New Admin Team!

Hey Forum People!

As many of you were aware, there has been a rebranding group since late last year to rebrand our forum. Then between them and you guys in this post, the new admin team was selected. Let’s get to announcing them, they are:

@Kate, @CrazyCaliope, @Cam

The Team’s Tasks & Roles

Our Roles:

  • Kate - Social Admin
  • Cali - Organisation + Discipline Admin
  • Cam - Creative Admin



Heck ya! :partying_face:

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Hey everyone! My name is Kate. My pronouns are she/her, and I’m the Social Admin.

Some of you might know me and some might not know me as i have been on these forums for 2 years now but have not been too too active, but I want to change that as I am admin and I did a career change. If you have seen me it’s mainly in the RP/SG section but a few other sections and just joined the guess the music.

As an admin, my goal is to help this community grow, help anyone with questions, and keeping the community safe and fun. My DM’s are always for anyone that wants to say hi or needs to talk about anyone and I will never judge.

I am very excited to be an admin, and appreciate everyone that voted for me and out there trust in me. I will not let anyone down!


Hey guys, it’s me, Caliope! Though I do go by other names here; Crazy, Cali, and Cal. I don’t think I missed any… I hope not. My pronouns are she/her, and I’m the Organisation + Discipline Admin, ready to help make your forum experience easy, fun, and safe!

You’ve probably seen me around and recognise me as the user who not only writes out her emojis (wink) but also has been an admin here for about three years. Mostly seen the SG section, as they are my babies, love a good SG! Though I am trying to get back into writing them, I’m also in other parts of the forum too. Just generally chatting casually to others or looking out for a good game to play.

As an admin my goal has always been to help activity. To do this, I want to help create a current and fun place for users to be, while also making sure it’s easy to use. If you’ve got ideas on how we can achieve this, you’re welcome to tag or message me. I’m here! (wink)
Or if for any reason at all you have an issue or just need to talk, I’m here for you! Just hola at me, I’ll be there for you, you have my word on that.



'Sup. The name’s Cam, pronouns they/them and he/him.
I will be your creative admin, at your service~

Maybe you know me from the RP and SG section, I have been RPing with the community since late 2016 / early 2017; maybe you have seen me around discussion threads with somewhat wordy posts, as I am a nerd with strong opinions and don’t really shy away from sharing them. I am a literature major who loves art and artistic expression in most shapes or forms (yes, even things like Duchamp’s Fountain), so I’m excited to help out with these parts of the community.

My aim as an admin is to create a healthy and safe environment where everyone can coexist and share different ideas, perspectives and stories, both inside and outside their art. I am here to serve all of you, to hear you out and help in any way I can.

If you need anything, please know that my DMs are open. I may not reply right away, as I am not always online, but I will listen to you.

Thank you for putting your trust on me as the creative admin. I will do my best to show that trust is not misplaced.




I believe we’ve interacted briefly.


Do you want to be a leader?

Now we have the admin team, we need a slightly larger staff team to help rework the forum section (to start with) and then to maintain forum activity. Although, for now since the activity is low, we decided that the team remain small, so only six leaders - two under each role.

We are opening this up to all of the forums to decide if any user wants to be a leader and think they’ll be active enough. The key word being ‘active’ !
If you do think you will be and want the responsibility of helping look after our forums and its users, then please select yes on the poll below. As well as voting on which of the three leader roles you want and think you’d be a good fit for. If all of them, then vote for all, that’s okay.

How are we going to choose the leaders? Well, each user will be listed under the leader roles depending on what they voted in the poll. (eg: one user could be three times if they voted for all three, but come the final decision they will only get one role, if that, no guarantees)
Once we have the lists, the admin team will discuss the options and narrow them down based on how good of a fit we think each person is, those selected will then be put up for a forum wide vote. As it will then be put to you on the forums to decide on the best fit for each role.

The Leader Tasks & Roles

Would you like to be a leader?
  • Yes

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If yes, which leader role(s) would you like?
  • Social Leader
  • Organisation + Discipline Leader
  • Creative Leader

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@Announcements - these polls will be closed in 48 hours (2023-03-22T00:34:00Z)


We most likely have :slight_smile:. If not I do recognize your username so I def have seen you around


I think this is an excellent admin team. Good luck to all 3 of you!


Thank you. (wink)

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Thank you, Jass! ^w^


I agree! Good luck to all three of you.


Thanks Jass I appreciate it




Can I ask one question, how strict are those tasks under a certain role? Like can you really only do those things under your role or is that just your main focus as a staff member? Like if you were a creative leader, would it be okay if you add a tag here and there, or other way around as a Organisation + Discipline leader, is it okay to close threads? I’m just trying to see like how rigid that divide between roles is…

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Of course. Just like the admin team, who we still share each and can do each other’s tasks, we would love for the leaders to be able to share too. Yes, the main focus is as the leader title describes, but you can still do a little of everything.
Possibly the most flexible in this though, is the Organisation + Discipline leaders who help look after the forums rather than half the sections (under their title).

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Okay, thanks for the clarification! Glad to hear there is still flexibility, as I like that and I don’t really want to be stuck doing only a few very specific tasks if I would become a leader.

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Yeah, I get that.
This may also help with people’s decisions on what to go for too. 'Cause there are only two on offer for each role, and I’m certain that everyone will be going for the “fun roles” over one role. This means everyone will be fighting for the same role and most likely, users just be given the other role without a vote. HAHA.

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Actually I was already considering applying specifically for that one either way :eyes:

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