Unless it’s people I like that they call me, and that’s a very short list)

Just answered that :point_up:t5:


What the-?!

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ah yeah that’s an important qualification there :eyes: i don’t just wanna talk to random people

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Social media

I don’t even pick up calls from people I know


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Instagram (and Episode, because I started playing again)

No way

I can’t even call people anyways, so texting it is

Oui :eyes:

I don’t remember, but I was in middle school :eyes:

Listening to music, playing games and the forums :eyes:

I don’t get calls from unknown numbers :joy: actually no one calls me at all lol

Texting, I don’t like my voice :no_mouth:


I was 7. It was one of those unyielding Nokia phones :joy:

I use it for a lot of things - for education, source of entertainment (Spotify, Netflix, Episode, Instagram, Youtube, the forums :eyes:), taking photos and videos, and communication.

Yes. I pick it up because it might be an important call. But answering them still gives me anxiety.

I prefer texting as much as possible. Although I prefer phone calls when I’m talking to someone I’m close with, or when it’s an emergency.

12? I think
Maybe 11, but at that time the phone I was given was possessed and really messed up :star_struck:

:sparkles: Distractions :sparkles:

Oh yeah lmao I like hearing random calls from people hehe

But if I recognize the number I will not pick that up (unless it’s family) if you have something to tell me text me sis I will stare at the phone and watch it ring :full_moon_with_face:
Also I hate FaceTime too lmao please
If you’re calling me it must be something important lmao like

Texting 100000000000%

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Both of my ex’s broke up with me over the phone, the first one was shy, don’t hate on him, nur feel free to rip the second one a new one. I now get nervous when people call, except for family.

I wanna hear more about this :eyes:

Yeah I do have a phone, I actually got one really young I was about 9 :skull: :skull: it was a used galaxy s3. I use my phone for texting, social media, and other random sh*t. Answering calls from people other than my family really stresses me out, so if I don’t recognize a number I won’t pick up. I prefer texting over calls and facetime.

BEN Drowned.

Make sure to censor swearing more than just blurring it :eyes: There’s a thread about what needs to be censored here.

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Just fixed it, thank you :relieved:

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No :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Like 9?

Forums, discord and games

I don’t even pick up from numbers I recognize :sunglasses: I’m betting my kidney someone already said this

Texting, definitely


I’ll take it.