Let's Talk About... School Photos 📸

:school: School Photos :camera:

Heyy, there. It’s time to discuss about the school photos.

I remember in elementary school, we used to take group photos every year, and i always showed up in dressy outfits to ‘look good’. I saw major changes over the years in me and my classmates.
In middle school, we didn’t take photographs, but we did in high school, this year.

Here are some questions

  • Do you take photographs in elementary, middle and high school?

  • What memories do you have from them?

  • Do you still keep them around or have you hidden them somewhere?

  • Have you looked awkward in some of them?


We have to take them every year and I always look ugly :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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I still have most of mine, but they’re probably under my bed or in the walls. :joy:

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That’s the worst day of the school year (Next to exam days ofc).

I always look so weird in my pictures. Can’t I get a good picture ever? :joy:

My mom kept all my school pictures from pre school to now.


I just go along with it to get it over with

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I have this one school photo from when I was 16 that looks so good. I think I was super fit then or something. I had also started straightening my hair, rather than having little curly baby hairs all over the place (the woes of being mixed race). The rest of them look like garbage


I have a couple of photos but I did dodge the camera and most of the time nobody really wanted a photo with me (they’d crop me out) but I do have some and I keep those close to me.


Did you ever have to do those whole-class or whole-school ones? >.>


Yeah in year 11 we did a year group one outside the sports hall. in my English class we got one but people stood infront of me so you can’t really see me, tbh I keep this as more of a treasure from that class:



I always had to sit in the very front >.>


Lol I’m tol :joy:

We got one at prom too but Idek where it is

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In elementary school, we had school photos and I always dressed up nice for them. :sunflower: :coffee: :sparkles: In middle and high school, we only had individual photos, but I still dressed up… I remember my eighth grade photo. I wore a black velour dress, my mom’s black and gold scarf, and dark lipstick. :lipstick:

I really want to show you guys some of my school photos (including the one of my teacher group photos), but I think I’ll post them in the lounge face reveal, because I don’t want any random passerby that’s not registered to see them by doing a google search.


Oh man, I’ve always hated school photos. I always look so bleugh!!!

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We did, unfortunately. :rofl::white_heart:

I remember trying so hard to look good, then seeing my picture and thinking yuck.

I have them hidden in the back of my closet. :innocent::white_heart:

Yes, especially the class pictures. I always had to stand at the back. :pensive::white_heart: My eighth and ninth grade pictures were the worst.


Do you take photographs in elementary, middle and high school?

Yes, I did.

What memories do you have from them?

I never dressed up or anything. And I just don’t look good at photos. I look really mad. When I was younger I got to stand up on the class photos, but then everyone grew past me so I got to sit down on the bottom row lol.

Do you still keep them around or have you hidden them somewhere?

They’re somewhere…

Have you looked awkward in some of them?

In every single one! XD


I hope next school year will be the year when I finally get a good school picture :joy:

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Everyone at my school hates our student IDs because the pictures always look orange-y. They manage to look decent in the yearbook though. This year, the grade 11 picture time was during my drama class and my drama teacher made us all show him our IDs. We then spent a good half-hour comparing both our IDs and driver’s licenses (those who have them)

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My school pictures = death. That’s all I have to say.

Good thing is that I’ve stopped trying a long time ago.

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A better question is when haven’t I looked awkward in them ? :disappointed_relieved: You could always tell from my expression I was very uncomfortable to take them :roll_eyes:

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