Meeting Health Goals Thread

So I put on a lot of weight at uni :sob:

I blame @ChaoticDeluge. He’s an enabler and then he tells me I still look good :joy: stop being a cute boyfriend!

But I’m determined to get my figure back to what it was. I wanna be leaner and more toned!

I’m sure loads of us have health goals we wanna meet! So I thought I’d make a thread for us to share them and motivate each other!

It can be physical or mental health! Tell us and we’ll support you! Share your struggles with us along the way!

I wanna get back to this please!


My total goal is to get fatter because I’m a stick and I move like one, plus it gets really difficult to find clothes that fit me, I need the smallest size to fit my waist and i want to start eating healthy but I’m too addicted to chocolate.


How do you feel about checking in with each other when we can? Post on here, share our thoughts and woes? It might help! :grimacing:

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That would be awesome, i already got something else to say :+1:

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Really? What? :eyes:

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Yep, and i need to know if something is wrong.

I think i am starting to lose my appetite, today at lunch, i couldn’t eat, i wasn’t that hungry and even now i just ate chocolate but i didn’t really want to eat.

Physically I’m where I wanna be

Mentally I just need to learn better coping mechanisms so my goal is to just accept help and try my best not to let things get to me so badly


It can happen for sure! I know eating can sometimes feel like you’re going through the motions! Sometimes it’s a sign that you don’t have enough regularity to your meal times. Other people say that it happens when they don’t eat breakfast to “kickstart their metabolism”. There are loads of reasons! It’s most likely not a problem, but it is good to eat despite the feeling


I’m at an impasse. I would like to get into martial arts and get as fit as I used to be, but I would probably lose my belly that Shannii is so happy with… :thinking:

I’ll never stop saying you look great, because you do, I just want you to feel great too :revolving_hearts: I’ll join in here too to help keep us motivated!


bUt YoUrE cUdDlY


Get back into martial arts! :innocent:

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physically — i want to lose weight because i just don’t feel good like this. i need to start a sport or something again because i get unmotivated for awhile. i want to have a regular eating schedule because i don’t eat lunch or breakfast & i need to.

mentally — i need to be at a point where i don’t feel as disappointing or weak. i need to get over things/people that are in the past.

i want to get it done this year before high school starts.


Yes. I’d love to. I have the space to work out now, so that’s a plus

I’ll try and stay CuDDleY xD


I want to lose some weight, because my grandma always asks me if I’m pregnant :sweat_smile: I’m not really fat but a bit less would be great, especially because I have 2 proms to attend in December

Mentally, well, there’s a lot to do but I don’t feel like working on that right now :joy: :shushing_face:


Often one feeds into the other! If you improve one, the other might follow!


that’s what i’m hoping for. these last few years have changed a lot but i need to get back to where i was, you know? more confident & sure of myself.


Okay to be completely honest, I’m deficient in a few vitamins so maybe I should work on that.


A reminder for everyone to meet your goals the healthy way! Crash diets don’t solve anything. Stuffing yourself with junk food won’t make you put on weight in a healthy way! And ignoring your mental health concerns won’t make them go away!


sharing another picture of my goal because I loved how I looked back then!


I’ve never been skinny, but I was super healthy then!